Wednesday, June 27, 2007

40 Employees Walk Off Job to Protest San Diego Padres Exposing Kids to Perversion

From "40 Petco Park Concession Workers To Walk Off Jobs To Protest San Diego Padres Promotion of Gay Pride" by James Hartline, posted 6/15/07 at California Christian News

The Director of Development for a non-profit charity that oversees forty concession stand workers at Petco Park has announced that all of their workers will be walking off of their jobs on July 8, 2007 to protest a gay pride event being promoted by the San Diego Padres. The non-profit charity, Set Free Ministries, is located in El Cajon, California. J. D. Loveland, Director of Development for Set Free Ministries, expressed anger and frustration that the San Diego Padres are allowing a radical homosexual event at the stadium on the same day that the team had already planned a July 8th free children's floppy cap giveaway.

Set Free Ministries partners with the Canning Hunger Organization to contract with ARAMARK to provide labor services for concession stands at various sporting and special events in and around San Diego County. One of the contracts that Set Free Ministries has is to provide workers for a number of Petco Park concession stands during the San Diego Padres' eighty home games. The current number of Set Free Ministry workers at the Petco Park concession stands is forty.

With the announcement that thousands of small children will be intentionally exposed to homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality during the July 8th Padres game, Set Free Ministries was faced with a true moral dilemma. Would their ministry's concession workers remain silent in the face of this terrible sexual indoctrination of San Diego's youth? Or would they respond in a way that would actually tell these kids that there are men and women who will not abandon them to those who want to pull them into the destructive homosexual lifestyle?

J. D. Loveland has told the James Hartline Report that his staff polled all of the ministry's clients about the San Diego Padres-Gay Pride event. "We asked our men and woman if they would be willing to bring their kids to Petco Park if they knew that their kids would be exposed to the San Diego Gay Pride event. Every single one of our clients said they would not. The vote was unanimous to walk off of the job on July 8th rather than be a part of the gay pride event at the stadium," explained Loveland.
Pastor Loveland stated in a June 13th email to the James Hartline Report:

"Well, today we counted the cost and we have decided that it's one thing
to preach moral integrity, but it's another thing to really put your money
where your mouth is."

To say that the men and women of Set Free Ministries are counting the cost by walking off of their jobs on July 8th is truly an understatement. Many of the men and women at Set Free Ministries have fought brave battles to overcome drug abuse, psychological problems, prostitution, and homelessness. After completing 3-6 months of intensive rehabilitation at this Biblically-based 501(c)3 ministry, the men and women of Set Free Ministries are then allowed to work in one of the concession stands as part of their new lives in Jesus Christ. For these individuals, as well as the ministry itself, the jobs at Petco Park are incredibly important. The fact that these courageous citizens are willing to walk off of their jobs to stand up for the protection of thousands of kids is one of the most powerful statements by Christians anywhere in America.

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...we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the have set up..." - Daniel 3:16,17