Monday, July 31, 2006

A Shameful Trend

Louis Uchitelle and David Leonhart of the NYT wrote a feature story entitled: Men Not Working, and Not Wanting Just Any Job.

Sometimes a good, hard-working man loses his job and has a very hard time finding another - sometimes the human body gives out and a man must rely on disability income. But that's not what this article addresses.

This article is about the growing trend of healthy men deciding not to work...because they prefer to sleep 9.5 hrs/day, because they prefer to read and play piano, because they view the jobs available to them as beneath their dignity, because they choose to rely on their wife's income.

What does the Bible have to say about this?
  • Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men - Col 3:23
  • Make it your ambition with your hands - I Thes 4:11
  • If a man will not work, he shall not eat - II Thes 3:10
  • If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever - I Tim 5:8

Not only is a man to provide for his family, but he is supposed to work so that he can contribute to the church and to the needs of others - the poor, those who face some emergency, missionaries, etc.

This story points to the unabashed selfishness of our society. It is shameful.

Heartbreaking: Baby Born at Abortion Clinic, Murdered

Who will weep for this little one?

According to witnesses, an unnamed young woman who was 23 weeks into her pregnancy went to the A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center abortion facility for an abortion.

Police say the 18 year-old woman went for the abortion on Thursday and came back the next day complaining of severe stomach pains. Abortion facility staff told her the abortion practitioner was not available and that she would have to wait.

After being taken to a waiting area, the woman allegedly gave birth to the baby that she thought had been aborted the day before.
(I suppose it would have been "a clump of cells" or a "fetus" the day before - 24 hours later, magically, it's now a baby!)

''Employees cut the umbilical cord, put the baby in a bag and walked away with it," Hialeah Lt. Ralph Gracia told a local CBS television station.

Officials say an anonymous caller, who they believe is an employee at the abortion business, alerted them to the birth and the infanticide of the child afterwards.

However, when police arrived at the abortion facility, the baby's body was missing.
The came back a second time Friday evening and found the dead baby in a biohazard bag. Detectives say abortion facility staff likely moved the baby's body the first time to avoid detection.
The baby was reportedly 12 inches long and weighed 2-3 pounds, according to the CBS station. That's a lot of cells...and that's a viable human being had he received proper medical care.

Belkis Gonzalez of Miramar, Florida, owns the abortion facility and another in Miramar, which has run afoul of state regulations on numerous occasions. It was closed last year after three employees were found to be unlicensed.
The facility has run afoul of God's regulations, too. Everytime a baby's precious life is taken in some barbaric manner.

A Florida abortion clinic in Orlando was accused last year of refusing to assist an infant reportedly born alive, despite the mother’s pleas for help.

A Mind for God

To be fully human is to think.

The apostle Paul calls us to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor 10:5). But James Emery White fears that Western Christians are failing in this task. Because we have not developed good intellectual habits, our minds instead have been captured by our culture.

A Mind for God is written to help us break free from this cultural captivity through the spiritual and intellectual disciplines of reading, study and reflection. This inspirational and practical "rule for the mind" encourages and enables us to develop our minds for God.

The book also includes book lists and resources for learning.

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Durbin Blocks Parental Notification Law

Illinois Senator and Assistant Minority Leader Senator Dick Durbin is using a procedural move to block important parental notification legislation. The bill was passed by overwhelming margins in both houses of Congress and now must go to conference in order to reconcile the two versions. On Wed night, Durbin filed an objection to appointing members to the conference. As a result, this act can not move forward until his objection is removed or overruled. (Read more here.)

Recommended Action: Contact Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama - by phone, today! Let them know you don't appreciate this tactic and that you want S403 moved to conference without further delay.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist
Washington, DC 202-224-3344

Senator Dick Durbin
Washington, D.C. 312-353-4952
Chicago 217-492-4062
Springfield 618-998-8812

Senator Barack Obama
Washington, D.C. 312-886-3506
Chicago 217-492-5089
Springfield 618-997-2402

Church and Culture

The New York Times ran a story on Gregory Boyd, who serves as pastor at Woodland Hills Church (Baptist General Conference) in St Paul. It seems Mr Boyd grew weary of passionate Christians approaching him with enthusiasm over their ministries - working to end abortion or to prevent homosexual marriage. So he preached six sermons entitled “The Cross and the Sword” in which he declared that the church should
...steer clear of politics, give up moralizing on sexual issues, stop claiming the United States as a “Christian nation” and stop glorifying American military campaigns.
In response to being castigated for "hypocrisy and pettiness," about 1000 members (20%) walked out the door. (As well they should have. The first instruction given to the Gentile Christians was to abstain from sexual immorality - Acts 15.)

But there were also congregants who thanked Mr. Boyd, telling him they were moved to tears to hear him voice concerns they had been too afraid to share.

“Most of my friends are believers,” said Shannon Staiger, a psychotherapist and church member, “and they think if you’re a believer, you’ll vote for Bush. And it’s scary to go against that.”

Scary? It's scary that she isn't familiar with I Pet 3:13-17. If you can't answer confidently for your voting decisions, speaking to a fellow believer with whom you are in an accountability relationship, then how will you answer for them to God? How will you find the courage to speak the whole counsel of God to a rebellious and hostile culture?

Some Woodland Hills members said they applauded the sermons because they had resolved their conflicted feelings. David Churchill, a truck driver for U.P.S. and a Teamster for 26 years, said he had been “raised in a religious-right home” but was torn between the Republican expectations of faith and family and the Democratic expectations of his union.

When Mr. Boyd preached his sermons, “it was liberating to me,” Mr. Churchill said.

Revealing of Mr. Churchill's priorities.

Still trying to discern? Here's another clue:
Mary Van Sickle, the family pastor at Woodland Hills, said she lost 20 volunteers who had been the backbone of the church’s Sunday school.
At most congregations, those who teach tend to be the more knowledgeable, the stronger, the more mature. Those folks departed...

Mr Boyd suggested that Christians should not seek power over others, but should seek to have power under others. Ironic words from a man who had responsibility for 5000 souls. Did that happen by accident or was he seeking a leadership position? And what, then, is the meaning of Prov 22:29...
Do you see a man skilled in his work?
He will serve before kings;
he will not serve before obscure men.

Yes, the Bible does teach that we must humble ourselves if we wish to be exalted, that we must serve in order to lead. But we are also taught to be salt and light in the culture, to use our gifts and talents...and these principles are not in conflict.

“I don’t think there’s a particular angle we have on society that others lack. All good, decent people want good and order and justice. Just don’t slap the label ‘Christian’ on it.” - Mr. Boyd
That quote actually brings me to tears. Because he is actually saying that Jesus Christ died in vain - that His righteousness is not necessary because we're already essentially good. He is saying that Christianity is of equivalent moral value to Islam, Buddha, secular humanism, communism, whatever. We don't have anything special to offer our nation or our neighbors because, afterall, all "good, decent" people want the same things, don't they?

If there were any doubt left, understand that our self-avowed enemies perceive Mr. Boyd as a friend to their cause. But to leave you on a more hopeful note...

When we joined years ago, Greg was a conservative speaker,” said William Berggren, a lawyer who joined the church with his wife six years ago. “But we totally disagreed with him on this. You can’t be a Christian and ignore actions that you feel are wrong. A case in point is the abortion issue. If the church were awake when abortion was passed in the 70’s, it wouldn’t have happened. But the church was asleep.”
Mr. Berggren, I hope to meet you and shake your hand.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Illinois Review on "Preschool for All"

Followup to last Tuesday's post...

Illinois Review suggests that we should be very concerned over Blagojevich's preschool expansion. Is the real motive behind this move an intention to reduce the compulsory age for school attendance from 7 yrs old to 5 yrs old - and then to 3 yrs old?
...[State] Senator Kwame Raoul told the Senate Education Committee, "I wish this bill was lowering the age to 3!" ...Other committee members, including State Senator Deanna Demuzio, agree[d] with Raoul, concerned about the preschoolers in their districts...

Homosexual Lobbyist Arrested

Just in from our friends at Mass Resistance:

The most visible male homosexual lobbyist in the Massachusetts State House - William Conley, 59, works for the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus - has been arrested for soliciting oral sex (in exchange for $50-$150) from college students at the University of Massachusetts, according to the Boston Herald and the Springfield Republican.

Conley has been a member of the "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth", and is now a member of the new, independent "Commission on Gay and Lesbian" just created by the Legislature.

Are you beginning to understand what's really at work here? This is not about "bullying" or "tolerance" or "gay marriage."

(Q: Why did it take 21 days for this to become public?)

Friday, July 28, 2006

New Nine Week Series - Paul's Epistle to the Colossians: Living Against the Tide

I hope you will join in Bible study as we read and discuss the book of Colossians. As we study, we want to be especially alert to instruction that informs us as Christians how we are to live in the midst of an crooked and depraved generation (Phl 2:15).


Colosse was a market town in Asia Minor - in what is now Turkey. The church in Colosse originated with Epaphras, a Gentile who apparently heard Paul preach the gospel throughout the province of Asia (Acts 19:10). Epaphras believed and returned home, becoming "a faithful minister of Christ" in Colosse (Col 1:7-8) and also in Laodicea and Hierapolis (Col 4:13). (Epaphras is also mentioned in Phm 23.)

At the time of this letter, Epaphras was with Paul, who was under house arrest in Rome (Col 4:12-13). (During this time Paul also wrote Ephesians, Philippians, and Philemon.) Epaphras had informed Paul of their love and perhaps also of the problems this church was confronting. In response, Paul (along with Timothy) writes with encouragement and instruction.

Week 1 - Colossians 1:1-14

Paul declares himself to be an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God. Since the Colossians had not yet met Paul in person (Col 2:1), Paul is establishing his authority.

Paul and Timothy greet the church as holy (set apart) and faithful, calling them saints (those separated from the world and consecrated to God) and brothers. They ask God to bless them with grace (unmerited, undeserved favor) and peace.

Would others think of you as "set apart" - "separated from the world" - "consecrated to God"?

v 3 - We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love that you have for all the saints, because of the hope laid up for you in heaven.

Here are some tools for living in this world, yet not being of it: prayer, faith, love, hope.

My friend, Beth, recently posed an insightful question: Is it possible that God is allowing our nation to become increasingly wicked and adulterous, more hostile to Christianity, in part because we Christians need to repent? Let's examine ourselves...
  • Do you really pray for others? For the president, the governor, our senators; for your church leaders, your family, your friends; for our soldiers, as well as the Iraqis and Afghanis; for the person who was rude to you, for the coworker that seems sour?
  • Are you bold in speaking of and demonstrating your faith? What if it might cost you a friend? a job? a lawsuit? (I love the prayer of Jim Elliot: Lord, make us dangerous!)
  • Do you really love your brother? Have you looked around at your congregation to see if there is a single mom who could use a night off? A rejected little boy who would love to hang out with you for lunch and a ballgame? An old lady that might like to go out for lunch?
Because we have the hope of heaven, we should be eager to draw nearer to God and to make ourselves of service to others. I could certainly improve in these basics! Let's commit to pray about and work on these three aspects of our walk with the Lord.

Paul said that this hope of heaven is part of the gospel and declared that the gospel was bearing fruit and growing. If you are a believer, you should be growing, too - becoming more fruitful and more productive as you understand more fully the grace of God. The more deeply you recognize just how sinful you are, the more you will appreciate how great is the gift you have received, the more eager you will become to show your gratitude to the LORD in the way you live.

Paul's prayer for the Colossians:

v 9 - ...Asking that you many be filled with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

His prayer for you would be no different. So how can you participate with God in affirming this prayer?
  • Be filled with knowledge of His will - The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge (Prov 1:7); Become a Berean (Acts 17:11)
  • In all spiritual wisdom and understanding - Ask God for wisdom (Jam 1:5)
  • Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord - Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with God (Mic 6:8); Abstain from sexual immorality, love your neighbor, work for your living (I Thes 4:1-12)
  • Fully pleasing to Him - Blessed is the man who seeks God with his whole heart (Psa 119:2)
  • Bearing fruit in every good work - You are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared in advance for you to complete (Eph 2:10)
  • Increasing in the knowledge of God - Supplement your faith with virtue... knowledge... self-control... steadfastness... godliness... brotherly affection... love. If these qualities are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (I Pet 1:5-11)
v 11 - May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.

Paul prayed that these Christians would be strong - not on their own power, but with strength from God. We cannot endure or find joyful patience from within our natural selves; we must rely upon God and then thank Him for providing for us here - and thank Him for the amazing inheritance we await: the final deliverance from the consequence we rightly deserve, when we are redeemed, transferred from eternal death into the glorious kingdom of Jesus Christ.

(Looking forward to your comments and thoughts on this passage!)

ADF Protects Parents' Rights

North Carolina statutes clearly specify that parents must give approval for any sexually-oriented materials to be presented to their children in school and parents must be allowed to comment on the material before it is shown. Nevertheless, one school did not notify or get permission from parents before attempting to show American History X. The film contains sexually explicit scenes, including ones that feature homosexual behavior.

Last summer the same school offered a seminar entitled “The New Gay Teenager,” and ADF intervened on behalf of a concerned parent. One of the seminar leaders was later brought up on criminal charges for having sex with a minor student.

20 Compelling Evidences That God Exists

20 Compelling Evidences that God Exists
by Ken Boa and Robert Bowman

Written for unbelievers, this book looks at the evidences of reality, knowledge, existence, the universe's beginning and fitness for life, life's origin and intelligent design, the fallen world, the Bible's reliability, accuracy, fulfilled prophecy, and profound wisdom, Jesus' life, claims, death, empty tomb, and resurrection appearances, those who lived and died for Christ, and the uniqueness of Christ.

NOW turns 40: The Wrinkles Are Starting to Show

Charlotte Hays reports on her weekend with NOW.

NOW apparently delights in Socialism, lesbians, abortion, and despises Walmart. Why don't I see this as a fearsome platform for achieving global domination?

Porn Radio

KFYE-FM hasn't budged from the Fresno-area dial, but it's about as far as you can get from the Christian music, sermons and Bible stories it was broadcasting until about a week ago.

Now it calls itself "Porn Radio" -- "all sex radio, all the time," with a suggestion that people under 21 not listen.

DePaul Professor Suspended For "Offending" Muslim Students

Pro-Palestine Muslim student groups, Students for Justice in Palestine (SPJ) and United Muslims Moving Ahead (UMMA) , backed by Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), complained that Professor Thomas Klocek "offended" Muslim students when he participated in heated discussion outside the classroom. Klocek spoke in defense of Christian interests in Israel and disputed that Israeli treatment of Palestinians was akin to the Nazi treatment of the Jews. Klocek was subsequently suspended.
Academic freedom cannot survive when professors who engage in debate on controversial topics are subject to administrative punishment without even the most cursory due process.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Whatever Happened to Objective Journalism?

Cindy Rodriguez offers cynicism in her article about Mike Haley of Focus on the Family.

Recommended Action: Express your opinion to her at 303-820-1211 or

The Alternate Perspective

The Gay Liberation Network has posted photos and rhetoric on IFI's press conference in front of Steamworks. They were apparently unable to post some basic facts since they never stopped to listen, but used microphones, bullhorns, and outright screaming to preemptively drown out the message.

A few facts:
  • The IFI message was not anti-gay or bigoted. The message was: Protect gay men. Close down the bathhouse.
  • The group had a body guard in part because of numerous vile threats against Peter LaBarbera which you can find by reading comments on pro-homosexual blogs.
  • Upon arrival, some members of IFI group courteously greeted their protesters.
  • Many passers-by politely accepted the handout - and a few stopped to engage in decent conversation and received genuine handshakes and hugs.
  • One person - only one - wadded up a piece of paper and threw it in a man's face in reaction to learning that the man had been homosexual and was now ex-gay and married. (Again, the love of tolerance demonstrated...)
  • The group departed (well after the rain stopped) because several members had early morning obligations.
Why would anyone in the homosexual community
- much less a "church" -
support a bathhouse?
How can a "church" justify screaming profanity at anyone?
What happened to the professed love of "tolerance"?

Things We Should Not Have to Litigate...

U.S. District Judge Dennis Cavanaugh declared that the school district violated Borden’s constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of association and academic freedom when they prohibited him from silently bowing his head and “taking a knee” with his players while they engaged in student-initiated, student-led, nonsectarian pre-game prayers.

Dutch Political Party Wants to Normalize Pedophilia

The political party PNVD, a Dutch acronym that translates into "brotherly love, freedom and diversity," will be allowed to field candidates for Parliament in the Netherlands - even though they support "consensual" pedophilia or bestiality. Consider this terrifying quote:

"[L]et's take a child that isn't able to speak. Just like an animal -- even a baby is able to smile or to cry when it respectively doesn't like something or does like something," DeJonge said. "So the question is not whether an animal or a child can show its resent[ment] or give its consent. The question is whether the adult will notice the expression of the animal or the child and what its feelings are."
Not surprisingly,

...The PNVD party treasurer, Ad Van den Berg, was convicted of molesting an 11-year-old boy in 1987.
However, there may yet be hope for Holland:

He was reportedly chased from his home by neighbors in Oostvoorne when this became public knowledge last month.
The party also argues for:

  • the private possession of child pornography
  • the right of children to smoke, drink, and vote at the age of 12
  • and to use "soft" drugs like marijuana at 12 and "hard drugs" like cocaine and heroin at 16
DeJonge, who serves as PNVD secretary, also asserted that since sex can only be learned through experience it is best for an adult to teach a child how to have sex. "Sex is not something you learn by reading a book or by looking at pornography. Sex is something you learn by doing it ... If they choose to engage in this contact with an older person then this may be the best for them."
Bill Saunders of the U.S.-based Family Research Council (FRC) countered
"...We are more than our sexual activities and there is psychological and spiritual and physical harm that endures long past some moment of physical pleasure."
Bizarrely, DeJonge objects to killing animals for food, but supports bestiality.

Saunders said DeJonge's views about bestiality are ludicrous.
"...Where is consent involved with a non-rational animal?"

Gays Are Intolerant

Heterosexuals in Provincetown, MA, an overwhelmingly gay resort town on the tip of Cape Cod, say their homosexual neighbors, who preach tolerance, are not exactly tolerant themselves.

Straight people say they have been taunted as ''breeders.'' One woman who signed a petition against gay marriage says she was berated as a bigot by a gay man, and another complained that dog feces were left next to her car.
Not hard to believe after recent events here in Chicago, where epithets like "breeder" were shouted at Christians.

(Of course, the best retort to that "insult": "Your mamma was a breeder.")

Film from Crystal Lake Gay Games

Watch for yourself...

"God hates the workers of iniquity" - Unidentified

"I'm against sodomy" - Mike Berzins of Belvidere, IL

"God is opposed to sin and this is no different than any of those others" - Richard Havel, West Chicago, IL

"Hate is very dehydrating" - Pat Pierce of Crystal Lake, IL; Alice Thomas and Jan Cosman of Algonquin

"Bring gay isn't being against God" - Sue Gregg, West Palm Beach, FL

"No matter what form it takes, love is never a sin" - Unidentified

Thank the Lord for the Christians who cared enough about the participants and the community to come out and speak truth to a lost and dying world.

The Consequences of Cohabitation

Preacher Gary Robinson writes:
...It’s no big surprise that times have changed. But God hasn’t...

...To be chaste, then, is to follow this rule: Either marriage, with complete faithfulness to your partner, or else total abstinence.

...Yet even when we know what God wants, even when we acknowledge that He knows best, we don’t always want what God wants. We’re afraid He’s keeping
something from us

...80 percent of cohabiting couples [end] their relationship at some point...
He lists a number of serious problems associated with living together and asks (rhetorically):
...So by insisting on marriage, is God trying to rob us? Is He hiding some greater good from us?...

...I agree with VanGoethem: “It’s not the calling of pastors to be in step with the times. It’s the calling of pastors to call the times to be in step with God.”

It isn’t that everybody has to be married. But everybody is called to chastity. Who will preach that message if not the church?

Professor Fined for Letter to His Own Pastor

Canadian professor David Mullan has been fined two weeks pay ($2100) after a homosexual student took umbrage at two letters the professor had written to his former Anglican bishop two years ago.

This is the future of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in Amerika unless we wake up and make it personal...

Homosexuals Identify Major Motivators for Change

People can change, including men attracted to other men, according to a new survey...

Some root causes of the attractions were identified in an earlier survey in 2004 by the same group, including:

  • A history of father-son relationship problems
  • A history of problems relating with male peers
  • Unhealthy mother-son relationships
  • A history of sexual abuse
  • Individual personality traits.

Recommended Reading - the first-ever book on preventing homosexuality: An Ounce of Prevention by Don Schmierer

Read more here.

(Another hat tip to Stacy.)

Meet the Ex-Gay Penguins

Too humorous...

(Hat tip: Stacy at The Right View)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Religion of Peace

Check out these photos of a Feb 2006 demonstration in London...

A prominent theme:
"Exterminate those who slander Islam"
"Butcher those who mock Islam"
"Behead those who insult Islam"
"Massacre those who insult Islam"

Asghar Bukhari, chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, ...said the protesters "did not represent British Muslims". Mr Bukhari told the BBC News website: "The placards and chants were disgraceful and disgusting, Muslims do not feel that way."
Hmmm...then who are these masked men?

But in all fairness to Mr Bukhari, it is surely good to see a Muslim leader denouncing this anti-American rhetoric.

Harvard Students: Three Genders

Students looking to enter the Harvard Business School MBA program are asked to fill out an online profile that offers three choices of gender: female, male, or transgender.
...Bob Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute (CFI) at Concerned Women for America, says "it's not compassionate" for Harvard to encourage people to reject their "God-given natures"...

"The foundation of the transgender movement is the homosexual activist movement," he explains, "because their interest lies in getting rid of the traditional morality of God-given division into two sexes, the uniting of those two sexes in marriage." And the homosexual and transgender agendas "militate" against that completely...

"Your Husband Wants to Die"

Pamela Winnick shares her frustration over the culture of death following the hospitalization of her father. No real fan of Christianity, still she writes:
I've never been one of those Jews who makes facial contortions at the mere mention of the Christian Right; I actually agree with them on some matters. And this experience with my father has given me a new appreciation for the fight many evangelicals have waged against euthanasia.

How America Went Gay

Dr Charles W. Socarides chronicles the ascent of homosexuality from pathology to lifestyle.

Dennis Altman wrote in The Homosexualization of America (1982) that more Americans were thinking like gays and acting like gays, citing increasing promiscuity and impersonal sex.

Homosexuals sought to "reinvent human nature, reinvent themselves" by targeting the psychiatric community and gained full approval by radically redefining homosexuality.
...Those of us who did not go along with the political redefinition were soon silenced at our own professional meetings. Our lectures were canceled inside academe and our research papers turned down in the learned journals. Worse things followed in the culture at large. Television and movie producers began to do stories promoting homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle. A gay review board told Hollywood how it should deal or not deal with homosexuality. Mainstream publishers turned down books that objected to the gay revolution. Gays and lesbians influenced sex education in our nation's schools, and gay and lesbian libbers seized wide control of faculty committees in our nations' colleges. State legislatures nullified laws against sodomy...

...They have created a kind of conventional wisdom: that we suffer from homophobia, a disease that has actually been invented by gays projecting their own fear on society...
In After the Ball: How America Will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 1990's, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen created the blueprint gay activists would use in their campaign to normalize the abnormal through a variety of brainwashing techniques once catalogued by Robert Jay Lifton in his seminal work, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China:
  • Desensitize - Sell the idea that "gays are just like everyone else"
  • Jam - Shame people into guilt at their own "bigotry"
...Propagandistic advertisement can depict homophobic and homohating bigots as crude loudmouths....It can show them being criticized, hated, shunned...
  • Convert - Create a mass public change of heart, a conversion of the average American's emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media
" make Americans hold us in warm regard, whether they like it or not..."
The author shares his reflections on working with homosexual patients in professional counseling...
In point of fact, many of my patients had character; they had an education; they were respected ad men and actuaries and actors. But they were still in pain - for one reason and one reason alone. They were caught up in this mysterious compulsion to have sex with other men. They were not free. They were not happy. And they wanted to see if they could change.

Over the years, I found that those of my patients who really wanted to change could do so, by attaining the insight that comes with a good psychoanalysis. Others found other therapies that helped them get to the bottom of their compulsions, all of which involved high motivation and hard work. Difficult as their therapeutic trips were, hundreds and thousands of homosexuals changed their ways. Many of my own formerly homosexual patients-about a third of them-are married today and happily so, with children. One-third may not sound like a very good average. But it is just about the same success rate you will find at the best treatment centers for alcoholics, like Hazelden in Minnesota and the Betty Ford Clinic in California.

Another third of my patients remain homosexual but not part of the gay scene. Now, after therapy, they still have same-sex sex, but they have more control over their impulses because now they understand the roots of their need for same-sex sex. Some of these are even beginning to turn on to the opposite sex...

Their former promiscuity may have looked a lot like "liberation." But it was not true freedom. It was a kind of slavery. And it was not a lifestyle. With the onset of AIDS, as the playwright and gay militant Larry Kramer said in a 1993 interview, it turned out to be a death style...
He concludes:
...When homosexuality takes on all the aspects of a political movement, it, too, becomes a war, the kind of war in which the first casualty is truth, and the spoils turn out to be our own children. An exaggeration? Well, what are we to think when militant homosexuals seek to lower the age of consensual sexual intercourse between homosexual men and young boys to the age of 14 (as they did in Hawaii in 1993) or 16 (as they tried to do in England in 1994)? In the Washington March for Gay Pride in 1993, they chanted, "We're here. We're queer. And we're coming after your children."

Is America ready for World War III?

Iran is now welcoming World War III and any chance to go after America. As they furiously hurry to complete their nuclear arsenal, the world watches tiny Israel take the first plunge into actually stopping them by eliminating their terrorist surrogate, Hezbollah. Yes. Iran is ready for World War III, but is America?

This is Sandy Rios with Culture Campaign.

Nearly five years ago, like-minded members of this world-wide terror movement turned hundreds of innocent people into weapons against their own and flew commercial airlines into the heart of New York City, murdering nearly three thousand people. Until censors rushed in, you could see bodies falling from the buildings in various acts of suicide and desperation. America was gripped with fear and disbelief. I watched in amazement, stranded in Beijing, China, as I saw a CNN anchor turn to a pastor on camera and ask him to pray. I knew then my world had profoundly changed.

And it had. For a few days, people fell on their knees in the streets of New York, crying out to God. For a few weeks, people flocked to churches, looking for meaning and hope and strength. Young men ran to military recruiters, signing up to protect their home…their families….people waved the red, white, and blue, and in a non-partisan, supreme show of patriotism, supported the only man upon whose shoulders the response would depend, President George W. Bush, by percentages well into the 90’s. But that was four years ago.

In that short time, the President has been called a “liar,” the War in Iraq, mocked as “his.” Ant-war protestors have gained momentum through “Code Pink” and radical war-mom Cindy Sheehan. Any bad conduct, alleged or real, by America Soldiers has been recklessly plastered on front pages, made available to our enemies to further stoke hatred and incite them to behead and torture more of our own. The New York Times and others have taken it upon themselves to expose powerful, secret methods by which we’ve managed to stop further attacks. And are proud to have done so. The rights of terrorists in Gitmo and European interrogation facilities are their utmost concern. They have sued phone companies who have cooperated, exposed banking systems that have tracked terrorist money.

Now a rogue former ambassador and his CIA wife are suing the Vice President and others in the administration for bogus accusations of “outing” the wife, Valerie Plame, who was in fact, “outed” years ago by infamous traitor Aldridge Ames. As they pose in Vanity Fair in a convertible and speculate on the stars who may play them in the movie, they plunge the administration into further distraction in a time of war.

And the effect of the mischief of the Left can be felt in the hearts and determination of our young soldiers. While claiming to support the troops, they plant seeds of doubt, ridicule mercilessly the Commander in Chief, to whom they must look to for guidance. No soldier can march into battle without confidence, and no War can be won by a wavering and uncertain army.

So is America ready for World War III? We have the sophisticated weapons necessary. We have the brains and manpower, but we lack the unity. Abraham Lincoln, invoking the words of Jesus said, “A house divided against itself will not stand.” It was true 2000 years ago, it was true in 1860 and it is true today.

Is America ready for World War III? I don’t think so, and we have some serious work to do before our beloved country can ultimately prevail in a global conflict.

For Moody Radio, this is Sandy Rios.

Marriage Upheld in Washington State Supreme Court

From the lead opinion:
"The two cases before us require us to decide whether the legislature has the power to limit marriage in Washington State to opposite-sex couples. The state constitution and controlling case law compel us to answer 'yes,' and we therefore reverse the trial courts."

Thank you, God!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blagojevich Signs "Preschool for All" - At Your Expense

Illinois will become the first in the nation to offer universal preschool to children as young as 3.

To anyone who initially thinks this is good news: Please reflect on the stellar achievements made as measured by the Illinois Standards Achievement Test:

*In reading, two-thirds of third-graders passed state standards; 60 percent in fifth passed; nearly 73 percent passed in eighth, and 59.5 percent passed in 11th.

*In math, 79 percent passed the third-grade test; 73 percent passed fifth; 54 percent passed eighth, and almost 53 percent passed 11th.

In the words of Ann Coulter, the longer the public school system has your child, the greater the decline in your child's ability to read or do math. By the time they should be ready for university, 40.5% cannot read and 47% cannot do math at grade level.

So do you really want the state to begin "programming" your child at age 3?

Should Ken Blackwell Apologize?

Equality Ohio is demanding that Republican gubernatorial candidate J. Kenneth Blackwell apologize for and retract his statement that homosexuality is a "transgression against God’s law."
“This kind of speech is unacceptable for a public official and is divisive and offensive to hard working Ohioans across this state,” said Lynne Bowman, Executive Director.

Personally, I think screaming the f-word repeatedly and calling people "Nazi" and "bigot" is divisive and offensive. Maybe it's just me.

Interstate Abortion Transport Ban

Good news from DC: It will likely soon become a crime to take a pregnant teenager over state lines to obtain an abortion.

Comments from pro-abortion politicians include:

"We're going to sacrifice a lot of girls' lives" -- Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. (How many little girls have lost their life to abortion - and how many more have died/suffered from physical and emotional consequences of having an abortion?)

"Congress ought to have higher priorities than turning grandparents into criminals" -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. (As if it is grandparents who are taking their teenage granddaughters for abortions.)

And then there are clearer minds:

"How many people really think it's in the best interest of young people to be sexually active outside of marriage? Does anything positive ever come from that?" -- Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

Teaching Homosexuality to 3 Year Olds

The UK’s largest teachers’ union, the National Union of Teachers (aptly abbreviated NUT), has demanded that acceptance of homosexual relationships must be included in nursery school curriculum.

NUT is "well established as a major engine in Britain’s homosexual activist community" and is also "currently lobbying to overturn the legal right of religious schools not to hire homosexual teachers."

A forerunner of things to come here?

Related coverage:

Religious Schools May Not Teach Christian Sexual Morals "As if They Were Objectively True"

Government Program Teaching Four-Year-Olds about Homosexuality

Third Grader "Health" Curriculum Includes "Same-Sex Parents"

Oprah on Gay Bathhouses - What the Welcoming Churches Were Defending

On Saturday night, a group from IFI scheduled a press conference to draw attention to Steamworks as a sponsor of the Gay Games. In response, a sizeable group from the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches showed up with banners, literally screaming profanity at the IFI group. (How can anyone who assumes the name "Christian" justify screaming the vilest profanity at anyone? Consider the behavior a clue to whether they are truly Christian or not.)

Today (a rerun I think) Oprah (who is not known for espousing conservative Christianity) interviewed Jay Dagenhart, a homosexual man (under 30 yrs old and now HIV+ if I heard correctly) and former methamphetamine addict. Here's what he has to say about "gay" bath houses:

Experts say crystal meth erases inhibitions, increases sexual appetites, and gives addicts the energy to have sex for days. To satisfy his meth-induced sexual cravings, Jay would frequent all-male bathhouses.

"These bathhouses are dark, cavernous, multi-level facilities. There are small rooms with doors. There are group rooms with monitors, constantly with every porn movie you could imagine. There are basements; there are steam rooms with showers. They have larger dark rooms with just platforms and benches and chairs where you can't really see who you're having sex with. You're groping and grabbing and fondling one another in the dark."

Whether in bathhouses or hotel rooms, Jay says his only concern was finding drugs and sex.

"The whole idea behind sex parties is extended periods of time in someone's home, a hotel room, and you're walking around naked, lots of drugs, lots of lubricant, and lots of porn.

"I would be so high it would be nothing for me to be with 15, 20, 25 men in a night. It was never part of my agenda to practice safe sex. It was always about barebacking, sex without condoms. That was the norm. Wearing condoms is the rare thing when you're high on crystal meth."

Immediately after rehab, he went on a meth binge, spent 24 straight hours in a bathhouse, came out hallucinating, dehydrated, malnourished, severely depressed, and attempted suicide. Thank God, he failed to kill himself.

Jay explicitly described barebacking as anal sex without a condom (the instinctual look of uncomfortable disgust on Oprah's face was telling - one's natural conscience recognizes homosexual acts as unnatural and repugnant) and recalled bug-chasing - deliberately selecting a wasting, sick-looking man to have sex with, hoping to catch AIDS.

Jay said that methamphetimine is "killing my community" and urged his homosexual friends to go into the bathhouses and pull their brothers out, to "start loving one another."

With or without crystal meth, "gay" bathhouses facilitate the spread of deadly disease - STD's, hepatitis, AIDS, depression, suicide. (Not so gay...)

That was the IFI message on Sat night. If the "Welcoming Church" really loved their neighbors, wouldn't they agree with Pete LaBarbera?

Is Porn Viewing Acceptable?

Morality in Media released a poll showing 64 percent of men and 81 percent of women say that watching porn is not morally acceptable. The younger those polled, the more tolerant of porn viewing they were. More Democrats than Republicans seem to find porn viewing acceptable.

(Hat tip: IL Review)

Jesus said that if a man looks upon a woman to lust after her, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

What are we teaching our young people?

GLBT Agenda in Public School

Disturbing news on GLBT activism in US public schools:
  • In Newton, parents discovered that first-grade teacher David Gaita had "come out" to his students and told them he was homosexual and loved men "the way your mom and dad love each other."
  • And in Brookline, lesbian eighth-grade teacher Deb Allen told National Public Radio that she explicitly teaches her students about lesbian sex, including the use of sex toys.
  • Nearly 4500 schools participated in GLSEN's Day of Silence.
  • In Wisconsin a group called Students for Unity used the Day of Silence to distribute a questionnaire at Port Washington High School with questions like, "If you have never slept with someone of your same gender, then how do you know you wouldn't prefer it?" and "Could it be that your heterosexuality is just a phase?" Two teachers approved of the distribution of the questionnaire in their classes and followed up with discussions, said LifeSiteNews, even though parents were not informed about it beforehand.
  • At Boyd County High School in Kentucky, students were required to watch the first 15-20 minutes of Brokeback Mountain.
  • All students and faculty in Boyd County schools are under a court order to attend diversity sessions that normalize homosexuality.
  • Over the objections of parents, school board decided that Eagleswood Township Elementary in West Creek, NJ, could continue to use 71-year-old Lily McBeth as a substitute teacher -- even though he had undergone a sex change.

What's the real agenda? While celebrating the Boyd County court order mandating diversity training, Sharon McGowan of the ACLU's Lesbian and Gay Rights Project revealed it...

"Just telling students not to pick on others because of their sexual orientation or gender identity doesn't force them to change their beliefs, and the judge agreed with us about that," McGowan said.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Life Without Children

Sad news...
"Demographically, socially and culturally, the nation is shifting from a society of childrearing families to a society of child-free adults. The percentage of ouseholds with children has declined from half of all households in 1960 to less than one-third today, the lowest percentage in the nation's history," according to a study by the National Marriage Project (NMP) at Rutgers University.
This is a discouraging sign that our nation has rejected God's design for men and women, marriage and family.

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one's youth.
Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.
--Psalm 127

The article goes on to say that

...Many children sense they are not wanted and have major doubts whether they even want to get married. Only a third of teenagers agree with the proposition, "that most people will have fuller and happier lives if they choose legal marriage rather than staying single or just living with someone," according to the University of Michigan. Of course, the kids could not be more wrong. Many studies report married people are twice as likely to say they are "very happy" compared to those who are single. Compared to those who remain married, the never-married "have a reduction in wealth of 75 percent."

And 56 percent of teens wrongly think "having a child without being married is experimenting with a worthwhile lifestyle." Result: a sevenfold increase of babies born out of wedlock...

The author's summary could not be better stated:
America pays a price for exchanging selflessness for selfishness.


Coincidence or divine moment? Some of our regular readers are questioning (on the comment boards) whether it's reasonable to expect a man with homosexual attraction to remain celibate. What shows up on Breakpoint today but an article on the worth of celibate singles (whether heterosexual or homosexual) especially to the LORD's church. They do exist, you know - I know more than I can count.

Lauren Winner is the author of Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity and she writes:
“Unmarried people are asked to specialize in creating an emptiness for God, an emptiness that everyone, single or married, needs to maintain . . . In singleness we see not only where our true dependence lies, but also who and what our real family is. Singleness reminds Christians that the Church is our primary family.”
Also recommended: Revelations of a Single Woman by Connally Gilliam.

Prayer Request

We in the pro-life/pro-family ministries you to pray for us regarding:
  • Unity
  • Wisdom in what we say and do
  • Open ears to hear and hearts to embrace the Word of God
  • Purity of heart and life
  • Protection
  • Provision

Thank you!

Natural Urges vs Self Control

Mike Adams' latest column is posted on Townhall and echoes Rob Gagnon's teachings last week.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The NEA's Agenda

Highlights from AFA's informative webpage on the NEA:
  • NEA passed a resolution supporting homosexual marriage and adoption.
  • NEA recommended that GLBT issues be required content for teacher credentialing.
  • NEA upgraded their language from tolerance of homosexuality to acceptance and respect for homosexuality.
  • NEA refused to pass this amendment: "To protect the rights of all students, the Association believes sexual contact between education professionals and minor students is unacceptable."
  • NEA signed a letter opposing the Federal Marriage Amendment.

See the AFA page to take action.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

These spires have been erected up and down Halsted St - complete with the hijacked symbol of the rainbow, representing the pro-homosexual political agenda - with your tax dollars.

Love and Truth Offensive

On the closing day of Gay Games, Illinois Family Institute scheduled a press conference in front of Steamworks, an ALLSTAR sponsor of the Gay Games. Speakers included Greg Quinlan, James Hartline, and Dr John Diggs - all prepared to question why the gay community tolerates an establishment where homosexual men can and do contract diseases like syphilis, hepatitis, and AIDS.

Unfortunately, most were unable to hear that message because a group from the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches were not so welcoming, but were there to protest IFI - with banners and bullhorns, shouting angrily, chanting "Born Again Bigots."

Why would any "church" support the existence of a bath house, a place where men go for anonymous and often unprotected sex?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

$13 Million in Corporate Money for Gay Games

Consider these financial stats: Corporate sponsors of the Gay Games spent approximately $1300 per "athlete" or between $430-650 per spectator (there is no TV audience). Sounds like a very poor business decision to me.

“[The 2006 Gay Games] would have been in the red like all the other games if it weren’t for the sponsors,” said Peter LaBarbera, executive director of Glen Ellyn-based Illinois Family Institute, a Christian-based nonprofit organization.

Michael Polzin, spokesman for Deerfield-based Walgreen Co, admitted that Walgreens may face backlash from customers who oppose this celebration of homosexuality.

(Including me - I've moved my prescription business elsewhere, even though the new store is less convenient. I did so because they fired pharmacists who could not in clear conscience dispense abortifacients - when they should have defended their employees religious freedom - and because of their sponsorship of the Gay Games.)

More on this story here.

Are Homosexuals Infiltrating the Mennonite Church?

We know what's happened in the UCC, Episcopal, PCA, and ECLA denominations. But have a look at this article.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Court Orders Illinois University to Recognize Christian Student Group

A constitutional attorney is hailing a federal court decision that forces Southern Illinois University to recognize a Christian student group. SIU had denied official recognition to the campus Christian Legal Society, arguing the group violated the university's affirmative action and nondiscrimination policies because it limited its membership to Christians.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, however, that the Christian Legal Society (CLS) chapter is likely to succeed in district court with its lawsuit alleging SIU violated the group's free-speech rights. The court also ruled that the student organization's requirement that its members abstain from extramarital sex is not discriminatory. Read more...

What Ever Happened to Journalism?

Two particularly egregious examples of poor journalism this week...

CBS Chicago Channel 2 promotes a blatant lie: Chicago Crowds Are Great...per the Gay Games organizers. The same people who provided estimates of 80,000 to 100,000 - and the same people who are advertising half price tickets on their website because they can't seem to sell more than 20,000 tickets for closing ceremonies. One might expect the organizers to exaggerate, but why didn't the CBS reporter note the serious discrepancy between their propaganda and the facts?

The Northwest Herald's sports writer David Brown offered this (not so) witty line:
I see gay people. Rowing.
Over 700 words and yet no description of any sports event - just what ought to be an embarrassing admission that, despite working in Crystal Lake since 2002, he was ignorant of the location of Crystal Lake (the lake itself). And, of course, the obligatory homophobia inferences toward those of us who objected to the celebration of sin.

Recommended Action: Contact CBS 2 and David Brown ( with your opinion of these articles.

Massachusetts House Overrides Veto, Approves Commission of Gay & Lesbian Youth

From Mass Resistance (edited for our readers) - at stake today, Massachusetts' biggest nightmare: a new official Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth...
  • independent of all outside control
  • selected by specifically named homosexual groups
  • with power to influence all other state agencies
  • which can raise and spend its own money in addition to the millions it will get.
Vetoed by Governor Romney, the bill was up for an override vote today.

Rep. Philip Travis (DEMOCRAT-Rehoboth) gave a very reasoned argument against the commission. Immediately afterward, Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera (D-Springfield) came to the podium, literally screaming at Travis, calling him a bigot and a hater, and said that as a lesbian she knows better than anyone else the need for this commission. It was an angry, emotional rant. Travis got back up and said he felt she was out of order making personal remarks.
To overide the veto, our opponents needed a 2/3 majority. The initial vote was 99-52 -- we had won.

Rep. Liz Malia (D-Boston), a self-identified lesbian, moved for a reconsideration vote. (This tactic might sound familiar to folks in Crystal Lake, IL...)

Cutting to the chase: The second vote was 104-44 -- we lost.

Here are the reps who supported us the first time, then caved in.

Rep. David Flynn - simply didn't vote the second time.
Rep. Thomas Kennedy - switched his vote.
Rep. Joyce Spiliotis - switched her vote.
Rep. Jennifer Callahan - switched her vote.
Rep. Robert Koczera - switched his vote.
Rep. Eugene O'Flaherty - didn't vote the second time.
Rep. Stephen Tobin - switched his vote.
Rep. James Welch - switched his vote.
Rep. Angelo Scaccia - didn't vote the second time.

How many vulnerable children will be seduced by the class materials, programs, and other propaganda this unaccountable committee will produce?

Recommended Action: Let these people know what you think of their unconscionable second vote.

DNC Contributes $10,000 to Defeat Illinois PMI

The Washington Blade reported that the Democratic National Convention contributed $10,000 to opponents of the Protect Marriage Illinois (one man-one woman)petition as part of a 5-point plan to combat state marriage initiatives.

Their strategy:

  • Label marriage amendments as "divisive ploys by Republicans" undertaken "to deflect voter attention from other important issues."
  • Train party operatives in all 50 states on how to campaign against marriage-protection ballot measures.
  • Develop strategy and talking points.
  • Work with campaign organizations fighting ballot measures.
  • Empower and organize homosexual communities nationwide, through the auspices of DNC's gay-outreach efforts.

That's what pro-homosexual politicians and strategists plan to do.

What do you plan to do?

Recommended Action: A donation to IFI or PMI to defray legal fees might be nice...

Empty Seats at Opening Ceremonies

Gay Games - Illinois Team

This is the Illinois team (sans Chicago): I count 13.
The Gay Games were not a hit even among homosexuals in Illinois.
Quoting an openly gay member of the Chicago media:
"There is no gay sports movement. This is about politics."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pete LaBarbera: "Gay Games is a Colossal FLOP!"

From our friend Pete:

Guys, this is wonderful news: the Gay Games is a colossal flop. I talked with Mark Konkel of the Sun-Times and he said the 30K attendance figure he reported for the opening ceremonies at Soldier Field included the athletes, who
apparently had to pay! Based on the GG estimates of 10-11,000 athletes, that means the "Games" got only 20,000 spectators on Saturday after saturating the Chicagoland area with ads. This number seems to be confirmed by the fact that they're hoping for only 20,000 to attend the final ceremony this Sat. at Wrigley (see WBBM story).

I personally heard or saw at least 10 GG ads leading up to the event. Wonder how much they spent?

Only the liberal media, smitten by all things homosexual, could not have predicted this: Nobody who's not a participant or gay or a friend/family member cares about the Gay Games. It's hard enough to sell tickets to the real Olympics, much less an athletic competition for homosexuals in the middle of the summer (with the competing "Outgames" athletic competition for homosexuals in Montreal coming up soon).

It appears the only way these games are going to stay in the black (escaping the fate of previous GG's, which all were financial disasters) is due to the huge corporate gifts. It appears that corporate America is the the new financier of homosexuality in America, even if it means throwing its $$$$ down the lavender drain.

Pro-family citizens have got to get engaged and tell these corporations to get out of the gay propaganda business.

Bush Vetoes Embryonic Stem Cell Research

President George W. Bush had promised to veto H.R. 810/S. 471, the "Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act"-- and, thank God, he has.

In a public announcement today, Bush vetoed H.R. 810, his first veto since taking office in January 2001, explaining that "it crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect -- so I vetoed it."

Recommended Action: THANK HIM!

Jill Stanek: Why Jesus Would NOT Vote for Barack Obama

Jill Stanek wrote a scathing and well-deserved reply to Senator Barack Obama for World Net Daily, recalling her first hand experience in 1999 as a nurse at Chicago's Christ Hospital, where an abortion went awry, the baby was born alive and mercilessly tossed into the garbage to die. Jill held this little one while he died...and was thereby compelled to lobby hard for the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA):

I testified in 2001 and 2002 before a committee of which Obama was a member. Obama articulately worried that legislation protecting live aborted babies might infringe on women's rights or abortionists' rights. Obama's clinical discourse, his lack of mercy, shocked me. I was naive back then. Obama voted against the measure, twice. It ultimately failed.

In 2003, as chairman of the next Senate committee to which BAIPA was sent, Obama stopped it from even getting a hearing, shelving it to die much like babies were still being shelved to die in Illinois hospitals and abortion clinics...

So, the reason Keyes said Jesus Christ wouldn't vote for Barack Obama was because of Obama's fanatical support of abortion to the point of condoning infanticide.

Jill ends with a challenge to Obama - read it for yourself!

Recommended Actions:

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Worshipping the Goddess of Tolerance

Chuck Colson has a terrific article today: The Tragedy of the Religious Left.

The Spiritual Activism Conference, a group of religious liberals, came together in DC to discuss “taking back religion from the conservative Christians” - but accomplished little. As I can only hope happens on Sunday here in Chicago (see post below).

Colson pinpoints the real issue: Christians believe in the authority of God's Word; our opponents reject authority and seek to validate self.

Colson's article closes with a powerful quote:
Dorothy Sayers, the great English writer, said it best: “In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.”

Monday, July 17, 2006

Bible-Teaching Churches Are Welcoming, Too

The Daily Southtown's Dan Lavoie authored an article entitled Forum will attest gays have faith, too which can only be characterized as biased and misleading. A few examples:

Note the punctuation: ...protest the "immorality" of the Gay Games... -- ...a Christian argument against the "destructive and highly dangerous" lives of gays and lesbians... When Karen Matteson calls IFI "anti-gay" the quotation marks mysteriously disappear. The implication is that our claims (that homosexuality is immoral, destructive, dangerous) are outlandish and her claim (that IFI is anti-gay) is valid.

Leaders of churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship will gather in the Loop Sunday to discuss the religious grounding for tolerance and celebration of gays and lesbians.
Hmmm... there was no mention in the Daily Southtown of the IFI press conference on mention of Professor Rob Gagnon's speaking engagements at Uptown Baptist or at College Church or at the Crystal Lake Public Library. Why then the free promotion for the pro-homosexual discussion? (Would the paper announce a celebration of gossiping or adultery?)

Note the language used:

But not all faith communities will be so welcoming. The Illinois Family Institute plans to hand out water bottles emblazoned with Gospel messages to spectators.
Emblazoned? I saw a fairly plain blue label with John 3:16 printed in small type - "For God so loved the world, He sent His only begotten Son..." How is that message unwelcoming? (Such a reaction to a simple bottle of water gives new appreciation for the idea that Christ is an offense and a stumblingblock!)

To be accurate, it's Uptown Baptist Church and Pastor Michael Allen leading those efforts. But maybe Dan Lavoie didn't want to criticize a black pastor from an economically challenged neighborhood - it's much easier to take a shot at IFI and Peter LaBarbera.

An anti-gay religious message has come to dominate political discourse in America and gives the impression that all Christians disapprove of gays and lesbians, said Harry Knox, director of the Human Rights Campaign's Religion & Faith Program and the moderator of Sunday's forum.
No one associated with the "Thirsty?" campaign relayed an "anti-gay" message. In fact, Greg Quinlan said, "I'm not anti-gay. I'm pro-ex-gay!" Greg himself left the homosexual lifestyle behind 15 yrs ago and is now married to a woman who had been lesbian.

Contrary to claims in the article, no one implied that those with same-sex attraction are not interested in fact, the whole point of engaging the Gay Games participants is to recognize their deep spiritual need (like everyone's need) for restored relationship with God.

Contrary to Larry Yang's claim, Christians have an obligation not to accept, but to confront open sin and to encourage all sinners to place their faith in Jesus Christ and obey His moral law. Christians take JOY! in welcoming ALL who will follow Him.

Regarding these "welcoming churches" we certainly have an obligation to rebuke their false teaching of a false Christ (Gal 1:8-9). Don't be deceived by them:

The man who says "I know Him" but does not do what He commands is a liar, and the Truth is not in him. - I John 2:4
A "pastor" cannot claim to know Christ and also embrace and celebrate homosexuality - if he does, the Apostle John says he is a liar.

Heterosexuals and homosexuals have the same problem before God... Jesus did not teach "Come and do as you please" but "Come, take up your cross, and follow Me." All who determine to please God have to bring our lusts and desires under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Recommended Action: E-mail Dan Lavoie (DLavoie@DailySouthtown.Com) with your reaction.

A closing thought: Note how the true purpose of Gay Games is revealed by Traci Baim. "The whole week of the Gay Games is about affirming people for who they are," she said. Therein lies the problem. God does not affirm us as we are. Instead, he loves us enough to provide a means for forgiveness, redemption, and transformation.

Sung in Worship this Morning

Days of Elijah
Words and Music by Robin Mark

These are the days of Elijah
Declaring the Word of the Lord
And these are the days of your servant Moses
Righteousness being restored
And though these are days of great trials
Of famine and darkness and sword
Still we are the voice in the desert crying
Prepare ye the way of the Lord!

Behold He comes!
Riding on the clouds!
Shining like the sun!
At the trumpet call lift your voice!
It's the year of Jubilee!
And out of Zion's hill salvation comes!

And these are the days of Ezekiel
The dry bones becoming as flesh
And these are the days of your servant David
Rebuilding a temple of praise
And these are the days of the harvest
The fields are as white in the world
And we are the labourers in your vineyard
Declaring the word of the Lord!

Behold He comes!
Riding on the clouds!
Shining like the sun!
At the trumpet call lift your voice!
It's the year of Jubilee!
And out of Zion's hill salvation comes!

There's no God like Jehovah!
There's no God like Jehovah!
There's no God like Jehovah!

Dissatisfied Customers at the Gaymes

Apparently the Gaymes sold $80 tickets for seats that were not actually available...and then did a poor job of directing people where to go and how to get new seat assignments. There were quite a few irate folks in the Will Call office on Sat, missing the opening of the ceremonies.

Gaymes Day 2

See McHenry County Blog for observations and photos from the rowing events in Crystal Lake. Would love to hear from any observers...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gaymes Day 1

IFI hosted a phenomenal press conference this afternoon in downtown Chicago. Most of the major local press was there, with the notable exception of Channel 5 (the official sponsor). Speakers included Peter LaBarbera of IFI, Janice Couter (mother of a practicing lesbian), Linda Jernigan of and Greg Quinlan of, who both lived for years in the homosexual lifestyle, then left it through the power of Jesus Christ, and Sandy Rios of Culture Campaign.

Some of us attended the opening ceremonies at Soldier Field. I will be uploading some photos here shortly, but it appeared to me (from the nosebleed section) that the stadium was about 40% full, with another 10,000 "athletes" on the field.

Afterward about seven Christians went to Steamworks to pass out tracts letting homosexuals know that there is a way to leave homosexuality behind. During the time we were there (not peak hours), about 80-100 gay men entered Steamworks - very sad. We did talk with several men and women who were curious about our faith and our beliefs. Please pray for these folks - and for those of us who will try this approach again.

(PS - To answer questions we got there and here: IFI has also protested Playboy and there are plans to witness in front of heterosexual establishments that encourage extramarital sex. Americans have a pervasive sexual sin problem - it's not just homosexuals.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcoming [Pro-Homosexual] "Churches" Plan to Crash IFI Efforts

The Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches is urging its followers to crash IFI's press event, and plans to exhibiting banners, advertise pro-homosexual churches, and pass out 'God loves Us ALL" buttons." The pro-homosexual Coalition also plans to counter IFI's peaceful picket July 22 in front of Steamworks, a gay sex club. See IFI article here, including an excerpt from CCWC's e-alert.

Why isn't tolerance afforded to Christians?

God does love us all, but he also demands transforming faith in Jesus Christ. I Cor 6:9-11 says:

Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?

DO NOT BE DECEIVED: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor ... will inherit the kingdom of God.

And such were some of you! But you were washed... sanctified... justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

The gospel offer to be washed and sanctified and justified must be extended to the homosexual community - without condoning sinful behavior.

Gay Games Opponents Buy Ad in Northwest Herald

After the Northwest Herald printed the wrong time for Rob Gagnon's presentation, opponents of the Gay Games took out their own ad.

Let the Gaymes Begin! (Moody Radio text)

Let the Games begin! The Gay Games, that is. Nearly 12,000 athletes from 65 countries as well as an anticipated 75,000 spectators will descend on Chicago this Saturday for a week long series of competitions and festivities. From bath houses to gay bars to parties sponsored by a company called Sexy K. Party, there should be plenty to do.

This is Sandy Rios with Culture Campaign.

Not only has the State Department suspended travel restrictions for HIV positive international guests, the Mayor of our city, who lobbied successfully for these games is rolling out the red carpet. He is urging Chicagoans not only to attend but to “embrace” them. When asked if Chicago’s decision to host the Gay Games would enhance his administration’s reputation as “pro-gay,” he responded, “I hope so. Yes. Definitely.” You may remember just last year as gay marriage was erupting nation wide, laws ignored, chaos ensuing, it was our own Richard M. Daley who stood at the national Mayor’s conference to state unequivocally his intention to make homosexual marriage legal in the City of Chicago.

With sponsors like American Airlines, Walgreens and Kraft one would assume this event to be as wholesome as Grandma’s apple pie. And with a Mayor from a strong Roman Catholic tradition and family, an endorsement from such a man should be…well, okay...right?

When homosexual men get together, they don’t look for activities to enjoy common interests, they look for activities to find and expedite sex. The average homosexual male has hundreds of partners in a lifetime. A recent study revealed that even those in so-called “committed relationships” have an average of 8 partners per year outside of that …uh...committed relationship. Bath Houses aren’t for baths. Gay bars aren’t for drinking…it’s all about hooking up anywhere…everywhere…with as many people as possible. People die because of this. The average gay man dies 15 to 20 years earlier than his heterosexual counterpart. HIV Aids…sexually transmitted disease of all stripes…heartache…loneliness…suicide…these things mark the lifestyle of the “gay community.”

So when our nation’s State Department suspends its restrictions on seriously infected visitors, endangering its own citizens, and our Mayor enters into the charade of championing perversion along with corporations long trusted, one has to ask, “What other game is being played here?”

Do you think Mayor Daley is aware of the American Airlines pilot recently relieved of his duties? His crime? Violating a new policy which states no employee may…even in the privacy of friendship on their own time make any statement construed as negative regarding homosexuality. A simple accusation from an observer can now cost you your future. So American Airlines silences legitimate concern while encouraging a whole population of people to terminate their lives while infecting others to the sound of Chicago Blues, under the beautiful skyline of our lovely city, in the confines of beloved Soldier Field and gorgeous Wrigley….and the Mayor is encouraging us to “embrace” it?

But while the stolen rainbow glows more brightly, the world is indeed getting darker…the world darker, the judgment greater and the end nearer. Pray for the hearts of homosexual athletes this week…pray for our beautiful city and our very dangerously misguided mayor. Meanwhile…let the games begin!

For Moody Radio, this is Sandy Rios.

Rated X on Campus

Vita Excolatur is a pictorial and "literary" X-rated publication produced three times a year (since 2004) by the University of Chicago - and funded by $6,000 annually from student activities fees. (I really wish I'd gone to bed earlier instead of reading the paper...)

The emergence of college sex magazines such as the U. of C.'s -- which often are supported financially by student governments as recognized student organizations -- first started gaining national attention in 1999 when Vassar College students started a magazine called Squirm.

Since then, sex magazines have cropped up at elite institutions from Yale to Harvard to Boston University...

"The magazine talks about how to do it, when to do it, that it is OK to do it," added Sola Akintunde, the magazine's university adviser who also is the campus' assistant director of student activities. "It shows that being intellectual is attractive. They discuss everything from penis size to intimacy to safe sex; you name it."

If you're wondering where the university finds nude models, they're unpaid students...and they're not exposing just a little flesh...
Vita's most recent issue, published in May, has been its most risque yet, its editors say, with photographs that crossed the line set in previous editions, such as graphic photos of erections and sexual intercourse. Mielcarek and Rutherfurd said the latest issue represented a victory in their ongoing debates with university officials.
Said Dain Lewis, the student publisher of Sex Week at Yale: "Classiness is something we are extremely concerned about..."

Color me speechless.

More Businesses in Crystal Lake Associated with the GAYMES?

Posted by the Chicago Tribune:

Rowing - Crystal Lake

For a cheap, savory snack, head to La Rosita (131 N. Main St., Crystal Lake, 815-356-7705), a grocery store that serves tacos so flavorful they came in third in At Play's taco challenge this year. The store is located a block from the Metra stop.
Order the steak taco with just cilantro, onion and a squeeze of Persian lime and one of the store's two standout salsas--a tangy green avocado-tomatillo one and a smoky salsa made with chiles de arbol.

Looking for something more substantial? Make a beeline for Chez Pierre (397 Virginia St., Crystal Lake, 815-356-1776) for hearty fare, including pork chops, steaks and even wild game (bear leg has been known to show up on the menu).

Ice cream cravings can be satisfied at Julie Ann's Frozen Custard (48 N. Northwest Highway, 815-459-9171,, which serves hamburgers, croissant sandwiches and French bread pizzas in addition to frozen custard.

Slurp oysters while listening to jazz at Porter's Oyster Bar & Night Club (446 Virginia St., Crystal Lake, 815-477-0340,, which features fresh gastropods and live music after 9:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.
Recommended Action: It's not clear whether the paper selected these establishments independently or if the restaurants are actively seeking Gay Games business. So why not call and ask if these business owners are supportive of the Gaymes and wanted to be associated with the event? Let us know...

Chicago Tribune Provides Free Publicity for the GAYMES

In a top of the website spread:
...Though skepticism quietly remains, organizers say they are ready and make rosy predictions of 100,000 participants, spectators and volunteers...

[Mayor Daley touts Chicago as a gay-friendly city and] Dorothy Coyle, director of the city Office of Tourism, said the Games represent a chance for Chicago to tap deeper into the lucrative gay and lesbian travel market...

Though the city has long been a gay beacon with its annual Pride Parade and International Mr. Leather competition, the Games could open the city to an even broader gay audience...

...Some observers have worried that these Games won't have the money to pull off their events, let alone make the profit Boyer has predicted...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gay Games Corporate Sponsors

Gay Games corporate sponsors include:

Absolut Vodka
American Airlines
Best Buy
Chicago Department of Public Health (your tax dollars at work!)
Chicago Sun-Times
Devry University
Ernst & Young
Exelon (ComEd)
Harris Bank
Illinois State University (your tax dollars at work!)
Merrill Lynch
NBC - Chicago Channel 5
New York Times
93 XRT Radio
Quaker Oats
Sirius Satellite Radio

Complete list here.

Will you support these companies?

Northwest Herald Publishes WRONG DATE for Gagnon's Talk!

McHenry County Blog is the place to be this week, this time with an analysis of the Northwest Herald's article supporting the Gay Games (over the objections of Crystal Lake residents). Note that the Northwest Herald somehow published the WRONG DATE for Rob Gagnon's talk. He will be at the Crystal Lake Library on MONDAY at 6:30 pm - not Sunday. (Doesn't everyone know that the public library is closed on Sunday?)

UPDATE: The Northwest Herald posted a correction today:
* A story on Page 1 of Thursday's Northwest Herald, "Games expose attitudes," inaccurately reported the date of a speaker sponsored by the Illinois Family Institute. Dr. Robert Gagnon, author of "The Bible and Homosexual Practice," will speak at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Crystal Lake Public Library.

Is Proud Homosexuality Compatible with the Bible?

Crystal Lake residents have an excellent opportunity to learn the arguments against "gay theology" from one of the world's foremost authority on the Bible and homosexuality, Robert Gagnon.

Mr. Gagnon is giving several speeches on Sunday and Monday as part of Illinois Family Institute's "Love & Truth" campaign responding to the "Gay Games," which are coming to Chicago July 15-22. (Crystal Lake was injected into the "Gay Games" controversy when it was chosen as a sporting venue for the rowing event at the "Games.")

The event is being held on Monday evening, July 17, beginning at 6:30 PM at the Crystal Lake Public Library. The Crystal Lake Public Library is located at 126 Paddock Street.

Robert Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and author of "The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics," will be speaking on the question, "Is proud homosexuality compatible with Christianity?" After Professor Gagnon's presentation, there will be plenty of time for Questions & Answers.

For more information on Robert Gagnon, visit his website at
For more information on the event Monday evening, call IFI at (630) 790-8370.

This is not a Crystal Lake Public Library-sponsored program.