Saturday, June 30, 2007

Christian Man, You Need to Observe a Gay Pride Parade

"I've been to Guatamala on a mission trip. Let me tell you, this ain’t Guatemala. This was scary. Man, I’m afraid America is in trouble.”

From "Have You Ever Visited a Gay Pride Parade?" by Coach Dave Daubenmire, posted 6/28/07 at, hat tip: Americans for Truth

I spent last Saturday at the Gay Pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. I try to go every year, at least for the past seven or so. Try as I might to avoid the confrontation there is just something inside of me that will not allow me to stay home.

There were about twenty of us who made the decision to go. For several it was the first time they had ever ventured outside the safety of their church. As is usually the case they know that it is much easier to preach to the choir about the sin of homosexuality than it is to venture into enemy held territory with the Truth of the Gospel. No matter how hard I had tried to prepare them for what they were about to experience the old saw “some things are better felt, than telt,” was most applicable to the experience.

“What is it like, Coach?” One nervous friend inquired of me on the ride over.

“Well,” I told them, “I really can’t explain it. I usually have mixed feelings. Inside, my heart is breaking for those who are trapped in that sin…convinced that God made them gay. The compassionate side of me wants to sit and weep with them over the grief they must carry. But at the same time, a side of me wants to run to the store and buy a truck of Lysol spray and fumigate the entire crowd.”

As is usually the case the men who made the trip for the first time found it to be one of the most penetrating experiences of their Christian walk. The war for the souls of men is real and at no place that I know of is the reprobate mind more on display. Trust me; the media will never show you the debauchery that passes as an “alternative lifestyle.”

...Let me make a couple of things perfectly clear before you “appeasers of sin” stop reading. We didn’t call anyone names, we didn’t tell anyone that God hated them, and we didn’t judge their immortal soul. That was not our job. Our job was to do the will of our father. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32. We went to lift up Jesus.

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