Monday, March 31, 2014

Obama DOJ OKs Illegal 'Gay Marriages,' Harms Kids

It's routine now: First an activist judge negates a state constitution defining marriage, followed by activist clerks issuing same-sex "marriage" licenses, then a higher court halts the rogue "marriages" -- even becoming null and void.  However then, the Obama administration decrees it will recognize the "marriages" regardless.

UPDATE 7/19/14: Supreme Court Blocks "Gay Marriages" OKd by Obama's DOJ

UPDATE 7/28/14: 4th Circuit Appeals Court Says Mother & Father No Better than Gay 'Parents' (see article excerpts below)

For background, read Suddenly, 'Gay Marriages' Start, then Stop in Michigan as well as Federal Judge Orders Utah 'Gay Marriages' to Proceed

In addition, read how activist judges across America are forbidding voters the right to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

And also read Lawless Obama Administration: States Should Violate Oath for 'Gay Marriage'

Homosexualists always ask, "How will a 'gay marriage' affect someone else?"  Answer: It greatly affects the children; click headlines below to read how.

Parents Unnecessary, Homosexualists Argue in Court

White House Says Kids Don't Need Mom, 2 Dads OK

Homosexualists Use Children to Battle Christianity

And from the archive, read American Voters Getting Message - Gay Agenda Targets Children and also read about The Gay Agenda Effect on Children

-- From "U.S. to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages in Michigan" by Matt Apuzzo, New York Times 3/28/14

The federal government will recognize more than 300 same-sex marriages that were performed in Michigan last weekend, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Friday, a day after Michigan’s governor said his state would not.

Mr. Holder’s announcement caps a period of rapid change and uncertainty over the status of same-sex marriage in Michigan. On March 21, a federal judge struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, and the next morning gay and lesbian couples rushed to exchange vows. By late that afternoon, however, an appeals court stayed the judge’s ruling.

Mr. Holder said the federal government viewed it differently. “These families will be eligible for all relevant federal benefits on the same terms as other same-sex marriages,” he said in a statement released by the Justice Department.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Feds recognizing Mich. gay marriages though state won't" by Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press 3/28/14

At least for now, couples married Saturday in four counties in Michigan — Ingham, Muskegon, Oakland and Washtenaw — will have the same standing regarding federal income and estate tax benefits, as well as any other federal rights, afforded other married couples. But a court could eventually reject that standing.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Supreme Court puts Utah same-sex marriages on hold" by Richard Wolf, USA TODAY 1/6/14

The Supreme Court put a stop to same-sex marriages in conservative Utah on Monday while the state appeals a federal district court's ruling that had legalized the unions.

The justices, acting on a petition sent to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, ruled that gay marriages cannot continue during the appeals process. The case is pending before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby ruled Dec. 20 that the state's ban on same-sex marriage violates gay and lesbian couples' constitutional rights. Since then, more than 900 same-sex couples in the state have wed.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Same-sex marriages in Utah legal under federal law, Attorney General Holder says" by Sari Horwitz, Washington Post 1/10/14

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. intervened in the legal battle over gay marriage in Utah on Friday and announced that same-sex marriages that took place in Utah are considered legal under federal law even though state officials will not recognize those unions.

On Jan. 6., the Supreme Court halted Utah’s same-sex marriages, staying Shelby’s decision pending appeal and putting the marriages in legal limbo. On Wednesday, Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert’s office sent a memo to state officials saying Utah would not consider same-sex marriages lawful, as it appealed Shelby’s ruling.

“It is outrageous that the Justice Department would move so brazenly and publicly to undermine Utah’s standing constitutional provision regulating marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” said Brian Brown, [National Organization for Marriage] president. “It is the right of the states to determine marriage, and the voters and legislature of Utah have done just that.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Utah’s decision to freeze same-sex marriages debated in court" by Brooke Adams, The Salt Lake Tribune 3/13/14

Assistant Utah Attorney General Kyle J. Kaiser told U.S. District Court Judge Dale A. Kimball that couples who married after Utah’s Amendment 3 was found unconstitutional on Dec. 20 knew the state was seeking to stay the ruling and planned to appeal it.

Assistant Utah Attorney General Joni J. Jones told Kimball that the couples "had no rights under Utah law" until the Dec. 20 decision and once the ruling was stayed, they did not retain vested rights.

Jones said the state is merely not recognizing the marriages while the question of whether same-sex couples have a fundamental right to marriage is resolved, she said

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Opponents in gay marriage lawsuits clash over impact on kids" by Kirk Mitchell, The Denver Post 3/31/14

In hundreds of pages of filings in a federal appeals court, Utah, Oklahoma and their allies are arguing that children belong in homes with a father and mother. They also express concerns that same-sex marriages could result in a declining birth rate.

That blueprint is being followed around the country, as states claim that gay-parent homes are weaker incubators for kids than homes run by heterosexuals. Allowing same-sex marriages threatens to shift the focus of marriage from being "child centric" to "adult centric," they argue.

In Bishop vs. Smith, the Oklahoma gay marriage case, defendants argue in their brief that many social-science studies confirm that children do best when raised by both biological parents. It cited Supreme Court decisions stating that a constitutional "liberty interest" exists for the "natural" family and that children have a right to know their natural parents.

The Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear oral arguments in both cases in April.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 7/28/14: From "Bush-and-Obama-Appointed Judge: It's 'Dubious Proposition That Same-Sex Couples are Less Capable Parents'" by Terence P. Jeffrey,

[U.S. 4th Circuit Appeals Court Judge Henry F.] Floyd made the [headline, above] remark while declaring same-sex marriage a constitutional right and dismissing the argument made in favor of Virginia's marriage amendment that it safeguards the need of children to be raised by both a mother and a father.

"The proponents aver that 'children develop best when reared by their married biological parents in a stable family unit,'" wrote Floyd. "They dwell on the importance of 'gender-differentiated parenting' and argue that sanctioning same-sex marriage will deprive children of the benefit of being raised by a mother and a father, who have 'distinct parenting styles.' In essence, the proponents argue that the Virginia Marriage Laws safeguard children by preventing same-sex couples from marrying and starting inferior families."

. . . said Floyd. "For example, as the American Psychological Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Association, National Association of Social Workers, and Virginia Psychological Association (collectively, the APA) explain in their amicus brief, 'there is no scientific evidence that parenting effectiveness is related to parental sexual orientation,' and 'the same factors'—including family stability, economic resources, and the quality of parent-child relationships—'are linked to children’s positive development, whether they are raised by heterosexual, lesbian, or gay parents.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Now Illegal to Quote George Washington, Media Say

After a federal judge slapped an injunction on the name of Jesus in public, the liberal media and other atheist organizations are denouncing Maryland's Carroll County Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier for reading a public prayer by the father of America that included the words "Lord Jesus Christ."  Frazier said she would rather go to jail than agree to squelch her Christian expression.
“If we cease to believe that our rights come from God, we cease to be America. . . . We’ve been told to be careful. But we’re going to be careful all the way to Communism if we don’t start standing up and saying ‘no.’”
-- Robin Bartlett Frazier
For background, click headlines below to read previous articles:

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Ohio Councilman Won't Stop Praying in Jesus' Name

Saginaw, Michigan City Council Ignores Atheists' Threat over Prayer

Prayer at School Board Won't Stop in South Carolina

Alabama Legislators Want Historic Congressional Prayers Read in Schools Each Day

America Going to Hell; Christians Lose Convictions

Jesus' name forbidden by judge, says Baltimore TV News (click for video)

UPDATE 5/13/14: U.S. Supreme Court rules prayers to Jesus Christ OK at government meetings

-- From "Carroll County Commissioner ‘Willing To Go To Jail’ Opening Meeting With Prayer Despite Judge’s Ruling" by CBS News D.C. & Associated Press 3/28/14

Judge William Quarles Jr. ruled Wednesday that the board must stop opening up its meetings with sectarian prayers.

The American Humanist Association complained about the prayers in 2012, sending a letter to the board on behalf of three Carroll County residents. The group later filed a lawsuit on the residents’ behalf when the prayers did not change.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "County Commissioner Disobeys Judge's Ruling, Opens Meeting With Christian Prayer: 'I'd Rather Go to Jail'" by Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter 3/29/14

"I think that [the ruling] is an infringement on my First Amendment rights of free speech and free religion, and I think it's a wrong ruling," Frazier said. . . .

"This might be a good opportunity to demonstrate how our Founding Fathers, and leaders all throughout our history, have upheld the idea that we are a nation based on biblical principles," Frazier continued. "We're one nation under God, and I believe that's where our inalienable rights come from."

The county commissioner then proceeded to recite a prayer she said came from former U.S. President George Washington that invokes "Jesus Christ," "Our Lord, our God," and "merciful Father," among other religious references. William M. Ferraro, an associate editor of Washington's papers at the University of Virginia, told The Baltimore Sun Thursday that the prayer came from a book of prayers attributed to Washington from 1919, but there is no evidence that Washington actually wrote the prayer.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Carroll County commissioner defies judge’s order against sectarian prayer" by Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post 3/28/14

“I am willing to go to jail,” Frazier, who worked for Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R) in intergovernmental affairs, said to the meeting . . .

John Whitehead, a civil liberties lawyer who has handled many religious freedom cases, said the trend for the past 30 years has been for more challenges to government-led prayers. Frazier and other commissioners who created Carroll’s policy argue that they are praying in their capacity as individual Americans and thus have free speech.

“At a certain point, the court will either say you can do it or you can’t,” Whitehead said. “The point is either you have free speech or not.”

The county commissioners are represented at no cost to them by the National Center for Life and Liberty, a Christian nonprofit organization in Texas that works to protect “Church liberty, Christian education, homeschool education,” among other things, according to its Web site.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Commissioner Frazier defies judge's order, opens meeting with sectarian prayer" by Christian Alexandersen, Carroll County Times Staff Writer 3/27/14

[Judge] Quarles signed a preliminary injunction Tuesday to keep the commissioners from continuing their practice of saying sectarian prayers. The commissioners will be allowed to make prayers at meetings, but cannot invoke “the name of a specific deity associated with any specific faith or belief ...,” according to the judge’s opinion.

The injunction is the result of a lawsuit originally brought against the county by two Carroll residents — Bruce Hake, of Union Bridge, and Neil Ridgely, of Finksburg. Later, Judy Smith, Lauren Graybill and the American Humanist Association joined Hake and Ridgely as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

[Board President Commissioner Dave] Roush noted that the 4th Circuit has permitted the commissioners to continue using the court-approved words in its prayers. Those words include Lord God, our Creator, giver and sustainer of life, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Heavenly Father, Lord our Governor, mighty God, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, creator of planet Earth and the universe and our own Creator.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "As Carroll debates prayer, founding fathers' faith comes into focus" by Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun 3/29/14

Despite a federal judge's order that the Carroll County commissioners stop praying to Jesus at their meetings, Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier reached into history and summoned George Washington to aid her cause last week.

Thomas S. Kidd, a historian at Baylor University, said that there are plenty of examples of officials in the early United States explicitly blending politics and Christianity which Frazier could have drawn on.

Take, for example, a proclamation issued by Washington's successor, John Adams, in 1798 calling for a day of "humiliation, fasting, and prayer." He recommended that citizens of the young republic look to "God," "the Redeemer of the World," and the "Holy Spirit" and repent for their "manifold sins and transgressions."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

For further background, read Prayer at Civic Meetings Flourish Across America as more Citizens Rebel Against Atheist Threats

And also read of countless examples of citizens banding together to defy the atheists and pray in school and other local government bodies.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Obama DOJ's Transgender Cop Training Launched

President Obama's Department of Justice announced its new "transgender law enforcement cultural professionalism training" saying that this will help local police build trust with those engaged in deviant sexual behavior, but clearly the program objective is to increase reporting of hate crimes.
"Because too often, in too many places, we know that transgender victims are discouraged from reporting hate crimes and hate violence due to their past negative interactions with and perceptions of law enforcement."
-- Associate Attorney General Tony West, DOJ
For background, read Obama's DOJ: States Should Violate Oath for Gays and also read Obama's DOJ Negates Voters in 34 States: Gay Agenda as well as Obama's DOJ Forces Employees to Celebrate Sexual Deviancy

UPDATE 9/2/14: President Obama Focuses Taxpayer Resources on Gay Agenda

-- From "Justice Department launches training program to improve response to transgender community" by Eric Tucker, Associated Press 3/27/14

The training effort is being overseen by the department's Community Relations Service, which was established under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and works with communities to prevent and respond to hate crimes.

The initiative comes as police departments face scrutiny over their responsiveness to crimes against transgender people.

The Community Relations Service [CRS] has regional offices around the country that will offer the training to police departments. The training includes suggestions for confronting bullying in schools as well as lists of do's — such as asking a person for his or her preferred gender pronoun — and don'ts, such as using the term "transvestite" or asking whether the person has had sex-change surgery.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "DOJ Rolls Out Transgender Sensitivity Training for Police" by Susan Jones, 3/28/14

"CRS’s work on transgender issues serves to extend the positive and essential efforts the Department has been making during Attorney General Holder’s tenure," [Deputy Assistant Attorney General James] Cole said. "From concluding that the Defense of Marriage Act was indefensible in court, to the extension of benefits to same-sex marriages to robust enforcement of the Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the Department’s commitment to ensuring equality for the LGBT community has been clear."

Over the past several years, the Department of Justice has observed the Transgender Day of Remembrance in November, which Cole described as a day to honor the memory of victims of anti-transgender violence and discrimination.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole Delivers Remarks at the Community Relations Service Transgender Law Enforcement Training Launch" Dept. of Justice transcript/press release 3/27/14

This program upholds a priority shared by President Obama and Attorney General Holder, as well so many of us at the Department.  CRS’s work on transgender issues serves to extend the positive and essential efforts the Department has been making during Attorney General Holder’s tenure. . . .

What we are about to see is a cultural training program designed to educate law enforcement about the transgender communities they serve.  It also is designed to foster mutual understanding between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and enhance law enforcement outreach capabilities to the transgender communities by addressing sensitivities, stereotypes, and expectations.

To read the entire press release above, CLICK HERE.

From "Soros, DOJ civil rights unit team up to train cops help transgender people report hate crimes" by Patrick Howley, Political Reporter, Daily Caller 3/28/14

The group that designed the Department of Justice program to train cops how to build trust with transgender people so they can more easily report hate crimes is funded by progressive billionaire George Soros, records reveal.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations was a top Visionary Circle donor to the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), according to the advocacy group’s most recently available 2012 annual report.

NCTE Policy Director Harper Jean Tobin helped design and model the program launched Thursday by DOJ’s controversial Community Relations Service (CRS).

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

In addition, read President Obama Edicts Homosexual 'Marriage' to ALL States and also read how Obama's examples of lawlessness are spreading in federal government, as well as in state and local governments across America.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Liberal Media Discover $Billion$ Christian Charity

One of the largest charity organizations in the world was virtually unknown to mainstream media liberals until this week when World Vision announced it would begin hiring professing homosexuals, including those in same-sex "marriages," but then within 48 hours the organization rescinded its new policy after an instantaneous drop in donations.  This flip-flop gave the liberal media another opportunity to label Bible-believing Christians as haters, bigots, judgmental, "on the wrong side of history," etc.

Studies conclusively show that Bible-believing Christians donate the most money to charity -- not liberals!

For background, read Supreme Court OKs World Vision to Hire Only Christians and also read when the Supreme Court Taught Obama about Religious Liberty in Hiring

In addition, read about another groundswell of Bible-believing Christians: Chick-fil-A

-- From "World Vision retracts decision to hire married gays" by Lornet Turnbull, Seattle Times staff reporter 3/26/14

Calling the last few days personally painful, Richard Stearns, president of the Federal Way-based Christian global aid organization, said his U.S. board realized its mistake and reversed itself at a Wednesday meeting.

The [first] announcement sparked an immediate backlash from evangelical and conservative Christian supporters and donors, Stearns said, who were hurt and confused by it and expressed their displeasure in visits, emails and phone calls.

World Vision had received kudos earlier in the week from gay-rights supporters who welcomed the new hiring policy but got an earful from them after the flip-flop.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a major gay-rights organization, called the reversal devastating and accused World Vision of buckling under pressure from the radical right.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Christian Charity Backtracks on Gays" by Laurie Goodstein, New York Times 3/27/14

World Vision U.S., an evangelical Christian charity known for asking donors to sponsor a hungry child, set off an uproar when it announced this week that it would hire Christians in same-sex marriages.

This trial balloon that popped so fast has been taken as a clear warning that despite shifts in attitudes on same-sex marriage even among evangelicals, the conservative evangelical establishment sees no room for common ground. Nondenominational ministries that include Christians in both camps and try to straddle the divide will be forced to choose sides.

Liberal evangelicals [sic] rallied to World Vision’s defense, and said they were appalled at their coreligionists. Jeff Chu, author of “Does Jesus Really Love Me? A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America,” posted on Twitter that anyone pulling a World Vision sponsorship from a child “should be required to pen an explanatory letter to that kid.”

On Wednesday, the board of World Vision, which includes two Google executives, reversed itself. Six board members did not respond to interview requests.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "World Vision, in reversal, won’t hire Christians in same-sex marriages" by Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer 3/26/14

. . . the reversal of course, announced Wednesday, is certain to cause pain among those in the faith community who have embraced marriage equality.

“It is a very unfortunate step backward for a very respected organization. It is personally and professionally disappointing, and I would hope they reconsider,” said the Rev. Nigel Taber-Hamilton, rector (pastor) of St. Augustine’s-in-the-Woods Episcopal Church in Freeland.

If the reversal stands, Taber-Hamilton added, “I do not see how we could support an organization that denies something that our faith community has embraced.  It would be an insult to our own membership.”

World Vision is one of the 10 largest humanitarian organizations in the United States, with annual revenues topping $1 billion.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "World Vision Reverses Decision On Gay Christian Hiring Policy" reported by Huffington Post 3/26/14

"This whole situation has left me feeling frustrated, heartbroken, and lost. I don't think I've ever been more angry at the Church, particularly the evangelical culture in which I was raised and with which I for so long identified," wrote Rachel Held Evans, a popular blogger who had rallied her readers to donate to World Vision during the short period when it allowed married LGBT employees. "I confess I had not realized the true extent of the disdain evangelicals have for our LGBT people, nor had I expected World Vision to yield to that disdain by reversing its decision under pressure. Honestly, it feels like a betrayal from every side."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Evangelicals Respond to World Vision's Reversal on Hiring Gay Married Employees" by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter 3/27/14

Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, said in a statement, "World Vision's reaffirmation of orthodox faith helps to ensure it has a robust, if not easy, future ahead."

"Maybe World Vision in the future will lose corporate support. Maybe it will lose government support. All traditional Christian groups operating in the current Zeitgeist face an impending winter of secularist hostility," continued Tooley.

"But religious groups that surrender their core convictions almost always are diminished and become irrelevant."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Green Abortions: UK Hospitals Burn Babies for Heat

Ten National Health Service (NHS) hospital trusts have confirmed that during just the past few years over 15,000 fetuses have been incinerated along with medical waste, apparently as part of an environmental recycling program to combat global warming and reduce solid waste.  Hearing this public admission caused further grief to the mothers who were already distraught over the loss of their babies.
". . . that was really difficult to hear because to me it wasn’t waste, it was my baby."
UPDATE 4/25/14: Temporary Halt to Burning Aborted Babies in Oregon

For background, click headlines below to read previous articles:

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Hillary Agrees 'Family Planning' Critical to Global Warming

Abortion to Remedy Global Warming Threat

World Health Organization: Earth's Enemy is Too Many Babies

Copenhagen Hears Birth Control Solution to Climate Change

Global Warming Adherents Shoot Children

In addition, read Fetuses Plugged Kermit The Abortionist's Toilet as well as Aborted Fetus Landfill Dumping Boycott and also Obama Admin. OKs Aborted Baby Brain Experiments

-- From "Hospitals admit incinerating fetuses in trash-to-energy plant" by Rick Couri, KRMG-AM/FM (Tulsa, OK) 3/25/14

Reports show the hospitals admitted to incinerating nearly 16,000 miscarried and aborted fetal remains in their trash-to-energy plants.

The plants help supply heat and power to the facilities.

Two of Britain's biggest hospitals, Addenbrooke's in Cambridge and Ipswich Hospital estimated they had incinerated nearly 2,000 at their energy producing facilities.

Even more shocking, some parents were simply told their babies were cremated.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "UK hospitals accused of incinerating aborted fetuses alongside trash" by Ryan Jaslow, CBS News 3/25/14

Trusts provide health care services to patients and are part of Britain's government-operated health care system.

One hospital cited in the report, Ipswich Hospital in Suffolk, was said to have incinerated more than 1,100 fetal remains between 2011 and 2013 in a "waste to energy" plant operated by a private contractor. The remains were reportedly transferred there from another hospital.

Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge was also cited for incinerating 797 fetuses at its "waste to energy" plant.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals" by Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent, UK Telegraph 3/24/14

. . . parents who lose children in early pregnancy were often treated without compassion and were not consulted about what they wanted to happen to the remains.

Prof Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said: “I am disappointed trusts may not be informing or consulting women and their families.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Thousands of aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals" by Hilary White, 3/24/14

Paul Tully, general secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, told LifeSiteNews that the issue of the disposal of the bodies of aborted babies in hospitals “has been a concern for some time.”

Tully said that while there are guidelines for disposing of fetal remains, usually laid out mainly by hospital administrations, there is no specific law covering it. But he said that because of the need of abortion supporters to continue to deny the reality of the unborn child, there is a “huge burden” placed on hospital staff, who are given the remains for disposal just like any other hospital medical waste, and it creates “a horrendous strain” for them.

“The combining of the remains of aborted babies with other material in hospital incinerators is not supposed to happen, but there is no legal restriction on how the remains are disposed of, beyond those required for hygienic reasons,” Tully said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Shocking Report Shows 15,000 Aborted Babies Incinerated to Heat British Hospitals" by Steven Ertelt, 3/24/14

While the pro-abortion movement frequently condemns pro-life advocates who draw comparisons between abortion and the Holocaust, the report of babies burned to heat UK hospitals is a shocking reminder of the callous way human life was treated by the Nazi regime.

The hospitals, funded by the British government’s NHs health care program, admitting burning the babies’ bodies along with legitimate medical waste and trash. The Department of Health has reportedly issued a ban on the practice, prohibiting the hospitals from exploiting the bodies of babies victimized by abortion any further.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Aborted and Miscarried Baby Remains Used to Power British Hospitals" by Morgan Lee, Christian Post Reporter 3/24/14

Drew Belsky, a spokesperson for the pro-life activist group Live Action, called the news "horrifying."

"There's really not that much more to say about this than 'Soylent Green is people.' We're finding ourselves in a society, whether [people] are alive or dead are being used as resource for the benefit of others. This completely flies in the face of how we're supposed to treat people," Belsky told The Christian Post. "There is an inherent dignity to every human being that we are finding just completely trampled in many cases, but especially in the cases of our weakest brothers and sisters who are the pre-born children. Whether they are miscarried or aborted — they are people and we have to treat them that way."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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And read Environmentalism Greatest Threat to Civilization

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Court OKs Defunding Planned Parenthood in Kansas

A law enacted in Kansas in 2011, effectively forbidding any taxpayer funding of organizations that provide abortions, was immediately halted by a federal district judge, but yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit lifted that injunction.  The legal battle over the law will continue, but in the meantime, the annual flow of more than $330,000 of state tax dollars to Planned Parenthood has ended.

For background, read Kansas Restricts Abortion, Defunds Planned Parenthood and also read Planned Parenthood Defunded by More States as well as Pro-life Laws Sweeping States (including Kansas)

In addition, read Atheists Condemn Kansas Governor for Acting Christian

-- From "Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funding, appeals court rules" by Roxana Hegeman, The Associated Press 3/25/14

At issue in Tuesday’s ruling is money distributed to states under Title X, a federally financed family planning program. A Kansas law requires the state to first allocate the Title X money to public health departments and hospitals, which leaves no funds for specialty family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood.

[The court rejected] Planned Parenthood’s claims that losing the money amounted to a violation of free-speech rights for associating with abortion providers.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Kansas can pull Planned Parenthood funding -U.S. appeals court" posted at Reuters 3/25/14

"Planned Parenthood's theory raises the prospect of every loser in a political battle claiming that enactment of legislation it opposed was motivated by hostility toward the loser's speech," Judge Harris Hartz wrote.

The ruling overturned a Kansas federal judge's preliminary injunction that stopped the state from eliminating the federal funding to family planning clinics Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri operates in Wichita and Hays.

The Kansas law limits the entities that can receive funding the state allocates out of federal government subsidies it receives for family planning services to low-income residents.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Ruling: Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funds" by Roxana Hegeman, Associated Press 3/25/14

U.S. District Court J. Thomas Marten blocked enforcement of the state law in 2011, ruling that it unconstitutionally was intended to punish Planned Parenthood for advocating for abortion rights and would likely be overturned. He ordered Kansas to continue funding Planned Parenthood until the case was resolved. He also found the state law violates the U.S. Constitution's supremacy clause, saying states cannot impose additional requirements for entities to qualify for federal programs.

A divided panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver overturned Marten's rulings, saying Kansas can halt the funding. Tuesday's decision is not a final ruling on the merits of the case itself, and the appeals court sent the case back to the lower court for further proceedings. Given the split 2-1 ruling and the issues at stake in the litigation, it is also likely that the panel's decision could be appealed to the full court for a rehearing.

Kansas had argued Marten's ruling "emasculates the state of Kansas' autonomy and sovereignty rights" in the Constitution's 11th Amendment. The state contends the law restricting the distribution of federal family planning funds does not target Planned Parenthood because the statute itself does not name the group or even mention abortion.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funds, appeals court rules" by Ben Johnson, 3/25/14

Planned Parenthood had objected that its “feeder” offices in the cities of Wichita and Hays, they argued, only referred women for abortion.

“To say that the feeder clinics don’t have anything to do with abortions is an outrageous misrepresentation of the truth,” said Troy Newman, president of the Kansas-based Operation Rescue, when Planned Parenthood filed the lawsuit. “The Wichita and Hays clinics actually solicit abortion business for their Overland Park counterpart and serve as partners in the abortion business. Blocking funding to them is consistent with the federal law against spending tax money for abortions.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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In addition, read Republican RINOs in Congress Fund Planned Parenthood as well as Illinois GOP Congressman Protects Tax-funding for Abortionists

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Calif. Male Teacher 'Becomes Female' Overnight

Yosemite High School administrators sent a letter to inform parents that Gary Sconce, a 56-year-old father and husband of 35 years, will suddenly show up at school dressed as a woman.  Some residents were shocked and some parents say their children will not attend his class, but they were informed that due to California state laws, the school must indoctrinate the community in this aspect of the Gay Agenda.  Sconce anticipates future sexual mutilation surgery -- perhaps in a year, maybe longer.
"I see this as an assault on the minds and morals of our children. It blurs the lines of what is right and wrong."
-- Kathi Bales, resident
For background, read how the Gay Agenda permeates public schools with "transgender rights" and read how it impacts every citizen of America.

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-- From "Yosemite High science teacher changing gender to 'authentic self'" by Carmen George, The Fresno Bee 3/20/14

In a letter dated March 19, Yosemite Unified School District Superintendent James Sargent wrote to all parents of about 650 students attending Yosemite High to alert them . . .

Sargent quoted from California Education Code 220, which states that no person shall be subjected to discrimination, including regarding their gender, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. Sargent said [the teacher's] transition may raise questions, and school counselors and administrators are available.

Yosemite High School Principal Randy Seals held a staff meeting Monday to address [the teacher's] gender transition. Seals stressed the importance of not harassing or shunning [the teacher]. "We have to make sure all employees' rights are protected," Seals said.

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From "Transgender Teacher Returns to School a Woman" by JoNel Aleccia, NBC News 3/24/14

Under a long auburn wig and makeup, wearing a blue flowered dress and size 12W open-toed shoes, the transgender teacher said her brain will now match her body after a transition that has been a lifetime in coming.

The change has stirred controversy in the small town of Oakhurst, Calif., in the Gold Rush territory just outside Yosemite National Park. . . .

Others, however, have rallied to support [the teacher], saying she’s a role model for integrity, courage and authenticity.

Students presented [the teacher] with a giant card and cookies in class Monday.

[Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality in Washington, D.C. said,] “School districts can’t afford to lose the kind of money they’d lose in a lawsuit if they discriminated against her.”

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From "YHS teacher undergoes sex change" by Alan Wileman, Sierra Star 3/18/14

Yosemite Unified School District said in a prepared statement that the school will remain focused on educating future generations of the communities youth.

"The Yosemite Unified School District is dedicated to educating the youth while ensuring that our schools operate within the law that afford equal employment and educational opportunities," said the statement. "Gender identity and gender expression are protected under the law. This includes transsexual, transgender, and intersex persons, and others whose gender identity or expression is, or perceived to be, different from their birth-identified sex. YUSD is committed to upholding the dignity and worth of all students and staff, and is committed to protecting the rights of all members of our school community."

Yosemite High School Principal Randy Seals says the school is going to great lengths to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible . . .

"We are aware of the sensitive nature of [the teacher's] transition and its potential impact on our community. This is a unique situation, one that challenges traditional ideas, philosophies, and belief systems for many people. We want to encourage parents and families to sit together to discuss the issues surrounding this situation with their children. It is the parents' right and duty to analyze sensitive issues and instill values and beliefs in their children. We recognize this mindset and wish to support our families," Seals said.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Deviant Sex Story Struck From Ark. School Yearbook

Administrators at Sheridan (Arkansas) High School are under fire from national homosexualist organizations for its decision to forbid the yearbook staff from publishing all personal profile articles.  Hannah Bruner, student and assistant yearbook editor, called in the national forces because she wanted to feature Taylor Ellis, a 17-year-old junior, in the yearbook as a boy who professes a "gay sexual orientation," as strongly supported by his mother.

The school and Arkansas state government have dismissed the homosexualists' plea to force the boy's sex story into the yearbook.

For background, read the myriad methods of forcing the Gay Agenda into public schools across America, and the resulting mindset of students from the indoctrination.

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And read the homosexualist who says: We Recruit Kids for Sexual Deviancy

-- From "Arkansas high school student says his profile was removed from yearbook because he is gay" by Erin Edgemon, The Birmingham News 3/20/14

The Human Rights Organization held a demonstration on the State Capitol steps in Little Rock in support of Taylor Ellis, 17, KATV reported.

"This discriminatory exclusion by Sheridan High School administrators has nothing to do with Arkansas values," Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told the news station.

"It's a big thing in Sheridan to be gay," the yearbook's assistant editor, Hannah Bruner, told KATV of why she profiled Ellis. "That something that doesn't get told a lot."

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From "Gay Arkansas student says his profile was pulled from yearbook" by Ray Sanchez, CNN 3/20/14

In a statement, Sheridan Superintendent Brenda Haynes said, "We must make decisions that lead in the proper direction for all of our students and for our community. We must not make decisions based on demands by any special interest group. The seven profiles will not be published in the yearbook."

She added, "We have reviewed state law, court cases, and our own policies. It is clear that the adults who have the responsibility for the operation of the District have the obligation to make decisions which are consistent with the mission of our school. We have done so."

The district decided to scrap the seven profiles rather than publish Ellis' story, [student Hannah] Bruner said. To Ellis, the reason for taking out all the profiles was clear.

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From "School superintendent defends decision to censor gay student’s profile" by John Lyon, Arkansas News Bureau 3/18/14

The superintendent of the Sheridan School District on Tuesday defended the decision of school officials to ban publication in Sheridan High School’s yearbook of a profile of a gay student that would have included his coming-out story.

“Ellis’ mother, Lynn Tiley, said she was told administrators were concerned that the profile of Ellis was “too personal” and might endanger his well-being, but she said that since Ellis came out two year ago, he has encountered fewer difficulties with classmates than before.

“I accepted it, and everybody else needs to accept it as well,” said Tiley, who became choked up while talking.

The Human Rights Campaign has sent letters to Gov. Mike Beebe and state Education Commissioner Tom Kimbrell asking them to get involved and see that the Ellis’ profile is published.

Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample said Tuesday the governor did not plan to intervene.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Third Grade Boys Mimic Homosexual Abuse at School

Two teachers at Adams Elementary School of the Riverside (California) Unified School District have been placed on paid administrative leave while police investigate allegations that a third-grade boy has, over a two-year period, repeatedly forced homosexual behavior on a fellow male student at school.

News sources report that school officials are shocked by the allegations.  But why?

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And read the homosexualist who says: We Recruit Kids for Sexual Deviancy

-- From "California third-grader accused in sex assault of classmate" by Dan Whitcomb, Reuters 3/21/14

[School District spokeswoman Jacquie] Paul said the school principal contacted police after students came forward earlier this week to tell an after-school program coordinator they had something to report.

She said that, according to an initial investigation, one boy has been accused of assaulting his classmate five to seven times, starting in second grade, and that some of the incidents took place in a classroom or restroom on campus.

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From "Sex-abuse allegations leveled at third-grader" by The Associated Press 3/20/14

The school's principal talked to the students and to both boys, leading to allegations of five to seven incidents of sexual abuse that began in second grade and continued into third grade, [Jacquie] Paul said.

The boys' names were withheld, and no further details were released about their identities or the alleged incidents because of their ages, Paul said.

The boy suspected of abuse has been suspended and could face expulsion, Paul said.

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From "2 Riverside teachers put on leave amid 3rd grade student sex scandal" by Jason Wells, Los Angeles Times 3/21/14

Two teachers at a Riverside elementary school have been placed on leave amid allegations that a third-grade boy sexually assaulted another boy repeatedly since last year.

News of the action came as parents attended at meeting Thursday night at John Adams Elementary School seeking answers from district administrators.

"One of the young boys apparently was coercing another young boy to perform sexual acts," [Jacquie Paul] told The Times.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Abuse allegations alarm parents; ‘children are safe,’ principal says" by Peter Surowski, The Riverside Press-Enterprise 3/20/14

Paul DeFoe, principal at Adams Elementary School, on Thursday March 20, 2014, [spoke] to parents about the accusations of a sexual assault at the school.

The incident shocked the staff at Adams Elementary, a tightly knit school of 555 students, officials said.

Rape counselors will look at if a child perpetrator has experienced sexual abuse in their own life as well as other factors that may have encouraged curiosity or prior exposure to sexuality in some way . . .

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suddenly, 'Gay Marriages' Commence in Michigan

Late Friday, a single federal judge negated the Michigan voters' decision in 2004 to define marriage as between one man and one woman, and within hours, county clerks across the state began performing homosexual "weddings" while their offices would have otherwise been closed. Unlike activist judges overruling citizens in other states, this judge did NOT delay implementation of his ruling awaiting the people's appeal.
“Many Michigan residents have religious convictions whose principles govern the conduct of their daily lives and inform their own viewpoints about marriage. Nonetheless, these views cannot strip other citizens of the guarantees of equal protection under the law.”
-- U.S. District Judge Bernard A. Friedman
For background, read Michigan Lesbians Sue, Claiming Homosexual "Marriage" Guaranteed by U.S. Constitution and their Sexperts Argue Parents are Unnecessary

In addition, read how activist judges across America are forbidding voters the right to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

UPDATE 3/31/14: President Obama's Dept. of Justice OKs Illegal 'Gay Marriages,' Harms Kids

-- From "Michigan begins same-sex marriage ceremonies" by Robert Barnes, Washington Post 3/22/14

U.S. District Judge Bernard A. Friedman dismissed the state’s contention, after a two-week trial, that Michigan voters adopted the ban on the premise that heterosexual married couples provided the optimal environment for raising children.

There is no proof that such a premise is true, Friedman wrote, and he declared the testimony of the state’s main witness “entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration.”

His decision was issued late Friday afternoon as clerk’s offices were closing. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (R) immediately appealed the decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit and asked for a stay.

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From "First gay couple married in Michigan" by Natalie DiBlasio, USA TODAY 3/22/14

With no stay in place, Washtenaw County Clerk Lawrence Kestenbaum said his office will issue 60 licenses on Saturday.

Muskegon County Clerk Nancy Waters said she's been prepared to issue licenses since last October but was waiting for an official decision from U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman.

Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown announced via Twitter her office will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Judge strikes down Michigan ban on gay marriage; state asks for a stay" by Tresa Baldas, Elisha Anderson and Bill Laitner, Detroit Free Press Writers 3/22/14

In his 31-page ruling, Friedman heavily criticized the state’s position that the will of the voters should have been upheld, noting that just because voters approve something doesn’t make it right, especially when it violates the Constitution.

“It is the court’s fervent hope that these [lesbians'] children will grow up to ‘understand the integrity and closeness of their own family and its concord with other families in their community and in their daily lives.’

[Friedman continued,] “Today’s decision is a step in that direction, and affirms the enduring principle that regardless of whoever finds favor in the eyes of the most recent majority, the guarantee of equal protection must prevail.”

The state has long argued that the will of the voters should not be drowned out by a single judge. The state also argues that it has a “legitimate” interest in preserving the traditional family structure because — it claims — children thrive best when raised by married moms and dads.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Michigan's first gay marriage performed in Ingham County; couples line up in Oakland" by Paul Egan and Eric Lawrence, Detroit Free Press Staff Writers 3/22/14

In at least four Michigan counties, Oakland, Igham, Washtenaw and Muskegon, clerks began issuing marriage licenses today to same-sex couples . . .

The line at the Oakland County Clerk's Office stretched out the door before the office opened to begin issuing licenses at 9 a.m. After licenses were issued, marriages were performed in hallways and in the county commissioners' auditorium. More than an hour later, a steady stream of eager residents continued to file in.

Igham’s clerk Byrum, who normally opens at 8 a.m. only Monday through Friday, raced to get ahead of a the stay that Attorney General Bill Schuette is seeking on an emergency basis from the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

As word spread, Byrum had peformed three wedding ceremonies by 8:30 a.m. and said she didn’t know how many she might perform today.

Byrum, a prominent Michigan Democrat and former state representative who initially said she would not start issuing licenses until Monday, said the situation left her unable to sleep.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Michigan same-sex couples making marriage history with joy, tears" by Chad Livengood, Mike Martindale and Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, The Detroit News 3/22/14

Byrum said she wanted to make marriage licenses available Saturday just in case the judge halted his decision over the weekend. . . .

. . . Clerks who handle marriage licenses in Michigan’s 83 counties said they would start granting them to gays and lesbians, with some starting Saturday morning.

In West Michigan, Harbor Unitarian Universalist Congregation Pastor Bill Freeman said he’s officiating at weddings Saturday at his Muskegon church. He said Muskegon County Clerk Nancy Waters also was starting after 9 a.m.

Couples began lining up at the Washtenaw County clerk’s office in Ann Arbor at 5:30 a.m. for a chance to get marriage licenses. More than 100 couples showed up to be married.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Michigan gay marriages could fall into legal limbo" by Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press 3/22/14 5:55 p.m. EDT

More than 100 same-sex couples who got married in Michigan on Saturday stand the risk of having their marriages fall into a form of legal limbo if the state refuses to recognize them while appeals are pending, according to an expert on federal law and the courts.

Carl Tobias, a professor at the University of Richmond School of Law in Richmond, Va., said the status of the same-sex marriages in Michigan is not entirely clear while an appeal of a federal judge's ruling declaring Michigan's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional is pending before the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Gay weddings halted in Michigan after 300 marriage licenses issued" by Paresh Dave, Los Angeles Times 3/22/14 5:11 p.m. EDT

. . . the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals did not take immediate action. On Saturday afternoon, the court gave attorneys for the nurses until noon Tuesday to rebut the state’s emergency request.

Later Saturday, the appeals court issued another order, this time saying the same-sex marriage ban would remain in place at least through Wednesday “to allow a more reasoned consideration of the motion” to keep the ban in place.

The more than 300 couples who wed Saturday are unlikely to have their marriages recognized by the state, legal experts said.

"We anticipate that the 6th Circuit will issue a permanent stay, just as courts have ruled in similar cases across the country,” Joy Yearout, a spokeswoman for the state’s attorney general, said in a statement Saturday evening.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Wisconsin Gov. Ignores Atheists' Demands re: Bible

Gov. Scott Walker tweeted "Philippians 4:13," nothing more, then the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) went ballistic, calling on the Wisconsin governor to follow his "oath of office to uphold the entirely godless and secular United States Constitution."

For background, read University of Wisconsin Bans Bibles per Atheists' Demands but when a Wisconsin School Banned Christmas Music, the Citizens Revolted

Also read 2014: 'Year of the Bible,' Declares Texas Mayor

-- From "Freedom From Religion Foundation asks Scott Walker to remove Bible verse tweet" by Jessica Vanegeren, The Capital Times (Madison, WI) 3/18/14

On Tuesday, the Madison-based organization [FFRF], with 20,000 members nationwide including 1,300 in Wisconsin, emailed Walker alleging he, or someone in a position of authority to post, had misused the governor’s official Twitter account to promote religion.

“This braggadocio verse coming from a public official is rather disturbing,” read the letter from FFRF. “To say, ‘I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,’ seems more like a threat, or the utterance of a theocratic dictator, than of a duly elected civil servant.”

As of Tuesday afternoon [and now Friday], the tweet had not been removed.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Atheist Group Demands That Gov. Scott Walker Delete Religious Tweet" by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter 3/19/14

Signed by FFRF co-presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, the letter expressed "dismay" over the tweet, which was also posted on Facebook.

Gaylor and Barker called on Walker "to immediately delete this religious message from your official gubernatorial Facebook and Twitter."

On Sunday, Walker tweeted "Phillipians 4:13" on the @GovWalker twitter handle. This is noted as being the "Official Twitter Account of the 45th Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker." Walker has another twitter handle, @ScottWalker.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Democrats Restrict Abortion: Louisiana, S.Carolina

Well-supported legislation introduced by Louisiana Rep. Katrina Jackson (Dem.) that requires abortionists to have admitting privileges at a hospital would likely cause closure of most abortion clinics in the state.  Also, the South Carolina legislature is about to restrict abortions beyond 19 weeks gestation. And in Texas, over the past several months, the number of licensed abortion providers has dropped from 40 to 28 -- the number of abortion clinics is expected to be only six by September, down from 44 in 2011.

For background, read Abortion Clinic Closings Set Record; Admit Defeat as well as Abortionists Lament Ever-greater State Limits

UPDATE 10/4/14: Most Texas Abortion Clinics Now Closed by Court

UPDATE 7/26/14: Texas Abortion Rate Plunges, Liberals Blame Clinic Closures

-- From "House health committee backs new abortion rules" by Melinda Deslatte, Associated Press 3/19/14

Jackson and supporters of her legislation said the bill would hold abortion clinics to the same standards required of ambulatory surgical centers.

Jackson's bill also would force women who take the abortion pill to meet the same 24-hour waiting period and ultrasound requirements as women who have surgical abortions. It wouldn't apply to emergency contraceptives, known as the "morning-after pill."

Unlike in other states, the issue doesn't divide Republicans and Democrats. Democratic lawmakers on the House committee spoke in favor of the bill.

The House Health and Welfare Committee advanced the proposal Wednesday without objection. It heads next to the House floor for debate and is expected to win passage there in a Legislature that has repeatedly supported tougher rules for abortion providers.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Controversial abortion bill advances in Louisiana Legislature" posted at WWL-AM/FM (Kenner, LA) 3/20/14

[The bill] has the support of Louisiana Department Health and Hospitals.

Secretary Kathy Kliebert says, "There are clear health risks associated with an abortion that could require urgent medical attention. These include pelvic infections, blood clots and other serious complications like perforation of the uterine wall."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "[South Carolina] House Approves Banning Abortion Beyond 19 Weeks" by Seanna Adcox, Associated Press 3/19/14

The bill approved 84-29 on Wednesday is one of several anti-abortion measures being debated this year. Another perfunctory vote will send it to the Senate.

Clinics in South Carolina don't provide abortions beyond 19 weeks. Opponents of Rep. Wendy Nanney's bill say such late-term abortions occur in hospitals, generally in wanted pregnancies that go horribly wrong, and politicians should have no role in such decisions.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "S.C. House passes 20-week abortion ban" by Jeremy Borden, Charleston Post Courier 3/19/14

The bill, H. 4223, known as a "fetal pain" measure, passed on a largely party line vote, 84-29. Republicans said the state is showing its respect for human life, especially because they said fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks, a disputed notion in the medical community.

Rep. Wendy Nanney, R-Greenville, the bill's primary sponsor, said in an interview that politics had nothing to do with it. "I've always been pro-life," she said. As for critics, she said, "I would rather err on the side of protecting that baby from pain."

The Legislature is considering a host of anti-abortion bills this year. Lawmakers say that as the House bill makes it way to the S.C. Senate, it may have the best chance of passing of any of those measures.

If a woman is on the verge of organ failure or death, the bill provides an exception in those case, House members said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "South Carolina lawmakers advance 20-week abortion ban" by Harriet McLeod, Reuters 3/19/14

Doctors performing an abortion of a fetus at 20 weeks or less would also be required to try to deliver it alive.

The bill now moves to the Senate, where if approved and then signed by Republican Governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina would become the 13th state to enact the ban, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit sexual health research organization.

Similar measures and legislation are also pending in West Virginia and Mississippi.

"We had over 60 studies introduced to us in committee that (showed) they do feel pain. And the state has a right to step in and protect that child," said Representative Wendy Nanney.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "The Impact of HB 2 on Texas Abortion Facilities" by Becca Aaronson, The Texas Tribune 3/19/14

Researchers with the Texas Policy Evaluation Project at the University of Texas said the number of providers still performing abortions in Texas is even lower than the number of licensed providers, because the Planned Parenthood clinic in Waco, while licensed, is no longer performs the procedure. Also, Whole Woman's Health operates two separately licensed facilities at the same location in San Antonio, a clinic and ambulatory surgical center. In August, only 34 of the licensed providers were still performing abortions, said the researchers.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Abortionists can't handle new health standards" by Bob Unruh, World Net Daily 3/10/14

Last year, 87 abortion facilities discontinued offering surgical abortions, and this year a similarly significant decline is developing.

Both sides attribute the closures to new state laws requiring that abortionists have admitting privileges to a local hospital, should an emergency occur.

According to the Washington Times, 19 clinics in Texas, including two already this month, that have closed because of new regulations.

The report said a similar law in Mississippi has put the future of the state’s only abortion clinic in doubt as court proceedings continue. Closures also have occurred in Florida, Alabama and other states.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Planned Parenthood President Asks, Who Cares When Life Begins?

UPDATE 5/23/14: CBS News reports on clinic closings