Friday, June 15, 2007

Southwest Airlines Sponsors Gay 'Pride' Event Including S&M Competition

From "Southwest Airlines stands by sponsorship of DC 'homosexual pride' event" by Jim Brown, posted 6/14/07 at

Southwest Airlines is defending its recent sponsorship of a homosexual pride celebration in Washington, DC, last weekend. The airline says it has no regrets about its decision.

Southwest Airlines and SunTrust Banks were among the corporate sponsors for the Capital Pride Festival, an event in which homosexuals took to the streets to demand what they call "full legal and social equality" -- namely the legalization of same-sex "marriage." The Family Research Council criticized the sponsors, arguing it was an "irrational business decision" to "put their name and their money behind radical homosexual activities."

Jena Atcheson, segment marketing manager for Southwest, says the Capital Pride Festival meets the airline's business needs in Washington.

"Our goal in the segment marketing department is to look at niche markets that can help grow revenues for Southwest," she notes. "Regardless of the population estimate for this particular niche market, we're also appealing to heterosexual customers who support a company that embraces all diversity and equality, and that's what we're looking for."

The 10-day Capital Pride Festival included a lesbian dance, a prom for youth, a transgender dance, and a "Mr. and Ms. Capital Pride Leather Competition."

Leather' is a slang word for sadism and masochism. Think about it for a minute. What on earth could a competition for sadists and masochists entail?

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