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Sexual Consent for Kindergartners—Calif. Feminists

Teaching kids the skills of sexual consent should start in elementary school, not college, says Alejandra Melgoza, of Take Back the Night at University of California, Santa Barbara, along with other feminists at UC Berkeley and San Diego State University.
“College is too late for people to learn about bodily autonomy and respect.”
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To Avoid Rape, Must Videotape — New California Law

-- From "California College Students Call For K-12 Consent Education" by Alexandra Svokos, Huffington Post 12/22/14

California is the only state with a "yes means yes" law for colleges, requiring partners to affirmatively agree to sex. The law has been controversial, showing that consent can be a tricky subject.

"We have to start from very simple things, and that’s how we get to big things," Melgoza said. For example, Melgoza said, traumatic memories of child abuse may be triggered by an unsolicited hug, so students could be taught to greet others appropriately and "acknowledge people's space."

Andra Tharp, a violence prevention health scientist at the [federal government] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told HuffPost . . . these programs "don’t encourage youth to date, but they give youth the skills to be healthy and safe in relationships when and if they do begin relationships."

Phyllida Burlingame, reproductive justice project director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, told HuffPost that "sex education in California schools has a focus on healthy relationships and building communication and decision-making skills. This will help young people at whatever age they become sexually active."

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From "Student activists demand California teach sexual consent to kindergartners" by Kaitlyn Schallhorn, Campus Reform 12/26/14

"I think kindergarten is too young for that," Aaron Fulcher, a third-year biological science major at UC Santa Barbara told Campus Reform. "Kids that age shouldn't be exposed to material like that."

"A lot of sex ed can be either biased or incorrect, so with that kind of misinformation, it could be pretty damaging to a seven-year-old and their views on sex and relationships later in life," Fulcher said.

Earlier this month the Department of Justice released a new report on sexual assault which showed that college students are less likely to become victims of sexual assault than non-students. The Bureau of Justice Statistics report also claimed that 6.1 per 1,000 students are victims of sexual assault, debunking the widely quoted 1-in-5 statistic activists previously referenced.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Calif. Warns Porn Makers of Gay HIV Transmission

The California Department of Public Health has issued an alert to the pornography industry that on-set homosexual anal sex has infected a man with HIV during filming in Nevada -- a state that does not require condoms for porn actors.

For background, read why pornography filming permits have plummeted in Los Angeles County:  Too much health-safety regulation as LA Voters Favor On-set Inspection of Porn Shootings

UPDATE 2/15/16: Failed HIV Test on Gay Porn Star Causes Multiple Infections

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In addition, read The Only 'Safe Gays' are Celibate Gays, Says President Obama's FDA

-- From "Porn actor sparks Calif. health alert by apparently transmitting HIV during filming" by The Associated Press 12/29/14

One actor from the second shoot has since tested positive for HIV. According to the health department, lab results indicate the first actor who tested positive "probably transmitted" HIV to the second.

A health department official declined to release any information regarding when the transmission had taken place or which company it involved, citing privacy restrictions, but said the apparent transmission occurred in Nevada.

Several porn companies have moved shoots out of the county over the last two years in response to the ordinance [requiring condoms]. The number of porn filmmakers applying for permits in LA County has declined sharply, from 485 in 2012 to 40 in 2013.

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From "California Says Porn Actor Infected on Adult Film Set" posted at Business Wire 12/29/14

. . . The case involves a male performer who was filmed performing with other male performers. The newly infected individual initially tested HIV-negative in California after what was on–set exposure out of state (shooting films without condoms or protective barriers); however, two weeks later, the individual in question then tested HIV-positive. . . .

Since 2004 there have been numerous other cases of performers testing HIV-positive while working in California’s porn industry, including cases in 2010 (Derrick Burts) and 2013 (Cameron Bay and Rod Daily). However, despite the largest-ever OSHA fines levied against the adult film industry in the Cameron Bay case, porn producers continue the spin that these individuals did not contract HIV on set in the industry, but in their personal lives.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Condom free speech argument fails to stand up in court" by Rory Carroll in Los Angeles for The UK Guardian 12/16/14

The [Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals] ruled on Monday that an LA county ordinance mandating condoms in films did not violate the adult entertainment industry’s first amendment rights.

Vivid Entertainment, Califa Productions and other producers had argued that the 2012 ordinance [Measure B], which was passed by voters, restricted their ability to create alluring scenarios free of real-word concerns like pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Diana Duke, head of the Free Speech Coalition, an industry group, said in a statement that the condom mandate was “terrible” policy [and that] performers disliked condoms because aggravated friction amid bright lights and prolonged periods of penetration caused discomfort and impeded erections.

The number of permits issued for adult films in LA county had fallen 95% since measure B passed, said Duke. However, as a film can be shot in a few days in a private house without a permit, it is unclear how much production has fled.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Stanford's Anti-Christian Lesbian Ordained Priest

Two years ago, Stanford University hired their atheist "chaplain" John Figdor, and now, the new Dean for Religious Life is likewise an alumni of Harvard Divinity School: Jane Shaw is an ordained priest of the Church of England, and a self-declared lesbian, who says that churches must stop "doing religion all the time" and welcome people without converting them.
“I think the great crisis of our day is climate change and the environment.”
-- The Very Reverend Dr. Jane Shaw
UPDATE 2/21/15: Colleges Hire Humanist Chaplains for the Nonbelievers

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-- From "Jane Shaw named new dean for religious life" by Jacqueline Carr, The Stanford Daily 7/21/14

As dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco since 2010, Shaw oversaw the growth in all areas of the cathedral’s community life. During Shaw’s deanship, the church’s artistic, cultural and educational events tripled.

Currently Shaw is also a visiting scholar at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Study in Behavior Sciences.  A historian and theologian, she has authored a number of books and is currently working on a book on spirituality and mysticism in the early 20th century.

Shaw received her undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford and holds an MDiv from Harvard and a Ph.D. in history from UC-Berkeley.  Prior to joining Grace Cathedral, she taught history and theology for 16 years at Oxford where she was Dean of Divinity and Fellow of New College.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Dean of Grace Cathedral to become Stanford dean for religious life" posted at The Stanford Report 7/22/14

Shaw, 51, will succeed the Rev. William "Scotty" McLennan Jr., who is stepping down after 14 years. She will assume her position as Stanford's spiritual leader this fall.

During her time as dean of Grace Cathedral, Shaw has overseen growth in all areas of the cathedral community's life, not least in its artistic, cultural and educational events, which have tripled over the past four years. She founded a resident artist program, and also developed educational programming that related questions of values and ethics to the issues of the day, such as the environment and technology.

Shaw joined Grace Cathedral from the University of Oxford, where she taught history and theology for 16 years and was Dean of Divinity and Fellow of New College. A historian of modern religion, she is the author of Miracles in Enlightenment England (Yale, 2006); Octavia, Daughter of God: The Story of a Female Messiah and Her Followers (Yale, 2011), which won the San Francisco Book Festival History Prize; and A Practical Christianity: Meditations for the Season of Lent (Morehouse, 2012).

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "First Person: A conversation with Jane Shaw, dean of religious life and professor of religious studies at Stanford University" by Lisa Van Dusen, Palo Alto Weekly 12/22/14

At age 8, Shaw was booted out of the Brownies after three weeks for being "disruptive" -- having suggested to her leader that the troop might do something more interesting than cutting out paper shapes. You could say she's a nonconformist. An activist in support of the ordination of women, champion within the LGBT community and a board member of Human Rights Watch, Shaw describes herself as "not so churchy" and interested in "practical religion."

Shaw says she spends much of her time in the 1920s and '30s, immersed in books of that time, but is "trapped in the 21st century." Her round glasses are a nod to the era in which she feels most at home.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Out lesbian new head of SF's Grace Cathedral" by Seth Hemmelgarn, The Bay Area Reporter 11/11/10

An out lesbian has become the dean of San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, making her not just the first lesbian, but the first woman ever to head the church.

"I'm myself and people can take me as I am," said Shaw. "I'm many things, not just a lesbian, not just a woman. I'm an intellectual, I am a new immigrant in this country, I love music ... . I'm happy they called me to Grace Cathedral."

Shaw also said, "I want to take a role in many communities," including the LGBT communities. . . .

Shaw is domestic partners with Sarah Ogilvie.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Pope Decries Abortion, Again; Media Ignore Him

Earlier this week, when Pope Francis listed 15 ailments of the Vatican leadership, the story ran wall-to-wall on mainstream media.  In contrast, yesterday's criticism by the Pope of the abortion culture has been nearly blacked out from view by the same media.
"My thoughts turn to all those children today who are killed and ill-treated, be they infants killed in the womb, deprived of that generous love of their parents and then buried in the egoism of a culture that does not love life . . ."
-- Pope Francis message on Christmas Day
For background, read Pope Francis Decries Abortion; Vatican Says Media Distort Him

UPDATE 6/19/15: Pope Slams Environmentalists on Abortion

-- From "The 15 ailments of the Vatican Curia, according to Pope Francis" by Abby Ohlheiser, Washington Post 12/22/14

On Monday, Pope Francis addressed the Vatican’s governing leadership — better known as the Roman Curia — for his yearly Christmas greeting with a very noticeably un-festive tone. In his remarks, the Pope listed 15 spiritual “ailments” encountered in the Curia, and urged the bureaucratic leadership to renew its effort to heal itself as Christmas approaches.

“The Curia is always required to better itself and to grow in communion, sanctity and wisdom to fully accomplish its mission,” Pope Francis said. “However, like any body, it is exposed to sickness, malfunction and infirmity. … I would like to mention some of these illnesses that we encounter most frequently in our life in the Curia. They are illnesses and temptations that weaken our service to the Lord.”

The somewhat harsh tone of the remarks captured a lot of international attention, as did some of the Pope’s more memorable names for the Curia diseases he singles out — including “spiritual Alzheimer’s” and “Funereal Face.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pope condemns Islamic State, decries suffering of children" by Philip Pullella, Reuters 12/25/14

Pope Francis on Thursday condemned the "brutal persecution" of minorities by Islamic State insurgents and said the joy of Christmas was marred by the suffering of children in the Middle East and around the world.

Tens of thousands of people flocked to St. Peter's Square to hear the Argentine pope deliver his "Urbi et Orbi" (to the city and the world) blessing and message, marking the second Christmas since his election last year.

Later he departed from his text and spoke emotionally of "children displaced due to war and persecution, abused and taken advantage of before our very eyes and our complicit silence."

He also spoke of "infants killed in the womb" condemning abortion as a product of "a culture that does not love life."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Pope Francis: There are so many tears this Christmas" by Anna Brand, MSNBC 12/25/14

The pope condemned ISIS, the abuse of children, hostages in Nigeria, and Ebola, while spreading a message of peace.

Francis folded abortion into his message of wrongful deaths of children . . .

It’s been a big year for the Catholic leader. When he succeeded Pope Benedict XVI last March, he promised to change the cemented ways of the Vatican. He has said the church cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptives. He asked “Who am I to judge?” in response to reports of gay clergy members. And his personal plea contributed to the thawing of more than five decades of tense U.S.-Cuban relations.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Francis, in Christmas Day Message, Focuses on Children in Peril" by Elisabetta Povoledo, New York Times 12/25/14

Pope Francis used a traditional Christmas address on Thursday to emphasize the plight of children in areas of conflict, pointing out their “impotent silence” that “cries out under the spade of many Herods,” a reference to the ancient king who slaughtered all the young boys of Bethlehem, according to the New Testament.

Vast numbers of children today are victims of violence, objects of trade and trafficking, or forced to become soldiers, and they need to be saved, he said.

. . . [to the bottom of the article] . . .

The pope also denounced abortion . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

ALL the perils of children listed by Pope Francis pale in comparison to the total number of children killed each year by abortion!

From "Full text: Pope Francis’s Urbi et Orbi message" by Pope Francis posted at Catholic Herald 12/25/14

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy Christmas!

Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour of the world, is born for us, born in Bethlehem of a Virgin, fulfilling the ancient prophecies. The Virgin’s name is Mary, the wife of Joseph.

. . .

May Jesus save the vast numbers of children who are victims of violence, made objects of trade and trafficking, or forced to become soldiers; children, so many abused children. May he give comfort to the families of the children killed in Pakistan last week. May he be close to all who suffer from illness, especially the victims of the Ebola epidemic, above all in Liberia, in Sierra Leone and in Guinea. As I thank all who are courageously dedicated to assisting the sick and their family members, I once more make an urgent appeal that the necessary assistance and treatment be provided.

The Child Jesus. My thoughts turn to all those children today who are killed and ill-treated, be they infants killed in the womb, deprived of that generous love of their parents and then buried in the egoism of a culture that does not love life; be they children displaced due to war and persecution, abused and taken advantage of before our very eyes and our complicit silence.

I think also of those infants massacred in bomb attacks, also those where the Son of God was born. Even today, their impotent silence cries out under the sword of so many Herods. On their blood stands the shadow of contemporary Herods.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Pres. Obama's Christmas: Behold, a Message is Born

While great presidents of the United States of America gave Christmas messages praising God and speaking in awe of the birth of the Divine Savior of all mankind, Jesus Christ the Lord, today President Obama announced that his family is "celebrating the birth of Jesus – the birth not just of a baby in a manger, but of a message that has changed the world . . ."

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-- From President Reagan's Christmas address to the nation from the Oval Office 12/23/1981 at 9pm

At this special time of year, we all renew our sense of wonder in recalling the story of the first Christmas in Bethlehem, nearly 2,000 year ago.

Some celebrate Christmas as the birthday of a great and good philosopher and teacher. Others of us believe in the divinity of the child born in Bethlehem, that he was and is the promised Prince of Peace. Yes, we've questioned why he who could perform miracles chose to come among us as a helpless babe, but maybe that was his first miracle, his first great lesson that we should learn to care for one another.

Tonight, in millions of American homes, the glow of the Christmas tree is a reflection of the love Jesus taught us. Like the shepherds and wise men of that first Christmas, we Americans have always tried to follow a higher light, a star, if you will. At lonely campfire vigils along the frontier, in the darkest days of the Great Depression, through war and peace, the twin beacons of faith and freedom have brightened the American sky. At times our footsteps may have faltered, but trusting in God's help, we've never lost our way.

To read the entire Christmas message by Pres. Reagan above, CLICK HERE.

From "Washington’s Christmas Poem: ‘Assist Me to Sing the Morn, On Which the Saviour of Mankind Was Born’" by Ali Meyer, 12/24/14

The day after Washington took command of the army on July 4, 1775, he issued an order saying, “The General most earnestly requires and expects due observance of those articles of war established for the government of the army, which forbid profane cursing, swearing, and drunkenness. And in like manner he requires and expects of all officers and soldiers, not engaged in actual duty, a punctual attendance on Divine service, to implore the blessing of Heaven upon the means used for our safety and defense.”

About a year later on July 9, 1776, Washington issued another order defining a “Christian soldier.”

It stated, “The honorable Continental Congress having been pleased to allow a chaplain to each regiment, with the pay of thirty-three dollars and one-third per month, the colonels or commanding officers of each regiment are directed to procure chaplains accordingly, persons of good characters and exemplary lives, and to see that all inferior officers and soldiers pay them a suitable respect."

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Below, President Reagan's entire 14-minute Christmas address of 1981:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Safe Gays' Defined by Obama's FDA as Celibate

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created a new classification of homosexual men:  Those who've not had anal sex for at least a year.  This new FDA action means that all other men who claim the mantle of "gay" will continue to be excluded from donating their blood because it may be contaminated with HIV.
"This new policy does not require heterosexual blood donors to be celibate for one year. Some may believe this is a step forward, but in reality, requiring celibacy for a year is a de facto lifetime ban."
-- Statement from the Gay Men's Health Crisis
UPDATE 12/21/15: FDA Final Policy Holds to Celibacy Requirement for Homosexual Blood Donors (see excerpts below)

For background, read Federal Government Says HIV/AIDS is Mostly a Gay Disease and also just reported that Soaring Syphilis Rates Among Homosexual Men Point to HIV Risk

The basis for the FDA decision is that Anal Sex is Main Cause of HIV Pandemic, Study Shows

Also, a recent federal CDC Report Shows Most HIV Homosexual Men Have Unprotected Sex

-- From "FDA favors ending blanket ban on gay blood donors" by Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY 12/23/14

Last month a panel of blood safety experts convened by Department of Health and Human Services voted 16-2 in favor of doing away with the lifetime ban. The panel recommended moving to a one-year ban, which bars donors who have had male-on-male sex during the previous 12 months.

The proposed policy change, which will be offered for public comment next year, would allow gay men to donate blood if they had not engaged in sex with another man for at least a year.

In a prepared statement, FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg said the proposed policy would "better align the deferral period with that of other men and women at increased risk for HIV infection."

In September, the Centers for Disease Control noted in a report that men who have sex with men represent about 2 percent of the U.S. population. It also noted that another CDC survey from 2007 to 2010 found that men who engaged in gay sex accounted for 63%of all new HIV infections.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gay Groups Decry New FDA Rule Requiring Celibacy to Donate Blood" by Miranda Leitsinger, NBC News 12/23/14

Gay rights groups rejected a decision by the FDA to ease the blanket ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood, saying the agency's requirement that this group of donors abstain from sex for a year before giving was "offensive" and imposed a "de facto lifetime ban."

The new rule was a step in the right direction, "but blood donation policy should be based on current scientific knowledge and experience, not unfounded fear, generalizations and stereotypes," said Scott Schoettes, Lambda Legal's director of HIV Policy. He said policy should be focused on the conduct of the potential donor and not on sexual orientation or gender identity.

. . . the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association challenged [the FDA], saying any "categorical" donation deferment for gay or bisexual men for any length of time was "arbitrary, stigmatizing and not scientifically supported." The group called on the FDA to commit to developing a policy addressing specific at-risk sexual behavior regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "F.D.A. Lifting Ban on Gay Blood Donors" by Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times 12/23/14

The F.D.A. enacted the ban in 1983, early in the AIDS epidemic. At the time, little was known about the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes the disease, and there was no quick test to determine whether somebody had it. But science — and the understanding of H.I.V. in particular — has advanced in the intervening decades, and on Tuesday the F.D.A. acknowledged as much, lifting the lifetime ban but keeping in place a more modest block on donations by men who have had sex with other men in the last 12 months.

The shift puts the United States on par with European countries like Britain, which adjusted its lifetime ban in favor of a 12-month restriction in 2011. Men’s health advocates welcomed the move, saying that the ban was not based on the latest science and that it perpetuated stigma about gay men as a risk to the health of the nation. Legal experts said the change brings an important national health policy in line with other legal and political rights, such as permitting gay and people to marry and to serve openly in the military.

“This is a major victory for gay civil rights,” said I. Glenn Cohen, a law professor at Harvard University who specializes in bioethics and health. “We’re leaving behind the old view that every gay man is a potential infection source." He said, however, that the policy was “still not rational enough."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "FDA to propose altering ban on gay and bisexual men who want to donate blood" by Julie Zauzmer, Washington Post 12/23/14

Peter Marks, deputy director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said in a telephone call with reporters Tuesday . . . “At this time, the scientific evidence is not compelling that we can change to anything less than a one-year deferral and still maintain the current level of safety of the blood supply,” he said.

“A ban of one year doesn’t really make sense, from a scientific or a medical perspective,” said Daniel Bruner, director of legal services at Whitman-Walker Health, a D.C. health-care provider that caters to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients. “It’s overly broad, in that you sweep in a lot of people who pose no risk whatsoever to the blood supply. And you are stigmatizing an entire population by telling people that they need to remain celibate for an entire year — whether they are monogamous, whether they practice safe sex, whether they are on medication like the prophylactic that makes the chance that they become infected almost zero.”

The Human Rights Campaign and Lambda Legal, among other gay rights groups, also issued statements saying the policy change is welcome but does not go far enough.

Based on models that the FDA created, Marks said he expects about half of the would-be blood donors who are kept away because they have had sex with other men would become eligible to donate. He said he could not provide a number of men he expected would become eligible donors.

Men and women of any sexual orientation are barred from donating blood for a year after having sex with someone with HIV, with a commercial sex worker [prostitute, a.k.a. "whore"] or with an intravenous drug user.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 12/21/15: From "Gay men can once again donate blood — if they haven’t had sex for a year" by Brady Dennis, Washington Post

But some gay rights advocates were less than pleased with the 12-month deferral policy, which requires men who have sex with other men to remain abstinent for a year before giving blood. The National Gay Blood Drive, a group that has pushed for rolling back the decades-old ban, said that while it supports FDA’s updated approach, “the revised policy is still discriminatory.”

Daniel Bruner, senior policy director at the Whitman-Walker Health, a D.C. health-care provider that caters to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients, said in an interview Monday that the deferral period should be no longer than 30 days, given the ability of current testing to detect an HIV infection soon after exposure. He also criticized the new guidelines for continuing a lifetime donation ban on individuals who have engaged in sex work or used non-prescription injection drugs.

Peter Marks, deputy director of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, told reporters Monday that the agency considered a range of approaches, but ultimately settled on the 12-month deferral window because it was backed by the most scientific evidence, and other large countries had adopted a similar approach. But he also called the change a "first step," saying the FDA will continue to conduct research and evaluate new data that emerges after the new approach goes into effect.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Abortionists, Feminists Accused of Treason: Turkey

While native populations of much of Europe and Russia decline due to dropping birth rates, and immigrant populations rise, the Turkish president called on his nation's Muslim women to birth at least three children, preferably more, and he condemned birth control advocates as treasonous.
“For years they committed a treason of birth control in this country, seeking to dry up our bloodline. . . . You cannot explain this to feminists because they don’t accept the concept of motherhood.”
-- Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey
For background, read The Religious Procreate, Others Don't

Also read American Trend: Fewer Children, More Animals/Pets

-- From "Turkey's President Erdogan Decries Birth Control As Form Of Treason" by Ayla Jean Yackley, Reuters 12/22/14

Erdogan urged a newly married couple at their wedding late on Sunday to have at least three children to help boost Turkish population figures, a common refrain from the president, who worries a declining birth rate may undermine economic growth.

Last month, Erdogan, a devout Muslim, said it was unnatural to consider women and men equal and said feminists did not understand the importance of motherhood. In 2012, he sought to effectively outlaw abortion, but later dropped the plan amid a public outcry.

Turkey's population growth has been slowing in recent years and the live-birth rate hovered at 2.07 percent last year, according to official statistics.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "President Erdogan encourages Turks to have more children" posted at PressTV 12/22/14

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . . . said those who engage in birth control programs could cause a whole generation to dry up.

Calling for a more dynamic and younger population, the Turkish president said two children could not be enough, adding that the third and fourth children could mean balance and abundance for the family. Erdogan himself has two sons and two daughters.

Erdogan’s opponents say that such remarks means that he has a strict interpretation of Islam as he wants to impose his fundamental values in the private lives of the Turks.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Turkey’s President Accuses Advocates of Birth Control of Being Traitors" by Ceylan Yeginsudec, New York Times 12/22/14

Mr. Erdogan, an Islamist leader, has made comments on the subject of reproduction that others view as divisive and chauvinist. Over the course of his 11 years as the dominant leader of Turkey, he has expressed strong opposition toward abortion and contraception, and has called on women to have at least three children, but preferably four or five.

But until now he had not equated birth control with an act of treason.

His comments set off a wave of criticism from women’s rights advocates, who warned that such remarks undermined the role of women in society, which leads to discrimination and violence.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

. . . and from the feminist archives "Romney, Santorum and archaic ideas on fertility" by Lisa Miller, Washington Post 3/2/12

. . . What the Republican front-runners seem to be saying is this: We are like the biblical patriarchs. As conservative religious believers, we take seriously the biblical injunction to be fruitful and multiply.

Especially worrisome is the inevitable corollary to that belief: Women should put their natural fertility first — before their brains, before their ability to earn a living, before their independence — because that’s what God wants.

And now, with their crusade against birth control, the Catholic bishops are helping to articulate and elevate that unspoken and archaic value in public. Fertility is a gift from God, they say. To mess with that gift goes against God’s plan. . . .

To which I say this: We’ve come a long way from the days of the Bible, baby, and I don’t want to go back there.

To read the entire opinion column above, CLICK HERE.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Marquette Bans Conservative Prof, Like a Terrorist

The Catholic Jesuit Marquette University has suspended (with pay) 37-year Professor John McAdams and banned him from the campus "like a potential terrorist," he says, because he blogged criticism of pro-homosexual philosophy instructor Cheryl Abbate for her censoring a student who criticized the notion of homosexual "marriage."
“[E]veryone agrees on” gay marriage, “there is no need to discuss it” — gay students might be offended by such “homophobic comments or racist comments.”
-- Cheryl Abbate, instructor of “Theory of Ethics”
For background, read Notre Dame Rejects Students for Natural Marriage as well as Florida University Professor Says Priests are Full of Crap

Also read myriad examples of censorship of Christian speech on college campuses.

-- From "Marquette expands on John McAdams controversy" by Karen Herzog, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 12/18/14

McAdams, who teaches political science, was notified by email Tuesday that he was relieved of his duties until further notice and was not to come to campus without advance written permission from his dean.

The controversy apparently began with a post McAdams wrote in his Marquette Warrior blog Nov. 9 in which he criticized a graduate student teaching assistant for not allowing discussion of gay marriage in an ethics class.

A student challenged her decision after class and recorded the conversation. The student told teaching assistant Cheryl Abbate that it was his right as an American citizen to make arguments against gay marriage, and she replied: "You don't have a right in this class to make homophobic comments."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Marquette University tells employees: 'Opposition to same-sex marriage' could be 'unlawful harassment'" by Eugene Volokh, Washington Post 12/17/14

Unfortunately, given that Wisconsin law bans sexual orientation discrimination, and that discrimination laws have been read as banning “hostile environment harassment” — including political and social commentary that offends people based on race, religion, sex and (in those states that cover this) sexual orientation discrimination — there is indeed a risk that such speech by co-workers would be found to be unlawful. . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Marquette University Suspends Tenured Professor After He Criticized Instructor Who Prohibited Student From Discussing Gay Marriage Opposition" by Samuel Smith, Christian Post Reporter 12/19/14

Associate Professor John McAdams' suspension with pay comes as Marquette University has begun requiring its faculty to attend anti-harassment training, where they are instructed to report any employee that speaks out in opposition to gay marriage.

"Although employees have free speech rights under the United States Constitution, in academic and other workplaces those rights are limited when they infringe upon another person's right to work in an environment free of unlawful harassment," the school's anti-harassment training video, produced by the Texas-based Workplace Answers, asserts.

"Abbate, of course, was just using a tactic typical among liberals now," McAdams wrote. "Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits, but are deemed 'offensive' and need to be shut up."

Additionally in his blog post, McAdams criticized the school and deemed it "not a Catholic university" for not permitting discussion and debate on gay marriage in class.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Marquette Philosophy Instructor: 'Gay Rights' Can’t Be Discussed in Class Since Any Disagreement Would Offend Gay Students" by John McAdams, Marquette Warrior 11/9/14

Abbate explained that “some opinions are not appropriate, such as racist opinions, sexist opinions” and then went on to ask “do you know if anyone in your class is homosexual?” And further “don’t you think it would be offensive to them” if some student raised his hand and challenged gay marriage? The point being, apparently that any gay classmates should not be subjected to hearing any disagreement with their presumed policy views.

Then things deteriorated further as the student said that it was his right as an American citizen to make arguments against gay marriage. Abbate replied that “you don’t have a right in this class to make homophobic comments.”

She went on “In this class, homophobic comments, racist comments, will not be tolerated.” She then invited the student to drop the class.

. . . in the politically correct world of academia, one is supposed to assume that all victim groups think the same way as leftist professors.

Groups not favored by leftist professors, of course, can be freely attacked, and their views (or supposed views) ridiculed. Christians and Muslims are not allowed to be “offended” by pro-gay comments.

To read the entire blog post above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Gay Agenda will be Complete when Christians are Muzzled, Say Homosexualists as well as Senator Ted Cruz Says the Gay Agenda Ends Christian Liberty

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Obama's Eric Holder Creates Law for Transgenders

Having failed to convince Congress to pass new laws forcing employers (including churches and Christian schools) to hire the sexually confused and cross-dressing men, President Obama's attorney general has, by edict, created an unconstitutional de facto Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) for all government employees.

For background, read about President Obama's unilateral action against Christians via ENDA.

Also click headlines below to read previous articles concerning President Obama's Department of Justice (DOJ):

DOJ Forces Employees to Celebrate Sexual Deviancy

DOJ OKs Illegal 'Gay Marriages,' Harms Kids

DOJ Launches Transgender Cop Training

DOJ Tells States to Violate Oath for 'Gay Marriage'

DOJ Forces School Girl into Boys Locker Room

Also read
School Doesn't Back Gay Agenda, President Obama's DOE Investigates

And read President Obama's Cross-dressing Military Fantasy is Reality

-- From "US announces protections for transgender workers" by The Associated Press 12/18/14

The Justice Department is now interpreting federal law to explicitly prohibit workplace discrimination against transgender people, according to a memo released Thursday by Attorney General Eric Holder.

That means the Justice Department will be able to bring legal claims on behalf of people who say they've been discriminated against by state and local public employers based on sex identity. In defending lawsuits, the federal government also will no longer take the position that Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, which bans sex discrimination, does not protect against workplace discrimination on the basis of gender status.

The new position is a reversal in position for the Justice Department, which in 2006 stated that Title VII did not cover discrimination based on transgender status.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "DOJ: Transgender people can’t be discriminated against at work" by Sandhya Somashekhar, Washington Post 12/18/14

The outgoing attorney general said in a memo that it is the Obama administration’s position that workplace discrimination on the basis of gender identity is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination on the basis of sex.

Holder was criticized by the Family Research Council [FRC], a socially conservative group. Peter Sprigg, senior director for policy studies, said the interpretation was “inconsistent with the original legislative intent” of the Civil Rights Act. “Probably not one person thought they were passing a bill to protect men who wanted to become women or women who wanted to become men,” he said.

In his memo, Holder acknowledged that “Congress may not have had such claims in mind when it enacted Title VII.” But he wrote that “the Supreme Court has made clear that Title VII must be interpreted according to its plain text, noting that ‘statutory prohibitions often go beyond the principal evil to cover reasonably comparable evils.’”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "DOJ: Civil Rights Act Protects Transgender Government Employees" by Ryan J. Reilly, Huffington Post 12/18/14

In a memo, Holder wrote that the "best reading of Title VII's prohibition of sex discrimination is that it encompasses discrimination based on gender identity, including transgender status." Holder said that while Congress "may not have had such claims in mind when it enacted Title VII, the Supreme Court has made clear that Title VII must be interpreted according to its plain text."

In a statement, Holder called the move an “important shift" that "will ensure that the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are extended to those who suffer discrimination based on gender identity, including transgender status."

The Employment Litigation Section of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division enforces Title VII of the Civil Rights Act against state and local governments. DOJ does not file suit against private employers for discrimination claims.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "DOJ Announces Civil Rights Act Now Applies To Transgender Employees" by Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller 12/18/14

Holder’s memo is part of a broader effort by the Obama administration to be more inclusive and has been seen by some as a substitute for Congress’ failure to pass a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which includes protection for sexual orientation and gender identity. However, Holder’s interpretation of Title VII is vastly different than the DOJ’s interpretation under the Bush administration in 2006, which rejected the idea that discrimination applied to transgender status.

DOJ’s Civil Rights Division can now enforce the decision against any state and local governments in the event of non-compliance.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Eric Holder’s Transgendered Mutilation of Title VII" by Ed Whelan, National Review Online 12/19/14

In a fog of wordplay divorced from any plausible account of the original meaning of Title VII, Holder asserts that “Title VII’s prohibition against discrimination ‘because of … sex’ encompasses discrimination founded on sex-based considerations, including discrimination based on an employee’s transitioning to, or identifying as, a different sex altogether.” (Emphasis added.)

Holder’s reference to “a different sex” is badly confused and odd. A man who identifies as a woman—yes, even a man who butchers and drugs himself to appear more like a woman—is still a man. Indeed, when anyone points out this elementary biological reality, transgender activists insist that gender is fundamentally different from sex.

One controversy that long divided advocates of the bill titled the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, was whether the bill’s prohibitions on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation should be extended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Under Holder’s cross-dressing reading of Title VII, that controversy was pointless because Title VII’s “plain meaning” already bars discrimination based on gender identity. Indeed, if Title VII broadly bars discrimination “founded on sex-based considerations,” I don’t see why Holder isn’t also contending that Title VII’s plain meaning bars discrimination based on sexual orientation. But that may just be the next lawless surprise in the offing.

To read the entire opinion column above, CLICK HERE.

For further background, read how ENDA laws are being used to force Christians "into the closet" and read how "transgender rights" are being forced through public schools nationwide.

Also read Gay Agenda will be Complete when Christians are Muzzled, Say Homosexualists as well as Senator Ted Cruz Says the Gay Agenda Ends Christian Liberty

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sacramento Funneling Taxes to Abortionist: Exposed
Click to view local TV news report
The Sacramento County, California grand jury has begun an official inquiry of the practices of the mayor and Sacramento city council members regarding a no-oversight $1+ million annual slush fund.  Local news media have uncovered a transfer of $11,000 of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood over a two-year period.
"I think if people were aware of it, you would have an overwhelming amount of people showing up at a City Council meeting complaining.  I think you would have calls to their offices. I think you would have long lines if there was an open forum for people to discuss. I think it would be a big issue."
-- Christina Marotti, Sacramento resident
For background, read Taxpayers Provide 46% of Planned Parenthood's $Billion$ and yet Planned Parenthood's Goal is to Defraud Taxpayers, and read Planned Parenthood Faces $5.5 Billion (with a "B") Fine for Fraud

Also read San Francisco Area Parents Want Planned Parenthood Out of Their School

-- From "Grand jury opens inquiry into Sac City Council" by Kevin Oliver, KCRA-TV3 (Sacramento, CA) 12/18/14

The inquiry was launched after KCRA 3 revealed that City Council members have been using taxpayer-funded discretionary accounts to pay for pet projects and community events without a council vote.

Each of the eight City Council members get $400,000 a year to spend, with few restrictions. Meanwhile, the mayor gets a budget of $940,000.

KCRA 3's investigation revealed thousands of dollars have been spent on items like portable toilets and bounce houses.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Some Upset Over City Council's Contributions to Planned Parenthood" by James Rojas, KFBK-AM1530-FM93.1 (Sacramento, CA) 12/18/14

Sacramento's mayor and city council spend thousands of tax payer dollars a year from discretionary funds with little to no oversight. This includes paying for travel, entertainment and self-promotional materials.

KCRA says former Councilman Steve Cohn defends using his discretionary fund to make the contribution, as does Councilwoman Angelique Ashby.

Some are now asking for clear policies or even citizen commissions to make decisions on where the funding should go.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Sacramento council funds spent on movie nights, bounce houses" by Kevin Oliver, KCRA-TV3 (Sacramento, CA) 12/17/14

In the fiscal year 2013-14, Mayor Kevin Johnson spent $905,000 from his budget. . . . including an $11,000 staff appreciation luncheon, trips to Washington, D.C., and a brochure listing his accomplishments.

A city audit in 2004 recommended establishing "written policies, written procedures and the establishment of clear practices" for how those funds could be used, but in the past 10 years, the city clerk's office said no new rules or policies have been put in place.

KCRA 3 found City Council members gave tax money to organizations, including business groups, labor organizations and even Planned Parenthood, without a council-wide vote, which has raised questions among some taxpayers.

When KCRA 3 asked [Councilmember Angelique] Ashby about using tax dollars to contribute to Planned Parenthood programs, she defended the contribution, took off the microphone and walked away.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Sac City Council funds Planned Parenthood programs" by Kevin Oliver, KCRA-TV3 (Sacramento, CA) 12/18/14

Since 2012, every City Council member gave some of their discretionary funds to Planned Parenthood, a total of $11,000.

Council member Steve Cohn defended his use of City Council discretionary funds for the programs.

Sacramento resident and mother of four, Christina Marotti, said she doesn't want her tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood programs -- period.

"I don't think they as elected officials should have the ability just to spend where they please," Marotti said. "It almost seems like it's kind of hidden. If it's not voted on, it's not announced. (KCRA 3) found it, but I never knew about it before."

Liz Figueroa, vice president of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, said they get a great deal of funding from tax dollars and education reduces a lot of taxpayers costs.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read of myriad instances of Planned Parenthood being complicit in rape and exposed of violating laws.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Penn. Middle School Sex Video Illegal, Police Say

Young children at Franklin D. Roosevelt Middle School in Bristol, Pennsylvania have been sexting each other with a video showing minors performing incestuous sex according to local authorities who are warning parents that children who forward such materials via the Internet face criminal charges under Pennsylvania law forbidding minors to transmit nude images of anyone between the ages of 12 and 17, including "selfies".

Children are quickly learning that Incest is OK; It's the New Gay

UPDATE 2/12/15: Pennsylvania School Gives 8th Grade Sadomasochistic Exercise

Click headlines below for documentation of the frequency of such sexting by ever-younger children, thus demonstrating the effect of sexualization indoctrination programs in public schools, and the effect of sexual predator teachers:

Pennsylvania Homosexual Teacher Jailed: Paying Boys to Sext Him

Police: Colorado Students Sexting, Parents Ignorant

Illinois School Sexting: Police Find Nude Student Selfies

Illinois Gay Teacher Sexting Boy Resigns, Media Silent

Illinois Homosexual Teacher Arrested on Child Porn

Indiana Teens & Child Pornography Crimes: Sexting

Drama-teaching Gay Sex Offenders: California Trend

Gay Pedophile Teacher Says Child Porn OK to View

Oregon Trains Pre-teens in Masturbation, Anal Sex

Florida High School Facebook Madam: Virgins $100

Baltimore Students Have Sex in Video, as They're Taught

Chicago Sex Education for Pre-teens is Pornographic, Parents Say

California School Pushes College-level Porn Sex Ed, Parents Outraged

New Hampshire School Teaches Porn, Complaining Dad Arrested

Education Experts Say Use Porn in Teaching Sex Ed

Also read Education Experts Say: Relax Parents, Sexting is Simply How Kids Flirt Today

UPDATE 2/28/16: Sexting so Common, New Mexico Legalizes Self-produced Child Pornography

-- From "Bristol Township Police investigating source of sexually explicit video found circulating among students at township middle school" by Jeff Werner, Bucks (County, PA) Local News 12/18/14

The video, discovered on Tuesday being shared by students during an after school event, shows two minors engaged in activities “that are inappropriate and, in fact, illegal,” said Superintendent of Schools Samuel Lee in a statement posted on the district’s website.

When school officials discovered the video, Lee said he “immediately notified local law enforcement and child welfare agencies and the parties involved in this video are now part of an active investigation.”

“A number of cellphones have been secured by police for investigation, which is ongoing,” police said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Bucks middle school mired in sex-tape scandal" by Vinny Vella, Daily News Staff Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer 12/19/14

As part of their inquiry, [Bristol Township Police acting chief Lt. John] Godzieba said, investigators confiscated 10 cellphones from pupils at Roosevelt, on Veterans Highway near Winder Drive in Bristol.

In a statement distributed Wednesday, Samuel Lee, superintendent of the Bristol Township School District, said school administrators caught wind of the video late Tuesday and turned over all information about the footage to police and child-welfare agencies.

Under a 2012 amendment to Title 18, the state's criminal code, it's illegal for minors to possess, view or distribute sexually explicit depictions of other minors.

"We're going to get to the bottom of this," Bristol Township Police Lt. Terry Hughes said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Child sex tape found at Pa. middle school may be case of incest, DA says" by John Luciew, The Patriot-News (Mechanicsburg, PA) 12/19/14

. . . Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler is telling WPVI-TV that the video depicting middle school-aged children having what appears to be sex may be a case of incest.

The DA adds that the two juveniles caught engaged in the sex act may have been recorded without their knowledge.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read how schools across America are being forced to allow boys in girls restrooms and showers.

In addition, read how public schools integrate pornography and even sex training into the curriculum and read the myriad examples of kids' sexcapades starting in kindergarten and even pre-school.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gov't Says Syphilis Soaring Among Homosexual Men

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported this week that the number of cases of the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis increased over ten percent in just one year and that male homosexual behavior (anal sex) accounts for 75% of the increase.
"Syphilis is like the canary in the coal mine for HIV. People are going to be positive for syphilis before they are diagnosed with HIV. This means that there is a potential increase in HIV cases."
-- Dr. Jill Rabin, Women's Health Programs-PCAP Services at North Shore-LIJ Health System in New Hyde Park, N.Y.
For background, read Another U.S. Deadly Gay Disease Epidemic: Syphilis and also read HIV/AIDS is Mostly a Gay Disease, Says Government

Also read Anal Sex is Main Cause of HIV Pandemic, Study Shows

-- From "Syphilis cases in U.S. continue to rise; chlamydia, gonorrhea rates remain stable" by Angela Townsend, The Plain Dealer 12/17/14

Primary and secondary syphilis is the stage at which the sexually transmitted disease is at its most acute and infective. People in these stages can pass the disease to others for up to two years after becoming infected. If diagnosed early, syphilis can be treated with penicillin or other antibiotics.

Gay and bisexual men continue to be most affected by the disease.

The uptick in syphilis cases locally began back in 2010.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Syphilis on the Rise Among Gay, Bisexual Men: CDC" by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Reporter 12/16/14

"There are over 20 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases [STDs] every year in the United States, and they continue to pose a risk of lifelong complications for millions of Americans," said Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention.

There are a variety of reasons that put gay and bisexual men at high risk for syphilis, said Mermin.

"Some are the high number of sexual partners and sexual networks that create a vicious cycle where the prevalence of syphilis is higher. And that leads to higher incidence, which leads to higher prevalence, and that cycle can increase the frequency of infection," he said.

The sores caused by syphilis make it easier to get or give someone HIV. . . .

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Men Still Drive STD Increases" by Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today 12/16/14

[The CDC] found, rates among men were increasing, while those for women were falling or stable.

Women continue to have the most reported infections -- some 993,348 cases in 2013 for a rate of 623.1 per 100,000 -- at least partly because they are more likely to be screened for the disease, the report said. The rate was a 2.4% decline from 2012.

On the other hand, there were 408,558 cases among males for a rate of 262.6 cases per 100,000 males, up 0.8% from 2012.

In jurisdictions where information for both sex of partner and HIV status was relatively complete -- defined as 70% or greater for all cases -- 52% of men who have sex with men with syphilis also had HIV. The co-infection rates for men who have sex with women and for women were 9.9% and 5.2%, respectively.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Obama Pays Pre-teens to Learn Anal Sex in Hawaii

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Illinois School Sexting: Police Find Nude Selfies

Lincolnshire police in suburban Chicago are investigating several boys and girls at Stevenson High School District 125 who have been electronically sharing photographs of themselves naked.  Distribution of child pornography, a felony crime, reminds parents of a Stevenson homosexual teacher forced to resign recently after a police investigation of his sexting a student.  This teacher was subsequently hired by a Texas school.
“We should know. We’re the parents. If this has something to do with one of my kids, I’m going to be in shock. I think we all need to know what’s going on.”
-- Norlaine Elsbury, parent
For background, click headlines below to read previous articles:

Homosexual Teacher at Stevenson HS Sexting Boy, Resigns

Police: Colorado Students Sexting, Parents Ignorant

Pennsylvania Homosexual Teacher Jailed: Paying Boys to Sext Him

Illinois Homosexual Teacher Arrested on Child Porn

Drama-teaching Gay Sex Offenders: California School Trend

Gay Pedophile Teacher Says Child Porn OK to View

Indiana Teens & Child Pornography Crimes: Sexting

Child Pornography Allowed by Illinois Library Vote

Also read Education Experts Say: Relax Parents, Sexting is Simply How Kids Flirt Today

-- From "Lincolnshire Police Investigate Sexting At Stevenson High School" by Dorothy Tucker, WBBM-TV2 (Chicago) 12/15/14

High school spokesman Jim Conrey says the sexting suspects are juveniles. There are several, he says, both boys and girls. And the lewd photos appear to be selfies.

“It’s a regrettable situation all around. Because anytime you’re talking about sexting, not only does it diminish the person whose image is being shared around, but secondly it also diminishes the value of the person who is sending the images around. Everybody gets hurt by this,” he says.

The school two months ago sponsored a forum to discourage students from sexting.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Stevenson students caught in sexting investigation" by Lee Filas, Daily Herald (suburban Chicago) 12/16/14

Lincolnshire Police Investigator Adam Hyde confirmed police are investigating fewer than five students who were sexting pictures at the school. Hyde said, he could not discuss details of the case because it is a juvenile matter.

Conrey said punishment can range from loss of privileges to a school suspension. He said the punishment depends on each individual case, and whether the student has been involved in past misconduct.

This is the latest Lake County [Illinois] school to have a major sexting scandal break since November.

Three students from Warren Township High School, one from Grayslake Central High School, and one from Carmel High School in Mundelein were charged the first week of November for sexting lewd images and cyberbullying a freshman at Warren.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read how public schools integrate pornography and even sex training into the curriculum and read the myriad examples of kids' sexcapades starting in kindergarten and even pre-school.