Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MA: Twelve 'Pro-Family' Leaders Cave in to Gay Activists, Betray Parents

From "Twelve co-sponsors of Parents Rights Bill cave in to fringe homosexual group -- formally withdraw support of bill and remove their names as co-sponsors after 10-day pressure campaign!" posted at massresistance.org

Here's what happened.

On May 29, MassResistance testified at the State House for the Parents Rights Bill. The "KnowThyNeighbor" people were also there, and testified vehemently against it. They were visibly angry that we showed up to promote our bill.

On June 1 "KnowThyNeighbor" sent out an email announcing their campaign to pressure all of the co-sponsors of the Parents Rights Bill to withdraw their sponsorship and oppose the bill. Their tactics are to use the most obscene lies they can imagine. Their initial email blast began with the big headline:

"Is your legislator sponsoring a Holocaust denier's anti-gay bill?"

You read that correctly. They were proclaiming that Brian Camenker, president of MassResistance is a Holocaust denier. It's an incredibly disgusting lie. Camenker is Jewish, whose family came from Eastern Europe. But that was just the beginning. There was lie after lie about what the bill says or would do. (For example, they stated that if the bill were passed, Rep. Barney Frank would be prohibited from speaking at schools!) These are the tactics that the homosexual groups regularly use, but this was extreme. (They want to make sure, for example, that students in art class learn about Michelangelo's supposed homosexuality.)

On June 4 we learned that Rep. Paul Donato was the first to cave in. He even called our office to tell us that he now fully supported homosexual programs in the schools including, as he told us, lectures on transsexuality and posters of men romantically embracing!

Over the next week, KnowThyNeighbor's leader sent us several emails taunting us that one legislator after another was going to their side. On June 11 - over just 10 days - they got 12 to abandon the pro-family position.

A few days later, the hardcore homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows" published an article on their "victory" with many of the reps themselves being quoted:

Click here for "Bay Windows" article: "Lawmakers withdraw support for anti-gay proposal".
(Note in the article that Sen. Sen. Richard Tisei is quoted taking his name off. To our knowledge, however, Sen. Tisei - who supports homosexual causes - was never on the list.)

Cowardice and dishonesty

This week we called every called their offices for an explanation. None of the legislators themselves would talk to us, but we spoke to most of the staffs. What we heard were some of the most shameful dishonesty and sleaziness we'd ever heard from any elected officials - much less our "friends."

Here's a sample of the top eight disingenuous excuses we were told over and over:

Read the excuses and the rest of the article.