Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Illinois State Bar Association Votes in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

From "Illinois Law Group, ISBA Votes in Favor of Counterfeit Marriage" by Dave Smith, posted 6/26/07 at Illinois Family Institute

...Despite significant divisions among its membership, over the weekend, the 201-member Assembly of the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) voted to support "civil unions" legislation as an alternative to traditional marriage as one man and one woman.

The resolution that was passed on Saturday June 23rd supports Rep. Greg Harris' (D-Chicago) HB 1826. The resolution states that civil unions may include homosexual couples or heterosexual couples and those persons who enter into "civil unions" must be at least 18 years old.

It is important to note that the ISBA also supports a provision in Rep. Harris' bill that would require the recognition of similar "civil unions" made by couples in other states who relocate here -- including so-called gay "marriage" couples from Massachusetts. States that currently recognize "civil unions" include Connecticut, Vermont, and now New Jersey, thanks to another court mandate.

Supporters of the ISBA resolution maintained that Illinois law now discriminates against people in loving, committed relationships who are unwilling or unable to marry. Unwilling to marry? Does that even make any sense? If you are unwilling to make a true committment, why should you receive the benefits of marriage? The ISBA Assembly fails to understand that once we've removed the standard of one-man, one-woman and replaced it with a simple "loving and committed" standard there is no logical stopping point. How could there be? If other groups, such as bisexuals and polygamists, also claim to have "loving and committed" relationships -- albeit with multiple partners -- wouldn't it also be discriminatory to deny them civil unions or marriage privileges?

It isn't hard to predict how creating official state ordained counterfeit marriages or "civil unions" will render the important institution of traditional marriage meaningless. Homosexual activists are preparing the way for other groups who will - and are - seeking the so-called the "right" to redefine marriage to suit their proclivities. (So-called "polyamorists" are already pursuing legal recognition of their multiple-partner relationships.)

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ACTION: CLICK HERE to send a message to both of your state lawmakers and the ISBA president-elect to tell them you are AGAINST any counterfeit marriage proposal ("civil unions") that would give preferential treatment to relationships based on immoral, unhealthy and changeable behavior.