Monday, June 18, 2007

ACLU Seeking to Censor Graduation Speeches at FL High School

From "ACLU accused of wanting to chill speech at Florida graduations" by Jim Brown, posted 6/18/07 at

A Christian legal group says the American Civil Liberties Union is overreacting in its attempt to pressure a Florida high school into censoring the religious speech of students. The ACLU is calling on the Duval County School Board to adopt a new student speech policy in light of a recent valedictory address at Wolfson High School in Jacksonville.

During her 20-minute graduation address, Christian student Shannon Spaulding talked about her faith in God and implored the audience to invite Jesus Christ into their lives. Attorney Jeremy Tedesco with the Alliance Defense Fund has sent a letter to the board, informing it that Spaulding's speech did not violate the supposed "separation of church and state."

...Now the ACLU is demanding the Duval County School Board amend it graduation speech policy to prevent future recurrences of religious expression at commencement.

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