Friday, December 31, 2010

Twins Reduced to Singleton by 'Choice'

'Fetal reductions are most commonly conducted by inserting an ultrasound-guided needle through the mother's abdomen and into the uterus, injecting a potassium chloride solution into the chosen fetus or fetuses, stopping their hearts.'

UPDATE 8/17/11 - IVF: 'Creating' Life & Aborting Life via Selective Reduction

-- From "When is twins too many?" by Tom Blackwell, National Post 12/10/10

Selective reductions are typically carried out for women pregnant with triplets or greater, where the risk of harm or death climbs sharply with each additional fetus. The Ontario couple is part of what some experts say is a growing demand for reducing twins to one, fuelled more by socio-economic imperatives than medical need, and raising vexing new ethical questions.

A New York City obstetrician and leading specialist in the field confirmed that the demand for twin reductions has increased and likely will continue to do so, especially among 40-somethings. Twins make up about 5% to 7% of the total reductions, said Dr. Mark Evans, who sometimes performs the procedure on Canadians.

Experts question whether parents should choose to terminate a fetus just because of the impact the child would have on their lives, and note that even more medically necessary reductions can trigger lifelong angst and even threaten marriages.

There seems to be little ethical debate around reduction for triplets or more, when the technique clearly curbs the chances of a pregnancy being lost entirely or the babies born with serious health problems. Some experts, however, call even those cases a largely hidden symptom of a fertility industry whose work has helped increase the number of multiple births by over 40% in the past 20 years.

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From "'Selective Reduction' Abortions Increasing: Children Have Become Commodities" By Deacon Keith Fournier, Catholic Online 12/24/10

On June 20, 2008 the Vatican released an instruction called "the Dignity of the Human Person" which dealt with "Certain Bioethical Questions". In the section concerning the deliberate destruction of embryos we read: "The fact that the process of in vitro fertilization very frequently involves the deliberate destruction of embryos was already noted in the Instruction Donum Vitae (The Gift of Life). There were some who maintained that this was due to techniques which were still somewhat imperfect. Subsequent experience has shown, however, that all techniques of in vitro fertilization proceed as if the human embryo were simply a mass of cells to be used, selected and discarded."

The killing of these "excess" children continues after implantation in the womb of their mother through this heinous procedure referred to as "selective reduction". It is, in fact, selective execution. Children have become commodities.

In 1987, the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued its important direction entitled "Instruction on Respect for Human Life in its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation". Among the questions it answered was: "What Respect is due to the human embryo, taking into account his nature and identity?" The answer given by the Magisterium: "The human being must be respected - as a person - from the very first instant of his (her) existence."

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European Union Drops Christmas in Favor of Non-christians

The European Commission has come under fire for producing more than three million copies of an EU diary for secondary schools which contains no reference to Christmas but includes Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim festivities.

-- From "European Commission criticised for omitting Christmas on EU school diary" by Bruno Waterfield, The London Telegraph 12/17/10

More than 330,000 copies of the diaries, accompanied by 51 pages of glossy information about the EU, have been delivered to British schools as a "sought after" Christmas gift to pupils from the commission.

But Christians have been angered because the diary section for December 25 is blank and the bottom of the page with Christmas Day is marked only with the secular message: "A true friend is someone who shares your concerns and will double your joy".

While the euro calendar marks Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivities as well as Europe Day and other key EU anniversaries, there are no Christian festivals marked, despite the fact Christianity is Europe's majority religion.

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From "Italy calls on EU to withdraw schools diary that leaves out Christmas" by John Hooper in Rome, Guardian (U.K.) 12/23/10

Italy has demanded that the European Commission recall millions of diaries that are being distributed to schoolchildren throughout the EU because they do not mention Christmas but they do give the dates of other religions' festivals, such as Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, and Sikh, Hindu and Chinese feast days.

A Commission spokeswoman said it had "realised the absence of some important European religious holidays, in particular Christmas". She added: "The Commission understands the sensitivity of the issue and regrets this incident. This oversight will be rectified in future editions of the diary."

Some 3 million copies of the latest edition of the Europe Diary have been sent to schools. The commission's spokeswoman said its main purpose was "inform young Europeans as consumers and citizens on issues like rights, choices as consumers [and] climate change".

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Planned Parenthood's Sexual Assault on Kids

The Planned Parenthood abortion business is continuing its mission to attract more eventual customers by using sexual education to build relationships.

As they have in the past, the abortion giant is seeking to push comprehensive sexual education on young people, and now it is taking the campaign further with a push to reach children.

UPDATE 2/6/12 - Planned Parenthood's Business Model: Hooking Kids on Sex (Warning: Sexually graphic video)

UPDATE 5/11/11: Sex Training by Kids is Planned Parenthood

UPDATE 12/16/11: Planned Parenthood Lures Teen clients via Texting

UPDATE 8/16/12: Planned Parenthood's Oral Sex Push Bad, Federal Report Shows

UPDATE 5/28/14: Louisiana Enacts Law to Bar Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed from Schools

UPDATE 6/13/14: Kinky Planned Parenthood Sex Advisor Caught, Fired

-- From "Planned Parenthood Launches ‘Social Change Initiative’ to Teach Parents How to Educate Children About Sex, Including Masturbation, Homosexuality" by Penny Starr, 12/29/10

. . . Planned Parenthood's Web site announced the group is preparing to launch a nationwide “social change initiative” to end the “stigma and shame about sex” in American culture.

The project aims to teach parents and caregivers how to educate children about sex -- from birth. And it recommends telling teenagers about masturbation, oral sex and “where to go for help to prepare to be sexually active.”

A "Parent Tips" section of the "Real Life. Real Talk" Web site says children are never too young to learn about sex. It states, in part:

“A child’s sexuality, sexual feelings, and sexual attitudes develop from the moment of Birth -- even before a child can speak. In fact, children start learning about sexuality through observation of family interaction and surroundings. When you don’t talk with your children about sexuality, you may give them the message that there is something wrong with sexuality and that it is not a topic you’re willing to discuss.”

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From "Planned Parenthood Launches New Sex Ed Program for Kids" by Steven Ertelt, 12/30/10

Planned Parenthood has a history of taking credit for the decline in teen births — even when the credit is undeserved.

The recently released CDC report entitled “State Disparities in Teenage Birth Rates in the United States” acknowledges that teenage birth rates have continued to decline since their peak in 1991. It then examines the ethnicity of teen mothers in 2007, and finds they are predominantly Hispanic and black in almost every state.

. . . Rita Diller, national director of Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) . . . notes the CDC report makes no mention of what type of sex education (or abstinence message) is used in a given state or geographic area.

“Planned Parenthood conveniently ignores the fact that the decrease in teen sexual activity and teen pregnancy coincide with the availability and popularity of giving abstinence messages to kids across the U.S. in the 1990s and into the 2000s,” she said.

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Obamanation: Americans See Less Religious Influence

Despite the public opinion spike in the aftermath of 9/11/2001 that religion was gaining influence on American life, since the 2009 inauguration of President Obama, Americans now believe, more than ever in 40 years of polling, that religion is waning in America.

-- From "Near-Record High See Religion Losing Influence in America" by Frank Newport, Gallup, Inc. 12/29/10

Seven in 10 Americans say religion is losing its influence on American life -- one of the highest such responses in Gallup's 53-year history of asking this question, and significantly higher than in the first half of the past decade.

Americans' views of the influence of religion in the U.S. have fluctuated substantially in the years since 1957, when Gallup first asked this question. At that point, perhaps reflecting the general focus on family values that characterized the Eisenhower era, 69% of Americans said religion was increasing its influence, the most in Gallup's history.

By the early 1990s, Americans became more convinced . . . that religion was losing its influence. These views persisted until a sharp reversal after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, when a number of social and political indicators, including presidential and congressional approval and overall satisfaction with the way things were going, showed substantial increases.

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From "Gallup: Belief That Religion Is Increasing Its Influence on American Life Hit 50-Year Peak After 9/11; Belief It's Losing Its Influence Hit 50-Year Peak After Inauguration of Obama" by Terence P. Jeffrey, 12/29/10

In polling done, May 7-10, 2009 (the first Gallup survey on the question after the inauguration of President Barack Obama), 76 percent said they thought religion was losing its influence on American life and 18 percent said they thought religion was increasing its influence on American life.

Before Obama’s January 20, 2009 inauguration, only two Gallup surveys had ever shown as many as 70 percent of Americans saying they thought religion was losing its influence on American life. Both of these polls came in the Vietnam-War era in the early days of the Nixon Administration.

The specific question Gallup asked is: “At the present time, do you think religion as a whole is increasing its influence on American life or losing its influence?”

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From "Poll: Religion's Influence Waning in America" By Nathan Black, Christian Post Reporter 12/30/10

According to the Gallup poll, released Wednesday, 54 percent of Americans say religion is "very important" in their lives, down slightly from the past two decades. Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who say religion is "not very important" continues to edge upward and is currently at 20 percent.

Membership in a church or synagogue has also continued to steadily fall. Today, 61 percent report church or synagogue membership. The percentage is the same as that recorded in 2007 and 2008 and is the lowest in Gallup's history of asking the question since 1937.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Same-sex 'Marriage' Via Purchasing of Politicians

How does a minority view representing about 3% of the population gain control in Congress? Follow the money . . . of Tim Gill.

Read related article: Obama 'In Bed' with Homosexuals for 2012

UPDATE 7/11/12: Lesbian Political Action Committee to raise $millions$ to influence elections

UPDATE 7/19/11: Gay Lobby Purchases Same-sex 'Marriage' in New York

UPDATE 4/22/11: Tim Gill's national Gill Action Fund buying Republican votes in New York Senate to pass same-sex 'marriage'

-- From "Gay rights take center stage in N.Y." by Ben Smith & Byron Tau, Politico 12/14/10

[The] low-profile Colorado millionaire, Tim Gill, and other gay donors financed a quiet . . . campaign that helped unseat three incumbent [New York] state legislators and opened a new phase in the politics of the gay rights movement that could have an even larger impact on the 2012 cycle. Under the New York model, well-funded gay rights groups will seek to make support for same-sex marriage as mandatory in blue America as allegiance to the Second Amendment is in red America — and to make opposition just as politically suicidal.

. . . Bill Smith, the deputy executive director of the Gill Action Fund, the donor’s political arm . . . [said] “This is the first time we’re going to name names and say, ‘We’re coming to get you because you’re against marriage equality.’ “The point is, when you vote against marriage equality, there are consequences.”

The New York campaign marks a sea change in the politics of same-sex marriage, one driven by a political context that — in Democratic-leaning states, at least — has changed dramatically in the past decade. In New York, for instance, the past half-decade has seen nearly every statewide Democrat shift his or her position into supporting full marriage equality, as public support in the most recent state polls hovers near 50 percent. Gill, a publicity-shy Coloradan who made his money in software, drew national attention in 2007, when The Atlantic revealed that he’d led a successful, stealth effort to unseat dozens of anti-gay state legislators across the country.

That has now changed.

Gay donors “came out of the closet with this,” said David Mixner, a veteran gay activist who called the New York campaign “transformational.”

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From "The Growing Power of the Gay Rights Movement" by Joshua Green, senior editor of The Atlantic and Boston Globe columnist 12/14/10

What was interesting about Gill in 2007 was that he was the rare major donor content to remain anonymous; indeed, his political strategy of quietly jumping into races at the last moment with boatloads of money to defeat anti-gay politicians depended upon it. Gill's great success in the last few years was influencing the makeup of Iowa's state legislature, knocking off opponents and supporting gay rights' advocates (not all of them vocal), in anticipation of the Iowa Supreme Court ruling upholding gay marriage. By the time that happened, the legislature had become amenable enough to gay marriage--largely as a result of Gill's years-long effort--that no law overturning the decision could pass. The court's ruling stood.

[Gill's] group is openly targeting anti-gay pols, and in a very devious, clever, and effective sort of way--mostly on issues other than gay marriage, which is often more damaging to the target. More than anything, I think, the story is a marker of just how rapidly gay rights have gained acceptance in the last three years.

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From "N.Y. Marriage: Hey, You Never Know" by Julie Bolcer, [pro-homosexual] 12/17/10

Groups like the Tim Gill–financed PAC Fight Back New York, the Empire State Pride Agenda, and the Human Rights Campaign demonstrated their ability to harness money and human power toward the defeat of incumbents who voted against marriage equality [a.k.a. same-sex marriage]. Targeted efforts in November ended the careers of two long-term incumbents, a Republican from Queens and a Democrat from Buffalo. The Queens victory in particular, coupled with pro-equality candidates’ sweep of statewide offices, sends a signal to lawmakers in nearby neighborhoods that it is time to support the bill, or else.

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Jesus Was First Palestinian to Die in Jihad: Muslims

Jesus was the first Palestinian martyr while the Virgin Mary was a Palestinian "par excellence," according to Palestinian Authority television.

-- From "Muslims: Jesus was 1st 'Palestinian martyr'" by Aaron Klein © 2010 WorldNetDaily 12/24/10

The television network, run by PA President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party, also implied the late Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat followed in the footsteps of Jesus.

"The shahid (martyr) President Yasser Arafat used to say: 'Jesus was the first Palestinian shahid.' I heard him say that sentence many times," stated Samih Ghanadreh, an author who was being interviewed on Fatah television earlier this month.

The word shahid, or martyr, is routinely used to describe suicide bombers or those who die while carrying out jihad.

Fatah officials routinely claim Jesus was a prophet for Islam.

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From "This Christmas, remember, 'Jesus was a Palestinian'" by Ryan Jones, Israel Today Magazine 12/26/10

Palestinian Media Watch, which provided translation of the above interview, reports that earlier in the year, the Communications and Education Authority of the ruling Palestinian faction Fatah issued this statement on its official website:

“If we are proud of the holiness of our land, then we are proud and pride ourselves that the first and most important holy woman among the nations and peoples is from the holy land: The Virgin Mary - the woman of love and peace - is of the nation of Palestine…”

A year earlier, Abbas’ appointed Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein, preached on PA TV that “Jesus was born in this land; he took his first steps in this land and spread his teachings [of Islam] in this land. He and his mother [Mary], we may say, were Palestinians par excellence.”

These examples confirm that among average Palestinians, it is an ingrained belief that Jesus, the Messiah of Israel, was a Palestinian and even a pre-Islam Muslim. All historic or religious ties between Jesus and the Jews have been severed, just as they have severed all historic and religious ties between the Jews and this land.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pres. Obama, Embrace Islam or Else: Terrorists

A leader of al-Shabab, Somalia's Islamist militia, threatened to launch terror attacks across America if President Obama doesn't embrace Islam.

UPDATE 9/24/13 - Surviving a Terrorist Attack: Deny Christ or Die

-- From "Somali Islamist insurgents threaten US attack" by The Associated Press 12/27/10

"We tell the American President Barack Obama to embrace Islam before we come to his country," said Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf.

Al-Shabab has not yet launched an attack outside Africa but Western intelligence has long been worried because the group targeted young Somali-Americans for recruitment. About 20 have traveled to Somalia for training and at least three were used as suicide bombers inside Somalia.

The radio message was recorded in the town of Afgoye, near the Somali capital, during a meeting of Shongole and Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys, formerly the leader of insurgent group Hizbul Islam. The two insurgent groups had clashed several times previously but announced a merger last week. Aweys said his group will fight under al-Shabab's command.

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From "Somalia: Rebel Leader Threatens U.S." by Mohammed Ibrahim, New York Times 12/27/10

The leader, Sheik Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, said . . . “We are united to put you in misery, and anyone who fights against God will not get help.”

Sheik Khalaf also addressed Mr. Obama, saying: “Give in and join Islam. God will reward you twice, or you will go the way former leaders like those who fought against Islam went.”

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From "Somali Militants to Obama: 'Embrace Islam or Else'" posted at 12/28/10

In July, al-Shabab terrorists coordinated suicide bombing attacks in Uganda that killed 76.

The group has openly acknowledged its alliance to al Qaeda, and Western intelligence sources say it is harboring one of the masterminds of the 1988 bombings of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people.

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Abortionists 'On the Ropes' in Courts

The mainstream media paints a bleak picture for abortion proponents as states across America increasingly enact abortion restrictions upheld by the Supreme Court.

-- From "Tests of 'Roe' more frequent since justices upheld late-term abortion ban in '07" by Robert Barnes, Washington Post Staff Writer 12/28/10

The importance of [the Nebraska "fetal pain" restriction] is likely to be felt far beyond Nebraska. Abortion opponents call it model legislation for other states and say it could provide a direct challenge to Supreme Court precedents that restrict government's ability to prohibit abortion before a fetus can survive outside the womb.

Critics of abortion hail the law as the most prominent and promising outcome of the Supreme Court's 2007 decision [banning late-term abortion].

The 5 to 4 decision in Gonzales v. Carhart turned away [abortionist LeRoy] Carhart's challenge to the federal ban on "partial birth" abortion and appeared to mark a significant change in the high court's balancing of a woman's right with the government's interest.

"I believe the decision was like planting a bunch of seeds, and we're just starting to see the shoots popping out of the ground," said Roger Evans, who is in charge of litigation for Planned Parenthood of America.

The Center for Reproductive Rights concluded that in 2010, state legislatures "considered and enacted some of the most extreme restrictions on abortion in recent memory, as well as passing laws creating dozens of other significant new hurdles."

To read all of this lengthy, in-depth article, CLICK HERE.

From "Pro-Lifers Look to Spread Fetal Pain Law" by Timberly Ross, Associated Press 12/9/10

Abortion rights foes emboldened by a new Nebraska law that restricts late-term procedures based on the disputed notion that fetuses can feel pain after 20 weeks are pushing for similar legislation in other states, particularly those where Republicans won big in November.

. . . Indiana, Iowa and Kentucky lawmakers have already started drafting bills similar to Nebraska's law, and abortion opponents are pushing lawmakers in Kansas, Maryland and Oklahoma to do the same.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, one of the nation's few late-term abortion providers who runs a clinic near Omaha, and his backer, the New York City-based Center for Reproductive Rights, have threatened to challenge the Nebraska law in court. Dionne Scott, a spokeswoman for the center, said it would file a challenge "when the circumstances are appropriate." But losing such a challenge would risk having the court throw away the viability standard in favor of a pain standard, which could be further lowered should it be proven fetuses feel can feel pain earlier than 20 weeks.

Abortion opponents in Kansas and Oklahoma say they're making a similar push for fetal pain legislation, but no lawmakers have publically announced their support.

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From "Anti-abortion push gains momentum" by Sarah Kliff, Politico 12/14/10

After serving four years in a Democratic-controlled Legislature, Iowa state GOP Rep. Matt Windschitl had become accustomed to his anti-abortion legislation languishing in committee.

But that all changed in November, when the Iowa House and the governor’s seat both flipped Republican. The Senate remains in Democratic control but with significantly tighter margins, all of which has Windschitl thinking that his bill banning late-term abortion, which he plans to introduce next year, has a fighting chance at passing.

Windschitl isn’t the only one sensing a sea change: Massive gains in statehouses and a promising new rhetorical strategy have anti-abortion advocates predicting a banner year — and abortion rights supporters bracing for the challenge.

They have reason to worry: Anti-abortion advocates are planning an aggressive strategy at both the state and the federal level. At a National Right to Life Committee state strategy conference last week — hastily convened after activists realized the extent of their legislative gains — the anti-abortion lobby announced it would focus on three model laws that have already seen some success on the ground.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Obama Administration Advances Gay Agenda at U.N.

Homosexualists worldwide celebrated after the United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of an amendment submitted by the U.S., and advocated by Hillary Clinton, to include sexual orientation in a resolution condemning unjustified slayings.

-- From "UN victory for gay rights supporters" posted at Reuters 12/22/10

The 192-nation U.N. General Assembly voted to restore a reference to killings due to sexual orientation that had been deleted from a resolution condemning unjustified slayings. The shift came after the United States submitted an amendment to restore the reference, which the General Assembly’s human rights committee removed last month from a resolution on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions that is adopted every two years.

The U.S. amendment that restored the reference to sexual orientation was adopted with 93 votes in favor, 55 against and 27 abstentions. The amended resolution was then approved with 122 yes votes, one against and 62 abstentions. (Saudi Arabia cast the sole vote against the resolution, and the United States was among those who abstained.)

Not everyone was happy. Zimbabwe’s U.N. Ambassador Chitsaka Chipaziwa told the General Assembly that there was no need to refer explicitly to sexual orientation: “We will not have it foisted on us. We cannot accept this, especially if it entails accepting such practices as bestiality, pedophilia and those other practices many societies would find abhorrent in their value systems.” A European diplomat later told Reuters that Chipaziwa’s statement was “disgraceful.”

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From "Gay advocates win victory at UN" by Anita Snow, The Associated Press 12/21/10

The battle underscores the divide between U.N. members with their diverse religious and cultural sensibilities on gay rights issues and sparked something of a culture war at the international body. . . . A coalition of African countries said it was "greatly alarmed" that the direct reference to sexual orientation was included, and called it an attempt "to create new rights, new standards or new groups."

President Obama said the vote "marks an important moment in the struggle for civil and human rights."

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. reintroduced the language to send an unequivocal message that "No one should be killed for who they are."

"Sadly, many people around the world continue to be targeted and killed because of their sexual orientation," she said. "These heinous crimes must be condemned and investigated wherever they occur."

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From "Gay rights in focus before UN vote" by The Associated Press 12/19/10

A culture war has broken out at the United Nations over whether gays should be singled out for the same protections as other minorities whose lives are threatened.

Benin, a largely Christian country of 8 million with a sizable Muslim population, argued that "sexual orientation had no legal foundation in any international human rights instruments." Morocco, an Arab country in north Africa that is almost exclusively Muslim, asserted that such selectivity "accommodated particular interests and groups over others" and urged all U.N. member states "to devote special attention to the protection of the family as the natural and fundamental unit of society."

More than two-thirds of U.N. members, many of them Muslim nations, are refusing to sign a separate United Nations statement condemning human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, especially with regard to the application of the death penalty and extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

Under the Bush administration in 2008, even the United States refused to join all other Western nations in signing that declaration, arguing that the broad framing of the language in the statement might conflict with U.S. laws.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "US Forces Vote on “Sexual Orientation” in General Assembly" by Lauren Funk & Samantha Singson, Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute 12/23/10

With support from the European Union, the Nordic countries and Canada, the US launched a massive campaign to re-insert “sexual orientation” into a UN resolution before final approval in the General Assembly. Reportedly, the US was working “at the highest levels” to push countries to support its amendment.

One delegation blasted the US-led attempt to reintroduce “sexual orientation” into the text as “international legal adventurism.”

President Obama applauded supporters of the US amendment. In a statement, Obama said, “While today’s adoption of an inclusive resolution is important, so too are the conversations that have now begun in capitals around the world about inclusion, equality, and discrimination.”

The high-level political pressure exerted in this resolution caps an aggressive year-long campaign by the Obama administration to push “sexual orientation” issues at the UN and domestically.

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Students Disciplined for Spreading Christmas Cheer

Students at Battlefield High School in Haymarket, Virginia walked the halls before school singing Christmas carols and passing out candy canes, but administrators who punished the students said that "not everyone wants Christmas cheer."

-- From "Candy Cane Controversy at Battlefield H.S." posted at NBC-TV4 Washington, D.C. 12/22/10

On Monday, 10 boys -- who call themselves members of the Christmas Sweater Club -- went to school carrying bags of candy canes. While singing carols, the young men distributed the treats in the school hallway.

According to school authorities, the treat-sharing degenerated into a food fight. As a result, each of the 10 candy cane sharers was given two hours of detention.

Parents of the Christmas Sweater Club think that their children are being wrongfully punished.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Christmas Sweater Club Punished At Local High School" by Peggy Fox, TV-9NEWS NOW & 12/22/10

The boys say they were just tossing small two-inch candy canes to fellow students as they entered school. The ones in plastic wrap that are so small they often break apart.

Skylar Torbett, also a junior, said administrators told him, "They said the candy canes are weapons because you can sharpen them with your mouth and stab people with them." He said neither he nor any of their friend did that.

The boys admitted their incident may have caused litter since some kids dropped their candy canes on the floor. But Cameron Gleason said he spent an hour cleaning up the dropped candy.

Mother Kathleen Flannery said an administrator called her and explained "not everyone wants Christmas cheer. That suicide rates are up over Christmas, and that they should keep their cheer to themselves, perhaps."

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eons of Godless Human Evolution? NOT, Say 84% of Americans

According to a new Gallup poll, only 16% of Americans believe that humans evolved over millions of years without any involvement of 'a god.' A plurality of respondents, 40% believe that God created humans in their present form about 10,000 years ago.

UPDATE 12/27/10: Archaeological discovery of human remains in Israel counters current evolution theory

-- From "Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism" by Frank Newport, Gallup, Inc.

A small minority of Americans hold the "secular evolution" view that humans evolved with no influence from God -- but the number has risen from 9% in 1982 to 16% today. At the same time, the 40% of Americans who hold the "creationist" view that God created humans as is 10,000 years ago is the lowest in Gallup's history of asking this question, and down from a high point of 47% in 1993 and 1999. There has been little change over the years in the percentage holding the "theistic evolution" view that humans evolved under God's guidance.

Americans' views on human origins vary significantly by level of education and religiosity. Those who are less educated are more likely to hold a creationist view. Those with college degrees and postgraduate education [in other words, indoctrinated] are more likely to hold one of the two viewpoints involving evolution.

These views have been generally stable over the last 28 years. Acceptance of the creationist viewpoint has decreased slightly over time, with a concomitant rise in acceptance of a secular evolution perspective. But these shifts have not been large, and the basic structure of beliefs about human beings' origins is generally the same as it was in the early 1980s.

Americans' attitudes about almost anything can and often do have political consequences. Views on the origins of humans are no exception. Debates and clashes over which explanations for human origins should be included in school textbooks have persisted for decades. With 40% of Americans continuing to hold to an anti-evolutionary belief about the origin of humans, it is highly likely that these types of debates will continue.

To read the entire article and view trend graphs, CLICK HERE.

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Boy Created Artificially to Cure Sister's Disease

With the help of the British National Health Service, Katie and Andy Matthews' Christmas gift to their 9-year-old daughter Megan is a brother whose body components, it is hoped, will save her life.

“To manufacture a person in this way is to offend against the respect that is due to the integrity of that person, no matter how compelling the goal of trying to cure.”

-- From "Boy born to save his big sister: 'Saviour sibling' brings hope to his family and makes medical history" by Rachel Ellis, London Daily Mail 12/23/10

Toddler Max Matthews . . . became the first ‘saviour sibling’ to be created in the UK after doctors cultivated embryos that could provide stem cells to treat Megan’s condition.

Now, blood taken from 17-month-old Max’s umbilical cord and bone marrow has been successfully used in a transplant for Megan, who suffers from Fanconi anaemia and was not expected to live beyond seven years old.

The £6,000 procedure that led to Max’s birth was paid for by the NHS as a last chance to help Megan.

While saviour siblings have been born before with the help of U.S. laboratories, this is the first time medics have carried out the entire process in the UK.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gift of life at Christmas" by Mike Last, King's Lynn News (U.K.) 12/24/10

Doctors had initially tested Megan’s existing brother, Stuart, 11, only to find he was not a match to treat his sister against the effects of Fanconi’s Anaemia, a rare and inherited disease which made her likely to get cancer.

Her parents carried out a worldwide search for a potential bone marrow donor, but without success.

They then looked at a special fertility group’s tissue typing programme and underwent a single round of IVF in Nottingham to produce six embryos, which were tested for the disease and to find a possible match.

Two of the embryos were found to be free of the disease and a tissue match, and these were transferred to the mother. [. . . and the other four embryos???]

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From "UK’s first controversial ‘saviour sibling’ transplant" posted at The Christian Institute (U.K.) 12/22/10

However there is great concern about the psychological impact on a saviour sibling.

Critics caution that a child could grow up thinking they are loved only because of their ‘spare-parts’.

Or if they fail to save their sibling they could end up carrying a burden of guilt and failure.

Critics also say the practice opens the door to ‘designer’ babies, where children are created to parental specification.

And creating children for ‘spare parts’ values people for their mechanical usefulness rather than their intrinsic human dignity.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Muslims Say 'Christmas is Evil'

A British Muslim group called Islam4UK is distributing posters entitled 'the evils of Christmas' with a parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

-- From "'Christmas is evil': Muslim group launches poster campaign against festive period" by London Daily Mail Reporter 12/23/10

Organisers plan to put up thousands of placards around the UK claiming the season of goodwill is responsible for rape, teenage pregnancies, abortion, promiscuity, crime and paedophilia.

They hope the campaign will help 'destroy Christmas' in this country and lead to Britons converting to Islam instead.

According to the posters, Christmas is also to responsible for paganism, domestic violence, homelessness, vandalism, alcohol and drugs.

Another offence of Christmas, it proclaims, is 'claiming God has a son'.

The bottom of the poster declares: 'In Islam we are protected from all of these evils. We have marriage, family, honour, dignity, security, rights for man, woman and child.'

The campaign's organiser is 27-year-old Abu Rumaysah, who once called for Sharia Law in Britain at a press conference held by hate preacher leader Anjem Choudary, the leader of militant group Islam4UK.

He said: 'Christmas is a lie and as Muslims it is our duty to attack it.'

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Americans: Christmas, YES! . . . Jesus, Not So Much

Studies show that Christmas is a time of family gatherings, with celebration and gift giving, but the holiday's name-sake ranks with only a third of respondents. So, not surprisingly, barely one percent of mainstream news media Christmas coverage mentions God, much less Jesus.

-- From "Many skip Christmas' religious aspect" by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY 12/20/10

Two new surveys find more than nine in 10 Americans celebrate the holiday — even if they're atheists, agnostics or believers in non-Christian faiths such as Judaism and Islam.

The surveys — by LifeWay and USA TODAY/Gallup — indicate that while most call this a holy day that is primarily religious, their actions say otherwise. Many skip church, omit Jesus and zero in on the egg nog.

The percentages plummet when it comes to religious activities:

• 58% say they "encourage belief in Jesus Christ as savior."

• 47% attend church Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

• 34% watch "biblical Christmas movies."

• 28% read or tell the Christmas story from the Bible.

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From "Guess who's not mentioned in Christmas coverage" by Bob Unruh © 2010 WorldNetDaily 12/20/10

Christmas stories, even on networks, might mention, just occasionally, Jesus, right?

Right. A whopping 1.3 percent of the time.

That's the result of an analysis by the Culture & Media Institute on the number of times ABC, CBS and NBC mentioned Christ or God during their [news] coverage of Christmas over a period of two years.

There would seem to be justification for mentioning the reason for the season, as Congress declared Dec. 25 a federal holiday in 1870 and some 80 percent of Americans self-identify as Christian, "so it's safe to say that they are not offended by the words 'Christ,' 'God' and "Jesus,'" the report said.

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ACLU Christmas Warning to Schools Labeled Terrorism

Homeland security officials labeled the ACLU threatening letters to 137 Tennessee schools as “terrorism events and other suspicious activity.” The letter warned that reducing Christmas nomenclature to “Winter Holiday” isn't good enough, rather, the entire seasonal celebration must be eliminated because Muslim holiday's are not celebrated.

-- From "ACLU Warns Schools . . ." posted at Cookeville Times 12/8/10

School superintendents across the state were reminded by the ACLU this week that holiday celebrations focusing primarily on one religious holiday amount to an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) letter, addressed to 137 public shool leaders across the state, stated that it was responding to a number of complaints from families about school party activites this Christmas season.

Said one area teacher (name withheld), "I respect people of different faiths, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to eliminate my own from my work and and my classroom. I can enjoy Christmas as Christmas without worrying that I'm going to offend someone. My money still says that I trust in God. Are they going to stop me from using that, too?"

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "ACLU targets Christmas in TN schools" by Bill Bumpas, OneNewsNow 12/17/10

. . . David Cortman, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) [said the letter is] "...basically saying that if you're going to celebrate any aspect of Christmas at all, then you're constitutionally required to celebrate every holiday -- which of course is not true."

ADF has responded with a letter of its own to the school districts, informing them they do not have to deny students and teachers their constitutionally protected right to recognize Christmas just because of the threats issued by the ACLU. "It's just the ACLU using their bully pulpit to try to whitewash anything religious from society, even if that includes Christmas," states Cortman.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "ACLU bristles over terror list" by Andy Sher, Chattanooga Times Free Press 12/22/10

State anti-terrorism officials listed the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee on an Internet map detailing "terrorism events and other suspicious activity" after the group warned schools to ensure holiday celebrations "are inclusive."

ACLU-Tennessee Executive Director Hedy Weinberg called the Tennessee Fusion Center's tracking of First Amendment-protected activity "deeply disturbing."

Tennessee's Fusion Center was created in 2007, one of dozens established nationwide following the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The purpose was to help state agencies pool and analyze information about terrorism and other threats. It is a collaborative effort by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Tennessee Office of Homeland Security.

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From "ACLU placed on Tennessee terror map for letter to schools" by Daniel Tencer, Raw Story Media 12/23/10

A fusion center spokesman told the Nashville City Paper that it was a mistake to have labeled the ACLU's letter as a "terrorist" event and said the tag on the map should have been labeled "general information."

But the City Paper found that the ACLU icon had instead been reclassified as "general terrorism news."

"You can argue that you don’t like the word terrorism in there, but it’s just general news that’s provided," fusion center spokesman Mike Browning responded to City Paper. "That’s the general news category. It doesn’t have anything to do with terrorism. It was just provided to schools as general information."

"After the City Paper pointed out to Browning that the entire map was labeled 'terrorism events and other suspicious activity' on the website, that was changed to 'open source news reports,'" the paper reported.

As of Thursday evening, the icon identifying the ACLU appeared to have been removed from the map altogether.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where's the Line to See Jesus?

Christian Becky Kelley sings a new Christmas YouTube 'viral' hit with her family and church choir. "We say 'Merry Christmas' NOT Happy Holidays," she says.

UPDATE December 2012: YouTube video views nearing 4 million

-- From "'Where's the Line to See Jesus?' is a YouTube hit" by Deb Peterson, St. Louis Post Dispatch 12/11/10

A holiday song prompted by a 4-year-old's question, "Where's the Line to See Jesus?" and recorded locally by our town's Becky Kelley has gone viral on YouTube with more than a half a million hits in fewer than two weeks. [Over two million by Christmas Day.]

"I'm blown away," Kelley said. "DJ's are calling and asking me, 'Who are you? Do you have anything else? What other records do you have.' And I have to tell them this is it. I don't have anything else."

The song was prompted by a question Kelley's nephew Spencer Reijgers asked while they were standing in line at a mall to see Santa. She mentioned it to her father, Steve Haupt, a St. Louis business owner with a background as a pianist, and he wrote a song around the idea.

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From "Where's The Line To See Jesus?" by Don Corrigan, editor-in-chief, South County Times (St. Louis) 12/24/10

"The song has really taken off," said Kelley. "It's really kept me busy. I think the message is one that resonates right now, when there is concern about keeping Jesus as part of the Christmas celebration."

Kelley is married to Nathan Kelley and the couple has one child, Grace. Kelley explained that her song is a family - and extended family - production. Members of her church, the McKnight Road Church of Christ, provide a backup chorus for the recording.

"My church loves it," said Kelley. "And it's so great to have some of the church choir doing the song and being part of the video."

"Our family has always been pretty musical," said Haupt. "We've been doing a Christmas CD for years that we send out to friends and relatives. I did a little CD to send to a select few right after I heard about the Jesus comment of my grandson, and people said they were moved to tears and we had to do more with it.

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Lyrics to "Where's the Line to See Jesus?"

Christmas time was approaching, the snow is starting to fall,
Shoppers choosing their presents, people filling the mall,
Children waiting for Santa with excitement and glee.
A little boy tugged my sweater, looked up and asked me,

Where's the line to see Jesus? Is He here at the store?
If Christmas time is His birthday, why don't we see Him more?

As I stood in amazement at this message profound,
I looked down to thank him, he was no where around.
The little boy at the mall might as well have had wings
As the tears filled my eyes, I thought I heard him sing,

Where's the line to see Jesus? Is He here at the store?
If Christmas time is His birthday, why don't we see Him more?
Where's the line to see Jesus? He was born for me.
Santa Claus brought me presents, but Christ gave His life for me.

In the blink of an eye, at the sound of His trump,
We'll all stand in line at His throne.
Every knee shall bow down, every tongue will confess,
That Jesus Christ is Lord.

Where's the line to see Jesus? Is He here at the store?
If Christmas time is His birthday, why don't we see Him more?
Where's the line to see Jesus? He was born for me.
Santa Claus brought me presents, but Christ gave His life for me.

Where's the line . . .
Where's the line . . .
Where's the line . . .
For the Lord?

ACLU to Feds: Force Abortion on Catholics

The American Civil Liberties Union put the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on notice that forcing abortion in Catholic hospitals will be their next attack on religious liberty.

-- From "ACLU: Catholic hospitals must save women" posted at UPI 12/22/10

[The ACLU letter cited] the actions of Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix. Olmsted Tuesday declared St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix no longer follows Catholic teaching.

Olmsted excommunicated Sister Margaret McBride, a hospital vice president, after she participated in the decision. Doctors had said the woman, 11 weeks pregnant, was likely to die if the pregnancy continued.

"The Bishop's drastic and heavy-handed actions send a chilling message to Catholic hospitals throughout the country, as well as their employees: If hospitals comply with federal law and provide emergency abortion care there will be consequences," the ACLU said. "The dioceses cannot be permitted to dictate who lives and who dies in Catholic-owned hospitals."

The bishop said the hospital has been complicit in other violations through Mercy Care Plan, the state plan that provides health coverage for the poor. His adviser on medical ethics said St. Joseph's has eased the way for people covered by the plan who want contraception and sterilization, even if the hospital is not directly involved.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Abortion fight at Catholic hospital pushes ACLU to seek federal help" by Rob Stein, Washington Post Staff Writer 12/22/10

"We continue to applaud St. Joseph's for doing what is right by standing up for women's health and complying with federal law," five ACLU attorneys wrote in a letter to Donald Berwick, the CMS administrator, and his deputy, Marilyn Tavenner.

"But this confrontation never should have happened in the first place, because no hospital - religious or otherwise - should be prohibited from saving women's lives and from following federal law."

The letter was a follow-up to a complaint the ACLU sent to CMS in July asking for a federal investigation of similar problems at Catholic hospitals across the country, including refusals to provide emergency contraception to rape victims or perform abortions on women having miscarriages.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Barney Frank Claims 'Radical Homosexual Agenda'

Now that there's bipartisan support for 'gay rights' in D.C., Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) has 'come out of the closet' to proclaim that there's always been a 'radical homosexual agenda' and that the next two battles are the destruction of marriage (repeal DOMA) and the end of religious liberty (ENDA).

-- From "Rep. Barney Frank admits to pushing a radical homosexual agenda" by Eric Ross, San Francisco LGBT Issues Examiner 12/22/10

Rep. Barney Frank gave a speech where he discusses the radical homosexual agenda. He has often been accused of pushing this radical agenda and he wanted to clarify things to the American people. According to Rep. Frank, the radical homosexual agenda consists of the following:
•To be protected against violent crimes driven by bigotry [so-called Hate Crimes]

•To be able to get married [repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)]

•To be able to get a job [Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA) - Ends religious liberty]

•To be able to fight for our country [repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"]
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From "For Him, It’s Personal" by Andrew Phelps, WBUR NPR radio (Boston) 12/22/10

On Tuesday, at a enrollment ceremony for the “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal, Frank declared progress:

“Four years ago, a Republican running for Congress in Indiana said, don’t vote for his Democratic opponent because if he won, Nancy Pelosi would become speaker and she would let me enact the radical homosexual agenda,” he said.

“So, let me own up to that agenda. It’s to be protected against violent crimes driven by bigotry. It’s to be able to get married. It’s to be able to get a job and it’s to be able to fight for our country. Hey, for those who are worried about the radical homosexual agenda, let me put them on notice — two down, two to go.”

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IVF: Women Living & Procreating Without Men

Americans have a unique opportunity to observe the demise of the family unit in Europe. For example, in the U.K., where laws favoring fatherhood have been discarded, we see that given the choice, many women prefer motherhood without men.

UPDATE 9/28/15 - Virgin Births: IVF Eliminating Fatherhood

-- From "The soaring rate of 'no-father' families: Lesbian couples and single women rush for IVF" by Jenny Hope, U.K. Daily Mail 12/20/10

There has been a doubling of lesbian couples undergoing fertility treatment, while three times as many women are taking the plunge into single parenthood.

The legal changes affecting such families came in the 2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which allowed birth certificates to record two mothers or two fathers.

The same Act scrapped the requirement for fertility doctors to consider a child’s need for a male role model before giving IVF treatment.

When the law was changed many Christian groups and campaigners for traditional family values warned it would further undermine the role of fathers.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rep. Barney Frank: Showering with Homosexuals

Congressman Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) says that homosexuals and heterosexuals are showering together all across America, every day, and . . . "says he agrees with the recommendation of a Department of Defense (DOD) working group that straight and gay military personnel of the same gender should be required to shower together when the repeal of the 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' law goes into effect."

UPDATE 12/22/10: Barney Frank Claims 'Radical Homosexual Agenda'

-- From "Barney Frank: Straight and Gay Soldiers Must Shower Together, But Not Men and Women" by Nicholas Ballasy, 12/21/10

Frank, however, said Armed Forces personnel of opposite sexes should not shower together.

“What do you think happens in gyms all over America? What do you think happens in the House of Representatives? Of course people shower with homosexuals. What a silly issue. What do you think goes wrong with showering with homosexuals? Do you think the spray makes it catching? I mean people shower with homosexuals in college dormitories, in gyms where people play sports; in gyms elsewhere. It is a complete non-issue.” Frank told

Frank was also asked if he thinks male and female military personnel should be able to shower together.

“No that would disrupt people,” he said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Beyond 'don't ask, don't tell': How is military planning to make it work?" by Anna Mulrine, Staff writer, Christian Science Monitor 12/20/10

In the months ahead, the military will be grappling with questions like whether there should be separate bathroom facilities for homosexual soldiers, for example, and whether same-sex partners will have the right to the same benefits that heterosexual spouses do.

The matter of same-sex bathrooms is far more straightforward, according to the recommendations of the military leaders who headed up the Pentagon’s recent study on attitudes towards gay troops serving openly in the military. “In the course of our review, we heard from a very large number of service members about their discomfort with sharing bathroom facilities or living quarters with those they know to be gay or lesbian,” the report’s authors conceded. “Some went so far to suggest that a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may even require separate bathroom and shower facilities for gay men and lesbians.”

The task force study’s leaders, Gen. Carter Ham and Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s top lawyer, agreed on their response to this particular request – that separate bathroom facilities “would do more harm than good” and would be impractical to enforce. “The creation of a third and possibly fourth category of bathroom facilities and living quarters, whether at bases or forward deployed areas, would be a logistical nightmare, expensive, and impossible to administer,” they wrote.

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Forced Abortions NOT Outlawed in Canada

Abortionists' interests were satisfied as lawmakers, including Prime Minister Harper, opposed a bill to forbid forced abortion, including by coercion; the vote was 178 to 97.

-- From "Canada PM Harper Chided for Vote on Forced Abortion Bill" by Steven Ertelt, 12/21/10

In the aftermath of the vote in the Canadian House of Commons on a bill the prevent forced and pressured abortions, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is coming under fire for opposing the measure.

Harper has said all along he doesn’t want to open Canada’s abortion debate but the legislation, modeled after successful bills in the United States that don’t affect the status of legalized abortion, was defeated by MPs.

Paul Wells of Macleans noted Harper took the unusual step of voting on the measure.

Conservative MP Rod Bruinooge (Winnipeg South) sponsored the bill, C-510, and it had the support of many Conservatives, including members of Harper’s own Cabinet: Stockwell Day, Jason Kenney and Gail Shea, among others. But Harper voted with other cabinet members James Moore and Lawrence Cannon in opposing the measure.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "MPs vote down bill to stop coerced abortion" by Brian Lilley, Parliamentary Bureau, Toronto Sun 12/15/10

While Harper and many Conservatives voted against the bill, ten Liberals supported it.

Roxanne’s Law was named for Roxanne Fernando, a young Winnipeg woman who was killed after refusing demands from her boyfriend to have an abortion. The woman’s brutally beaten body was discovered in a snow filled ditch outside of Winnipeg in February 2007.

“I just think it’s legally unnecessary,” Heritage Minister James Moore said. “Those protections already exist in the criminal code. That was the justice minister’s assessment and I agree with him.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Lawmakers OK with forced abortions" by Michael Carl © 2010 WorldNetDaily 12/16/10

In a statement for the press, Association for Reformed Political Action Director Mark Penninga says the defeat doesn't reflect well on Canada's leaders.

"What kind of leaders refuse to protect pregnant women who want to keep their child? We need to ask the MPs who voted against it how exactly they can justify their vote, especially given that all of the arguments raised in the House against it were answered in detail," Penninga said.

Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada President Joyce Arthur says she is pleased by the vote.

"One of the biggest problems with the bill, of course, is that it was focusing on abortion only, when we know that women are also coerced into child birth," Arthur continued.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Christmas Trees Hazardous to Non-christians' Health

A newly released study found that Christmas tree displays can “harm the emotional well-being” of those who do not celebrate the holiday.

-- From "Christmas trees 'make non-Christians feel excluded'" by Andy Bloxham, The Telegraph (U.K.) 12/20/10

Researchers at Simon Fraser University in Canada, found non-Christians feel less self-assured and have fewer positive feelings if a Christmas tree was in the room.

Michael Schmitt, a social psychologist behind the research, decided to carry out the study after controversy over whether Christmas should be celebrated in public in case it offends non-Christians.

He said: "Simply having this 12-inch Christmas tree in the room with them made them feel less included in the university as a whole, which to me is a pretty powerful effect from one 12-inch Christmas tree in one psychology lab.

The researchers published their results in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Study: Christmas Trees Make Those Who Don’t Celebrate Holiday Feel Excluded" by NewsCore, posted at WNYW TV-5 New York 12/20/10

Researchers at Canada’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) studied the psychological effect that Christmas displays have by asking test participants to work in a room that either contained a Christmas tree or did not.

Participants with non-Christian religious backgrounds – Sikhs and Buddhists, for instance – reported less self-assurance and feeling less included at the university when they were in the presence of a Christmas tree.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "JPMorgan Chase Bank has a change of heart regarding Christmas Tree in Southlake" by Rene Girard, Fort Worth Examiner 12/5/10

JP Morgan Chase quickly became known as the scrooge of the banking industry when it ordered a Christmas tree removed from the lobby of the Chase bank in Southlake, TX but it appears that someone in corporate has had a change of heart regarding the removal of this holiday icon.

The Christmas tree was a gift from local businessman Antonio Morales because, as he told CBS 11 news: "I want the bank that I bank at to always have a beautiful tree."

After corporate caught wind of the structure, and claimed people found the Christmas tree to be offensive, instructions were to take it down - and Mr. Morales complied.

[But two days later] Mr. Greg Hassell, spokesperson for JPMorgan Chase [said] . . . "We have a policy of not accepting gifts from customers, but we are applying common sense here and putting the tree back up at our own expense. We are thankful for Mr. Morales' nice gesture."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Bank Forced to Take Down Religious Signs, Symbols On Display" by Nicole Burgin, KRMG radio Tulsa, OK 12/17/10

. . . an Oklahoma bank says it had to take down religious signs and symbols. The crosses on the teller's counter, the button that said 'Merry Christmas, God With Us' and the Bible verse of the day apparently violated bank regulations. A Federal Reserve examiner was at the bank in Perkins, Oklahoma, north of Oklahoma City, last week and visits every four years to make sure the bank complies with federal regulations.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Christmas Trees Must Be Surrounded by Other Symbols at Oregon School District" posted posted at 12/15/10

In an effort to remain neutral, students at a public school district in Oregon reportedly won't see a Christmas tree by itself, but may spot the holiday symbol alongside other religious decorations.

Ashland School District Superintendent Juli Di Chiro told the district's school board on Monday that a committee studied the rulings of about a dozen court cases regarding school holiday displays before crafting the new guidelines, the Ashland Daily Tidings reports.

District officials implemented the new guidelines this year following a controversy at Bellview Elementary School last December, when Principal Michelle Zundel removed a tree because a family complained that it was a religious symbol. After dozens of parents and students protested the decision, Zundel replaced the tree and allowed students to decorate it with symbols from their own religions, the newspaper reports.

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