Wednesday, June 27, 2007

San Diego Padres Trigger Public Outrage & Boycott Over Attracting Children to Gay Pride Stadium Event

From " San Diego Padres Trigger Public Outrage & Boycott Over Mixing Children With Gay Pride Stadium Event" by James Hartline, posted 6/11/07 at California Christian News

Hundreds of San Diego families are expressing outrage with their city's professional baseball team after it was revealed that the San Diego Padres are planning to celebrate San Diego Gay Pride at their home stadium on the same day that the team is promoting a children's free floppy cap giveaway.
According to the San Diego Padres' website, children 14 and under will receive a free floppy cap when they attend the Padres game vs. the Atlanta Braves at Petco Park on July 8, 2007. The Padres website describes in detail the free promotional event which is designed to bring families and their pre-teen kids to the ballpark:

July 8 vs. Atlanta - 5:05 PM
Padres Floppy Caps for Kids presented by Union Bank of California
and brought to you by Magic 92.5

All kids 14 or younger will receive a Padres Floppy Cap presented by Union Bank of California and brought to you by Magic 92.5. This year's floppy cap for kids features silhouettes of the Swinging Friar.
Kids 14 and younger

While the Padres are potentially luring thousands of pre-teens into the stadium for the free giveaway, the Padres organization is also engaged in promoting a radicalized homosexual event on the same day in the ballpark. This will cause familes and their children to cross paths with one of the most notorious homosexual organizations in the United States. With transvestites and transsexuals running about, many children will have a hard time telling the padres from the madres during this July 8th anti-family fiasco.
Make no mistake about it, the Padres are intentionally partnering with the San Diego Gay Pride organization for a gay pride celebration at the exact same time that they are luring thousands of families and their pre-teen children into the ballpark for the free floppy cap giveaway. Here is what the Padres website states regarding the homosexual event occuring at the ballpark at the same time as the free kids floppy cap giveaway:
"Celebrate Pride with the San Diego Padres. This is an opportunity to celebrate LGBT Pride while enjoying a night of fun, baseball, and recognition for the San Diego LGBT community.
San Diego Pride supporters and volunteers will be recognized as well as the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus who will sing the National Anthem on Sunday, July 8 at the San Diego Padres game at PETCO Park in the heart of downtown San Diego."

...Moms and dads who bring their children to the park on July 8th will have more to explain to their pre-teen sons and daughters than just homeruns and strikeouts. These parents will also have to explain why the Padres announcer will be introducing a homosexual group to sing the national anthem. "Daddy, why are those two men kissing each other?" five year-old Johnny will ask his father. "Mommy, why is that woman trying to grow a beard?" Sally will hear her confused daughter ask.

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