Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Transgenderism Advancing Quickly Among Young People

From "Male, Female, Other? The assault of the "transgendered" agenda" by Linda P. Harvey, posted 5/28/07

A book that's been popular among teens in America for a decade is called Girl Goddess #9.

But please, don't run out and buy it for the kids you know. Here's why.

The book is a rambling, nearly incoherent collection of dark and depressing tales featuring sad kids in corrupted circumstances. That's not how it's presented, of course. This is all supposed to be "edgy." But all the stories feature disturbing elements of child neglect and/ or corruption.

For instance, the story "Dragons in Manhattan" is about a little girl named Tuck who lives with two lesbians and one of them is her mom. As the story of this bohemian family unfolds, Tuck goes to school and feels ashamed of her household.

"No other kid at school lived with two women who slept in the same bed and kissed on the lips all the time." And she suddenly longed to find her real dad. As a reader, your heart breaks at this moment of truth amidst a story of contrived chaos. But then Tuck takes off by her little self to California to search for him.

And what does she find at the end of her lonely quest? Her "dad" is really one of her two moms, who had a sex change operation following her conception.[1] Everyone is smiling and it's all okay, though, by the end of the story.

Our kids are lost in a free-fall culture, and are being sold poison packaged as perfume. As if foisting "gay" rights on them wasn't enough, now they are supposed to accept the artificial change of a person's biological sex as a good thing. The "transgendered" agenda is suddenly emerging everywhere.

...Schools Pushing "Trans" Agenda

I truly believed that the last straw, the "wake up" call, would be the push for equal rights in schools for "transgendered" teachers and students. And here and there, outrage has been the response on the local level.

In 2006, in a school near Toms River, NJ, a substitute kindergarten teacher in his 70's calling himself Lily McBeth came to school dressed as a woman after a sex change operation. Yet even after an outcry from local parents, the school board refused to fire him. He is still teaching.[2]

Last fall, a male high school teacher in Batavia, NY began dressing as a woman. Some parents asked to have their kids transferred to another class. The request was denied and the teacher could not be fired, because "gender identity" is protected as a disability under NY law.

In 2001, a male middle school principal in Wilmette, IL, returned to school after summer vacation as a woman, having undergone sex change surgery. The school did not fire him, but offered "counseling" to children and parents to cope with the change. A male art teacher in Eastchester, NY returned to school as a woman, and a Northbrook, IL science teacher also had female-to-male sex change surgery before returning to her/his teaching post.[3]

Dare we state the obvious? It's not the children and parents who need counseling...

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