Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Coming Out at 13

From "Coming out at 13" posted 5/15/07 at California Catholic Daily

In California, the push is on for Gay Straight Alliance clubs in middle schools

Gay Straight Alliance clubs have been a college and high school phenomena -- until now. The campus clubs, which exist, ostensibly, to give homosexual and “transgender” youth a safe place to meet, to talk about gender issues, and to combat “homophobia” are moving into middle schools.

Once called junior high schools, middle schools cover the grades between elementary and high school, typically either 6th-8th grades, or 7th-8th grades.

“Middle schools are the place where the need to start GSAs may be the greatest, and in California their numbers are starting to grow,” said the May 9 GSA Network News. Studies show the average age for “coming out” is now 13.4 years old, claimed the News, which also reported there are now 15 such clubs in California middle schools.

The age at which kids are 'coming out' is getting lower and lower.

...Might GSAs move even into grammar schools? In April, ABC’s 20/20 featured a program with Barbara Walters interviewing families with children “born in the wrong body.” The program featured three families, one whose six-year-old child, Jazz Jennings (a pseudonym), the parents say, is a girl in a boy’s body. Renee Jennings, the mother, said she and her husband, Scott, tell Jazz, “You’re special” because, said Renee, “There aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis.”

Yes. Apart from the rare condition of intersexuality, there are actually zero.

Since he was 15 months old, Jazz said he wanted to wear a dress and insisted he was a girl, according to his mother. Renee said that when he was two, Jazz asked her, “'Mommy, when's the good fairy going to come with her magic wand and change, you know, my genitalia?" Doctors diagnosed Jazz with gender identity disorder, but his parents refused to accept it as a disorder. For Jazz’s fifth birthday, he dressed in a one-piece bathing suit for a pool party that was his coming out as a she. Jazz’s parents allow him to dress and live as a girl and say they are considering hormone therapy to keep him from developing into man. Later, he will take estrogen therapy to develop female characteristics.

A two year old referring to his private parts as 'genitalia?' There is something very strange going on here - even apart from the obvious. Even if cross-dressing were perfectly normal, it is a crime to set a child's feet on such a path at the age of 5.

Where is this child's father?

How have we gotten to the place where parents and even doctors could be so foolish and confused? It lends new credibility to this verse:

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom..." -Proverbs 9:10

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