Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Supreme Court Allows School's Exclusion of Christian Club

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to stop the Kent School District from blocking a group of Christian students from forming a Bible club on a high school campus.

-- From "High Court allows Kent school to block Bible club" by Associated Press 6/29/09

The court refused to hear an appeal from the high school students who wanted to form the Truth Bible Club at Kentridge High School in Washington state in 2001.

The Associated Student Body council refused to let the group be chartered as a school club. It cited the group's name and the fact that students would have to pledge to Jesus Christ to vote in the club, and it argued that allowing the club would bring religion into the school. The club's would-be founders then sued the Kent School District, claiming discrimination.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the district did not violate the students' First Amendment rights by requiring them to allow all students full membership in their club.

The decision does not block the formation of Bible clubs - several schools in the Kent district have them. It does not prevent the Truth Bible Club from meeting on school property - almost any group can meet on school property, including religious groups.

Rather, Tierney said, the decision allows the student council to refuse to make the Bible group an official student organization, with all the trappings of that status including access to student government money.

The school district says all official student groups must be open to all, without requiring a religious membership pledge or adherence to a Christian code of conduct as the Truth Bible Club was proposing for its voting members.

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Pennsylvania Legislature Makes Prayer a Farce

The Pennsylvania House invites religious leaders to open legislative sessions, but requires a prior written submittal of the prayer, and yield to editing to ensure only "nondenominational prayers" are spoken.

-- From "State House edits 'Jesus' from pastor's prayer" by Erin James, For the York Daily Record/Sunday News [Pennsylvania] 6/30/2009

[Rev. Gerry] Stoltzfoos had been invited by state Rep. Will Tallman, R-Reading Township, Adams County, to open Tuesday's session of the House with a prayer as guest chaplain. The pastor declined the invitation after someone on [House Speaker] McCall's staff told him he could not use Jesus' name in the prayer. . . . a new policy of Pennsylvania's Speaker of the House, Keith McCall, D-Carbon County.

The policy -- not yet three months old -- requires guest chaplains to first submit their prayers in writing and then, if deemed necessary, agree to change their words to meet "nondenominational" guidelines established by McCall's staff.

It is not an attempt to silence religious leaders, McCall spokesman Bob Caton said, but rather an effort to prevent taxpayers from having to foot the bill of a lawsuit if someone objects to a prayer's contents and chooses to sue the state.

State Rep. Dan Moul, R-Conewago Township, Adams County -- whose district includes Straban Township, where Pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos' church is located -- said he also objects to the prayer policy.

"I personally don't think it's reasonable because our country was founded on Christian-Judeo beliefs. That's who started our government," Moul said. "We should never be ashamed to speak about our Christian beliefs. That's what our prayers are for."

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This article was re-published by the source 7/22/09.

Christians Arrested at Twin Cities Homosexual Festival

Born-again Christians were arrested for distributing Bibles without permission from the homosexualists, unlike the previous eleven years when their evangelism was tolerated.

-- From "Bible-Dispensing Family Arrested At Pride Festival" WCCO-TV 6/27/09

Minneapolis Police arrested three people from Hayward, Wis. for trespassing.

For 11 years, Brian and Doris Johnson have passed out free Bibles at the festival.

This year, they were not allowed to have a booth.

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From "Bible Vendor Blocked From Pride Festival In Mpls." WCCO-TV 6/27/09

In past years, [Homosexualists] Pride has attracted all sorts of people for the camaraderie and the big parade. There are always hundreds of vendors. But this year, a couple who's had a booth for the past decade isn't allowed.

[Homosexualists] Pride organizers are cracking down and enforcing the vendor rules. As vendors set up for the Pride Festival, this booth with its signs about Jesus, models of fetuses and stack of bibles won't be there this year.

"What we do is we have two signs on our table, one says 'free bibles' and one says 'who is Jesus?' That's the content. That's what we want to talk about. We're not wanting to talk about homosexuality," said vendor applicant Brian Johnson.

While they do not behave violently, their display and discussions do offend some and have even incited participants to rip up their bibles. Because of that, the new festival management wouldn't approve their application this year.

There are many organizations including churches in the area that are affirming of the [homosexual] GLBT community. But festival organizers say the Johnsons are not.

While the Johnsons did sign the festival's anti-discrimination statement, signing is not enough.

[Homosexualists] Pride has paid a fee to rent the whole park. According to Minneapolis Parks, in that case, Pride does have the right to choose which vendors are allowed.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama to Homosexualists: "Welcome to your White House"

At President Obama's meeting with homosexualists, he begged for their continued support, promising to fulfil the Gay Agenda. This followed two weeks of demands and threats from homosexualists disappointed that Obama has placed several priorities (virtual transformations of America) ahead of the complete enactment of the Gay Agenda.

-- From "Obama Pledges to Move on Gay-Rights Agenda" by Laura Meckler, The Wall Street Journal 6/30/09

President Barack Obama, under fire from the gay-rights community over slow action on its priorities, promised to deliver by the time he leaves office.

The president gave no new details about how he would advance these issues, but he made passionate remarks saluting the pioneers of the gay-rights movement and expressed solidarity with those working for equal rights.

"Welcome to your White House," the president said at a reception Monday to mark the 40th anniversary of the birth of the modern gay-rights movement. His remarks were greeted warmly by a cheering crowd of some 250 gay and lesbian activists and supporters.

The Obama administration has said it will take congressional action to address both issues. But, aware of both the complex politics involved and its full agenda, the White House has done little so far to prod lawmakers along.

"It's not for me to tell you to be patient," he said, comparing the gay activists' struggle to that of African-Americans in the civil rights movement. "I expect and hope to be judged not by words...but by the promises that my administration keeps."

He added that by the time his presidency is over, "I think you guys will have pretty good feelings about the Obama administration."

Mr. Obama reiterated his pledge to try to reverse the Defense of Marriage Act and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. He said he would work for legislation aimed at preventing workplace discrimination [ENDA], extending the federal hate-crime law to acts against gays and lesbians, and giving domestic partners of federal workers health and other benefits. And he said he was committed to repealing rules that prohibit people with HIV from traveling into the U.S.

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Homosexualists Revel with Pride for Gay Agenda Victories

It is reflected in the surge of gay men and lesbians on television and in public office, and in polls measuring a steady rise in support for gay rights measures.
Sunday's [Gay Pride] parade . . . The traditionally flamboyant floats of bare-chested men and near-bare-chested women were flanked by floats carrying straight politicians and gay and lesbian police officers, church groups and, for the first time, a coalition of parents -- gay, straight and lesbian -- from a Chicago public school.

-- From "Chicago gay pride parade glows in its growing acceptance" by Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune reporter 6/29/09

Gay pride marched Sunday in Chicago, noisy and joyous. It was the crash of marching band cymbals, the megaphoned whoops of celebration, the sirens, the car horns and the ground-shaking roar of Harleys straddled by leather-clad women unabashed.

It was smiling faces striped in rainbow colors, sweaty brows turned to face a cool summer breeze, women hand-in-hand, men kissing men, children on the shoulders of straight parents, dazzled by the flags and shimmering floats and dancers that filled North Halsted Street.

The parade now pulls the curtain back on Chicago's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and shows its diversity: Republicans and Democrats; Christians and atheists; buttoned-down businesspeople and outlandish artists.

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From "Political Shifts on Gay Rights Lag Behind Culture" by Adam Nagourney, New York Times, 6/28/09

[Today,] Monday, 250 gay leaders are to join Mr. Obama in the East Room to commemorate publicly the 40th anniversary of the birth of the modern gay rights movement: a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York.

The conflicting signals from the White House about its commitment to gay issues reflect a broader paradox: even as cultural acceptance of homosexuality increases across the country, the politics of gay rights remains full of crosscurrents.

Yet if the culture is moving on, national politics is not, or at least not as rapidly. Mr. Obama has yet to fulfill a campaign promise to repeal the policy barring openly gay people from serving in the military. The prospects that Congress will ever send him a bill overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, appear dim. An effort to extend hate-crime legislation to include gay victims has produced a bitter backlash in some quarters: Senator Jim DeMint, Republican of South Carolina, sent a letter to clerics in his state arguing that it would be destructive to “faith, families and freedom.”

Some elected Democrats in Washington remain wary because they remember how conservatives used same-sex marriage and gay service in the military against them as political issues. The Obama White House in particular is reluctant to embrace gay rights issues now, officials there say, because they do not want to provide social conservatives a rallying cry while the president is trying to assemble legislative coalitions on health care and other initiatives.

Conservative Democrats have at best been unenthusiastic about efforts to push gay rights measures in Congress; 30 Democrats voted against a bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation that passed the House in 2007. (It died in the Senate.) And a half-dozen Democrats declined requests to discuss this issue, reflecting what aides called the complicated politics surrounding it.

Still, there are signs that the issue is not as pressing or toxic as it once was. “I don’t think it’s the political deal-breaker it once was,” said Dave Saunders, a southern Virginia Democratic consultant who has advised Democrats running for office in conservative rural areas. “Most people out here really don’t care because everybody has gay friends.”

Interviews with gay leaders suggest a consensus that there has been nothing short of a cultural transformation in the space of just a few years, even if it is reflected more in the evolving culture of the country than in the body of its laws.

Democrats now control the White House and both houses of Congress for the first time since 1994, increasing the chances of legislative action. Mr. Frank said that over the next two years, he expected Congress to overturn the ban on gay service in the military, pass legislation prohibiting discrimination against hiring gay workers, and extend the hate-crime bill to crimes involving gay couples.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Obama Justice for Death Threats on Pro-lifers

A pro-life group is asking the Justice Department to review several death threats it has received in the wake of the shooting of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller. However, Operation Rescue officials say the Obama administration has not responded.

-- From "Pro-Life Group Wants Justice Department to Investigate Death Threats, Gets Refusal" by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com Editor 6/26/09

The pro-life group has released the copies of audio recordings of calls it has received from abortion advocates who threatened the pro-life organization after Tiller's death.

One caller says it's "time to start killing Bible-thumping morons" while another says "I hope somebody comes and kills you all" and a third caller says "One of you is going to die."

In an email to LifeNews.com, Newman says there is a dichotomy in how the Obama administration has responded -- with Attorney General Eric Holder offering protection to abortion centers and staffers but pledging no support for pro-life groups that feared retaliation.

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Defeat of Church = Gay Agenda Victory

American homosexualists view the rapid success of the Gay Agenda in the UK as the template for victory in the U.S.: neuter the church & indoctrinate children

UK survey: ". . . 51 per cent of the public want children to be taught in school that gay relationships are of equal value to marriage."

-- From "Church 'out of touch' as public supports equal rights for homosexuals" by Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent, London Times 6/27/09

A revolution in attitudes towards gay men and lesbians is indicated in a poll which shows that a majority of the public want homosexuals to share identical rights to everyone else.

Just 40 years after homosexual acts were legalised, and only nine years since the age of consent was equalised, 61 per cent of the public want gay couples to be able to marry just like the rest of the population, not just have civil partnerships.

Half (49 per cent) believe that gay couples should have equal adoption rights, eight years after it became legal for them to adopt in a highly controversial move by Tony Blair.

Some Roman Catholic adoption agencies are fighting to retain the right to turn away gay couples, which they are now specifically prohibited from doing. [Other UK "catholic" adoption agencies have embraced homosexual adoption.]

But perhaps the most surprising discovery is that 51 per cent of the public want children to be taught in school that gay relationships are of equal value to marriage.

The famous row over Section 28, which prevented the “promotion” of homosexuality in schools was a defining moment in the 1980s. It was only repealed in 2003. Iain Duncan Smith, the Conservative leader at the time, and dozens of Tory MPs opposed it.

Overall, 68 per cent of the public back “full equal rights” for gay men and lesbians, suggesting that the Church, the final bastion of formal discrimination, is out of touch with public opinion.

Although last month the Church of Scotland upheld the election of the first openly gay minister, the Church of England is still split over the issue. No practising homosexual has been put forward as a candidate for a bishopric since Geoffrey John was proposed, then rejected, as Bishop of Reading.

Clergy can be openly gay provided they affirm to their bishop that the relationship is celibate.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Attempted Murder by Crazed Abortion Supporter

In a fit of rage, a California man aimed his SUV at a pro-life activist standing near a Planned Parenthood location; due to his poor driving skills, he was able to inflict only minor injuries.

The episode received little media attention, and no one has suggested that Planned Parenthood or its supporters are prone to domestic terrorism, in contrast to recent abortion-related incidents.

-- From "Calif. man arrested in abortion confrontation" Associated Press 6/26/2009

Chico police say 40-year-old Matthew Haver was aiming his sport utility vehicle at 69-year-old James Cantfield, who was not injured.

Investigators say Haver apparently became enraged when a child traveling with him asked about a sign Cantfield was holding. The sign showed an aborted fetus.

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From "Chico man charged with using SUV to assault anti-abortion protester" Chico Enterprise-Record 6/26/2009

[Haver] has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Witnesses said a man driving a 1991 GMC sport utility vehicle had attempted to strike a protester, according the release.

Canfield moved out of the way and was not seriously injured during the incident, but clearly shaken by the experience, Chico Police Lt. John Carrillo said.

. . officers didn't hold him but issued Haver a citation ordering him to appear in Butte County Superior Court at a later date.

Haver was also cited with several misdemeanors as well. He was reportedly driving on a suspended license, and he had switched his licenses plates with another vehicle he had recently purchased.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

VP Biden Assures Homosexualists of Obama's Gay Agenda

Biden drew repeated standing ovations . . . as he pledged the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the passage of the Lieberman-Baldwin bill on health benefits, a ban on workplace discrimination [ENDA], adoption rights for all and an end to the HIV travel ban.

-- From "Joe Biden reaches out to gay community" by Carol E. Lee, Politico 6/26/09

Vice President Joe Biden told gay and lesbian Democrats that he doesn't blame them for their impatience and promised that the Obama administration will begin to push more strongly on the issues they care about, including the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Speaking at a LGBT fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, Biden acknowledged the anger many gays and lesbians have toward the White House, and he pledged to "put some pace on the ball."

Outside the hotel about 50 protesters held up signs chastising participants — which included all three gay members of Congress, Reps. Tammy Baldwin, Barney Frank and Jared Polis — with sayings such as "Gay Uncle Toms."

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YouTube Censors Exposé of Planned Parenthood

With little explanation, YouTube removed the latest undercover video exposing the horrific truth of abortion and Planned Parenthood

-- From "YouTube Removes New Undercover Video Exposing Planned Parenthood on Abortion" by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com Editor 6/25/09

The new video shows a Planned Parenthood staff member telling pro-life activist Lila Rose that images of victims of abortion are "not real."

After the staffer tells a potential abortion patient that the images of babies killed in abortions are fake, the video shows photographs of a completed abortion and documentation of their authenticity.

Planned Parenthood Falsely Says Abortion Pictures Are "not Real" - More amazing videos are a click away

"Since the video we posted does not violate any terms of use, we expect YouTube to re-instate it immediately," she said. YouTube's own 'Community Guideline Tips' advise that intense or disturbing imaging should be 'balanced with additional context and information,' which is exactly what Live Action has done."

This isn't the first time that YouTube has pulled one of Rose's videos and not the first time it has pulled a pro-life video featuring images of babies who died in abortions.

. . . the Tennessee state legislature recently relied on Rose's footage to divert nearly $1 million in taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood clinics.

"New media is vital to educating the public about the shocking realities of abortion practice in America," Rose emphasizes.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama Codifies Sexual Deviance Protections in Federal Employment

If you think government bureaucracies are largely inefficient operations now, wait until you see federal workplaces where much of the workday is consumed with accommodating any variety of cross-dressers, the sexually mutilated, sexually confused people, and more.

Perhaps new management positions will be created to schedule restroom usage for the spectrum of genders.

And, those who undergo sex-change operations will be considered normal, but the other employees will be placed in psychotherapy in order to cope and learn how to work with the "normal" ones.

-- From "Obama rewriting rules on transgender rights" by Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times 6/24/09

Lawyers for President Obama are quietly drafting first-of-their kind guidelines barring workplace discrimination against transgender federal employees, officials said Tuesday.

Though transgender men and women are not believed to make up more than a fraction of a percent of the federal work force, their inclusion in the discrimination guidelines is seen as a breakthrough by transgender and gay rights advocates.

The rules are almost certain to stoke criticism from cultural conservatives already displeased with Mr. Obama’s stand on gay rights, abortion and stem cell research.

The White House has not done much to advertise the provisions, which are being written along with the new same-sex domestic partnership benefits Mr. Obama announced last week for federal workers.

John Berry, the director of the federal agency in charge of such workplace issues, the Office of Personnel Management, said in an interview on Tuesday that the administration was not trying to hide its work on the new provisions.

“There’s been no attempt to hide anything or be coy,” he said.
Mr. Berry, the administration’s highest-ranking openly gay official, said he had been an early advocate for the new protections for transgender workers.

The Library of Congress recently lost a discrimination case after it rescinded its hiring of a former Army Special Forces commander, David Schroer, as a terrorism analyst upon learning he was undergoing a sex change. The library said it was concerned that the former commander — now Diane Schroer — would be unable to qualify for vital security clearances in a timely fashion. In April, a federal judge awarded Ms. Schroer nearly $500,000 in lost pay and damages.

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Senate Hate Crimes Hearing Conceals Attack on Christians

At today's hearing, liberal supporters of the bill repeated assurances that pastors won't be prosecuted for the shear act of speaking the truth about homosexual behavior, but they refuse to admit that the pastor CAN be prosecuted if some nutcase harms a homosexual allegedly BECAUSE he heard the pastor's words, subsequently committing the crime.

UPDATE 7/3/09: Attorney General Holder testifies 'Gays' protected, ministers not

UPDATE 6/30/09: Entire hearing video available

-- From "Holder tells Congress new hate crime law needed" Associated Press 6/25/09

Attorney General Eric Holder urged Congress to pass a new hate crimes law so the government could prosecute cases of violence based on sexual orientation, gender or disability.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, he cited the recent killing of a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. The alleged assailant is a white supremacist.

Lawmakers debated the possible effect of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, named after a gay man killed in Wyoming in 1998. It would allow federal prosecution of violence committed because of the actual or perceived gender, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity of the victim.

According to FBI data, the number of hate crimes per year is relatively unchanged in the past 10 years. In 1998, the FBI reported 7,755 hate crime incidents and 7,624 in 2007.

About half of all hate crimes are motivated by racial bias. The other two most frequent hate crimes are those motivated by religion or sexual orientation.

[Senator] Sessions, who opposes the bill, and Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, who supports it, asked whether the law could be used to prosecute a church leader who speaks out against homosexuality, if a member of that congregation then assaults a gay person.

"This is a bill to hold people accountable for conduct, not for speech," Holder insisted.

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From "Republican Senators Question Need for Hate Crimes Bill" by Andrea Fuller, New York Times 6/25/09

The House passed a version of the legislation in April, 249 to 175, and the Senate bill currently has 43 co-sponsors, including a handful of Republicans. Similar legislation has died in the past.

President Obama co-sponsored this legislation when he was in the Senate and has expressed his strong support for the bill, a fact reiterated by Attorney General Eric Holder when he appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Republicans on the judiciary panel, however, weren’t persuaded that the legislation was necessary, and questioned whether current state law enforcement was insufficient.

Senator Hatch also pointed out that the bill labels hate crimes as acts motivated by the perceived or actual status gender of a person. “This would make all rapes punishable as hate crimes,” he said.

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Elementary School Kids Recruited by Homosexualists for 'Pride Parade'

Nettelhorst Elementary, of the Chicago School District, claims to "show solidarity" with its surrounding east Lakeview homosexual community by being the first "public school to march in the city's gay pride parade."

". . . many parents, both straight and gay, say the reaction has been surprisingly muted."

(photo: a topless man, now surgically "equipped" as a woman)
UPDATE 6/24/10: Nettelhorst proudly advertises it's participation in the 2010 parade

-- From "Chicago school to march in Pride Parade" By Rex W. Huppke, Chicago Tribune reporter 6/25/09

Amy Goodman [will] be in the parade at noon Sunday with her husband, towing their 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter in a wagon bedecked in rainbows

Brad Rossi agrees as well. He'll be there with his partner and their 7-year-old daughter, along with more than 50 other families from Nettelhorst whose presence marks the latest expansion of a parade that began in the 1970s with drag queens and gay activists and has grown to reveal the full spectrum of the city's diverse gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

In this, the 40th annual Pride Parade, there will be gay Democrats and gay Republicans, gay business people and gay artists, seniors and teens and Christians and veterans -- and, as always, drag queens and activists.

"We've never had a grammar school, or a school for that matter," said Richard Pfeiffer, who has coordinated the parade since 1974. "The remarkable thing about the gay pride parade is that it's the one day that you get that full cross-section of the GLBT community. We're young, we're old and a growing portion of our community now has children. And I think that has often gone unnoticed."

That's why the Nettelhorst contingent will be near the front.

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Also, read a commentary of the appropriate Christian response.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

American Anglicans Ratify Constitution

The Anglican Church in North America ratified its constitution in Texas. The new denomination has been formed by about 100,000 Bible-believing Christians who left the Episcopal Church U.S.A. due that denomination's clear apostasy.

-- From "Dissidents finalize formation of new Anglican alliance" by Ed Stoddard, Reuters 6/24/09

The Episcopal Church, which is the main U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion with over 2 million followers, has declined to comment on the proceedings. The ACNA says four of the 28 dioceses under its roof are locked in property disputes with the Episcopal Church.

Some Canadian congregations are also fighting legal battles over assets with the Anglican Church of Canada.

The ACNA wants to formally join the Anglican Communion which numbers close to 80 million people worldwide.

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From "Rick Warren shows support for breakaway Anglicans at Bedford gathering" by Sam Hodges, The Dallas Morning News 6/24/09

The Rev. Rick Warren used his Southern Baptist preaching skills to fire up a gathering of conservative Anglicans in Bedford [Texas] on Tuesday.

The Anglican Church in North America invited Warren to be one of the headline speakers for its first provincial assembly, which continues through Thursday at St. Vincent's Cathedral in Bedford.

Warren . . . briefly referred to lawsuits filed by the Episcopal Church against departing congregations and dioceses, over church buildings and other assets.

"You may lose the steeple, but you won't lose the people," Warren said, echoing a line he's used before.

"The church has never been a building. Christ didn't die for property."

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama & Barney Frank Team up on Gay Agenda ENDA

IT'S BACK! Remember the pro-homosexual Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that passed the House in 2007? Now with Dems in full-throttle Gay Agenda mode, it's reported that the reintroduced bill will be expanded to cover transgenderism and more!
ENDA means there's no escape for ANY children from indoctrination of the Gay Agenda -- not even in your Christian school.
Click here to see how your congressman voted on ENDA in 2007

UPDATE 6/14/12: Obama, Senate Continue to Push Transgender Privilege - ENDA

-- From "Trans-inclusive ENDA to be introduced in House" by, Lou Chibbaro Jr., Washington Blade 6/19/09

An aide to U.S. Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said [June 17th] that the congressman plans to introduce a revised version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act next week that will include protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Diego Sanchez, who is transgender and a senior policy adviser to Frank, said the bill has been changed from the so-called “gay-only” version [HR 3685] that the House passed in 2007 to include language banning job discrimination based on gender identity as well as sexual orientation.

Sanchez said that . . . the bill had eight House co-sponsors, including four Democrats and four Republicans. Among the sponsors were gay House members Frank, Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), and Jared Polis (D-Colo.). The lead Republican sponsor is Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.).

In an interview with the Blade on Tuesday, Frank said he believes prospects for passing a trans-inclusive ENDA have improved significantly since 2007, when he and other House Democratic leaders said the measure would be defeated if a gender identity clause were kept in the bill.

Over the strong objections of transgender activists and many gay advocacy groups, House Democratic leaders dropped the transgender provision from the bill in September 2007. The House went on to pass it the following month, but the measure died when the Senate took no action on it.

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From "While Defending It in Court, White House Vows to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act" by Dan Gilgoff, U.S. News & World Report 6/15/09
Here's what John Berry, Obama's director of the Office of Personnel Management, told the Advocate, a gay publication, on Sunday [June 14th]:

We have four broad legislative goals that we want to accomplish and legislation is one of these things where you've got to move when the opportunity strikes, so I'm going to list them in an order but it's not necessarily going to go one, two, three, four. Obviously, I think the first opportunity is hate crimes and we're hopeful that we can get that passed this week. We're going to try, but if not, we're going to keep at it until we get it passed. The second one [is] ENDA [the Employment Nondiscrimination Act], we want to secure that passage of ENDA, and third is we want to repeal legislatively "don't ask don't tell," and fourth, we want to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Now, I'm not going to pledge—and nor is the president—that this is going to be done by some certain date. The pledge and the promise is that, this will be done before the sun sets on this administration—our goal is to have this entire agenda accomplished and enacted into law so that it is secure.

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Scientists 'Discover' No Human Evolution

Researchers have been surprised (imagine that!) by their analyses of genomes from dozens of distinct human populations from around the globe that there is virtually no dramatic genome variation among the human species.

-- From "Among Many Peoples, Little Genomic Variety" by David Brown, Washington Post Staff Writer 6/22/09

Population geneticists expected to find dramatic differences as they got a look at the full genomes -- about 25,000 genes -- of people of widely varying ethnic and geographic backgrounds. Specifically, they expected to find that many ethnic groups would have derived alleles that their members shared but that were uncommon or nonexistent in other groups. Each regional, ethnic group or latitude was thought to have a genomic "signature" -- the record of its recent evolution through natural selection.

Instead, it is "random genetic drift" that appears to be more important in sculpting our genes. Drift describes the chance loss of genetic variation that occurred not only in the out-of-Africa migration, but through all of human history as famine, climate change or war caused populations to crash and then recover.

Despite those calamities, it appears that all contemporary populations ended up largely the same, or only crudely distinguishable from one another, on the genome level.

Of course, small variations can result in dramatic differences. Skin color is perhaps the most obvious.

Such clear ethnic distinctions are the exception, however, defying the expectations of many researchers. That may have been a product of the way scientists have studied genes over the last century. [. . . clouded by Darwin, perhaps]

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Monday, June 22, 2009

High Court: Exposing Kids to Homosexual Behavior OK

Normalization of homosexuality forces Georgia Supreme Court to overturn post-divorce ruling restricting father's homosexual activities during visitations with children

-- From "Kids to meet gay dad’s partner on Father’s Day" Associated Press 6/20/09

The [restrictions on the father] stemmed from the bitter divorce between [Eric] Mongerson and his ex-wife, Sandy, who were married for almost 20 years and had four children. Mongerson said the marriage ended when his wife discovered he was gay in November 2005, but he would not elaborate.

The dispute played out the next few years in court, as Sandy's attorney claimed he had several affairs with other men and subjected the kids to an array of "wholly inappropriate conduct" during a trip to Arkansas.

The arguments helped sway Fayette County Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards to award Sandy Kay Ehlers Mongerson custody of the children. The judge also issued a blanket order banning Eric Mongerson from "exposing the children to his homosexual partners and friends." A fourth child is an adult over 18 and had no restrictions on contact with Mongerson or his gay friends.

Edwards said in his ruling that the decision was meant to reflect "the trauma inflicted upon the children" during the Arkansas trip.

In court arguments in January, attorneys Hannibal Heredia and Kimberli Reagin contended the judge had no evidence that exposing the children to Mongerson's gay friends would damage them.

On Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously agreed. Justice Robert Benham wrote in the scathing 10-page ruling that the trial court abused its discretion without evidence of harm to the children. He concluded it "flies in the face of our public policy that encourages divorced parents to participate in the raising of their children."

The decision was quickly applauded by gay rights advocates who say the judge's order was rooted in decades-old misconceptions about gays and lesbians.

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Taxpayer Wasteland: Studying Men's Dislike of Condoms

In what government watchdogs are calling a waste of taxpayer money, the National Institutes of Health is spending nearly half a million dollars to determine why men don't like to wear condoms during sex.

-- From "NIH Funds $423,500 Study of Why Men Don't Like to Use Condoms" FOX News 6/19/09

Researchers at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, are investigating why "young, heterosexual adult men" have problems using condoms. The study will include "skill-based intervention" to teach grown men how to use protection.

The first phase of the two-year study called "Barriers to Correct Condom Use" will be a simple Q&A, but doctors say the second phase will plumb uncharted territory.

"The second phase involves a laboratory study, and focuses on penile erection and sensitivity during condom application," reads the abstract from Drs. Erick Janssen and Stephanie Sanders, both of the Kinsey Institute.

"The project aims to understand the relationship between condom application and loss of erections and decreased sensation, including the role of condom skills and performance anxiety, and to find new ways to improve condom use among those who experience such problems."

The NIH spends $29 billion each year to help fund thousands of health studies at home and abroad . . . including a $400,000 study being conducted in bars in Buenos Aires to find out why gay men engage in risky sexual behavior while drunk; a $2.6 million study dedicated to teaching prostitutes in China to drink less while having sex on the job; and a $178,000 study to better understand why drug-abusing prostitutes in Thailand are at greater risk for HIV infection.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obama Quickly Succumbs to Homosexualists' Demands

Within days of a barrage of attacks from the stalwart gay-agenda Democrat base, the Obama administration has rushed to announce several pro-homosexual decisions. The latest:

U.S. Census Bureau officials said Friday that married same-sex couples will be counted as such in the 2010 national tally, reversing an earlier decision made under the Bush administration.

From "White House: Census to better count gay couples" by Lisa Leff, Associated Press Writer 6/19/09

Steve Jost, a spokesman for the Census Bureau, said officials already were identifying the technical changes needed to ensure the reliability of the information, but remained committed to providing an accurate tally of gay spouses.

"They will be counted, and they ought to report the way they see themselves," Jost said. "In the normal process of reports coming out after the census of 2010, I think the country will have a good data set on which to discuss this phenomenon that is evolving in this country."

Same-sex couples could not get married anywhere in the United States during the last decennial count. But last summer, when two states sanctioned gay unions, the bureau said those legal marriages would go uncounted because the federal Defense of Marriage Act prevented the federal government from recognizing them.

Since President Barack Obama took office, his administration has been under pressure from gay rights activists to take a fresh look at the issue. The White House on Friday announced that its interpretation of the act, known as DOMA, did not prohibit gathering the information.

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Federal Judge Muzzles Christians at Public Festival

U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds denied Arabic Christian Perspective's request . . . for permission to hand out literature on sidewalks at an Arab festival in the heart of the Detroit area's Middle Eastern community . . . expected to draw hundreds of thousands . . .

UPDATE 11/1/15: Appeals Court Rules Against Police Favoring Muslims vs. Christians

UPDATE 5/14/13: Federal Judge Patrick J. Duggan rules against Christians who were bullied and assaulted by Muslims at Arab Fest

UPDATE 5/6/13: City of Dearborn, MI agrees to pay damages to Christians arrested at Arab Fest

UPDATE 6/17/10: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals grants motion allowing Christian tracts at Arab-fest

-- From "Judge: Christian group can't walk with literature at Arab festival in Michigan" by David N. Goodman, Associated Press 6/18/2009

The group describes itself in its court filing as "a national ministry established for the purpose of proclaiming the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims ... (that) travels around the country attending and distributing Christian literature at Muslim festivals and mosques."

[The Thomas More Law Center and the Becker Law Firm] said it would seek a permanent injunction against the city of Dearborn [and] said the Dearborn officials action could be part of what [it] described as a broader Muslim legal attack on critics of Islam in our "Judeo-Christian nation."

The city said safely accommodating the 150,000 daily festival-goers requires limits on where people can leaflet.

City officials say anyone is free to have conversations — but not leaflet — on sidewalks within the festival's barricades.

"It appears to be a legitimate governmental interest for crowd control and safety," Edmunds said in denying the request. "The festival area is more akin to a fair than a normal city street."

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Obama Continually Dismisses America's Christian Heritage

After two hours of prayer, music, and testimony focusing on Jesus Christ and the importance of the Christian faith in the Latino community, President Barack Obama’s keynote speech at the 2009 National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast referenced Muslims, Hindus and “non-believers” in the first moments of his remarks.

-- From "Obama Tells Hispanic Prayer Breakfast America is 'Nation of Christians and Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Non-Believers'" by Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer CNSNews.com 6/19/09

After thanking Esperanza, sponsor of the breakfast and the largest Hispanic faith-based evangelical network in the United States, Obama cited the importance of thanking God and for the country’s Founders’ intention “to protect the freedom of all religion.”

“We can begin by giving thanks for the legacy that allows us to come together,” Obama said at the breakfast on Friday in Washington, D.C. “For it was the genius of America’s Founders to protect the freedom of all religion, and those who practice no religion at all.”

“So as we join in prayer, we remember that this is a nation of Christians and Muslims and Jews and Hindus and non-believers,” Obama said. “It is this freedom that allows faith to flourish within our borders. It is this freedom that makes our nation stronger.”

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Tennessee To Cut $1 Million from Planned Parenthood

Undercover videos of abortionists' illegal manipulation of pregnant teens leads Tennessee legislature to consider a state budget bill amendment cutting funding to Planned Parenthood

UPDATE 06/20/09: Legislature passes cuts

-- From "Tennessee Votes Next Week on Cutting Funds to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz" by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com Editor 6/4/09

Right to Life spokesman Ed Albin told LifeNews.com the current language in the bills "provide the opportunity for our tax dollars to fund women's health programs through local public health departments rather than controversial organizations such as Planned Parenthood which perform and promote abortion."

Albin said the amendment is needed following the recent release of undercover videotape showing a Planned Parenthood abortion counselor in Memphis directing a "14 year old" to lie to a judge regarding the age of her "31 year old" boyfriend.

"The shocking scandal highlights Planned Parenthood's aggressive marketing of abortion and their willingness to violate laws requiring the immediate reporting of suspected sexual abuse of children to public officials," he says.

The footage shows a Planned Parenthood staffer telling activist Lila Rose to lie about her potential sexual abuse so she could get an abortion.

Rose sent the raw footage from the Memphis undercover investigation to District Attorney Bill Gibbons for review.

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Obama Legalizes Same-sex 'Marriage' via Passports

The Obama administration has agreed to let same-sex couples use their spouse’s surname when they apply for passports from the US State Department . . .

UPDATE 2/23/11: Obama declares that Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

-- From "Same-sex couples allowed to use spouses' surnames on passports" by John R. Ellement, Boston Globe Staff 6/18/09

A gay married couple [sic], Al and Keith Toney, joined the group Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders [GLAD] in challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed during the Clinton administration, in federal court in Boston.

One issue the couple and GLAD raised was the State Department’s refusal to allow Keith Toney - his name before marriage was Keith Fitzpatrick - to seek a new passport under his spouse’s surname.

In a letter dated June 15, the US Justice Department notified GLAD and the Toneys that the prohibition has been stricken from federal rules. Keith Toney was invited to apply for a new passport and was also told the normal fees will be waived. He will file the paperwork June 22, GLAD said.

Mary L. Bonauto, lead counsel for GLAD, welcomed the shift by the current administration, but urged a more sweeping rejection of the federal [Defense of Marriage Act -- DOMA].

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White House Faces Same-sex 'Marriage' Census Issue

Chicago's newest congressman, Mike Quigley, elected to Rahm Emanuel's district, wants the White House to add same-sex 'marriage' to the 2010 Census

UPDATE 6/21/09: Census bureau enacts change in spite of DOMA

-- From "Same-sex marriages: Census issue" by Mark Silva, posted at Chicago Tribune blog 6/16/09

The concern is that the Census will see the federal Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] as prohibiting agencies from tabulating and reporting data on same-sex marriages.

"My colleagues and I do not believe that simply reporting data about same-sex married couples in the 2010 Census is a recognition of same-sex marriage. However, the omission, or 'scrubbing' of the data from these couples will misidentify and misrepresent many people who are legally married in a growing number of states across our country. Since the Census is a portrait of America, information about legally married, same-sex couples should not be 'scrubbed' from the record," [said Congressman Quigley.]

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Senate Hate Crimes Hearing set for Wednesday

As the homosexualists, disappointed with Obama, suddenly boycott Democrat fundraisers, Senate puts hate crimes bill on front burner

The hate crimes bill passed the House on April 29 with a vote of 249-175; click here to see how your congressman voted

-- From "Attorney general to testify on hate crimes" by Chris Johnson, Washington Blade 6/18/09

Attorney General Eric Holder was the first confirmed witness for the [Senate Judiciary Committee] hearing, according to a Thursday statement from the committee. The hearing is set for 10 a.m. June 25 in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

A committee spokesperson said no other witnesses have been confirmed besides the attorney general . . . [who] has spoken in favor of the measure. [Sure, why have any opposing views?!]

The attorney general invoked the shootings at the Holocaust Memorial Museum earlier this month and other recent acts of violence as reasons to pass the legislation.

Holder said the hate crimes bill pending in Congress "does away with" what he called "unnecessary jurisdictional requirements" to allow the Justice Department to assist in prosecuting hate crimes.

"I think the time is right, the time is now for the passage of this legislation," he said.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Homosexualists Fuming over Obama's Tepid Advancement of Gay Agenda

Yesterday's White House appeasement attempt did nothing but raise the ire of his homosexualist base, who have upped the ante by demanding immediate repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Obama reiterated at a White House ceremony his "long-standing commitment" to try to overturn the law, which bars federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

President Obama is considering nominating an openly gay man to a top civilian Pentagon post as he seeks to temper growing criticism from gay rights advocates that he has not been bold enough on their issues.

-- From "Gay activists not impressed with Obama's move" by Carolyn Lochhead, San Fran. Chronicle Washington Bureau 6/18/09

President Obama's first official overture to the gay and lesbian community, granting a handful of benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees Wednesday, did little to quiet gay rights activists who want him to push for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

But the memorandum he signed Wednesday was a far cry from the frontal assault on the 1996 marriage law, which denies federal benefits to same-sex partners, or the 1993 "don't ask, don't tell" ban on gays in the military that Obama the candidate talked about.

Obama's action comes as the gay community is raging over a Justice Department brief last week asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a gay California couple, Arthur Smelt and Christopher Hammer of Orange County, that challenges the marriage law. The couple want to have their marriage, which was upheld by the state Supreme Court because it took place before Proposition 8's ban on same-sex marriage took effect, recognized by other states.

The White House argued that it is obligated to defend the marriage act, known as DOMA, until Congress repeals it.

But what has riled the gay and lesbian community is the wording of the brief. It found the statute "entirely rational," said it was a savings to taxpayers and cited as precedents states rejecting marriages from other states that involved under-age females or close relatives.

The gay community is a big source of campaign funds for Democrats, and its lobbyists work closely with the White House. Until the Justice Department's brief, gay lobbying groups were giving the administration a long leash.

Rep. Barney Frank, the gay Massachusetts Democrat, told the Boston Herald in a story published Wednesday that Obama made a "big mistake" with the brief. Several activists have pulled out of a gay Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Washington next week.

John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management and the administration's top-ranking openly gay official, called the memorandum on federal benefits "a first step, not a final step."

"This is an attempt to get our federal house in order," he said, so that the administration is "practicing before preaching."

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

From "Gay man considered for post at Pentagon" by Stephen Dinan and Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times 6/18/09

. . . The Washington Times learned that the president was considering nominating William White, president of the Intrepid museum in New York, to a civilian Pentagon post that would make him the highest-ranking openly gay person in the department.

Gay rights groups welcomed Wednesday's action as a small step, but said it only underscores how far Mr. Obama still has to go to make good on his campaign promises to end the military ban and to repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

"We've got more work to do to ensure that government treats all its citizens equally," Mr. Obama said. "I'm committed to these efforts, and I pledge to work tirelessly on behalf of these issues in the months and years to come."

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Also read the Washington Post coverage, which is more supportive of the Obama snub of the homosexualists

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tusla Government Boots Christians Helping Poor Kids

A Christian evangelical fellowship that has helped underprivileged children for decades has been prohibited from hosting their typical religious-themed summer programs to reduce incidents of drug use and crime -- possibly a violation of a Supreme Court ruling allowing such use of public institutions.

-- From "Evangelical Group Banned From Tulsa Housing Projects, Chapter Leader Says" by James Osborne, FOX News 6/8/09

For more than 70 years, the Missouri-based Child Evangelism Fellowship has worked with underprivileged kids, not only to convert them to Christianity, but to improve their lives through education and after-school activities. In one program, fellowship missionaries visit prisons and sign up inmates' children for Bible study programs in an effort to keep them from winding up in jail themselves.

But recently, the fellowship was told that it was in violation of a long-standing policy prohibiting religious instruction on public housing property, said Larry Koehn, who heads the organization's chapter in the city.

Koehn said he was informed of the decision by Youth at Heart, a non-profit company that administers recreational programs for the Tulsa Housing Authority. A company representative said she had been told to refer all calls about the evangelical group to the housing authority.

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Cops Flush Fetus Down Toilet

In an abortion-laden society, the meaning of unborn children is so minimized that four Mesa, Arizona police officers and a lieutenant flushed a 4-inch stillborn fetus down a motel-room toilet.

-- From "Mesa police chief says allegations tarnish department" by Nathan Gonzalez, The Arizona Republic 6/4/09

. . . a manager at the Motel 6 at 336 W. Hampton Ave. called 911 to report that a man was requesting towels because his girlfriend was miscarrying her 12- to 14-week-old fetus [a.k.a. BABY!]. Three police officers and four EMS personnel responded to the scene. The mother was taken by medical personnel to a hospital, and her boyfriend was arrested on drug charges and having an outstanding warrant.

. . . there was some confusion among police and fire officials as to what to do with the fetus, which was wrapped in a paper towel.

. . . Typically, the officers should have waited for a supervisor to determine whether the medical examiner needed to be called to handle the fetus.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obama Appeasement of Gay Agenda

Fending off the homosexualist wolves, a White House source says that Obama will exercise all available presidential authority to extend benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.

-- From "U.S. to Extend Its Job Benefits to Gay Partners" by Jeff Zeleny, New York Times 6/16/09

Mr. Obama is expected to announce, in the Oval Office, the details about which benefits would be provided. It is the highest-profile statement he has made on gay issues, and it comes as he faces intense criticism from several gay-rights leaders over what they suggest has been a failure to live up to campaign promises in the first months of his presidency.

Mr. Obama will be weighing in for the first time on one of the most sensitive social and political issues of the day: whether the government must provide benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. While he will announce a list of benefits, officials said, they are not expected to include broad health insurance coverage, which could require legislation to achieve.

As a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama vowed to “fight hard” for the rights of gay couples. As a senator, he sponsored legislation that would have provided health benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. But since becoming president five months ago, Mr. Obama has not addressed the issue or whether gays can serve openly in the military, a point of contention for gay-rights groups.

Joe Solmonese, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, wrote an angry letterto the White House on Monday about the administration’s move to file a legal brief supporting the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Senate Schemes Undercover to Advance Gay Agenda

Homosexualists report that "a Democratic source" has revealed a Senate plan to slip Sen. Kennedy's hate crimes bill into the unrelated S. 1023 Travel Promotion Act. After the House passed the hate crimes bill, conservative media exposed it to the public causing a backlash that has scared off the Senate, thus leading to this week's underhanded scheme.

-- From "Senate hate crimes vote expected this week" by Chris Johnson, Washington Blade 6/15/09

The U.S. Senate is expected to approve hate crimes legislation by Wednesday, according to a Democratic source.

"The idea is that that will be an amendment to the tourism bill that's going to be on the floor this week in the Senate, and we're thinking that the vote will happen probably [Tuesday] or Wednesday," said the source.

John Berry, director of the Office of Personnel Management and the highest-ranking openly gay presidential appointee in history, announced during a speech at D.C.'s Capital Pride on Sunday that the Senate would address hate crimes as early as this week. He also said the Obama administration would soon announce changes regarding inequities faced by LGBT employees in the federal workforce.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Voters Nixed on Same-sex 'Marriage' in D.C.

A ruling yesterday by D.C. elections officials suggests that only Congress or the courts can thwart the gathering momentum to legalize same-sex marriage in the District.

-- From "Council, Not Voters, Gets Say-So on Non-D.C. Unions" by Tim Craig, Washington Post Staff Writer 6/16/09

In a decision that reaffirms the rights of gays and lesbians under the city's civil rights law, the Board of Elections and Ethics blocked a proposal to let voters decide whether to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions.

Unless a court intervenes, same-sex couples who marry in other states or countries will be considered legally married in the District as well in less than a month. And by the end of the year, the D.C. Council is expected to approve a bill to allow same-sex couples to be married in the city.

The opinion states that city officials would "authorize discrimination" if they were to permit a referendum on whether to afford same-sex couples married elsewhere the same rights as opposite-sex couples.

Board officials note that yesterday's ruling applies only to the question of whether a vote can be held on the bill to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. But the opinion by Errol R. Arthur, chairman of the board, and member Charles R. Lowery Jr., strongly suggests that the board would be skeptical of any initiative that would deny gays and lesbians any rights that straight people have.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

'Church' of Sweden to Bless Same-sex 'Marriage'

The Central Board of Church of Sweden has proposed to change its ecclesiastical constitution to be consistent with the new marital law.

Arch Bishop Anders Wejryd says love takes priority over Commandments and biblical prohibitions.

-- From "Same sex marriage suggested by board of Church of Sweden" by David Jonasson, Stockholm News 6/13/09

In the proposition to the Church Assembly it is emphasised that: “the marriage, according to the Evangelical Lutheran view, is a social institution regulated by public authorities. From a perspective of theology of creation, the marriage has the purpose to support the internal relation between spouses and give a safe setting for the children growing up”.

“When the Church of Sweden sides on the issue of same sex marriage, the most relevant question is if this hurt or helps people. The Church of Sweden want to support faithful relationships”, Wejryd writes in a press release.

The Church of Sweden is the largest church in Sweden. Until 2000 it held the position of state church.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Obama Restates Opposition to Defense of Marriage Act

Obama's Justice Department confirmed that the 1996 DOMA law is discriminatory and that the President wants Congress to rescind the law, but impatient homosexualists insist that Obama raise the priority level.

UPDATE 6/21/09: Homosexualist documents details behind Justice Department's filing

-- From "Obama angers gays with marriage law defense" by Bob Egelko, San Fran. Chronicle Staff Writer 6/13/09

The Justice Department's filing with a federal court in Santa Ana was the administration's first statement on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that denies federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples. Those benefits include joint tax filing, Social Security survivors' payments and spousal immigration status.

The law also allows states to withhold recognition of same-sex marriages performed in another state or country.

Obama called the law "abhorrent" during the presidential campaign and said he would work to overturn it. He has not presented any such legislation to Congress since taking office, however.

The Justice Department issued a statement saying Obama wants the law repealed "because it prevents LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) couples from being granted equal rights and benefits. However, until Congress passes legislation repealing the law, the administration will continue to defend the statute when it is challenged in the justice system."

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Fired Teacher Didn't Sufficiently Support Obama

Tim Latham, who has spent the last 19 years teaching students American history and government . . . [says] that his personal political views weren't making the grade with the rest of the faculty . . .

UPDATE 6/23/09: School re-hires teacher after national scrutiny

-- From "Kansas Teacher Claims Conservative Views Led to Loss of Job" by Joshua Rhett Miller, FOX News 6/12/09

The 44-year-old teacher filed a grievance earlier this month with his district after his contract was not renewed in April. He argues the district didn't follow the proper process.

Latham claims school officials violated his contract by not conducting proper reviews — four 20-minute in-class evaluations throughout the year — and says they were looking for a way to get rid of him due to his personal politics.

During Latham's brief meeting with [Assistant Principal] Gentry, he claims Gentry told him his school-affiliated Web site was "too patriotic." The site has links to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the Air Force, the U.S. Army and other military- and history-related sites.

He claims the critiques took a personal turn in October, when class lessons began focusing on the presidential race between Obama and John McCain. One student, whom Latham declined to identify, complained to Gentry that he had been too critical of Obama.

Latham also said that Gentry asked him about a "McCain-Palin" bumper sticker on his car.

"She said, 'I don't know how you could support that woman,'" Latham said. "That was the beginning of what was going on. They were trying to find a reason to get rid of me."

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Boston Mayor Promotes Deviant Sex to Children

The government-sanctioned Youth Pride Day on May 9th included a prom held at the Boston City Hall and a proclamation by Mayor Thomas Menino celebrating events targeting children as young as 12 by adult homosexualists, crossdressers, sexual bondage instructors, and more.

This is the direct result of the liberalization of laws regarding homosexuality that have required teaching deviant sex as normal in schools. Same-sex unions/"marriage" and domestic partnership laws are sweeping the nation, and President Obama heralds deviant sex as well.

-- From "Kids attend prom from 'sexual hell'" by Chelsea Schilling © 2009 WorldNetDaily 6/12/09

The day's events began with a transgender Elvis and a parade. Attendees were given condoms and pro-homosexual material such as a bookmark for kids on how to get involved with several homosexual groups and "Transgender Rights Now" stickers. Then many children attended the prom that evening at City Hall.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: In this video, the person on the stage with the camera is a man dressed as a woman.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Abortionist's Death Celebrated with Human Sacrifices

Philadelphia Women's Center, a Pennsylvania abortion clinic, performed free abortions to honor the late late-term abortionist George Tiller

-- From "Abortion Business in Philadelphia Gives Away Free Abortions Honoring George Tiller" by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com Editor 6/10/09

Town Hall columnist Jillian Bandes said a staff member at the abortion center said an unspecified number of free abortions were done [Tuesday] for Tiller's “memory and legacy.”

However, by the end of the day, the center stopped doing free abortions and indicated it wouldn't likely do it again.

Elizabeth Barnes, the director of the abortion center, recently . . . bashed pro-life advocates following the Tiller killing and attempted to make it appear that it was supported by the pro-life movement in reaction to political losses in the presidential election.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooter is Left-Wing Terrorist

James von Brunn, the man who allegedly shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., was a Darwin-lover who hated the Bible and Christians, and defies media efforts to classify him as a stereotypical "right-winger," according to reports.

-- From "Darwin-loving museum shooter hates Bible, Christians" by Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily 6/11/09

. . . in statements that later were stripped from an anti-religion website, he wrote, "The Big Lie technique, employed by Paul to create the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, also was used to create the HOLOCAUST RELIGION … CHRISTIANITY AND THE HOLOCAUST are HOAXES."

According to writer Kathy Shaidle at Examiner.com, von Brunn left a trail of "unhinged" writings.

"The anti-Semitism of von Brunn is the first thing one notices when visiting these bizarre websites. However, like those of most 'white supremacists,' many of von Brunn's political views track 'Left' rather than 'Right.' Clearly, a re-evaluation of these obsolete definitions is long overdue," she wrote.

Von Brunn, for example, hated both President George H.W. Bush as well as George W. Bush, and the writer confirmed his posting "reveals a hatred of, say, big corporations that is virtually indistinguishable from that of anti-globalization activists."

"None of this will surprise readers of Jonah Goldberg's bestseller 'Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change,' which clearly demonstrates that 'fascism' of the kind advocated by the British National Party (BNP) and the likes of James W. von Brunn is just as likely to reflect 'leftwing' views as 'rightwing' ones," Shaidle wrote.

The man is a lunatic irrespective of ideology.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Calif. Wants Improved Occupational Health in Porn Industry

An actress who works in Southern California's pornography industry has tested positive for HIV, renewing county and state health officials' concerns that the adult entertainment industry lacks sufficient safety measures to prevent the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

OSHA porn inspections?! You can't make this stuff up.

UPDATE 12/17/09: Calif. board to consider requiring condoms in porn

From "Porn actress tests positive for HIV" by Rong-Gong Lin II and Kimi Yoshino, Los Angeles Times 6/11/09

The new case was confirmed to The Times and pornography industry websites Wednesday by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a San Fernando Valley-based clinic that serves adult-film stars in Sherman Oaks and Granada Hills. Public health officials, however, said no official report had been made at the state or county level.

Dr. Jonathan Fielding, health officer for Los Angeles County, said Wednesday that his office was launching an investigation.

Officials from the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health also said they will look into the circumstances of the case, which is the first publicly confirmed HIV infection in Southern California's porn industry since 2004, when an HIV outbreak shut down production for four weeks.

As the clinic downplayed the positive test, public health officials cited their ongoing battle with the porn industry over the use of condoms during filming. The two sides have been at odds for years, and despite the intense scrutiny, Fielding said he is concerned that condoms are still not being used.

"You wouldn't send someone to work on a high-rise building without a hard-hat, so why are we allowing these performers to perform without condoms?" Fielding said.

Deborah Gold, a senior safety engineer with the state Occupational Safety and Health Division, said her agency repeatedly had attempted to crack down on unsafe workplaces in the adult entertainment industry, issuing several citations against employers, including a gay male production company that touted its condom-free filming.

Despite those efforts, she said, numerous investigations have found that condoms were not used and that no training had been conducted to prevent unsafe contact.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Teacher, with Bible in Desk, Fired

An eighth-grade science teacher has sued claiming actions by the school board, the superintendent and the principal were "malicious, fraudulent and oppressive and committed with an improper and evil motive."

For background, read Ohio Teacher Ordered to Remove Bible From Classroom

UPDATE 4/12/11: The Rutherford Institute joins the escalating case

UPDATE 1/21/10: New York Times reports case finally concluding soon

-- From "Science teacher facing dismissal sues district" by John Futty, The Columbus Dispatch 6/11/09

John Freshwater . . . is suing the Mount Vernon City [Ohio] School District, saying it violated his constitutional and civil rights.

The lawsuit, seeking $500,000 in compensatory damages and $500,000 in punitive damages, was filed this week in U.S. District Court in Columbus.

The board announced last June that it intended to fire Freshwater for preaching his Christian beliefs about how the world began, discrediting evolution and deviating from the required science curriculum. An investigation initiated by the board found that Freshwater used a high-voltage lab tool to burn crosses into the arms of students and that he told them gays were sinners.

"We are asserting that the report is not complete, is not accurate and is downright defamatory and inflammatory," R. Kelly Hamilton, Freshwater's Grove City-based attorney, said yesterday.

The controversy became public after he refused to remove a Bible from his desk.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Harvard Comes Out of the Closet

. . . Harvard's gay community says it has finally cemented its academic legitimacy at the nation's oldest university.

"When Harvard does something like this, it causes a ripple effect around the world."

-- From "Harvard endows chair on gay studies" by Tracy Jan, Boston Globe Staff 6/4/09

College officials [said] that they will establish an endowed chair in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies, in what is believed to be the first professorship of its kind in the country.

Harvard president Drew G. Faust described the academic post as "an important milestone" in an ongoing effort by faculty, students, and alumni to raise the profile of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies at the university.

The university has received a $1.5 million gift from the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus to endow the F.O. Matthiessen Visiting Professorship of Gender and Sexuality.

The caucus - a 4,900-member group composed of alumni, faculty, staff, and students - was founded in 1984 to advocate for Harvard's gay community.

More colleges, including Yale, Brown, Cornell, and New York University, offer academic programs related to sex, sexuality and sexual orientation, though lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender studies are a relatively new discipline. The City University of New York began the first gay- and lesbian-studies program in 1986, according to Harvard. While Harvard has offered a sprinkling of courses related to gay and lesbian studies in the past, it did not allow students to major in the field until the 2004-2005 academic year.

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Calif. ACLU Fights Abstinence Education

A battle over sex education is under way in Sonoma County [California], pitting a longtime abstinence-only group against California Department of Education officials who say the group breaks state law when it teaches in the classroom.

-- From "Simmering sex-ed battle heats up" by Kerry Benefield, the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, California 6/7/09

Among the players in the unfolding debate are the ACLU of Northern California, the California Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Free to Be, a Sonoma County group that has been promoting abstinence until marriage for 17 years.

Caught in the middle are schools and districts that have hosted Free to Be speakers, including teens, to talk to students about the benefits of abstaining from sex until they are married.

Free to Be was established in 1992 in association with Catholic Charities as an abstinence-until-marriage outreach program relying heavily on teen presenters. Free to Be ended the affiliation with Catholic Charities approximately 18 months ago, said executive director and founder Sue Bisbee.

As far back as 2000, Free to Be has received annual federal funding for its abstinence program, which helps train teen speakers to spread the word about waiting until marriage before having sex, as well as living drug free and making what it describes as “healthy choices.”

Bisbee said the group gives presentations in about 30 schools each year. According to the group’s Web site, more than 75,000 teens have heard a Free to Be presentation . . .

President Barack Obama last month proposed eliminating abstinence-only education funding from teen pregnancy prevention initiatives.

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