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Ugandan Minister Receives Dozens of Threats Daily from British and American Homosexual Activists

“With such words and language used, I have noticed that those people are sick. They need help.” -- Ugandan Minister James Nsaba Buturo

From "Ugandan Minister Receives Dozens of Threats Daily from Homosexual Activists" by Elizabeth O'Brien, posted 6/29/07 at

Ethics and Integrity Minister James Nsaba Buturo admitted that he receives nearly two dozen emails daily from homosexual activists worldwide, reports Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

“I receive at least 20 abusive and threatening mails on my life daily,” he stated. “As I speak now, I have seen about 11 mails on my email address waiting for me to read.”

“The language those people use while writing messages to me is horrible,” he added. “I can’t read them out because it will be a shame for me.”

Minister Buturo referred to the language in the messages again, saying: “With such words and language used, I have noticed that those people are sick. They need help.”

At present homosexual marriage is a criminal offense within Uganda. A 2005 amendment to Ugandan law specifically states, “It is unlawful for same-sex couples to marry.”

Nevertheless, reports, the Minister stated that when dealing with homosexuals the government “does not plan to vilify and criminalise homosexuals,” but rather, “It will support measures to counsel and help them understand that their state is not normal or natural but a serious social and psychological aberration in human behaviour” (See

According to both the Monitor and, last year the minister threatened to arrest leaders of a new homosexual church group that was supposedly forming in Uganda. Although this might seem to be a cause for the flood of threats, most of the messages have been coming from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Interestingly, what homosexual advocates might consider to be the most 'homophobic' country in Africa, Uganda, is quickly becoming one of the healthiest.

Uganda is the FIRST country to actually DECREASE HIV rates -- by encouraging abstinence and faithfulness to one's spouse...

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Senator Durbin Supports Assault on First Amendment Rights

“It’s time to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine." -- Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., June 26, 2007

From "Representatives Fight Assault on First Amendment Rights" by Jennifer Mesko, posted 6/29/07 at

Some Democrats want to revive the Fairness Doctrine, a 1949 policy that once required broadcasters to present different points of view in issues-oriented programs. In other words, along with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you'd receive a generous helping of Al Franken and James Carville.

Republican Reps. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, Mike Pence of Indiana and Jeff Flake of Arizona are working to prevent such an assault on free speech. On Thursday, the U.S. House voted 309-115 in favor of their amendment to a spending bill, which would bar the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from using certain federal funds to enforce the Fairness Doctrine, should it be reinstated.

Today, Pence introduced the Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2007, which would prevent the FCC from resurrecting the doctrine that was eliminated in 1987 after the agency found it had a "chilling effect" on free speech.

...Historically, when the Fairness Doctrine was in effect, many broadcast outlets – especially Christian radio stations – chose to avoid issues programming.

Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Sen. John Kerry reportedly have suggested that Congress should reinstate the doctrine.

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Christian Man, You Need to Observe a Gay Pride Parade

"I've been to Guatamala on a mission trip. Let me tell you, this ain’t Guatemala. This was scary. Man, I’m afraid America is in trouble.”

From "Have You Ever Visited a Gay Pride Parade?" by Coach Dave Daubenmire, posted 6/28/07 at, hat tip: Americans for Truth

I spent last Saturday at the Gay Pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. I try to go every year, at least for the past seven or so. Try as I might to avoid the confrontation there is just something inside of me that will not allow me to stay home.

There were about twenty of us who made the decision to go. For several it was the first time they had ever ventured outside the safety of their church. As is usually the case they know that it is much easier to preach to the choir about the sin of homosexuality than it is to venture into enemy held territory with the Truth of the Gospel. No matter how hard I had tried to prepare them for what they were about to experience the old saw “some things are better felt, than telt,” was most applicable to the experience.

“What is it like, Coach?” One nervous friend inquired of me on the ride over.

“Well,” I told them, “I really can’t explain it. I usually have mixed feelings. Inside, my heart is breaking for those who are trapped in that sin…convinced that God made them gay. The compassionate side of me wants to sit and weep with them over the grief they must carry. But at the same time, a side of me wants to run to the store and buy a truck of Lysol spray and fumigate the entire crowd.”

As is usually the case the men who made the trip for the first time found it to be one of the most penetrating experiences of their Christian walk. The war for the souls of men is real and at no place that I know of is the reprobate mind more on display. Trust me; the media will never show you the debauchery that passes as an “alternative lifestyle.”

...Let me make a couple of things perfectly clear before you “appeasers of sin” stop reading. We didn’t call anyone names, we didn’t tell anyone that God hated them, and we didn’t judge their immortal soul. That was not our job. Our job was to do the will of our father. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32. We went to lift up Jesus.

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Marriage Ministry at Catholic University Recommends Pre-Marital Co-Habitation to Couples

From "Archbishop Severs Ties with University’s Center for Marriage and Family over Sex Before Marriage Proposal" by Elizabeth O'Brien, posted 6/29/07 at

The Archdiocese of Omaha severed ties with the Center for Marriage and Family (CMF), a ministry center at Creighton University (CU), for its proposal in support of premarital cohabitation.

In the June issue of U.S. Catholic magazine, CMF director Michael Lawler and CU researcher Gail Risch wrote a proposal for the cohabitation of unmarried Catholic couples. The article says that there are two types of cohabiting couples—those that are committed to marriage, so-called “nuptial cohabitors,” and those that are not committed to marriage, or “non-nuptial cohabitors.” Quoting Pope John Paul II’s 1981 encyclical, Familiaris Consortio (On the Family), the proposal claims that the Pope’s description of committed conjugal love describes nuptial cohabitors as well as wedded couples.

The heart of the article argues, “Our pastoral proposal is straightforward: a return to the marital sequence of betrothal (with appropriate ritual to ensure community involvement), sexual intercourse, possible fertility, then ritual wedding to acknowledge and mark the consummation of both valid marriage and sacrament.”
The article continues, “Such a process would meet the legitimate Catholic and social requirement that the sexual act must take place only within a STABLE relationship.”

What could they possibly be thinking?

The official teaching of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) also backs the Archbishop’s condemnation of premarital cohabitation. The USCCB explains, “Every act of sexual intercourse is intended by God to express love, commitment and openness to life in the total, unreserved gift of the spouses to each other. Premarital sexual intercourse is sinful because it violates the dignity of persons and the nuptial meaning and purpose of sexuality.” (United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, p. 406)

Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss of the Omaha archdiocese forcefully rejected CMF's creative interpretation of Catholic teaching in a letter to U.S. Catholic. In his letter, the Omaha World-Herald reports, the Archbishop reaffirmed that, “Couples who live together without marriage do in fact live in sin objectively.”

In addition, he said, “Because the position of the authors is contrary to church teaching about the intrinsic evil of fornication, I have disassociated the Omaha Archdiocese from the Center for Marriage and Family at Creighton University.”


Thank God for at least one archbishop who does not shirk his responsibility for holding church members accountable for upholding moral truth.

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Gay Activist: Christians at Chicago Gay 'Pride' Parade Should Face Consequences Meted Out by Lesbians and Gays

From "Gay Activist Bob Schwartz Commends Pride Parade Mob, Compares Christians to KKK, Fascists, Racist Scum" by Peter LaBarbera, posted 6/28/07 at

So much for the First Amendment. Bob Schwartz of the leftist Chicago homosexual group Gay Liberation Network, who opposed government censorship in a previous AFTAH story, defends a vigilante type of oppression — of ideas and religious speech – in typically nasty fashion below. Schwartz compares the two peaceful Christian men assaulted by a mob of “gay pride” celebrants in Chicago Sunday to “racist scum,” the KKK, and fascists, while commending the mob that set upon them (for details of the “pride” day assault, click HERE).

Sorry, Bob, Christians are not “hate merchants,” but it seems pretty clear that what you’re selling here isn’t even close to the tolerance that you demand of others. – Peter LaBarbera

Here’s Schwartz’s Stalinesque rant:

Bigots were “bullied,” and subjected to “sinister laughter and jeering” but they get out alive. What would happen to the KKK if the racist scum tried to protest at the Bud Billiken parade at 43rd and King Drive? Wouldn’t this threat be met by Malcolm’s dictum, “Liberation by any means necessary.”

Why do Chicago Pride parade organizers defend the “free speech” rights of bigots, rather than advocate for those who object to their presence? Three years ago when anarchists protected the parade from fascist street thugs, Richard Pfeifer condemned the anarchists and praised the cops who arrested them! This year Pfeifer was quoted as saying that our “diversity” allows for bigots expressing antigay messages.

Those LGBTs and others who stood up to the fascists this year, whether at Cambridge and Diversey, or before the two hate merchants quoted below [reprints AFTAH story about mob attack] are to be commended.

Those who dare to come onto our streets to preach hate should face the consequences meted out to them by lesbians and gays who will not stand by and be degraded by bigots masquerading as kindly people of god.


For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life. -- 2 Corinthians 2:15,16a

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Angry Mob Assaults Christians at Chicago Gay 'Pride' Parade

Is this really something to be 'proud' of?

From "Angry Mob Assaults Peaceful Christians at Chicago Gay Pride Parade" posted at

I went to the parade armed with 500+ tracts and my camera. My prayer was for God to show me what He wanted me to do. Before the parade I passed out some tracts. At the parade I took lots of pictures and video, and passed out a few tracts. The sidewalk and area behind the barriers was packed.

After the parade there was a steady flow of crowd traffic so I started passing out the “I Was Gay” tracts. I did this for about an hour, and passed out about 300. Many ended up on the sidewalk.

I experienced every form of mockery you could imagine, but only from one or two at a time at the most. At one point two lesbians were circling me and warning others not to take my tracts. One tore up a tract and threw it at me. Another knocked the tracts out of my hand.

Overall the response was excellent. For every negative there had to be at least three positives — those who came up from behind me when I was turned a different direction to ask for a tract, and many who seemed desperate for some kind of hope as they took the tracts. I saw one or two people bend over to pick up the tracts off the sidewalk.

Several engaged me in serious conversation; there were several opportunities to lay out the gospel. Others just wanted to argue and prove I was wrong.

One man came up and asked what I was doing. I explained I was offering good news for homosexuals by the gospel of Christ and I laid out the gospel for him. I asked if he believed it. He said, “Yes,” and asked if he could join me. He said it was better for him to work with someone and that another person with whom he had teamed up with did not work out.

I stopped, removed my hat and we prayed together, acknowledging that God’s Word would never return void.

He proceeded to unroll a big banner and to strap it to a pole with bungee cords. It was a telescoping pole, and suddenly he lifted the banner up into the sky another 6 feet. It was huge.

He started preaching from a format I had learned called the ”Way of the Master,” a series with Ray Comfort. This stresses the importance of preaching Law before Grace ….

Joe’s approach was loving, clear and direct — a model presentation of the Gospel, beginning with the law and the reality that we have all sinned.

The mood of the place changed suddenly. First a small crowd gathered around us. Joe continued preaching and the crowd grew in size.

Then several things started happening all at once.

First, I remember a bright lady coming up to me and started telling me that what we were doing was wrong. Gays can’t help being who they are; that’s the way God made them; when you call their actions sin you are condemning them. She had the air of a Pharisee — I suspect in hindsight she was a pastor from one of the churches that defends homosexuality as good.

While talking to her, several things began to occur. First, I remember the most sinister laughter, mocking and jeering I have ever heard. The crowd despised Joe’s preaching. People from the crowd were yelling out at us and moving closer to us. Someone from a balcony up above us threw some kind of bottle — I think it was plastic - and hit Joe on his left shoulder. Another man came up and tried to light the banner with his cigarette lighter. While trying to do this someone sprayed beer on both of us and another man poured beer on Joe. At about this point it crossed my mind that we might just be casting our pearls before swine.

I also remembered one point when people were taking pictures of the humiliation they were trying to impose [on us]. One guy stuck up his middle finger in front of the banner and I held up the tract next to him so that would be in the picture as well.

Then one of the men got behind Joe and started to make sexual gestures like he wanted to have anal sex. Then He reached for Joe’s pants to try to take them off.

At this point I abandoned my conversation with the lady to pull the man away from Joe. It was at about that time that someone knocked the tracts out of my hand. Some one else tried to take the pole and banner away from Joe, and I told him to be strong.

At this point it turned into a wrestling match for the banner. The crowd had evolved into a mob. Several hands were grasping the pole supporting the banner. Then those who did not want us there began pulling the banner and us with it into a recessed area or an alley.

Remember, these are the preachers of 'tolerance.'

At this point I called 911 … I couldn’t remember where we were, just that we were just north of Belmont. Within a minute or so the police were there and shortly thereafter there were 20-40 police.

We got our banner back. I asked the police to defend our free speech rights. He said, “Let’s be practical. There are 400,000 of them and only a handful of us.” He said the banner was inflammatory and that the police could not control the crowd if Joe continued preaching. If he continued preaching he would have to arrest us. I think he was thinking of his duty to protect us.

I told Joe the police had a good point. I was willing to go to jail but I couldn’t see what would be gained by it. It was time to shake the dust off our sandals; they had not received our message. Joe couldn’t see anything to be gained, either, so we agreed to leave.

We thanked the senior officer for his help. I told him, “Sometimes God sends His angels to help us; sometimes He sends the police.” He chuckled, we shook hands, and we left on good terms.

The mob clearly ruled the police at this point; our free speech rights were trampled. But that was a peripheral issue for us at this time. Joe’s passion and concern, which he also expressed to the police, was that those who had mistreated him were going to hell; that was his motivation for wanting to continue preaching to a hostile mob. It was well past my time to reconnect with [other Americans For Truth volunteers] and I felt my time for evangelizing was finished. The thought of evangelizing to assert my free speech rights never occurred to me, and it is, at best, a twisted motive for evangelizing.

Joe and I walked a couple blocks until he had to go a different direction. I thanked him for letting me share in the experience we had there and I hugged him. Suffering together for the Gospel creates a bond that is not easily broken.

This is my story.

Dan Musick

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Don't laws against indecency apply to homosexuals?

Doesn't the constitutional right to free speech apply to Christians?

These are questions that deserve an answer. If you are a resident of the City of Chicago and think this outrageous, please take the time to contact the city and voice your opinion.

Oh, by the way, why hasn't the Chicago media been covering this story? Oh, I forgot. They were all marching IN the parade...

The Netherlands: Dutch People Asking for More and More Rules in Society

From "Changing Patterns in Social Fabric Test Netherlands' Liberal Identity" by Molly Moore, posted 6/23/07 at

For years, W.B. Kranendonk was a lone ranger in Dutch politics -- the editor of an orthodox Christian newspaper in a nation that has legalized prostitution, euthanasia, abortion and same-sex marriage and allows the personal use of marijuana.

Today, with an orthodox Christian political party in the government for the first time, and with immigration anxieties fueling a national search for identity, the country that has been the world's most socially liberal political laboratory is rethinking its anything-goes policies.

And suddenly, Kranendonk no longer seems so all alone.

"People in high political circles are saying it can't be good to have a society so liberal that everything is allowed," said Kranendonk, editor of Reformist Daily and an increasingly influential voice that resonates in the shifting mainstream of Dutch public opinion. "People are saying we should have values; people are asking for more and more rules in society."

In cities across the Netherlands, mayors and town councils are closing down shops where marijuana is sold, rolled and smoked. Municipalities are shuttering the brothels where prostitutes have been allowed to ply their trade legally. Parliament is considering a ban on the sale of hallucinogenic "magic mushrooms." Orthodox Christian members of parliament have introduced a bill that would allow civil officials with moral objections to refuse to perform gay marriages. And Dutch authorities are trying to curtail the activities of an abortion rights group that assists women in neighboring countries where abortions are illegal.

The effort to rein in the Netherlands' famed social liberties is not limited to the small, newly empowered Christian Union party, which holds two of the 16 ministries in the coalition government formed this year. Increasingly, politicians from the more center-left Labor Party are among the most outspoken proponents of closing some brothels and marijuana shops -- known here as "coffee shops.

...But here those anxieties are exacerbated by alarm over the international crime organizations that have infiltrated the country's prostitution and drug trades, the increasing prevalence of trafficking in women and children across its borders, and dismay over the Netherlands' image as an international tourist destination for drugs and sexual debauchery.

..."In the past, we looked at legal prostitution as a women's liberation issue; now it's looked at as exploitation of women and should be stopped," said de Wolf, sitting in the offices of the medical complex where he works as an HIV-AIDS researcher.

...But historian Kennedy describes the attitude as a national "weariness with moral squalor -- the Dutch have grown tired of it and unwilling to put up with it."

Read the whole article.

Moral truth eventually becomes obvious...

Only One Canadian Same-Sex Marriage in Toronto This Year

From "Foreigners take lead in Toronto same-sex weddings" by Natalie Armstrong, posted 6/22/07 at

It is no secret to those who are paying attention, that feminists and homosexual activists believe that The one man/one woman married and faithful for life model of sexuality must be abandoned. It is repressive and obsolete.

However, the fact unreported by the media is that homosexual activists consider marriage not something to be attained by homosexuals for its own sake, but rather an institution to be acquired, for the legitimacy it lends to homosexual relationships, then
discarded. Experience is proving that most homosexuals do not want to get married. The fight to legalize same-sex marriage is in essence a bait and switch tactic. Statistics show that very few homosexuals actually get married once they are legally permitted to do so - as this article demonstrates.

Why fight so hard for something they don’t really want? Listen to the following quote from Molly McKay, media director of Marriage Equality USA: “By allowing us to be married it will allow us to enter into a conversation as EQUALS about who is next.”

What does Ms. McKay mean by that? Well, last summer GLBT activists issued a manifesto that called for legal recognition of not only same-sex ‘marriage’, but also of group ‘marriage’ and polygamy. This is not a manifestation of the fringe element. The people who have signed on to this are the MAINSTREAM activists of the gay rights movement. They are scholars, writers, artists, journalists, community organizers, and even law professors from top schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Chicago, Georgetown, and more.

In the words of Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean, believing that a family consists of a mother, father, and children is ”outdated and bigoted.”

They understand (better than most Americans) that if marriage can mean anything, it will mean nothing.

Yes. The legalization of same-sex marriage is not the ultimate goal. You give us marriage, we'll give you polygamy, polyamory, and ultimately the end of marriage itself...

Here's more proof for the pudding...

That compares with 319 that have been issued to same-sex couples from the United States and other countries, and it's well below the hundreds of Canadian homosexual couples who tied the knot in previous years.

"It's become somewhat more mainstream, so there are other clergy who are actually willing to do the weddings," Rev. Jo Bell of Toronto's Metropolitan Community Church said on Friday.

The church became "the" place for couples to wed when same-sex marriages were first legalized in Canada in 2005, but such ceremonies are becoming increasingly commonplace in other Canadian towns and cities.

"We're not like the only show in town as much any more," she said.

Bell said fewer people are getting married at her church this year compared with last year. June has been busy but it's mainly couples from other countries getting hitched.

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40 Employees Walk Off Job to Protest San Diego Padres Exposing Kids to Perversion

From "40 Petco Park Concession Workers To Walk Off Jobs To Protest San Diego Padres Promotion of Gay Pride" by James Hartline, posted 6/15/07 at California Christian News

The Director of Development for a non-profit charity that oversees forty concession stand workers at Petco Park has announced that all of their workers will be walking off of their jobs on July 8, 2007 to protest a gay pride event being promoted by the San Diego Padres. The non-profit charity, Set Free Ministries, is located in El Cajon, California. J. D. Loveland, Director of Development for Set Free Ministries, expressed anger and frustration that the San Diego Padres are allowing a radical homosexual event at the stadium on the same day that the team had already planned a July 8th free children's floppy cap giveaway.

Set Free Ministries partners with the Canning Hunger Organization to contract with ARAMARK to provide labor services for concession stands at various sporting and special events in and around San Diego County. One of the contracts that Set Free Ministries has is to provide workers for a number of Petco Park concession stands during the San Diego Padres' eighty home games. The current number of Set Free Ministry workers at the Petco Park concession stands is forty.

With the announcement that thousands of small children will be intentionally exposed to homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality during the July 8th Padres game, Set Free Ministries was faced with a true moral dilemma. Would their ministry's concession workers remain silent in the face of this terrible sexual indoctrination of San Diego's youth? Or would they respond in a way that would actually tell these kids that there are men and women who will not abandon them to those who want to pull them into the destructive homosexual lifestyle?

J. D. Loveland has told the James Hartline Report that his staff polled all of the ministry's clients about the San Diego Padres-Gay Pride event. "We asked our men and woman if they would be willing to bring their kids to Petco Park if they knew that their kids would be exposed to the San Diego Gay Pride event. Every single one of our clients said they would not. The vote was unanimous to walk off of the job on July 8th rather than be a part of the gay pride event at the stadium," explained Loveland.
Pastor Loveland stated in a June 13th email to the James Hartline Report:

"Well, today we counted the cost and we have decided that it's one thing
to preach moral integrity, but it's another thing to really put your money
where your mouth is."

To say that the men and women of Set Free Ministries are counting the cost by walking off of their jobs on July 8th is truly an understatement. Many of the men and women at Set Free Ministries have fought brave battles to overcome drug abuse, psychological problems, prostitution, and homelessness. After completing 3-6 months of intensive rehabilitation at this Biblically-based 501(c)3 ministry, the men and women of Set Free Ministries are then allowed to work in one of the concession stands as part of their new lives in Jesus Christ. For these individuals, as well as the ministry itself, the jobs at Petco Park are incredibly important. The fact that these courageous citizens are willing to walk off of their jobs to stand up for the protection of thousands of kids is one of the most powerful statements by Christians anywhere in America.

Read the rest of this story.

...we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the have set up..." - Daniel 3:16,17

San Diego Padres Trigger Public Outrage & Boycott Over Attracting Children to Gay Pride Stadium Event

From " San Diego Padres Trigger Public Outrage & Boycott Over Mixing Children With Gay Pride Stadium Event" by James Hartline, posted 6/11/07 at California Christian News

Hundreds of San Diego families are expressing outrage with their city's professional baseball team after it was revealed that the San Diego Padres are planning to celebrate San Diego Gay Pride at their home stadium on the same day that the team is promoting a children's free floppy cap giveaway.
According to the San Diego Padres' website, children 14 and under will receive a free floppy cap when they attend the Padres game vs. the Atlanta Braves at Petco Park on July 8, 2007. The Padres website describes in detail the free promotional event which is designed to bring families and their pre-teen kids to the ballpark:

July 8 vs. Atlanta - 5:05 PM
Padres Floppy Caps for Kids presented by Union Bank of California
and brought to you by Magic 92.5

All kids 14 or younger will receive a Padres Floppy Cap presented by Union Bank of California and brought to you by Magic 92.5. This year's floppy cap for kids features silhouettes of the Swinging Friar.
Kids 14 and younger

While the Padres are potentially luring thousands of pre-teens into the stadium for the free giveaway, the Padres organization is also engaged in promoting a radicalized homosexual event on the same day in the ballpark. This will cause familes and their children to cross paths with one of the most notorious homosexual organizations in the United States. With transvestites and transsexuals running about, many children will have a hard time telling the padres from the madres during this July 8th anti-family fiasco.
Make no mistake about it, the Padres are intentionally partnering with the San Diego Gay Pride organization for a gay pride celebration at the exact same time that they are luring thousands of families and their pre-teen children into the ballpark for the free floppy cap giveaway. Here is what the Padres website states regarding the homosexual event occuring at the ballpark at the same time as the free kids floppy cap giveaway:
"Celebrate Pride with the San Diego Padres. This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a night of fun, baseball, and recognition for the San Diego LGBT community.
San Diego Pride supporters and volunteers will be recognized as well as the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus who will sing the National Anthem on Sunday, July 8 at the San Diego Padres game at PETCO Park in the heart of downtown San Diego."

...Moms and dads who bring their children to the park on July 8th will have more to explain to their pre-teen sons and daughters than just homeruns and strikeouts. These parents will also have to explain why the Padres announcer will be introducing a homosexual group to sing the national anthem. "Daddy, why are those two men kissing each other?" five year-old Johnny will ask his father. "Mommy, why is that woman trying to grow a beard?" Sally will hear her confused daughter ask.

Read the whole article.

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40 Park Employees Walk off the Job to Protest Padres Exposing Kids to Perversion

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MA: Twelve 'Pro-Family' Leaders Cave in to Gay Activists, Betray Parents

From "Twelve co-sponsors of Parents Rights Bill cave in to fringe homosexual group -- formally withdraw support of bill and remove their names as co-sponsors after 10-day pressure campaign!" posted at

Here's what happened.

On May 29, MassResistance testified at the State House for the Parents Rights Bill. The "KnowThyNeighbor" people were also there, and testified vehemently against it. They were visibly angry that we showed up to promote our bill.

On June 1 "KnowThyNeighbor" sent out an email announcing their campaign to pressure all of the co-sponsors of the Parents Rights Bill to withdraw their sponsorship and oppose the bill. Their tactics are to use the most obscene lies they can imagine. Their initial email blast began with the big headline:

"Is your legislator sponsoring a Holocaust denier's anti-gay bill?"

You read that correctly. They were proclaiming that Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance is a Holocaust denier. It's an incredibly disgusting lie. Camenker is Jewish, whose family came from Eastern Europe. But that was just the beginning. There was lie after lie about what the bill says or would do. (For example, they stated that if the bill were passed, Rep. Barney Frank would be prohibited from speaking at schools!) These are the tactics that the homosexual groups regularly use, but this was extreme. (They want to make sure, for example, that students in art class learn about Michelangelo's supposed homosexuality.)

On June 4 we learned that Rep. Paul Donato was the first to cave in. He even called our office to tell us that he now fully supported homosexual programs in the schools including, as he told us, lectures on transsexuality and posters of men romantically embracing!

Over the next week, KnowThyNeighbor's leader sent us several emails taunting us that one legislator after another was going to their side. On June 11 - over just 10 days - they got 12 to abandon the pro-family position.

A few days later, the hardcore homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows" published an article on their "victory" with many of the reps themselves being quoted:

Click here for "Bay Windows" article: "Lawmakers withdraw support for anti-gay proposal".
(Note in the article that Sen. Sen. Richard Tisei is quoted taking his name off. To our knowledge, however, Sen. Tisei - who supports homosexual causes - was never on the list.)

Cowardice and dishonesty

This week we called every called their offices for an explanation. None of the legislators themselves would talk to us, but we spoke to most of the staffs. What we heard were some of the most shameful dishonesty and sleaziness we'd ever heard from any elected officials - much less our "friends."

Here's a sample of the top eight disingenuous excuses we were told over and over:

Read the excuses and the rest of the article.

Illinois State Bar Association Votes in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

From "Illinois Law Group, ISBA Votes in Favor of Counterfeit Marriage" by Dave Smith, posted 6/26/07 at Illinois Family Institute

...Despite significant divisions among its membership, over the weekend, the 201-member Assembly of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) voted to support "civil unions" legislation as an alternative to traditional marriage as one man and one woman.

The resolution that was passed on Saturday June 23rd supports Rep. Greg Harris' (D-Chicago) HB 1826. The resolution states that civil unions may include homosexual couples or heterosexual couples and those persons who enter into "civil unions" must be at least 18 years old.

It is important to note that the ISBA also supports a provision in Rep. Harris' bill that would require the recognition of similar "civil unions" made by couples in other states who relocate here -- including so-called gay "marriage" couples from Massachusetts. States that currently recognize "civil unions" include Connecticut, Vermont, and now New Jersey, thanks to another court mandate.

Supporters of the ISBA resolution maintained that Illinois law now discriminates against people in loving, committed relationships who are unwilling or unable to marry. Unwilling to marry? Does that even make any sense? If you are unwilling to make a true committment, why should you receive the benefits of marriage? The ISBA Assembly fails to understand that once we've removed the standard of one-man, one-woman and replaced it with a simple "loving and committed" standard there is no logical stopping point. How could there be? If other groups, such as bisexuals and polygamists, also claim to have "loving and committed" relationships -- albeit with multiple partners -- wouldn't it also be discriminatory to deny them civil unions or marriage privileges?

It isn't hard to predict how creating official state ordained counterfeit marriages or "civil unions" will render the important institution of traditional marriage meaningless. Homosexual activists are preparing the way for other groups who will - and are - seeking the so-called the "right" to redefine marriage to suit their proclivities. (So-called "polyamorists" are already pursuing legal recognition of their multiple-partner relationships.)

Read the whole article.

ACTION: CLICK HERE to send a message to both of your state lawmakers and the ISBA president-elect to tell them you are AGAINST any counterfeit marriage proposal ("civil unions") that would give preferential treatment to relationships based on immoral, unhealthy and changeable behavior.

Kentucky Mother Pens Guide to Christian Citizenship

From "Kentucky mother pens guide to Christian citizenship" posted 6/21/07 at

A Kentucky mother who is also a nurse and educator has written a guide designed to help concerned Christians get involved in the culture war.

Dawn McCamish has no affiliation with any group other than her church, the Ekklesia Christian Life Fellowship in Lexington, Kentucky. The registered nurse, teacher, and mother says she has a conviction to work for the advancement of Christian values in today's society -- especially concerning the saving of innocent pre-born children.

McCamish explains that she decided to write "A Guide to Christian Citizenship," which she says promotes justice and godliness in society. Christians have a calling to protect the innocent who cannot speak for themselves, she says, and to be "salt and light" to the world.

...McCamish says one of the reasons people do not get involved is that they do not know how -- and that is what the guide is all about, she points out. The guide can be downloaded through her church's website.

Read the whole article.

Help for Parents Evaluating Sex Ed Curriculum in Their Childrens' School


Parents beware! We encourage you to do your homework on the sex education curriculum used by your child's school. Let's take a look at a recommended program by The Campaign: Our Whole Lives.

  • Teaches kindergartners and first graders about masturbation (refer to page 54).
  • For grades 10-12, the curricula includes blindfolded "condom race" exercises and "dental dam" demonstrations for oral sex (refer to page 87- 88).
  • "Sexy Safe Fantasy Activity" on page 91 includes instruction for teens to role play their fantasy with candy for prizes.
  • On page 180, the curricula suggests reading exotic books, watching erotic movies, showering together, masturbation alone or in front of a partner and giving and receiving oral sex.
In May 2007, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a "Review of Comprehensive Sex Education Curricula," a study commissioned by Senators Santorum and Coburn to review and evaluate federally supported comprehensive sex education programs.

The "comprehensive" or "abstinence-plus" curricula selected for this study were chosen based on the frequency and strength of endorsement received from the leading and recognized sexuality information organizations and resources. The purpose of the study was to inform federal policymakers of the content, medical accuracy and effectiveness of "comprehensive" sex ed curricula currently in use. The study includes summaries of each curriculum's content.

Project Reality examined the study and summarized the findings into brief points for easy reference. In the analysis, you will find overall findings of interest as well as specific points for each curriculum studied. Findings of this study indicate that although these programs are being promoted as "comprehensive," they discuss condoms and contraception nearly seven times more than abstinence. In addition, there was virtually no effect on delaying sexual activity in children using these programs and no long term effects.

"This report finally exposes the actual content of comprehensive sex ed programs so that the public can distinguish between the reality of these programs and the rhetoric they use," stated Libby Macke, director of Project Reality.

Click here to read Project Reality's Analysis of Comprehensive Sex Education Curricula Review.

APA Appoints Gay Activists to Monitor Reorientation Therapy: Those With Other Viewpoints Rejected

From "APA Appoints Gay Activists to Monitor Homosexual Reorientation Therapy" by Elizabeth O'Brien, posted 6/22/07 at

The recently created "Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation", which is part of the American Psychological Association (APA), has appointed five openly gay activists to monitor clients who want to overcome their homosexual tendencies.

The APA's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Concerns Office requested that the task force be created, asking clinicians to submit qualified names for job positions. In response, the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) compiled a list of doctors and professors for the new committee.

Despite the high qualifications of these professionals, a recent NARTH press release stated that all of them were rejected by APA president Dr. Sharon Stephens Brehm.

Instead, five out of the six people chosen this May for the task force, reports NARTH, are "committed gay-affirmative activists who are openly hostile to the reality that individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction can be helped."

How can gay activists who are openly hostile to the idea that people can change or even want to change, evaluate reorientation therapy fairly?

Read the rest of this story.

Why Do Gays Hate Religious Freedom?

From "Why Do Gays Hate Religious Freedom?" by Harry R. Jackson Jr., posted 1/18/07 at

Growing up in the ghetto, I am familiar with the politics of intimidation. I learned early in my youth that it was when I was most afraid that I could sometimes bluff toughness and “sell a few wolf tickets.” My loud voice and an intimidating looks got me out of more than one close call. On one occasion, a friend of mine yelled at a guy who had pinned him to the ground and was beating him unmercifully, “I dare you to let me up!” Much to his surprise he was turned loose from a choke hold by his larger, ferocious foe. My friend wisely ran for cover upon his release.

Like my childhood friend, gay activists around the country are getting nervous that they are about to experience an embarrassing political setback. Instead of amending the hate crimes legislation that protects churches in a substantive way, they are simply crying out in a louder, more threatening manner. Gay advocates are not looking for fairness; they are looking for an upper hand.

...The Senate refers to S-1105 as the Matthew Shepard Law. Matthew Shepard was a gay student who was tragically murdered in Wyoming nearly a decade ago. This legislative moniker identifies the bill as being pro-gay vs. pro-everyone’s civil rights. Fortunately for Matthew Shepard’s family, justice was served in that case. The murderers were found promptly and dealt with swiftly.

In contrast, the families of many blacks murdered in the civil rights movement era are still waiting for justice. Last Friday, the following words appeared in the USA Today along with the article on hate crimes: “Justice for two black teens came 43 years late Thursday when a jury convicted reputed Klansman James Ford Seale for taking part in their abductions and killings.”

Both gays and blacks should get justice in America, but we cannot allow either group to receive special privileges at the expense of another group of Americans. If the loopholes in this legislation are not closed, Christians and Bible-teaching churches could become victims of a strange brand of reverse discrimination. These actions are tantamount to the gay community saying, ”Freedom for me, but bondage for you.” This attitude is just not consistent with America’s ideals.

Despite the fact that legal experts like the Alliance Defense Fund and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberties confirm the legal legitimacy of my concerns, gay activists quoted in the US Today article called my concerns "completely bogus.” Their hope is to paint all outspoken leaders of faith as narrow minded Neanderthals and bigots who are out of touch with the will of the nation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Amen and then some! However, 'religious exemptions' are not enough. Shouldn't non-religious people also have freedom of conscience regarding homosexuality? True freedom is freedom to accept or reject, to affirm or deny.

We cannot be satisfied with 'religious' exemptions even if they are offered. We must demand freedom of conscience and association for all - believers and unbelievers alike.

Read the rest of this commentary.

An Episcopal Muslim???

From "Feeling vs. Faith" by Chuck Colson, posted 6/25/07 at

On Friday nights, Ann Holmes Redding of Seattle puts on a black head scarf, heads to the Al-Islam Center, and prays with her fellow Muslims.

Nothing I just told you is remarkable. What’s remarkable is what I didn’t tell you: Redding is an Episcopal priest. Not an ex-Episcopal priest, mind you, but a priest, as far as she and her superiors are concerned, in good standing.

Her story is a vivid reminder of what’s really at stake in the various culture wars within Christian churches: orthodoxy.

Redding has been a priest for over 20 years. Until recently she was the director of “faith formation” at Seattle’s Episcopal cathedral, St. Mark’s. I am, as Dave Barry likes to say, not making this up.

Apparently, at the same time she was in charge of forming other people’s faith, her own was undergoing a transformation. Fifteen months ago, she became a Muslim, the result of an “introduction to Islamic prayers [that] left her profoundly moved.”

Actually, according to Redding, I should say that she also became a Muslim. As she told the Seattle Times, “I am both Muslim and Christian, just like I’m both an American of African descent and a woman. I’m 100 percent both.” So while on Friday nights she puts on a black head scarf, on Sunday mornings she wears a clerical collar.

Redding doesn’t deny that there are differences between the two faiths—she simply doesn’t think that they ultimately matter. As she put it, “at the most basic level, I understand the two religions to be compatible. That's all I need.”

There’s so much wrong here that I scarcely know where to begin, so I’ll limit myself to the obvious: There’s no inherent contradiction between being an African-American and a woman, just as there’s none in being an American of Swedish descent and a man, as I am.

However, the same cannot be said of being a Christian and a Muslim. As Kurt Fredrickson of Fuller Seminary told the paper, “there are tenets of the faiths that are very, very different,” especially regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Read the rest of this commentary.

School Apologizes for Censoring Gay Kiss

From "School Apologizes for Censoring Gay Kiss" by Jeffrey Gold, posted 6/26/07 at

A New Jersey school district said it regretted ordering a picture of a male student kissing his boyfriend blacked out from all copies of a high school yearbook and said it apologized to the student.

Andre Jackson, the student, said Monday that he was disappointed that the Newark schools superintendent had not delivered the apology face-to-face and in public. Because of that, he said he did not accept it as sincere.

"I would accept an apology - a public apology," said Jackson, 18.

Jackson said he learned of the apology through the media.

The district issued a statement Monday saying it regretted the decision and that it would issue an unredacted version of the yearbook to any student of East Side High School who wants one.

"The decision was based, in part, on misinformation that Mr. Jackson was not one of our students and our review simply focused on the suggestive nature of the photograph," the district said.

"Superintendent Marion A. Bolden personally apologizes to Mr. Jackson and regrets any embarrassment and unwanted attention the matter has brought to him."

District spokeswoman Valerie Merritt said Bolden would meet with Jackson on Tuesday.

..."I've never had to deal with this before," he said. "It's shocking. It's crazy."

I'll tell you what's shocking and crazy - that the school actually apologized for holding up the moral standard that most parents and taxpayers subscribe to. Our society does not YET recognize homosexual acts as the legal equivalent of heterosexual. It will never be the moral equivalent - regardless of what the law says. The decision to block out the photo was a good one.

The school district should have stuck to its guns. By apologizing, they have surrendered without a fight in the battle for the hearts and minds of our children.

We are in desperate need of more people who have the courage to fight for what's right - to hold up the righteous standard regardless of criticism - especially in our schools. Unfortunately, ours is NOT an age of courage...

Read the rest of this article.

Bible-Believing Christians No Longer Qualified for Surgeon General Position?

From "The Holsinger Question - A New Religious Test for Surgeon General" by Albert Mohler, posted 6/16/07 at

Have we reached the point that a Christian who affirms traditional church teachings cannot be appointed to public office?

The case of Dr. James Wilson Holsinger, Jr. now raises that question. President George W. Bush has nominated Dr. Holsinger to be the next Surgeon General of the United States, the nation's highest ranking health official.

As a physician, Dr. Holsinger is unusually qualified for the position. He holds a medical degree from Duke University, where he also earned a Ph.D. in anatomy and physiology. He also holds graduate degrees in hospital administration and biblical studies.

He has served as Medical Director for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, an agency he served for 25 years. He also served for 31 years in the United States Army Reserve, where he received numerous citations and retired at the rank of Major General.

Beyond these qualifications, he served as Chancellor of the University of Kentucky Medical Center, which also involved his supervision of the schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and health sciences. He later served as Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for Kentucky.

By any measure, he is one of the most qualified physicians in the United States. So, why are so many people -- including several influential Democratic senators -- opposing his nomination?

Reporter Art Jester of the Lexington Herald-Leader explains:

The nomination of University of Kentucky professor Dr. James W. Holsinger as U.S. surgeon general has come under fire from groups that fear his actions as a high-ranking official in the United Methodist Church indicate he is anti-gay.

What a terrible thought: Nominating a man who actually refuses to affirm a physically unhealthy, psychologically destructive behavior for the position of chief medical officer of our country...

Apparently we must now add the office of Surgeon General to the rapidly increasing list of positions and careers Bible-believing Christians are deemed unfit to hold:

fertility specialist
pharmacist or pharmacy owner
transit board member
military chaplain
police psychologist
corporate employee
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Read the whole commentary.

Monday, June 25, 2007

High School GSAs: not as innocent as they may seem

From "GSAs: not as innocent as they may seem" posted 6/25/07 at California Catholic Daily

The Gay Straight Alliance, which has clubs for homosexual and lesbian students on college, high school, and, now middle school campuses, this month promoted a “Pleasure Physiology and Sex Toys” workshop in its internet publication, GSA Network News.

The workshop, hosted by the San Francisco-based Center for Sex and Culture, was scheduled for June 14 at the Pacific Center in Berkeley. The Center, said the News, “will encourage your personal sexual exploration in this fun, informative workshop. Join us for a discussion on pleasure physiology and sexual response, and learn how to choose and use sex toys safely.”

The workshop, the News, “is for youth 14 and over,” but those “under 18 need permission from a parent/guardian to attend.” Further, “this event is also free free free @ the Pacific Center,” said the News, “so come on down and invite a friend won't cha.”

The Center for Sex and Culture says its mission is “to provide non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations.” The Center says it is “not the only organization trying to effect sex-positive c
ultural change,” but, unlike other organizations that do “sexuality education,” the Center wants “to make ourselves available to the widest range of people we can, with classes that run the gamut from informational to experiential.”

You might be wondering exactly what is a "sex-positive cultural change?" It means societal approval for sex acts with any 'gender', any number of people, at any age...(Please see the 1972 Gay Rights Platform.)

The only truly safe and positive place for sex is within the bounds of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. This is what society should encourage and endorse.

Read the rest of this article.

Victory for Teacher Told to Pay Dues or Change Religions

From "Victory for Teacher Told to Pay Dues or Change Religions" by Randy Hall, Staff Writer/Editor, posted June 25, 2007

( - A legal challenge mounted by a teacher in southern Ohio, who said a union official told her to pay dues or change religions, has prompted a federal district court to strike down a state law that allowed only those public employees who belonged to certain denominations the right to claim a religious objection to paying union dues.

"It's wonderful, just wonderful," Carol Katter, a mathematics and language arts instructor in the St. Marys district, told Cybercast News Service on Friday after U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Frost struck down Ohio Revised Code section 4117.09(C) as a violation of her First Amendment rights.

In addition, Frost permanently enjoined the State Employment Relations Board from further enforcing that law, which stated that any public employee who was a member of a "bona fide religion or religious body which has historically held conscientious objections to joining or financially supporting an employee organization ... shall not be required to join or financially support any employee organization."

Katter added that she was "really excited" about the decision and that it was "absolutely worth the struggle" she'd gone through.

As Cybercast News Service previously reported, the lifelong Catholic and opponent of abortion on demand had always declined membership in the Ohio Education Association, a state chapter of the National Education Association, because she is unhappy with the NEA's stance on abortion.

"I know where NEA money goes, and I knew I never wanted to be part of that," she said at the time.

"When it became mandatory last year, we were told our dues could go to a charity," Katter said. However, she soon learned that members of only the Seventh-day Adventist and Mennonite churches received an exemption, due to their denominations' history of objection to union membership.

While discussing the situation with an OEA official, Katter "pretty much pleaded with the lady," saying: "I can't do this. It's against my belief and my conscience. Isn't there anything I can do to just give the money to charity?"

The teacher's request was turned down "basically because I could not come up with proof that my individual church - not the Catholic faith, but my individual church - had a record of anyone having successfully fought a union," she stated.

Katter said the union attorney had then told her she had two choices - pay her dues or "change religions."

Read the rest of this article.

Since when does freedom of conscience apply only to members of organized religions?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

NJ: Lesbian Couple Seeks to Force Church Group to Rent Property for Civil Union Ceremony

Anyone still entertaining the notion that the gay 'rights' movement is about freedom needs to wake up. The freedom to live, work, raise our children, and operate our ministries according to Biblical truth is disappearing at an alarming rate - especially for Christians...

From "Lesbian couple denied beachfront access for civil union" by Angela Delli Santi, posted 6/20/07 at

A lesbian couple barred from holding their civil union ceremony at a beachfront pavilion in Ocean Grove has filed a state civil rights complaint against the church group that owns the property.

The couple, Harriet Bernstein and Luisa Paster of Ocean Grove, allege in a complaint filed Tuesday with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights that they were denied use of the boardwalk pavilion because of their pending status as same-sex civil union partners.

"We wanted to have our ceremony on the boardwalk, on the beach, because it's a beautiful setting, just like any married couple would want to do."

Division on Civil Rights Director Frank Vespa-Papaleo said the complaint was the first to deal with discrimination in public places under New Jersey's new civil union law, which took effect in February.

The boardwalk pavilion the couple applied to use is owned by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, a Methodist ministry that owns all the land and the boardwalk in the oceanfront enclave of Victorian homes that is now part of Neptune Township.

The right to 'marry' will not be enough. EVERYONE will be forced to approve and participate...

Read the rest of this article.

Father of Scientific Climatology Calls Global Warming Theory "Hooey"

From "Local scientist calls global warming theory hooey" by Samara Kalk Derby, posted 6/18/07 at

Reid Bryson, known as the father of scientific climatology, considers global warming a bunch of hooey.

The UW-Madison professor emeritus, who stands against the scientific consensus on this issue, is referred to as a global warming skeptic. But he is not skeptical that global warming exists, he is just doubtful that humans are the cause of it.

There is no question the earth has been warming. It is coming out of the "Little Ice Age," he said in an interview this week.

"However, there is no credible evidence that it is due to mankind and carbon dioxide. We've been coming out of a Little Ice Age for 300 years. We have not been making very much carbon dioxide for 300 years. It's been warming up for a long time," Bryson said.

The Little Ice Age was driven by volcanic activity. That settled down so it is getting warmer, he said.

Humans are polluting the air and adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but the effect is tiny, Bryson said.

"It's like there is an elephant charging in and you worry about the fact that there is a fly sitting on its head. It's just a total misplacement of emphasis," he said. "It really isn't science because there's no really good scientific evidence."

Just because almost all of the scientific community believes in man-made global warming proves absolutely nothing, Bryson said. "Consensus doesn't prove anything, in science or anywhere else, except in democracy, maybe."

Read the rest of this article.

Planned Parenthood Covering up for Statutory Rapists

In order to understand Planned Parenthood would do this you must realize that Planned Parenthood ideology includes the right of CHILDREN to have sex unimpeded by "externally imposed fear, shame, guilt, or beliefs based on myths and impairing their sexual relationships..."

From "Behind Closed Doors: Planned Parenthood’s Cover-ups and Lies" by LaToya Cain, posted 6/15/07 at Concerned Women for America

Going beyond the favorable image evoked by its deceptive name and into the confines of Planned Parenthood facilities reveals the many cover-ups and lies that characterize the operation to kill babies by whatever means necessary in American abortion clinics. Recently, Planned Parenthood chose to protect and put first the rights of statutory rapists, instead of upholding and looking out for the interests of their victims.

In a recent undercover investigative story, UCLA student Lila Rose posed as a fifteen-year-old pregnant girl to prepare a story for a pro-life student newspaper at UCLA. At the Santa Monica Planned Parenthood office, Lila told the abortion facility staff that a 23-year-old man impregnated her. During her visit, nurse practitioner and UCLA Health Center counselor Ann Brooks advised Rose to lie and claim that she was 16 years of age so that Planned Parenthood would not have to report the rape to authorities. Withholding such information is a crime under California law. In addition, H.R. 2673, signed into law by President Bush, states:

SEC. 212. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no provider of services under title X of the Public Health Service Act shall be exempt from any State law requiring notification or the reporting of child abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, rape or incest.

Planned Parenthood staff also told Lila that UCLA does not have the resources to support students who want to keep their babies. Lila was instead encouraged by Nurse Brooks to use Medi-Cal, which is funded by California taxpayers, to fund her abortion. Lila made a video recording of the visit, which was available for viewing on YouTube until threats of a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood surfaced.

Another disturbing incident of Planned Parenthood covering up a rape is the case of the five-year sexual abuse of an Ohio girl that began when she was 13 and continued until she was 18. Routinely raped by her father, the young girl in this case became pregnant and was forced to have an abortion at the age of 16. At the Planned Parenthood facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, the girl reported the abuse to the staff, but the staff did not report her case to law enforcement officials. It was not until the girl told a school counselor of the abuse that authorities became aware and then intervened.

Read the rest of this article.

It's Not Enough to be 'Wanted'

Illegitimacy has risen despite--indeed, because of--legal abortion.

From "It's Not Enough to Be 'Wanted" by John Lott Jr., posted 6/19/07 at

The abortion debate usually centers on the morality of the act itself. But liberalizing abortion rules from 1969 to 1973 ignited vast social changes in America. With the perennial political debate over abortion again consuming the presidential campaign and the Supreme Court, it might be time to evaluate what Roe v. Wade has meant in practical terms.

One often misunderstood fact: Legal abortions just didn't start with Roe, or even with the five states that liberalized abortion laws in 1969 and 1970. Prior to Roe, women could have abortions when their lives or health were endangered. Doctors in some states, such as Kansas, had very liberal interpretations of what constituted danger to health. Nevertheless, Roe did substantially increase abortions, more than doubling the rate per live birth in the five years from 1972 to 1977. But many other changes occurred at the same time:

• A sharp increase in pre-marital sex.

• A sharp rise in out-of-wedlock births.

• A drop in the number of children placed for adoption.

• A decline in marriages that occur after the woman is pregnant.

Some of this might seem contradictory. Why would both the number of abortions and of out-of-wedlock births go up? If there were more illegitimate births, why were fewer children available for adoption?

Read the rest of this very enlightening commentary.

Pres. Bush Vetoes Embryonic Stem-Cell Bill, Promotes Ethical Research

From "Bush Vetoes Embryonic Stem-Cell Bill, Promotes Ethical Research" by Wendy Cloyd, posted 6/20/07 at

President Bush announced his veto today of S.5, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, passed by Congress this month. The legislation would have forced taxpayers to pay for research using stem cells taken from destroyed human embryos.

During the ceremony in the East Room of the White House, he also issued an executive order directing the Department of Health and Human Services to promote research that does not destroy life.

Bush said his duty as president is to ensure that stem-cell research is ethically responsible, such as using adult stem cells.

"This careful approach is producing results," he said. "It has contributed to proven therapeutic treatments in thousands of patients with many different diseases. It's opening the prospect of new discoveries that could transform lives."

He said his executive order will make it more likely that such advances continue and will support his policy of advancing stem-cell research "in a way that is ambitious, ethical and effective."

"Congress has sent me a bill that would overturn this policy," Bush said. "If this legislation became law, it would compel American taxpayers – for the first time in our history – to support the deliberate destruction of human embryos.

"I made it clear to Congress and to the American people that I will not allow our nation to cross this moral line. Last year, Congress passed a similar bill. I kept my promise by vetoing it. And today, I'm keeping my word again: I am vetoing the bill that Congress has sent."

Read the rest of this article.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"You Should Lose the Assumption that Your Child Will be Born Heterosexual"

You wouldn't want to be guilty of 'heterosexism...'

From "Queer in the Crib" by Julia Reischel, posted 6/19/07 at

But we don't have to rely on the gay stereotypes to find gay behavior in kids. Some young children actually call themselves gay or announce that they're going to marry another child of the same gender. Go to any playground and ask around, and you'll be amazed at what parents will say is coming out of their kids' mouths.

"When I took my kids to the science museum to learn about birthing, my daughter, who was five at the time, decided that she would marry another girl and let her have the baby," says one mother at a playground in Boston. ("Oh, how cute!" exclaimed another mother nearby.) "My son has a very close friend," says the mother of a five-year-old boy. "He calls him his 'godbrother' and he does want to marry him. It's just kind of like that's what you do."

That's no surprise to Elaine Winter, principal of the lower school at the Little Red School House in Manhattan. "There absolutely is dramatic play in early childhood," she reports. "They'll say, 'This can be a house with two mommies,' because that's the book we read yesterday, or that's what Susie's family is like."

Inevitably, some of those kids are more serious about the lesbian role-playing than others. Whether they're saying they're gay or just embodying elements of a gay sensibility, kids who seem so queer so young thoroughly unnerve parents and educators from every walk of life. Parents come to the LGBT Community Center worried about their kids' sissy behavior. Others fret that they've "gayed" their own children.

Winter, the Little Red principal, is reluctant to talk about whether her kindergartners might be gay. "I would never make a presumption like that," she says. "What a child does at four may be different from what a child does at six." This is coming from one of the most progressive educators in New York, the head of a school that actively supports LGBT-headed families, encourages its youngest children to explore nontraditional gender roles, and has a float in the Pride Parade.

...Without that hope of a happy ending, all kids, gay or not, will be worse off. Which is why Allan Acevedo, the Point scholar who's only a few years out of puberty himself, thinks that adults should just get over it.

"You should lose the assumption that your child will be born heterosexual," says Acevedo. "If you're having children and you're not allowing the discussion of gayness, you're not allowing the option to exist."

Exactly Mr. Acevedo...If the option exists it is only logical to assume that, many, many more children will choose it.

Homosexual behavior is ultimately self-destructive. Even if gay activists eventually manage to silence every last one of us who are willing to speak that truth, that fact will remain. Homosexual behavior is physically, emotionally and spiritually devastating. It is a crime of the first order to assign a child to that fate - even if there IS a genetic predisposition toward it...(something the science does NOT yet support)

Read the entire article.

Note: the photograph that accompanies this article is a child dressed in 'leather gear.' Are they suggesting that babies are born sado-masochists???????

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Your Tax Dollars are Paying for Transgender Beauty Contests...

CDC Off Center,” a 115-page oversight report authored by the Minority Office of the Federal Financial Management Subcommittee, under the direction of ranking member Senator Tom Coburn, examines how CDC has tilted off center and makes recommendations about how it might get back on track.

Some examples in the report of CDC’s spending:
  • $1.7 million — including terrorism funds — on a Hollywood liaison program, which happens to be run by a former employee (pg. 87);
  • $45 million for conferences, including those featuring prostitutes, protests, and beach parties (pgs. 48 - 60);
  • $30,000 employee saunas in a new $200,000 fitness center that also includes mood-enhancing lightshows and $3,500 worth of zero-gravity chairs (pg. 15);
  • $5 billion spent over seven years on HIV/AIDS prevention funding, and yet the U.S. still sees 40,000 new cases each year, with no decrease in infection rates for over a decade (pgs. 23-37);
The fact that infection rates have not declined for over a decade is NOT a surprise since no one seems willing to promote the one thing that is 100% effective at preventing AIDS - abstinence outside of marriage...

The CDC has instead chosen a different approach:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention funds were spent on a transgender beauty pageant (pg. 45);
Encouraging men to dress like women will help PREVENT AIDS?
  • Syphilis prevention funds used to feature a porn star’s presentation (pg. 44);
Porn stars are now disease prevention spokesmen?????
  • $250,000 spent so two former employees could help build staff morale, (pgs. 100 - 101);
  • $5.1 million on “audio visual integration” in the new Thomas R. Harkin communications and visitor center, including a giant 70-foot-wide by 25-foot-tall video wall of plasma screen TVs showcasing agency vignettes (pg. 8);
  • 110 CDC employees traveled to two international AIDS conferences, when buying retroviral drugs with the trip funds could have prevented mother-to-child AIDS transmission for more than 115,000 infants (pgs. 50 & 52);
  • New Hawaii office opening soon, announcement made by Senator from Hawaii who oversees agency’s funding (pg. 18);
  • $335 million on ads to fight childhood obesity… kids saw the ads, whether or not the ads affected their behavior is another question (pgs. 69 - 71);
  • $128,000 in CDC bioterrorism funds spent by L.A. County on trinkets such as letter openers, whistles, magnets, mouse pads, flashlights, pens, and travel toothbrushes (pgs. 106 - 110).

The report also includes:

  • A detailed graph showing CDC’s yearly budget from 1995-2007, which has increased by more than 350% (pg. 7); and
  • A chart showing yearly CDC’s HIV/AIDS funding from 2001-2007, which has more than doubled during that time (pg. 115)
Read the whole sorry story.

The head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding now says she needs an additional billion dollars to operate!

Please pray for wisdom from our leaders and then ask
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Condoms are Fine, but Don't Teach Kids to Say No to Sex

From "Condoms are Fine, but Don't Teach Kids to Say No to Sex" by David Niedrauer, posted 6/18/07 at

Telling kids to put off sex until marriage doesn’t sit well with mainstream journalists. When a recent study came out that undermines abstinence-only education, the media gave it a full ride, but the same media refused to cover research supporting abstinence education, or criticisms of the anti-abstinence study.

On June 8, The Institute for Research and Evaluation in Salt Lake City released a report that studied federally funded abstinence-only programs and found that the best ones “can reduce teen sexual activity by as much as one half.” IRE’s report also questions the methodology of the much-hyped Mathematica study, released in April 2007, which challenges the efficacy of abstinence education. The Institute’s work is frequently peer-reviewed, and preeminent sex researcher Douglas Kirby included some of its findings on abstinence education in his 2001 Emerging Answers survey of notable research in the field. However, the media has so far kept mum on the Institute’s abstinence education report.

The selective coverage is a pattern.

In March 2007, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sponsored the “Abstinence Education Evaluation Conference” in Baltimore, MD to present peer-reviewed research on state abstinence-only programs. Nearly 400 experts and critics from around the nation attended. The conference assessed 10 empirical, peer-reviewed studies of abstinence-only programs in 10 states; nine of them found such programs to be extremely effective. The event was a victory for abstinence education, but even the local press decided to go AWOL.

...National Public Radio’s Larry Abramson, April 13: “Does it make sense for the government to spend $170 million a year on abstinence education?...But abstinence education critics say, in fact, the administration has been pushing this approach almost exclusively at the expense of comprehensive programs that are more effective.”

CNN News’s Joe Johns, April 13: “But critics argue, abstinence-only programs are not realistic. They do not provide kids with the facts with things about like condom use, and that could leave the kids naive about protecting themselves if they do have sex.” Johns did not cite a single study supporting abstinence-only education.

ABC’s Dianne Sawyer on Good Morning America, April 16: “A government report finds abstinence-only education programs are not working.”

Read the entire article.

Pentagon Advisor Says Military's Homosexual Ban Should Stand

From "Pentagon advisor says military's homosexual ban should stand" by Chad Groening, posted 6/18/07 at

...Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis (U.S Army-Ret.) has written a letter to The Washington Post saying the paper rightly faulted the debating Republican presidential hopefuls for avoiding clear answers about the military's ban on homosexuals. Maginnis says in 1993 he advised the Pentagon task force that worked with Congress to pass "10 USC 654."

...The military analyst says real leaders should defend the ban as crucial for combat effectiveness. "There are very compelling military-effectiveness reasons why we need to sustain the ban," says Maginnis. "At the same time, we need to recognize that the arguments used by the left with regard to polling figures and fairness issues, the few anecdotal senior military people that have abandoned common sense and gone and tried to promote a gay-friendly military, are not serving the country's best long-term interests."

Maginnis says the 1993 bill should not be confused with Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. That is a compromise, he explains, that results in a "double pretense."

"In other words," he says, "it makes people who are homosexual to pretend they aren't when they serve in the military, and it makes the military pretend that they don't care if they do serve, when in fact they do."

Read the whole article.

Read the whole article.

NC Dept. of Justice Urged to Monitor Sexually Explicit Programming at Elite State School

From "Legal group wants elite NC summer school free of sexual indoctrination" by Jim Brown, posted 6/18/07 at

The North Carolina Department of Justice is being urged to monitor a state-run summer academic program for what the school's website describes as the state's "best and brightest" students. In the past, these students have been exposed to sexually explicit material.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is asking North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to scrutinize the summer session of the North Carolina Governor's School. In 2005, the school held -- without parental notification or consent -- a homosexual indoctrination seminar called "The New Gay Teenager."

ADF attorney Mike Johnson says the seminar included an in-depth discussion and endorsement of homosexual behavior.

"It was also devoted in part to an instructor-led discussion and critique and analysis of what they called 'religious faith claims,'" he notes. "It was very problematic; and, matter of fact, one of the seminar leaders was later criminally investigated for having homosexual relations with a minor student."

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