Monday, June 25, 2007

High School GSAs: not as innocent as they may seem

From "GSAs: not as innocent as they may seem" posted 6/25/07 at California Catholic Daily

The Gay Straight Alliance, which has clubs for homosexual and lesbian students on college, high school, and, now middle school campuses, this month promoted a “Pleasure Physiology and Sex Toys” workshop in its internet publication, GSA Network News.

The workshop, hosted by the San Francisco-based Center for Sex and Culture, was scheduled for June 14 at the Pacific Center in Berkeley. The Center, said the News, “will encourage your personal sexual exploration in this fun, informative workshop. Join us for a discussion on pleasure physiology and sexual response, and learn how to choose and use sex toys safely.”

The workshop, the News, “is for youth 14 and over,” but those “under 18 need permission from a parent/guardian to attend.” Further, “this event is also free free free @ the Pacific Center,” said the News, “so come on down and invite a friend won't cha.”

The Center for Sex and Culture says its mission is “to provide non-judgmental, sex-positive sexuality education and support to diverse populations.” The Center says it is “not the only organization trying to effect sex-positive c
ultural change,” but, unlike other organizations that do “sexuality education,” the Center wants “to make ourselves available to the widest range of people we can, with classes that run the gamut from informational to experiential.”

You might be wondering exactly what is a "sex-positive cultural change?" It means societal approval for sex acts with any 'gender', any number of people, at any age...(Please see the 1972 Gay Rights Platform.)

The only truly safe and positive place for sex is within the bounds of heterosexual, monogamous marriage. This is what society should encourage and endorse.

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