Monday, June 11, 2007

New Hampshire Middle School Children Take Field Trip to Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic?

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From "New Hampshire Middle School Children Take Field Trip to Planned Parenthood Abortuary?" by John Jalsevec, posted 6/11/07 at

Approximately 20 Jr. High students were seen entering Manchester’s Planned Parenthood building during school hours on a weekday, according to New Hampshire Right to Life. According to witnesses the event, which occurred last Wednesday, had all the appearance of being an official school field trip.

“I understand that 20 or so Jr. High students from Park Side and South Side Schools were escorted through a group of pro-life witnesses,” said NH Right to Life President Darlene Pawlik. “They were inside half hour or longer….there was one male chaperone with ‘Staff’ on his shirt and one or two female adults.”

The students visited the Planned Parenthood on Penacook St., which is an active abortion clinic.

“The students were told not to talk top the Right to Life people,” said NH Right to Life Vice President Betty Breuder, who was present when the children entered the building. “They would not accept literature from me when I tried to give them some truthful information. However, they came out with Planned Parenthood Literature.”

Former Representative Kathy Souza, who was also present in front of the Planned Parenthood center at the time, immediately called city Mayor Guinta. “Mayor Guinta called me back and left a message that this was inappropriate behavior and he thought we wouldn’t see this happen again,” stated Mrs. Souza.

“I was very concerned about this. As a parent and as a tax-paying citizen I want an explanation. Was this a school field trip?” asked Mrs. Pawlik. “Doesn’t the school district have a ‘no soliciting’ policy? Surely you would agree this is solicitation, even active promotion of a business that specifically targets teens and children for its business.”

“Are you happy with the Manchester School District cooperating with the usurpation of parental rights by delivering Manchester’s children into the hands of Planned Parenthood, the Promiscuity Promoters? If not, let them know. Call the school board, the superintendent and the principals of South Side and ParkSide Schools. Call your Representatives and Senators too and ask, ‘Why are our tax dollars being used to take our children to Planned Parenthood?’”

Mrs. Pawlik told that she will be bringing her concerns before the school board at a meeting tonight, but that as of yet New Hampshire Right to Life has not had any communication about the issue with the school board or with any other school officials. attempted to contact school and school-board officials, but was unable to obtain a comment due to its already being after hours when the news tip was received.

New Hampshire appears to be on a roll these days...