Saturday, December 29, 2007

Top 7 Acts of Christian Bashing

From "Top 7 Acts of Christian Bashing" posted 12/28/07 at Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

"From murder and intimidation, to the crass and the blasphemous, 2007 was a horrendous year of Christian bashing," said Dr. Gary L. Cass, Chairman and CEO of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, the counter force to the liberal Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

"Anti-Christian sentiments are being fomented in the culture and are becoming more deadly and cynical," said Cass. "Impressionable young people are being swept up in anti-Christian hysteria, aided and abetted by a greedy, a-moral entertainment industry. Mocking Christians, blaspheming their faith and ridiculing their values has become the easy way for 'entertainers' to shock their way to the top."

"The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC) calls on anti-Christian politicians, Hollywood and New York media elites to stop the Christian bashing and take responsibility for the culture of hate towards Christians they have helped to create. The CADC will work aggressively to stop this dangerous and irresponsible Christian bashing in 2008."

To report an incident of anti-Christian bigotry or defamation, click here

1.) Colorado Church Murders
-"You Christians brought this on yourselves I'm coming for EVERYONE soon and I WILL be armed to the @#%$ teeth and I WILL shoot to kill. . God, I can't wait till I can kill you people. Feel no remorse, no sense of shame, I don't care if I live or die."

2.) Federal Hate Crimes Bill--The 2007 Federal Hate Crimes Bill threatens religious liberties and lays the groundwork for "thought crime," which has no place in American law and violates the concept of equal protection under the law.

Find out the other 5 in this article.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nietzsche Would Laugh

Morality without God?

From "Nietzsche Would Laugh" by Chuck Colson, posted 12/26/07 at

One of the biggest obstacles facing what's called the "New Atheism" is the issue of morality. Writers like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens have to convince people that morals and values are possible in a society that does not believe in God.

It is important to understand what is not in doubt: whether an individual atheist or agnostic can be a "good" person. Of course they can, just as a professing Christian can do bad things.

The issue is whether the secular worldview can provide a basis for a good society. Can it motivate and inspire people to be virtuous and generous?

...Being unable to account for human altruism is not enough for Sam Harris, author of Letter to a Christian Nation. In a recent debate with Rick Warren, he complained about Christians "contaminating" their altruistic deeds in places like Africa with "religious ideas" like "the divinity of Jesus." Instead of rejoicing at the alleviation of suffering, he frets over someone hearing the Gospel.

In response, Warren pointed out the inconvenient (for Harris, that is) truth: You won't find many atheists feeding the hungry and ministering to the sick in places like Africa or Mother Teresa's Calcutta.

Read the whole commentary.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"When you Put on Your Jesus glasses, You Can't See the Truth"

High school sophomore sues history teacher for “hostility toward Christianity” in the classroom

From "When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth”", posted 12/21/07 at California Catholic Daily

About 300 current and former students of Capistrano Valley High School gathered at the school’s campus in Mission Viejo before dawn on Wednesday, Dec. 19, to support a history teacher accused in a federal lawsuit of attacking the Christian religion in the classroom.

Chad Farnan, a 16-year old Capistrano Valley High sophomore, and his parents filed suit against Dr. James Corbett in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana on Dec. 14. The lawsuit alleges that Corbett, an honors history teacher who has taught for 19 years, violated the First Amendment by expressing active hostility toward religion in the classroom. The suit alleges that Corbett spends a large portion of class time “propagating his personal views to a captive audience.”

The lawsuit seeks legal fees but does not ask for damages if the school district agrees to fire Corbett.

“While teaching the class, Dr. Corbett spends an extended period of time at the beginning of each class discussing topics that are not only irrelevant to history, but also inflammatory and often altogether inappropriate for high school students,” said a news release from Murrieta-based Advocates for Faith and Freedom, the legal group representing the Farnans. “Dr. Corbett causes students who hold religious beliefs to feel like second-class citizens because of their protected religious expression, beliefs, and conduct. He has gone as far as stating, ‘When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.’ In addition to expressing his viewpoint regarding the Christian faith, Dr. Corbett has made derogatory remarks about Christian viewpoints regarding homosexuality, Viagra, birth control, and sexual activities of teenagers. As a result of Dr. Corbett’s hostility toward Christianity, Mr. Farnan has filed this federal lawsuit for a violation of his First Amendment rights.”

One has to wonder whether all those people would have shown up to support him if he had been bashing Islam or Judaism...

Read the rest of this story.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Oprah Winfrey: Agent of Moral Insanity

Although this commentary is three years old, it is more relevant today than ever...

From "Oprah Winfrey: Agent of Moral Insanity" by Albert Mohler, posted 8/31/04 at Albert

Oprah Winfrey, widely cited as one of the most influential and admired women in America, showed herself to be an agent of moral insanity when she featured a program celebrating young children who are seeking sex-change procedures and transgender identities. In one episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," the true nature of our modern sexual confusion was made clear, and the broadcast should long be remembered as one of the most frightening hours in television history.

The program, broadcast on Tuesday, August 24, began with Oprah introducing the children seeking a sex change. "This is going to be a very fascinating show, OK?" Oprah began. She then introduced her first young guest: "He is an 11-year-old child. He likes skateboarding and PlayStation. He listens to rap, studies hard, gets good grades and wears those trendy baggy pants. He was also born a girl."

Oprah then moved to the broader theme of her program. "And right now according to experts, there are thousands of children who are living what appear to be very normal lives but deep inside they know something is terribly wrong or they feel that something is terribly wrong, and these children are saying that they were born in the wrong bodies. Their parents have to decide whether or not to let their children live as the opposite sex. Eleven-year-old Kayla lived for years with this secret."

According to a video broadcast on the program, Kayla was born a girl in 1992, but her mother reported that "Kayla never played with girls' toys, never played with dolls. About two years of age on, Kayla was more into dirt and bikes . . . . she would pick out baggy pants, boxer underwear. She didn't like girls' underpants."

At some point, Kayla saw an episode of the Oprah show and was prompted to declare that she was now a boy. She told her mother that she believed she was a boy born into a girl's body. Her mother Angelina responded in a way that left Oprah nodding in approval. "My first reaction was basically blowing it off. A few days later, I said, 'OK, let's find out more about it'." As the show unfolded, the audience was told that Kayla, now "Kaden," was facing struggles at school. Early puberty presented additional challenges, so Angelina put her 11-year-old daughter on Depo-Provera. (What kind of doctor would put an 11 years old on Depo-Provera?) Kaden told Oprah's audience, "When I'm old enough to, I want to get testosterone and my surgery."

Read the rest of this commentary here.

A "Gay Man" Trapped in a Woman's Body and Other Nonsense

From "A “Gay Man” Trapped in a Woman’s Body and Other Nonsense" by Matt Barber, posted 12/20/07 at Concerned Women for America

Talk radio host Michael Savage doesn't mince words. He often says that "liberalism is a mental disorder." He's right. Liberal ideology and political correctness, infused with public policy, begets social insanity.

Case in point: A recent report on a popular homosexual "news" site declares, "A transgendered student says he is the victim of discrimination at a small Massachusetts community college because he is biologically female."

Say what? "He" is "female"? Welcome to PC-ville. Come for the oxymoron, stay for the cognitive dissonance.

In other news, "French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte says he is the victim of discrimination because he is biologically Bob from Detroit."

Apparently, this clearly confused 20-year-old woman who "presents as a male and wears male clothing" is upset that Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts, will not allow her to undress, shower or otherwise cavort with the fellows in the men's locker room. She's reportedly filed an "affirmative action complaint" against the school.

Read the whole commentary.

You can't make this stuff up.

The problem is, as Matt so aptly goes on to point out, that we are all going to be legally forced to pretend this actually normal - unless we stand up and call it out for the nonsense it

The transgender movement is becoming quite powerful in the United States.
Transgender is the 'T' in LGBT, (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) and whenever you see the words 'perceived gender,' you must understand that it refers to transgenderism. LGBT activists are demanding that our society be re-ordered around their delusions.

One outrageous and appalling example: Transgender activists have been put in charge of designing curriculum for public school children in Massachusetts and soon in California...

In other words, children as young as Kindergarten are going to be taught in public schools that transgenderism is perfectly normal.

Even Oprah, has become an powerful advocate for this insanity. In 2004, she
featured a program celebrating young children who are seeking sex-change procedures and transgender identities. One of the children featured on her show was six years old...

The only explanation possible for this sort of depravity can be found in Romans 1:24:

"Therefore God gave them over..."

Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Hate" Crimes Built on a Juvenile Concept of Freedom

The idea that we have a right to be "free" of being offended, or "free" of having our feelings hurt is juvenile...

From "Flailing Against the Wind" by Jim Trageser, posted 12/19/07 at

If you have kids in the Poway Unified School District, you might want to simply assume there will be less money for instruction and classroom supplies in the years to come. Litigation is expensive, you see, and when you have a school board on a collision course with the U.S. Constitution, more litigation would seem pretty unavoidable.

Not that Poway is any stranger to being sued for stomping all over the rights of students who don't think the way the board majority thinks they should. The district has spent who knows how many tens of thousands of dollars (maybe more) defending itself in an ongoing lawsuit that arose when officials punished a student for wearing a T-shirt that read "Homosexuality is shameful."

Tyler Chase Harper wore that T-shirt in response to a pro-gay rights event at Poway High School, and was told to remove the shirt. He refused, and was ultimately suspended. The conservative Alliance Defense Fund and liberal American Civil Liberties Union are both asking the courts to overturn the suspension (although Harper is now long since graduated) as a violation of Harper's free speech rights and, presumably, to keep the district from behaving similarly in the future.

And yet, despite the ongoing lawsuit, which the district stands a good chance of losing, it is now (over)reacting to a spate of swastikas and nooses recently found on the district's campuses -- crafting new policies to crack down on "hate behavior."

Which sounds reasonable, I suppose, if we can all agree on just what constitutes "hate" -- and don't mind getting rid of the First Amendment's free speech clause while we're at it.

Read the rest of this insightful commentary.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Daddy's Name is Donor

From "My Daddy's Name is Donor?" by Albert Mohler, posted 12/17/07 at

The t-shirt on the toddler is meant to be an attention-getter . . . and it is. A picture of the boy wearing the t-shirt appeared first in the Chicago Tribune but now also in The Times [London]. The t-shirt reads, "My daddy's name is Donor."

As Catherine Bruton of The Times explains:

The T-shirt is offered by a company called Family Evolutions, founded by a lesbian couple whose son modelled the shirt. The co-founder, Stacey Harris, says that the T-shirt is empowering. "We want to lift the taboo surrounding donor conception so that kids don't feel that their coming into the world is a shameful secret," she says. "Kids who are empowered will grow up well-adjusted."

The "empowering" t-shirt is intended to mainstream the idea that the male agent in procreation now no longer deserves even a name. The sale of sperm is now so commonplace that it is now just one more consumer good -- and an increasing number of consumers are single women and lesbian couples who share an intention to have babies without a husband.

...This becomes all too clear when reports now indicate that a majority of those requesting and using Artificial Insemination by Donor [AID] are now single women and lesbian couples. A quick survey of the situation in major metropolitan areas will make that pretty clear. Sperm banks are now big business.

Read the rest of this commentary on Dr. Molher's blog.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Is ‘bashing’ sub-Christian? Not necessarily...

From "FIRST-PERSON: Is ‘bashing’ sub-Christian? Not necessarily" by Mark Coppenger, posted 12/26/07 at Baptist Press

EVANSTON, Ill. (BP)--Recently, my Apologetics in Contemporary Ministry class was turning through the premier issue of Salvo, published by the folks at Touchstone. Salvo is a hard-hitting publication, one designed to discomfit sub-Christian and anti-Christian ideologies arrayed against “the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

The magazine featured some carefully crafted mock advertisements. One invited people to the “Church of Darwin.” Another parodied PETA with a pitch for PETI (“People for the Ethical Treatment of Insects”). Most of these ads performed the classic “reduction to absurdity,” drawing out the embarrassing implications of an opponents’ stance –- “If he had his way, look what sort of craziness he’d get us into!”

In the course of our discussion, a student said he would be reluctant to pass the magazine on to a non-believer since some of the material could be seen as “bashing,” so I asked whether “bashing” (as in “gay-bashing” and “Bush-bashing”) was a bad thing, per se. What was bashing anyway?

I took up the marker and began to write possible definitions on the board, trying a bit of the Socratic method. We started with something like, “To bash is to insult,” but that wasn’t automatically bad. Jesus did it without apology. (See for example, Luke 11:45, where it is clear He got a twofer, hitting both the Pharisees and the lawyers.) So we tried a refinement: “To bash is to attack someone personally, and not just his ideas.” But, again WWJD got in the way, for the Lord said His opponents, and not just their teachings, were like whitewashed tombs and serpents (Matthew 23:27, 33).

Okay, then maybe “to bash is to take a cheap shot?” But what’s a cheap shot? Is it a zinger without accompanying rationale? Is it disrespectful sarcasm? If so, must we apologize for Elijah’s sarcastic and caustic challenge to the prophets of Baal on Carmel, “Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened” (1 Kings 18:27). But it’s hard to call something “cheap” when it is saturated with truth, in Elijah’s case the truth of the emptiness and toxicity of idolatry.

But didn’t Paul say that, in our dealings with outsiders, our “speech [should] always be gracious, seasoned with salt” (Colossians 4:6)? Good point, but he prescribed salt, not sugar, and salt can sting a bit, as John the Baptist, the Apostles, and Jesus showed. Truth can hurt, but it can graciously make one free.

I then asked them why nobody ever criticized “racism-bashing” and “pedophilia-bashing...”

Read the rest of this thought-provoking commentary.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

VIDEO: Aurora Police Threaten to Arrest Man for Simply Praying While Pushing Baby Stroller on Public Street

From "VIDEO: Chicago Police Threaten to Arrest Man for Simply Praying While Pushing Baby Stroller on Public Street" by John Connolly, posted 12/12/07 at

A YouTube video shows police monitoring a peaceful protest in a Chicago suburb who threatened to arrest a man that was not part of the protest because he was praying while walking his baby in a stroller on the sidewalk near a huge Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

Aurora resident Roger Earl was walking his baby and praying from a prayer book on November 17 when police confronted him and told him he couldn't be there.

"I wasn't planning to be part of the protest today," said Earl. "I didn't realize that I was breaking any law by walking along the sidewalk praying."

A pro-life worker has put a video on YouTube of Roger Earl talking with reporters after his confrontation with police officials.

Read the rest of the article and watch the video.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Philadelphia Evicts Boy Scouts for Prohibiting Gay Men Access to Boys

Homosexual city solicitor breaks 1929 "in perpetuity" agreement and said to pursue Scouts with "vengeance"

From "Philadelphia Boy Scouts to Lose Historic Building for Not Accepting Homosexuality" by Hilary White, posted 12/11/07 at

The Philadelphia council of the Boy Scouts of America will lose the lease on its historic premises for its refusal to bow to pressure from the homosexual lobby to accept homosexual members and leaders. The city has told the Scouts they will be evicted if they cannot come up with US $200,000 a year "market value" rent for the land on which their building sits. Until now, the Scouts had paid a nominal $1 per year lease fee although the youth organisation had originally owned the premises in 1929.

The famous Beaux Arts style building was built and paid for by the Scouts, and turned over to the city with the understanding that the Scouts would be allowed to remain in it rent-free "in perpetuity."

City solicitor Romulo L. Diaz Jr. gave Philadelphia's "Cradle of Liberty Council" of the Scouts until Monday this week to renounce their policy. The Cradle of Liberty Council is the largest Scouts council in Pennsylvania and is the third largest in the entire Boy Scouts of America. The "City of Brotherly Love" has told the Scouts they have until June 1 to vacate their historic building.

..."This is an organization that has done more good for more children in this crime-ravaged city than most of the other so-called charitable groups in the City of Brotherly Love...At a time when this city is awash in blood, and we need as many safe havens for our children as possible, Philadelphia decides to go after an organization that is politically uncomfortable."

An editorial appearing in the online edition of Investor's Business Daily asked, "Isn't it hypocritical, though, to be intolerant in the name of tolerance, to say that it's wrong to disapprove of the lifestyles of others but OK to condemn the religious and moral beliefs of others?"

"How is it that an organization that has done immeasurable good for tens of millions of boys becomes one of America's most notorious and dangerous hate groups?"

Read the rest of this article.

Megachurches Targeted for Pro-Gay Campaign

From "Megachurches Targeted for Pro-Gay Campaign" by Nathan Black, posted 12/3/07 at

Two homosexual groups plan to launch a national campaign targeting the most influential megachurches and its leaders in an attempt to change their views on gays and lesbians.

Soulforce, which promotes "pro-gay" interpretations of Scripture, and COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) are currently recruiting LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) parents and their children along with other supporters for "The American Family Outing" in 2008. Selected families will visit six major megachurches to "educate" the public on the issue of homosexuality.

"Through our visibility we hope to peacefully challenge the false stereotypes about LGBT people and same-gender families, and educate the public through authentic and personal conversations - real parents sharing their stories and describing the hurtful effects of prejudice and religious condemnation," said a statement describing the national campaign, which will run from Mother's Day weekend in May through Father's Day weekend in June.

Churches being targeted are those led by Joel Osteen, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Dr. Rick Warren, Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Bill Hybels and Bishop Eddie Long. Along with most Christian leaders, all have expressed to some degree an opposition to the homosexual lifestyle.

Soulforce contends that these younger generation evangelical leaders "are striving to change the tone of the national political debate with messaging that is less punitive, therefore making religion-based discrimination seem more palatable to the mainstream American public."

The upcoming campaign comes at a time when more evangelical churches are showing compassion toward the homosexual community. While still rejecting homosexual behavior as sin, Christians are increasingly welcoming and loving homosexuals, departing from the hateful and homophobic labels often attached to churches.

Read the rest of this article.

It will be interesting to see how these churches respond. Let's pray they will be unapologetically faithful to the Word of God.

Study Finds the Pill Increases Risk of Breast Cancer

Separating sex from procreation apparently comes at an even greater cost than we previously imagined

UPDATE 4/5/12: Birth control shots tied to breast cancer risk, study says

From "Why isn't this study on the pill heeded?" by Dennis Byrne, posted 12/3/07 at

Not wanting to become known as the town quack, I am reluctant to write another politically incorrect column about breast cancer.

Four weeks ago, when I reported a study that found a statistical link between abortion and breast cancer, the hate e-mail poured in, denouncing me for being an ignorant, stupid, anti-science, anti-choice and anti-woman lunatic. But it also brought a message alerting me to yet another study, suggesting that premenopausal women (younger than 50) who used oral contraceptives prior to having their first child faced a higher risk of breast cancer. Yes, I know, this debate has been going on for years, if not decades, and judging by the last studies given wide exposure a few years ago by the media, the issue seems settled: Oral contraception does not significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.

There's just one problem. According to an analysis in one of the most credible peer-reviewed journals in the country, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, the risk is real. The study employed an often-used medical research technique called "meta-analysis" that allows researchers to combine data from other studies on the risk to get a larger picture. The result: Premenopausal women who used oral contraceptives prior to having their first child have a 44 percent higher chance of getting cancer than women who didn't use the pill. If they used the pill for more than four years prior to their first full-term pregnancy, the risk increased 52 percent. Chris Kahlenborn, an internist at the Altoona (Pa.) Hospital and the study's lead author, suggests one additional woman in 200 could get breast cancer. Extrapolated throughout the population, that could mean thousands more cases every year. I'd say that's an important story.

The reaction? Nearly total silence. Since it was published more than a year ago, I couldn't find a single reference to it in the archives of the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times or this paper. The Associated Press appears not to have covered it. I couldn't find a single mainstream media article about it in a Google search. But stories about other breast cancer risks were plentiful, including one about how sleeping with a night light on can increase your chances of getting breast cancer. The National Institute of Cancer doesn't mention the study on its Web site, but it did detail a 5-year-old study claiming to find no higher risk to pill use. The American Cancer Society also doesn't mention the study and concedes only that "it is still not clear what part" the pill plays in breast cancer. Such guidance, if not deceptive, is certainly incomplete.

The link between abortion and breast cancer and dementia and vasectomies makes one wonder if Catholics have had it right all along...

Read the entire commentary.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is AIDS Overfunded? You Decide...

Check out this website of the FAIR Foundation (Fair Allocations in Research) to learn more about the massively disproportionate taxpayer spending on HIV/AIDS:

The chart above on federal NIH (National Institutes of Health) spending is put out by the Fair Foundation:

Read "LaBarbera Says Huckabee was Right. AIDS is Over-Funded Compared to Other Diseases" by Peter LaBarbera, posted 12/11/07 at Republicans for Family Values

Monday, December 10, 2007

Bush Took the High Road on Stem Cells

From "Bush took high road on stem cells" by Charles Krauthammer, posted 12/3/07 at

WASHINGTON - 'If human embryonic stem-cell research does not make you at least a little bit uncomfortable, you have not thought about it enough.'

-- James A. Thomson

A decade ago, Thomson was the first to isolate human embryonic stem cells. Last week, he (and Japan's Shinya Yamanaka) announced one of the great scientific breakthroughs since the discovery of DNA: an embryo-free way to produce genetically matched stem cells.Even a scientist who cares not a whit about the morality of embryo destruction will adopt this technique because it is so simple and powerful. The embryonic stem-cell debate is over.

That allows a bit of reflection on the storm that has raged ever since the August 2001 announcement of President Bush's stem-cell policy. The verdict is clear: Rarely has a president -- so vilified for a moral stance -- been so thoroughly vindicated.

Why? Precisely because he took a moral stance. Precisely because, as Thomson puts it, Bush was made "a little bit uncomfortable" by the implications of embryonic experimentation. Precisely because he therefore decided that some moral line had to be drawn.

In doing so, he invited unrelenting demagoguery by an unholy trinity of Democratic politicians, research scientists and patient advocates who insisted that anyone who would put any restriction on the destruction of human embryos could be acting only for reasons of cynical politics rooted in dogmatic religiosity -- a "moral ayatollah," as Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) so scornfully put it.

Read the rest of this commentary.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pelosi Urged to Condemn Open-Air SF Sex Fair

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. – Ephesians 5:11-12

From "Pelosi urged to Condemn Open-air SF Sex Fair" by Randy Hall, posted December 6, 2007

Leaders from three pro-family groups Wednesday called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to denounce the Folsom Street Fair - which is called "the world's largest leather event" and is held each September in San Francisco - as a "grotesque affair" that violates laws prohibiting public nudity and child abuse.

"Because you frequently extol San Francisco's values to the rest of America, we are compelled to call your attention to what actually takes place" at the event, wrote Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, in a letter he hand-delivered to Pelosi's office on Capitol Hill.

"I was in San Francisco with a videographer on Sunday, September 30, and verified but a small segment of the most immoral and outrageous sexual behavior that ever disgraced the streets of any American city," continued LaBarbera, whose group describes itself as "devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda."

To support his perspective on the matter, LaBarbera released a six-minute DVD entitled "Tolerance Gone Wild in San Francisco" to members of the press during a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.

The disc contained a number of sex-related visuals, including:
  • Large numbers of men walking on public streets either fully or partially naked;
  • Groups of men engaging in sex acts on the street as crowds walked by and snapped pictures and police officers merely watched;
  • Theatrical sadomasochistic whippings and floggings - drawing blood and turning the willing "victim's" skin bright red;
  • Flaunting of female nudity and real or simulated sexual acts;
  • "Master-slave relationships" in which a man or woman "walked" a subservient "slave" with a collar and chain;
  • Anti-Christian imagery in the form of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" - men dressed in drag mocking Catholic nuns - greeting incoming attendees at Folsom; and
  • Young children with their parents witnessing the street scene.

  • Now it is tempting to write this off as an anomaly – an isolated manifestation of the fringe element – not truly representative of the gay ‘rights’ movement as a whole. However:

    • Fringe elements don’t get letters from the mayor warmly telling them to ‘Have a great day and enjoy their wonderful and exciting event.”
    • Fringe elements don’t have the pull to suspend laws for the day and force police to 'look the other way.'
    • Fringe elements don’t get large corporate sponsors like Miller beer and tax dollars from the city of San Francisco to underwrite their events.
    • Fringe elements don’t get to embarrass Speaker of the House by holding events like this in her district without a lot of political muscle…

    It is clear that the supporters of this debacle have, not only descended into depravity, abandoning whatever moral judgement they may have once possessed, but they also have a frightening amount of political power.

    Read the rest of this article.

    Peter LaBarbara is a courageous man to attend this monstrous event and document it for the rest of us. Please remember both he and Allison Smith in your prayers...

Hate-Crimes Amendment Dropped from Defense Authorization Bill

Speaker Pelosi says she will work with Democrats to make sure it eventually gets to the president's desk

From "Hate-Crimes Amendment Dropped from Defense Authorization" posted 12/7/07 at

The U.S. House and Senate agreed Thursday to drop the hate-crimes amendment from the 2008 Defense Authorization bill when it became clear the House was 40 votes shy of passing the bill if it included the controversial language.

The amendment sought to create a new federal class of crime based on "actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity." President Bush had pledged to veto the bill if it included hate-crimes language.

“This victory belongs to the concerned citizens who contacted their senators to oppose the hate-crimes bill,” said Ashley Horne, federal policy analyst for Focus on the Family Action. “We also want to thank the Senate leadership who worked hard behind the scenes to prevent this dangerous language from becoming law.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said House Democratic leaders will work with the Senate to “make certain” that a hate-crimes bill gets to the president’s desk.

What's wrong with hate-crimes legislation? Click here for a Focus on the Family Action fact sheet.

Hate-crimes legislation doesn't go far enough, according to Focus Action Director of Digital Media Stuart Shepard. In his Stoplight video commentary, he suggests how a few additional laws could fill out the picture.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Families Flee CA Public Schools After Pro-Gay Mandate

Parents start reacting to new education requirements.

From "Homosexodus! Students flee forced 'gay' agenda" by Bob Unruh, posted 12/04/07

Parents in California have started reacting to the state's newly mandated homosexual indoctrination program by pulling their children out of classes, and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell is warning districts they'll lose money if that happens.

A spokeswoman for a ministry called Considering Homeschooling said she already has seen an overwhelming increase in requests for information about homeschooling.

As a result, spokeswoman Denise Kanter told WND that her group is sending out 5,000 DVD packages to churches around the state that include basic "how-to" information to provide parents a direction to turn when they choose to protect their children from the new school agenda.

The new law demands, "No teacher shall give instruction nor shall any school district sponsor any activity that promotes a discriminatory bias because of a characteristic [including perceived gender.]"

"With the passing of SB 777, a Christian parent cannot, in good conscience, send their child to a public school where their child will be taught or coerced into a lifestyle or belief system that is contrary to the faith they hold dear," Kanter told WND.

"Fortunately, SB 777 has caught the attention of many churches and pastors here in California, and as they should, they are calling on their congregants to take their children out. To help in this endeavor, our ministry has sent and will continue to send out free packages directly to churches containing information on how they can encourage their congregants to homeschool their children, as well as how to create in-church parent led schools," she said.

...Randy Thomasson, president of the Campaign for Children and Families, said there is reason for alarm. He said the new law effectively requires school instruction and school activities to portray homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality to the six million children in public schools in a positive light.

Read the whole article.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Canada: Pastor Found Guilty of Hate Crime

Five years ago in Alberta, Canada, a former pastor and head of a Christian organization, Stephen Boissoin, sent a letter to a local paper on the issue of sexual orientation. Two weeks later a gay teen was beaten up, and the pastor was charged with violating human rights law because the letter likely exposed gays to hatred and contempt - despite the fact that he had never advocated violence of any sort in his letter or otherwise.

UPDATE 3/18/13: Supremes Rule Bible as 'Hate Speech' in Canada

UPDATE 4/12/14: American Christian Arrested for Speaking at Canadian University

UPDATE 10/19/14: Idaho Pastors Face Fines, Jail for Refusing 'Gay Wedding'

UPDATE 1/11/14: Preacher Arrested for Talking of Sexual Sin

UPDATE 6/20/15: Homosexuals Force Closure of Iowa Wedding Chapel

UPDATE 12/10/09: Famous Canadian Hate Speech Ruling Reversed

UPDATE 6/11/08: Government Bans Pastor from Speaking Against Homosexuality

Here is the letter:
June 17, 2002

The following is not intended for those who are suffering from an unwanted sexual identity crisis. For you, I have understanding, care, compassion and tolerance. I sympathize with you and offer you my love and fellowship. I prayerfully beseech you to seek help, and I assure you that your present enslavement to homosexuality can be remedied. Many outspoken, former homosexuals are free today.

Instead, this is aimed precisely at every individual that in any way supports the homosexual machine that has been mercilessly gaining ground in our society since the 1960s. I cannot pity you any longer and remain inactive. You have caused far too much damage.

My banner has now been raised and war has been declared so as to defend the precious sanctity of our innocent children and youth, that you so eagerly toil, day and night, to consume. With me stand the greatest weapons that you have encountered to date - God and the "Moral Majority." Know this, we will defeat you, then heal the damage that you have caused. Modern society has become dispassionate to the cause of righteousness. Many people are so apathetic and desensitized today that they cannot even accurately define the term "morality."

The masses have dug in and continue to excuse their failure to stand against horrendous atrocities such as the aggressive propagation of homo- and bisexuality. Inexcusable justifications such as, "I'm just not sure where the truth lies," or "If they don't affect me then I don't care what they do," abound from the lips of the quantifiable majority.

Face the facts, it is affecting you. Like it or not, every professing heterosexual is have their future aggressively chopped at the roots.

Edmund Burke's observation that, "All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," has been confirmed time and time again. From kindergarten class on, our children, your grandchildren are being strategically targeted, psychologically abused and brainwashed by homosexual and pro-homosexual educators.

Our children are being victimized by repugnant and premeditated strategies, aimed at desensitizing and eventually recruiting our young into their camps. Think about it, children as young as five and six years of age are being subjected to psychologically and physiologically damaging pro-homosexual literature and guidance in the public school system; all under the fraudulent guise of equal rights.

Your children are being warped into believing that same-sex families are acceptable; that men kissing men is appropriate.

Your teenagers are being instructed on how to perform so-called safe same gender oral and anal sex and at the same time being told that it is normal, natural and even productive. Will your child be the next victim that tests homosexuality positive?

Come on people, wake up! It's time to stand together and take whatever steps are necessary to reverse the wickedness that our lethargy has authorized to spawn. Where homosexuality flourishes, all manner of wickedness abounds.

Regardless of what you hear, the militant homosexual agenda isn't rooted in protecting homosexuals from "gay bashing." The agenda is clearly about homosexual activists that include, teachers, politicians, lawyers, Supreme Court judges, and God forbid, even so-called ministers, who are all determined to gain complete equality in our nation and even worse, our world.

Don't allow yourself to be deceived any longer. These activists are not morally upright citizens, concerned about the best interests of our society. They are perverse, self-centered and morally deprived individuals who are spreading their psychological disease into every area of our lives. Homosexual rights activists and those that defend them, are just as immoral as the pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps that plague our communities.

The homosexual agenda is not gaining ground because it is morally backed. It is gaining ground simply because you, Mr. and Mrs. Heterosexual, do nothing to stop it. It is only a matter of time before some of these morally bankrupt individuals such as those involved with NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Lovers Association, will achieve their goal to have sexual relations with children and assert that it is a matter of free choice and claim that we are intolerant bigots not to accept it.

If you are reading this and think that this is alarmist, then I simply ask you this: how bad do things have to become before you will get involved? It's time to start taking back what the enemy has taken from you. The safety and future of our children is at stake.

--Rev Stephen Boissoin

Priscilla Jael made the following observations:
  • This pastor has had to finance his own legal defense for the last five years.
  • The accusers bore no expense. He simply made an accusation and the government spent taxpayer money to prosecute him for SPEECH.
  • This is exactly the kind of 'hate crimes' legislation our U.S. Congressmen have attached to the Defense Bill hoping to get it enacted into law.
  • Our pastors need to consider, study, pray about, and answer as few questions:
  1. If we are fined for preaching truth, do we pay the fine?
  2. Do we pay it if the money will go directly to an anti-Christian group (like below)?
A comment by Clive:

This Boissoin case is another scary portent. The likelihood of many Christians being willing to endure jail when they can’t endure a colleague or friend’s hostile stare is slim to none. It’s curious that over the past four decades while churches have affirmed the need to avoid bold, direct expositions of the abominable nature of homosexual practice in order to avoid offending unbelievers in their midst, approval of homosexuality in the culture and apostasy in churches on this issue have grown.

And there's really no need for us to engage in icky cultural confrontations on homosexuality anyway: we can just leave any pesky legal impositions on religious or speech freedoms to our children and grandchildren to fix. After a lifetime of public school and entertainment industry indoctrination, I'm sure they'll be well-prepared to do battle with the scourge of homosexuality, attendant to which will be having their hard-earned tax dollars used to educate their kindergartners on the inherent nobility and righteousness of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Planned Parenthood Announces Good News in Fight Against Teen Abstinence

Read what Planned Parenthood Illinois had to say about the state defunding an effective abstinence-only program......

From "Good news in fight against abstinence-only sex ed" posted 11/27/07 at Planned Parenthood Action Illinois

Earlier this month, Illinois Review, a conservative blog announced that funding for Project Reality has been cut from the state budget. This is a great step toward getting young people medically-accurate information about sex and how to protect themselves from STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood really believes that 'medically-accurate information about sex and how to protect themselves from STDs" has been effective for our children against disease and devastation - despite the fact that, although we are swimming in condoms, STDs are now at an all time high among both teens and the American population at large...

In order to understand this you must understand that the people at Planned Parenthood base their opinion on the assumption that young people are 'going to do it anyway' - despite the fact that in days gone by, when society expected chastity from teens - most teens were chaste.

Chastity is quite simply seen as an unreasonable expectation by the people at Planned Parenthood - despite the obvious and profound benefits to both individuals and society - especially children. Here's the bottom line: once we made the mistake of allowing morality to be jettisoned from the discussion, even the catastrophic consequences of teen sex became an insufficient reason to promote abstinence.

Read the rest of the Planned Parenthood commentary.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Indecent Commercials During NFL Games

What's a parent to do when you can't even watch a football game with your children without worrying about inappropriate content?

From "IFI E-Alert: Sign the Petition -- Ask the NFL to Prohibit Indecent Commercials During Games" posted 11/29/07 at Illinois Family Institute

A few months ago, I wrote an open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, asking him to please help "raise the standard and do what [he] can to eliminate the indecent content aired during NFL games."

As you may remember, my original letter pointed to the sad fact that a number of advertisements and network promotional spots that are aired during NFL game breaks are completely inappropriate -- especially for the younger members of the viewing audience. The fact is, far too many of these ads are indecent and/or sexually suggestive.

With more than half the season behind us now, I am again openly appealing to Commissioner Goodell: please consider your entire fan base when licensing your programs to television networks.

Here are just a few examples of indecent commercials that have aired on the FOX and CBS networks during NFL game broadcasts:

On September 9th, FOX broadcast the season opener of the Chicago Bears vs. San Diego Chargers. During the game, FOX aired a promo for the season premier of their program "'Til Death." The discussion in this promo centered on a woman's cleavage. Ironically, the clip used to promote this program has the husband complaining about his wife's exposure saying, "I've noticed that it is hard for people to focus when having a conversation with you, what with the two bald-headed gentlemen struggling to get out of your chest." He also points directly at her breasts and says, "Let's talk about Mt. Inappropriate.
[Click HERE to view actual footage of the latter two examples. **Not recommended**]

Read the rest of this article and please consider taking some action.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Scholastic Publishing Encouraging Teachers to Promote 'Golden Compass'

From "Eyebrows raised over 'Golden Compass' curriculum" by Peter Chagnon, posted 11/27/07 at

A well-known publishing company is encouraging teachers to promote the controversial movie The Golden Compass in the classroom through specially designed curriculum -- which has raised concern with some public school teachers.

Scholastic, Inc., has launched its "Golden Compass Student Sweepstakes" in anticipation of the December 7 movie release. Among the sweepstakes prizes are box sets of "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass -- the first book in the trilogy. The publishing company is also launching a line of curriculum for students grade 8-12, based on the "His Dark Materials" book series. According to Pullman, he authored the series out of disdain for the popular allegory "The Lord of the Rings." (See earlier article)

Read the whole article.

We just aren't used to the honesty of authors like Pullman. In reality, our public schools already teach children to interpret the world as if God does not exist. Therefore these books will fit right in.

YWCA Workder Fired After Inviting Pro-Life Speaker

From "YWCA Worker Fired after Inviting Pro-Life Speaker"
Staff Reports at

Shannon Nixson, a case manager and graduate student, was fired this month from the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati after she invited a pro-life speaker to address pregnant women at the club. Nixson said she was allowed to recruit speakers on both sides of several other issues, but only one view of the abortion debate was welcomed.

Nixson asked a representative of Life Issues Institute to present a pro-life perspective during a seminar on employment and literacy.

“Within the next couple of days, I was told that I was terminated, and when I was asked why I was terminated, the only issue that I brought up was this occurrence of this pro-life speaker coming.”

YWCA President and CEO Charlene Ventura said Nixson was not fired for her personal beliefs.

The speaker in question was Arnold Culbreath, urban outreach director for Life Issues Institute. He said he knew the YWCA was pro-abortion.

“That’s why I was phenomenally excited about God having opened that door of opportunity to come in," he told Family News in Focus.

You've come a long way baby!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GREAT NEWS! An Ethical Solution Found to the Stem Cell Problem

From "Brave New Future" an NRO Symposium, posted 11/21/07

A week ago, two scientific journals announced news of a breakthrough that could put an end to our dead-end political debates about stem-cell research. Scientists for the first time have turned ordinary skin cells into what appear to be embryonic stem cells -- without having to use human eggs or make new human embryos in the process.

In response to the news, National Review Online asked a group of experts: How big is Tuesday’s new somatic-cell reprogramming news? Where does the stem-cell/cloning debate go from here? How should politics respond? Here’s what they had to say:

Peter Augustine Lawler
We’re clearly on the verge of developing one or more ways of readily acquiring pluripotent stem cells without having to destroy embryos. We can marvel that there is a technical solution to a moral problem, until we remember that the problem was the product of a very specific stage in scientific or technological progress. Even before the most recent breakthroughs, there was no reason not to expect such a solution.

This solution should be welcome news to all Americans. Fair-minded Americans see the nobility in both sides of our moral division over the destruction of embryos. Those who defend the embryo and those who promoted the unlimited progress of medical science both mean to serve human life, and it serves no one to believe that science — especially medical science — and morality are fundamentally opposed to each other. For our scientists, the moral resistance to the destruction of embryos — which they usually regard as nonsense-has gotten in the way of public funding for their research, not to mention grateful public acceptance of the beneficial results of their work.

Those who have resolutely defended the moral status of even early-term embryos have the most reason to cheer this latest episode of scientific progress. Their position would have probably become politically untenable had it turned out that the destruction of embryos is indispensable for the progress of regenerative medicine. But it turns out that it wasn’t only right — it was prudent — for them to hold out.

— Peter Augustine Lawler is Dana Professor of Government at Berry College and a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics.

Read other opinions.

Bioethicist Wes Smith isn't nearly as optimistic about the reception of this fantastic news by embryonic stem cell advocates. Here's what he has to say:

If anyone thought that the pro human cloners would fold up their tents and steal away after the news was released that patient-specific, pluripotent stem cells had been derived from normal skin cells, they just didn't understand how fervently some scientists and their camp followers want to clone human life--and how hopeful some are that the stem cell issue can be the vehicle that wins the culture war. Case in point: Science Live's Christopher Wanjek. who bemoans the breakthrough because it could "stifle" science.
Read the rest of "Lead Into Gold:" Stem cell Counter Attack"

Given what God tells us about human nature, I suspect Wes is right.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dear President Bush, Please Veto Enda...

Guy Adams of has written an excellent letter to President Bush regarding ENDA. Check it out:

Dear President Bush,

ValuesUSA calls on you to veto ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. This bill will basically criminalize employers who do not wish to hire certain people because their deeply held faith-based beliefs tell them that in good conscience, they cannot hire.

The Civil Rights struggle was based on leveling the playing field based on immutable characteristics such as skin color and the actual gender that one was born with.

However, definitions of misperceived sexuality, homosexuality, and other perversions, have been begun to replace traditionally accepted models of morality. The outcome on society will be terrible, as businesses are forced to hire people whose chosen lifestyles violate their deepest held faith beliefs.

Read the rest of this letter.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

1 in 22 Gay, Bisexual Men in Florida Has HIV, Study Says

By comparison, in the least affected group, 1 in 1,625 white women had the virus. It is "universally agreed that the virus is not declining among gays as hoped."

From "1 in 22 gay, bisexual men in Florida has HIV, study says" by Bob LaMendola, posted 11/14/07 in

Hoping to call attention to the extent of HIV/AIDS among gay men, state health officials said Tuesday that an estimated 1 in 22 gay and bisexual men in Florida had the virus last year, an infection rate that dwarfs any other group.

HIV has struck some areas of the gay community even harder, with rates as high as 1 in 11 among gay white men in Broward County, 1 in 13 gay black men in Palm Beach County and 1 in 12 gay Hispanic men in Miami-Dade County, officials said. By comparison, in the least affected group, 1 in 1,625 white women had the virus.

AIDS activists who gathered in Wilton Manors to hear the new report challenged the methods behind the new estimate, but universally agreed the virus is not declining among gays as hoped. They called on officials and one another to find new ways to stress the message of safe sex.

One wonders how much more obvious it has to get. There is no such thing as 'safe' homosexual sex. It is devastation, not only in the next world, but in this world too. committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error --Romans 1:27

All indications are the Bible is right. Our Creator knows better than we do. The 'rules' are not meant to repress but to protect. The only safe place for sex is between a married, faithful man and woman.

Related Coverage:
U.S. Sets Record in Sexual Disease Cases

U.S. Sets Record in Sexual Disease Cases

God's Law is good. Obeying it protects us from just this sort of devastation...

From "U.S. Sets Record in Sexual Disease Cases" by Mike Stobbe, posted 11/13/07

ATLANTA (AP) - More than 1 million cases of chlamydia were reported in the United States last year—the most ever reported for a sexually transmitted disease, federal health officials said Tuesday.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they think better and more intensive screening accounts for much of the increase, but added that chlamydia was not the only sexually transmitted disease on the rise.

Gonorrhea rates are jumping again after hitting a record low, and an increasing number of cases are caused by a "superbug" version resistant to common antibiotics.

Syphilis is rising, too. The rate of congenital syphilis—which can deform or kill babies—rose for the first time in 15 years

Read the rest of this story.

Related coverage:
1 in 22 Gay, Bisexual Men in FL has HIV, Study Shows

Lesbian Couple Uses Legal System to Force Club to Give Them Family Membership

A small business cannot afford to get sued like this. It results in tens of thousands of dollars in cost to a business man, zero cost for a homosexual to drive him out of business.

From "Lesbian Couple Appeals Minnesota Club Ruling" by by Newscenter Staff, posted 11/12/07

A lesbian couple will appeal a ruling by a lower court that said a Rochester Minnesota gym did not discriminate against the women when it denied them a family membership.

Amy and Sarah Monson went to court when the the Rochester Athletic Club refused to sell them a family membership because they are not legally married.

The Monsons are in a committed relationship and are raising a child.

The club argued that the couple's sexuality was not an issue, saying the gym's rules state only that to be eligible for a family membership applicants "must be legally married under Minnesota law. “

The women are represented by OutFront Minnesota, the state's largest gay rights group which argued that since same-sex marriage is illegal in the state the club's rule was discriminatory and violated Minnesota's human rights law.

Judge Kevin Lund dismissed the case in a narrowly based ruling.

Lund said that the decision should not be seen as either a victory for opponents of gay rights or as a defeat for LGBT civil rights. Lund's ruling said that his decision only reflects that the Human Rights Act does not specifically grant protections for people who are same-sex domestic partners.

But he was critical of the club's definition of what can qualify for a family membership.

"This morally and legally defensible yet unrealistically narrow definition of family fails to recognize the underlying stability and commitment of the Monsons' relationship," the judge said in his written ruling.

"Other, arguably more enlightened organizations, such as the Rochester Area Family Y, have chosen not to reduce the definition of family in such an anachronistic fashion," he wrote.

A few frightening observations from Priscilla Jael:
  • A small business cannot afford to get sued like this — this case should have been thrown out before trial, but here it’s been to trial, decided, and now appealed — tens (hundreds) of thousands of dollars in cost to the business man, zero cost for a homosexual to drive him out of business.
  • Look at what the judge said. Who is he to redefine family? Who does he think he is to tell these business owners that they are narrow minded? He’s there to protect their constitutional rights, which include their freedom of religion, freedom of association, etc. But instead he pompously states that while their position is morally and legally defensible, it’s not enlightened. (Can you foresee the day when the defendant will lose this case and be ordered to undergo enlightenment training?)
  • The judge himself notes that another business offers the discount this pair wants — but it’s not enough for them to get the YMCA to accommodate them, it’s not enough to boycott RAC — no, they insist that EVERYONE give them exactly what they want or pay dearly. They are the bullies.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red and Green Holiday Lights to be Banned?

A special task force for Fort Collins, CO has recommended banning colored lights in public places because they send a message to some residents that "their traditions are not valued and not wanted."

From "Red, green lights to be banned?" posted 11/6/07 at

A special task force in a Colorado city has recommended banning red and green lights at the Christmas holiday because they fall among the items that are too religious for the city to sponsor.

"Some symbols, even though the Supreme Court has declared that in many contexts they are secular symbols, often still send a message to some members of the community that they and their traditions are not valued and not wanted. We don't want to send that message," Seth Anthony, a spokesman for the committee, told the Fort Collins, Colo., Coloradoan.

He said the recommended language does not specifically address Christmas trees by name, but the consensus was that they would not fall within acceptable decorations.

What will be allowed are white lights and "secular" symbols not associated "with any particular holiday" such as icicles, unadorned greenery and snowflakes, the task force said.

The group was made up of members of the city's business and religious communities as well as representatives from some community groups. Members met for months to review the existing holiday display policy, which allowed white as well as multi-colored lights and wreaths and garlands.

In previous years, there also was a Christmas tree at the city's Oak Street Plaza.

A vote on the proposal will be coming up before the city council on Nov. 20, officials said.

Our friend Clive thinks they are going to have to ban penguins too:

"...allowing penguins in a holiday display is one step closer to the treacherous descent into theocracy. Penguins live near snow; snow is found at the North Pole; the North Pole is associated with Saint Nicholas; Saint Nicholas was a bishop who celebrated Christmas; Christmas decorations in the public square make some feel left out; feeling left out may lead to a desire to participate in Christmas festivities; this desire to participate in Christmas festivities points to government complicity in the establishment of a state religion. That's it -- penguins are out. In fact, snow is out too. "

Read more about this nonsense.

Death-mobiles - Swiss Right-To-Die Group Offers Suicide In A Parked Car

From "Death-mobiles - Swiss Right-To-Die Group Offers Suicide In A Parked Car" by Thaddeus M. Baklinski, posted 11/09/07 at

The Swiss suicide charity Dignitas has been forced to reinvent its assisted death operation after losing its lease on the apartment in a Zurich suburb where hundreds of people had gone to die.

Other residents in the building had complained about having to use the same elevator as "customers" going up to the third floor flat, and dead bodies being taken down to ambulances or hearses parked below.

Dignitas had hoped to book a suite of hotel rooms to carry out the assisted deaths but withdrew when the Association of Zurich Hoteliers threatened legal action if clients checked in to die. Use of their former premises in an industrial area was also denied them by local authorities.

With nowhere to turn, the group has been reduced to offering its killing service in rental vans where clients are given a concoction of chemicals which they voluntarily drank - which means there is no possibility of prosecution under Swiss law.

Assisted suicide, where the patient carries out the final act himself, is legal in Switzerland while active euthanasia, or deliberate killing to end suffering, is not.

The organization intends to continue offering mobile suicide services until it finds a permanent base.

Read the whole article.

Access to Porn Decreases Sex Crime?

In a recent commentary, Chicago Tribune writer, Steve Chapman suggested that internet pornography may actually "provide a harmless way for potential predators to satisfy those desires." In other words, internet porn may help prevent sex crime.

If the supporters of censorship were right, we should be seeing an unparalleled epidemic of sexual assault. But all the evidence indicates they were wrong. As raunch has waxed, rape has waned.

This is part of a broad decrease in criminal mayhem. Since 1993, violent crime in America has dropped by 58 percent. But the progress in this one realm has been especially dramatic. Rape is down 72 percent and other sexual assaults have fallen by 68 percent. Even in the last two years, when the FBI reported upticks in violent crime, the number of rapes continued to fall.

If you think this all sounds a little bit too convenient, you are probably right. According to scientist and author Dr. Judith Reisman, the problem may actually be blatant dishonesty on the part of our law enforcement officials:

U.S. News and World Report (April 24, 2000) said, ''facing political heat to cut crime in the city, investigators in the New York PPD's Sex Crime Unit sat on (thousands of) reports of rapes and other sexual assaults.'' One officer stated; ''The way crime was solved was with an eraser.''

In 2000 even the FBI admitted that one district ''failed to report between 13,000 and 37,000 major crimes.'' ''A 2000 Philadelphia Inquirer report found from 1997-1999, of 300,000 sex crime reports, thousands of rapes got relabeled ''investigation of persons'' or ''investigation, protection, and medical examination'' – non-crime codes.''

''This puts one in four rapes in a non-crime category.'' Lying always reduces rape! Other real men confirm additional cover-ups. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman , U.S. Army (Ret.) a renowned expert in human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime, and a West Point psychology professor says:

''The downturn in violent crime in the U.S. in the 1990s is very deceptive. Violent crime … is still about 5 times greater today, per capita, than it was in 1957.'' ''Plus, a five-fold increase in per capita incarceration is holding down violent crime – we'd have to let 1.5 million convicted offenders go to get down to a 1970's-level incarceration rate.''

Read the rest of this article.

GOOD NEWS! Prisons Reverse Policy, Allow Christian Books

In an effort to prevent prisons from being used as breeding grounds for radical Islam, the BOP had planned to remove Christian books from federal prisons

From "On The Hill: Restricted Reading" by Pat Nolan, posted 10/30/07, at

In a move that might have been taken straight from Alice in Wonderland, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) recently announced a new policy that would severely limit prisoners’ access to religious books. That’s right. At a time when two out of three prisoners are arrested within three years of their release, the BOP wanted to restrict access to the one thing that consistently changes prisoners’ lives: faith.

The “Standardized Chapel Library Project” restricted each faith to materials from a list of 150 books selected by the BOP. The policy called for chaplains to remove all materials not on the list without any determination as to whether the content was harmful or dangerous. This policy forced the removal of many excellent books that have been donated over the years and that many inmates find helpful as they prepare to return home.

Fortunately, an outcry from faith groups from across the theological spectrum caused the BOP to halt this process and return the books to the chapel libraries. However, it is not clear whether this reprieve for religious books is temporary or permanent.

Read the whole article.

Women in Combat and Cultural Cowardice

From "Co-ed Combat and Cultural Cowardice" by John Piper, posted 11/2/07 at

If I were the last man on the planet to think so, I would want the honor of saying no woman should go before me into combat to defend my country. A man who endorses women in combat is not pro-woman; he’s a wimp. He should be ashamed. For most of history, in most cultures, he would have been utterly scorned as a coward to promote such an idea. Part of the meaning of manhood as God created us is the sense of responsibility for the safety and welfare of our women.

Back in the seventies, when I taught in college, feminism was new and cool. So my ideas on manhood were viewed as the social construct of a dying chauvinistic era. I had not yet been enlightened that competencies, not divine wiring, governed the roles we assume. Unfazed, I said no.

Suppose, I said, a couple of you students, Jason and Sarah, were walking to McDonald’s after dark. And suppose a man with a knife jumped out of the bushes and threatened you. And suppose Jason knows that Sarah has a black belt in karate and could probably disarm the assailant better than he could. Should he step back and tell her to do it? No. He should step in front of her and be ready to lay down his life to protect her, irrespective of competency. It is written on his soul. That is what manhood does.

And collectively that is what society does—unless the men have all been emasculated by the suicidal songs of egalitarian folly...

Read the whole commentary.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Homosexual Activists Target Special-needs Student, Daughter of Pro-Family Activist

Persuaded vulnerable girl to "come out" as a lesbian on homosexual website -- for their propaganda advantage

From "Homosexual activists violate special-needs student, daughter of MassResistance staffer" posted 11/07/07 at

Homosexual activists - possibly in cooperation with school staff -- have viciously targeted a 17-year-old special-needs student, the daughter of Amy Contrada, a MassResistance staffer. (It's outrageous that a parent is now forced to reveal once-private information in order to stop this assault.)

Claudia Contrada was born in Korea and was adopted by Amy and her husband as an infant. Claudia's special needs include psychological/emotional issues and learning disabilities. Amy and her husband had Claudia enrolled in private parochial schools until her special needs exceeded those schools' abilities to deal with them. Thus, in seventh grade, they had no choice but to enroll Claudia in the Acton-Boxborough public school system.

But Claudia is talented in singing and especially acting. She has a beautiful voice and a fantastic memory for lines and lyrics. She has won awards for her acting. Her therapists said that Claudia's participation in the school's drama program is directly related to treatment of her special needs.

Pro-homosexual, violent play

This year the high school decided to have the drama club perform "The Laramie Project", a very objectionable pro-homosexual, anti-Christian play filled with profanity and extreme violence. Last summer, Amy met with school officials and also the drama board and begged them to choose a different play, citing Claudia's vulnerabilities. They responded very coldly, and refused to consider it. (We will be posting the audio recording of one of the meetings.)

Given her educational and social needs, it was extremely important for Claudia to be in the drama program this fall. Although it was distressing and painful to the family, it was decided to let her be in the play. The school had placed the family in a no-win situation.

...As the play rehearsals continued, Claudia started coming home with stories about how her mother was considered crazy, a "homophobe" and even "scary" by her fellow students. "Everybody in the cast knows I have a crazy, bigoted, homophobic mother," she said to Amy. And it seemed to intensify over time. Claudia's language around the home became more and more aggressive and vulgar (as it is in the play).

...On Sept. 26, after the cast of the play was announced, Mark Snyder, a 24-year-old homosexual activist from Boston, posted a "news item" on his website titled "Anti-gay zealot's daughter to star in Laramie Project." It was long vicious tirade against Amy, which he sent far and wide.

...Several months before, in May 2007, after Amy documented Youth Pride in Boston, Snyder announced on his website that he was going after her daughter: "Rumor has it that Amy's daughter is supportive of GSA's! We're on it!", wrote Snyder. (Just who was he in contact with at the school to find this out?)

...And there was more. A few days after Snyder's September posting, the Boston homosexual newspaper Bay Windows published an article about Claudia (which they're now denying they published, but which you can find here).

About this time, we've now found out, Mark Snyder started befriending Claudia -- first via email, then by telephone. He offered to be her "ally" in her struggles against her mother. He got her to admit him as a "friend" on her Facebook account. (We now have emails and telephone records of much of this.)

Judging from her emails at that time, Claudia was very confused but was relishing the positive attention, which she had rarely gotten among her peers at school. Besides her communication with Snyder, Claudia's name was turning up on various homosexual websites. Her drama club now started to consider her "cool". Claudia clearly felt special. But her behavior also became noticeably more erratic.

Then, in October, Acton-Boxborough High held a school-wide "coming-out day". The message to kids was that "coming out" as a homosexual or transgender was very progressive. Right after that, the entire following week was homosexual/transgender "ally" week, which the school tied to "The Laramie Project" play. Claudia was riding high. She suddenly decided to tell everyone that she's "really a lesbian".

What an outrageous, despicable thing to do to a vulnerable young woman. These people ought to be ashamed...

Read the whole account here.

To hear a Sandy Rios interview about this incident please click here and move the dial to about the middle of the show.

Proposed Maryland Gender Identity Bill Would Legalized 'Indecent Exposure' to Minors

"What parents want their daughter to use the public pool’s locker room with a naked man who cross-dresses full-time or part-time?"

From "PFOX: Proposed MD Gender Identity Bill Would Have the Effect of Legalizing 'Indecent Exposure' to Minors, PFOX News advisory posted at Americans for Truth

Montgomery County, MD — A bill before the Montgomery County, Maryland Council puts girls and women at risk by opening women’s restrooms and locker rooms to men who dress as women, warns Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX). The bill virtually eliminates gender distinctions by allowing Montgomery County residents to choose if they are male or female even when the choice conflicts with their biological sex.

The bill, slated for a vote on Tuesday, Nov. 13, would add ‘gender identity’ as a protected class for ‘transgenders.’ It would guarantee the right to use public facilities consistent with the person’s gender identity “publicly and exclusively expressed or asserted.” No sex change is necessary.

As an organization that aids former transgenders, PFOX can attest that many transgenders prefer to dress and act publicly and exclusively as a woman or man on weekends and then as their birth gender during the work week. These are known as “weekend transgenders.” Pedophiles could also put on a dress and assert they are exclusively female in order to get near naked children in swimming pool locker rooms.

When asked if the proposed law would apply to weekend transgenders, Council member Duchy Trachtenberg refused to answer, instead insisting that “transgender people face serious discrimination … in public accommodations.”

“There’s a good reason why transgenders face ‘serious discrimination’ when using shower rooms and toilets that don’t apply to their gender,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. “It’s because they don’t belong there. What parents want their daughter to use the public pool’s locker room with a naked man who cross-dresses full-time or part-time? This bill in effect legalizes indecent exposure to minors in these kinds of situations.”

Reponding to the concerned mother of a ten-year-old girl, councilmember George Levanthal admitted that he “cannot absolutely put to rest your concern that girls might find themselves in a locker or dressing room in the presence of a person who expresses or asserts herself as a woman but who still has male genitals.”

Note: Most transgendered men are heterosexual. So these people are proposing to allow deviant heterosexual men in restrooms and locker rooms with young girls and women.
This is insanity...

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AP Distorts Poll Results On Birth Control In Public Schools

From "AP Distorts Poll Results On Birth Control In Public Schools" posted 11/07/07 at

Last week an Associated Press article claimed that a new, AP-commissioned poll shows that "people decisively favor letting their public schools provide birth control to students. . . ." The AP is "summarizing" the responses to this question:

Which would you prefer for the public schools in your community?
Provide birth control only to those students who have the consent of their parents 37%
Provide birth control to all students who want it 30%
Not provide birth control to any student 30%
DK/NS [don't know / not sure] 3%

There you have it. 67 percent either do not favor birth control being provided to any student, or only would favor making it available if their parents consent. Only 30 percent favor making birth control generally available.

Yet the AP's misleading "summary" is reverberating throughout the media. Take for example this story, which includes this mention of the poll: "[Senator Clinton] spoke a day after an Associated Press poll said 67 percent of Americans support giving out contraceptives to middle schoolers."

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