Monday, June 18, 2007

NC Dept. of Justice Urged to Monitor Sexually Explicit Programming at Elite State School

From "Legal group wants elite NC summer school free of sexual indoctrination" by Jim Brown, posted 6/18/07 at

The North Carolina Department of Justice is being urged to monitor a state-run summer academic program for what the school's website describes as the state's "best and brightest" students. In the past, these students have been exposed to sexually explicit material.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is asking North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to scrutinize the summer session of the North Carolina Governor's School. In 2005, the school held -- without parental notification or consent -- a homosexual indoctrination seminar called "The New Gay Teenager."

ADF attorney Mike Johnson says the seminar included an in-depth discussion and endorsement of homosexual behavior.

"It was also devoted in part to an instructor-led discussion and critique and analysis of what they called 'religious faith claims,'" he notes. "It was very problematic; and, matter of fact, one of the seminar leaders was later criminally investigated for having homosexual relations with a minor student."

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