Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hypocrisy of Hating Homosexuality, While Ignoring Cohabitation and Adultery

From "Hypocrisy of Hating Homosexuality, While Ignoring Cohabitation and Adultery" by Phil Magnan, posted 5/2/07 at christiannewswire.com

BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- Statistics show that 25% of unmarried "born again" Christians are living together. This reveals an apparent hypocrisy in condemning homosexuality, while not condemning heterosexual immorality. Sad to say, co-habitation is on the increase and its participants also include the Catholic and Christian community.

BFA believes there is also a need to condemn not only adultery in its blatant form of cheating on a spouse, but its camouflaged form by easy divorce to pursue second and third marriages. This has been done by those who describe themselves either as Catholic, Evangelical and even more startling the born again Christian.

"How can we as Christians have any moral credibility before God and man when we are practicing the very thing we condemn in the form of immoral marital practices? Until we show as much hatred for our own sin in our churches and demand repentance we will continue to destroy the sanctity of marriage, even more than same sex marriage proponents. We have not been a very good example of morality or godliness before God and man."

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