Friday, August 31, 2012

Abortion Risks Later Pregnancies, U.S. Media Silent

Yet another extensive study has shown the correlation between abortion and premature/low-birth weight of subsequent pregnancies. Despite the researchers' years-long urgent message to the public of this documented hazard of abortion, the mainstream media remains silent.

For background, read the July 2011 post: Premature Births Result from Prior Abortion -- According to the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “One of the most egregious educational omissions from current medical education/residency program, or just plain from the American medical literature in general, is the association of induced abortion with subsequent preterm birth. It is a kind of ‘denial by silence.”

UPDATE 9/1/12:
Lone U.S. mainstream media article downplays study

-- From "Multiple Abortions May Raise Risk of Preemie Birth Later" by HealthDay News (posted at U.S. News & World Report) 8/30/12

Compared to mothers who had no abortions, those who had three or more abortions had a 225 percent increased risk of having a baby with a very low birth weight (less than 1,500 grams or 3.3 pounds), a 43 percent increased risk of low birth weight (less than 2,500 grams or 5.5 pounds), a 35 percent increased risk of preterm birth (before 37 weeks), and an increased risk of very preterm birth (before 28 weeks).

Women who'd had two abortions had only a slightly increased risk of very preterm birth, according to the study published online Aug. 30 in the journal Human Reproduction.

The researchers suggested that the potential for increased birth risks after a woman has had multiple abortions should be included in sex education. They also said health professionals should be aware of the potential risks of repeat abortions.

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From "Repeat abortions linked to premature birth, study suggests" by James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News 8/29/12

Data from all 300,858 first-time mothers in Finland between 1996 and 2008 was analysed.

The study showed there would be three babies born before 28 weeks for every 1,000 women who had never had an abortion, four per 1,000 who had had one abortion, six in those who had had two abortions and 11 if the woman had had three or more abortions.

There were similar figures for babies born before 37 weeks and for low birth weight. However, only 0.3% of women in the study had had three or more abortions before their first child.

Andrew Whitelaw, a professor of neo-natal medicine at the University of Bristol, said: "While pre-term birth before 37 weeks' gestation exposes an infant to a modest but definite increased risk of a range of serious problems including brain injury and death, birth before 28 weeks exposes the infant to a hugely increased risk of death, brain injury and permanent disability.

"Thus an increase, after three or more abortions, of nearly threefold in the odds of having an infant born before 28 weeks is worrying.

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From "Multiple abortions linked to premature births, study shows" posted at Christian Concern 8/30/12

Lead researcher Dr Reija Klemetti from the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki . . . pointed out what these findings mean for other countries:

“Finland has one of the lowest rates of induced abortion in Europe, but even so, a large number are carried out every year.

“In addition, Finland has good quality abortion and maternity care, and in other contexts, particularly in poorer countries, the situation may be different.

“For these reasons, even a very small increase in the risk of poor birth outcomes could have significant health implications, as preterm births and low birth weight can have serious, adverse effects on the health and well-being of both babies and mothers.”

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From "More research shows link to multiple abortion and pre-term, underweight babies" by Hilary White, Rome Correspondent, 8/30/12

. . . research by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) . . . joins the abundant research finding links between abortion and serious health problems for later children including premature birth, low birth weight, and even life-long disabilities like cerebral palsy and infant death.

The physical and emotional risks following abortion, which have been shown to include infertility and pregnancy complications as well as significant psychological problems, are by turns diligently ignored or aggressively denied by the abortion industry.

The UK’s busiest abortion organization, Marie Stopes, tells women, “There is no evidence at all that a straightforward abortion has any effect on future fertility or any other aspect of general health…Your body will not be any different after an abortion.”

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Also read about the Correlation of Breast Cancer from Abortion

Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Civil Union' Joins a Man & Two Women in Brazil

Although Brazilian church leaders are outraged, the public notary who legitimized the family of three spouses said that the civil unions law (originally intended for a pair of homosexuals) created the opportunity for legalized polyamory -- so get over it!

For background, read 'Gay Marriage' Enables Polygamy Court Challenge and also read Polygamy a Civil Right: Canadian Court Case as well as Once Marriage is Re-defined, Chaos Ensues

-- From "Brazil: Three joined in civil union" The UK Independent 8/29/12

A civil partnership between three people has been officially recognised in the state of Sao Paolo. The relationship between one man and two women was passed by public notary Claudia do Nascimento Domingues, who said the trio were entitled to family rights.

"What we considered a family before isn't necessarily what we would consider a family today," she said.

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From "Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil" posted at BBC News 8/28/12

[Notary Domingues] says there is nothing in law to prevent such an arrangement.

The three individuals, who have declined to speak to the press, have lived in Rio de Janeiro together for three years and share bills and other expenses.

Nathaniel Santos Batista Junior, a jurist who helped draft the [civil union] document, said the idea was to protect their rights in case of separation or death of a partner, Globo reports.

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From "Three people enter into civil union in Brazil" The UK Telegraph 8/28/12

Same sex unions have been legally recognised in Brazil since 2004. A same-sex couple may convert their civil union into marriage with the approval of a state judge. In July 2011, a judge in Sao Paulo approved the country’s first gay marriage, when he ruled two men could convert their union.

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From "Three-person ‘stable union’ registered in Brazil" by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, 8/29/12

The action follows a decision by the nation’s Supreme Tribunal to allow homosexuals to enter into such unions, despite the fact that they are defined in the Constitution as a union between a man and a woman. The decision led to a lower court decision extending the eligibility for homosexuals to marriage itself, although the verdict has not yet been recognized throughout Brazil.

“Stable unions” exist in Brazil to regulate cohabiting couples who are unmarried.

The “stable union” status gives rights of inheritance and establishes rules for dividing the group’s estate if there is a breakup. According to the law, stable unions exist to ease the transition to “marriage.” Pro-family groups fear that polygamous marriage might be the next step, as happened in the case of homosexual unions.

Pro-family groups in the United States and the Anglosphere have long argued that the “non-discrimination” rationale used to justify homosexual “marriage” could equally apply to polygamy, while homosexual “marriage” proponents have dismissed such fears as baseless.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Atheists Tell Greencastle, PA to Stop the Praying

Atheists, one of whom describes himself as a former charismatic Christian minister, have put the Antrim Township local governments on notice that they're praying illegally at school board and other civic meetings. Pennsylvania atheist organizations, along with the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, have personally made threats of costly lawsuits, and express their confidence that anti-Christian forces will prevail.
“The courts have ruled that we are allowed to pray at our meeting. As long as I am chairman, I have no intention of stopping.”
-- Fred Young III, chairman of Antrim Township Board of Supervisors
For background, read Prayer in America: Hidden Faith, or Public? and also read Missouri Votes to Bring Prayer Back to School, Countering Atheists

-- From "Antrim supervisors deny request to halt prayer at meetings" by Roxann Miller, The Herald-Mail (Hagerstown, MD) 8/28/12

Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting was the second time in two weeks that the [atheist] representatives attended an area meeting to challenge the constitutionality of prayer during governmental meetings. They attended a Greencastle-Antrim School Board meeting on Aug. 16.

Ernest Perce V, the Pennsylvania state director for American Atheists, condemned the township supervisors for violating the constitution by beginning its meeting with prayer.

Fred Young III, chairman of Antrim Township Board of Supervisors, who began the meeting with a prayer that was read at the First Continental Congress in 1774, said he’ll continue opening the meetings with prayer.

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From "Atheists want school boards to stop prayer at meetings" by Al Gnoza, WHTM-TV27 (Harrisburg, PA) 8/17/12

. . . Shortly after the Greencastle-Antrim School Board opened their meeting with the Lord's Prayer, two people spoke up in protest of that practice.

Representatives from Pennsylvania Non-Believers and American Atheists, Incorporated said the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Pennsylvania, ruled last year that prayer is not permitted at school board meetings.

"I've been attending board meetings for 25 years and it's always been a practice of the school board to start the meeting with the Lord's Prayer," Superintendent Greg Hoover said. "No one's ever said a word."

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From "Atheists want Greencastle-Antrim School Board to stop praying" by Pat Fridgen, Waynesboro Record Herald 8/18/12

Carl Silverman, Camp Hill, a member of PA Nonbelievers, said . . . He had been monitoring the meetings in person and on the school district website, and wanted the board to cease the prayer, listed on the agenda after the Call to Order. The Freedom from Religion Foundation would be sending the district a fax to stop also, or it would initiate legal action, he added.

The [two Pennsylvania atheists were] accompanied by Brian Fields, president of PA Nonbelievers. After the meeting they said that prayer in a school setting was different than in Congress, for instance, because students could be present.

"The school board should focus on reality and education, not appealing to imaginary friends in the sky," they stated.

Silverman, who lived in Waynesboro in the 1990s, took credit for blocking the Gideons from distributing Bibles to Waynesboro Area School District students, for making the Hagerstown Suns stop giving discounts to fans who brought in a church bulletin, for getting crosses removed from Michaux State Forest, and for the removal of the Nativity scene in Chambersburg Memorial Square in 2009.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gay Agenda Attacks America One Town at a Time

Even with President Obama at the helm, liberals in Congress have been unsuccessful in passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), so homosexualists have turned to a shotgun approach of targeting city councils across America to enact the Gay Agenda under the radar, but citizens show they're on guard.

ENDA would limit freedom of religion of entrepreneurs, Christian schools, etc.

UPDATE 4/23/15: PBS Airs Propaganda to Normalize Transgenderism (more) - video1 - video2

For background, read Homosexualists Target Small Town America and also read Obama, Senate Continue to Push Transgender Privilege - ENDA

For even more background, read the Democrat Congressional Definition of the 'Radical Homosexual Agenda' as well as the progression of ENDA (federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act)

Also read how "transgender rights" are being forced through public schools nationwide.

UPDATE 2/24/16: Charlotte, NC Grants Special Rights to the Sexually Deviant

UPDATE 2/17/16: Transgender Restrooms for South Dakota Schools Passes

UPDATE 12/22/15: Gender Redefined by NY City Law; Biology Be Damned

UPDATE 12/7/15: Homosexualists Launch Commerce Attack on Indiana

UPDATE 4/10/15: Voters Repeal 'Gay Rights' in Springfield, Missouri

UPDATE 3/5/15: No Sexual Deviancy Special Class, Says Charlotte, NC

UPDATE 2/17/15: Arkansas Outlaws Local 'Gay Rights' Ordinances

UPDATE 12/12/14: Arkansas City Votes Men OUT of Women's Restrooms

UPDATE 7/12/14: Massachusetts Christian College Booted — Opposes Gay Agenda

UPDATE 5/29/14: Houston Lesbian Mayor Agenda vs. Religious Liberty

UPDATE 7/25/13: San Antonio Gay Agenda Ordinance Bans Christian Workers

UPDATE 12/15/12: Orlando Schools Give Rights to the 'Transgendered'

-- From "Kansas, Missouri cities debating gay rights measures" by Alan Scher Zagier, The Associated Press 8/26/12

Across the heartland, from regional economic hubs in southwest Missouri such as Springfield to the Kansas plains and Nebraska college towns, the battle for gay rights is playing out in city halls and town squares, often with opponents of expanded nondiscrimination laws trying to reverse decisions by government officials.

In Lincoln, Neb., the groups Family First and the Nebraska Family Council quickly collected more than 10,000 signatures challenging a “fairness amendment” approved by the City Council in May, forcing the city to either let the ordinance die or submit it for voter approval. No decision was reached before the deadline for the November ballot.

Omaha, the state's largest city, narrowly passed an ordinance in March extending legal protections to gay and transgender residents after a tie vote scuttled a similar attempt in October 2010.

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From "Kansas cities may vote on nondiscrimination laws" by The Associated Press 8/24/12

Petitions opposing new non-discrimination ordinances have been certified in Salina and Hutchinson, possibly giving voters in both cities a chance to decide whether to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Hutchinson City Manager John Deardoff said the City Council will consider the petitions Sept. 4. The council can either adopt the changes, which would conflict with each other, or agree to put the issue to a public vote within another 90 days, which would make be enough time for the November general election ballot.

In Salina, Saline County Clerk Don Merriman said Thursday that opponents have gathered enough signatures for the city to reconsider a Salina ordinance prohibiting discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity. The ordinance protects people from discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It went into effect June 4, according to The Salina Journal.

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From "Proposal to add categories to Springfield nondiscrimination ordinance tabled by City Council" by Brian Vandenberg, KY3-TV (Springfield, MO) 8/27/12

Springfield City Council approved a motion by Councilman Thomas Bieker to table a bill that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of protected categories in the City’s nondiscrimination ordinance in the City Code. The categories were to be covered in the area of employment, public housing and accommodations.

The Mayor will seek input from City Council as to the specific charge to be given to a citizen-led task force to further address the issue, and also to the stakeholders that need to be included on the task force.

“Obviously, this is going to take some time and City Council is not going to rush this process. This is an important issue for our community and needs to begiven due consideration,” said Mayor Bob Stephens.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Big crowds expected Monday as Springfield City Council debates changes to non-discrimination ordinance" by Jonah Kaplan, ABC KSPR-TV33 News (Springfield, MO) 8/13/12

More than 50 people signed up to address council tonight - and hundreds more sent in emails with their own opinions about the proposed ordinance.

Mary Byrne spends most of the year teaching at different universities. This summer, her assignment was to read up on Springfield City Council's agenda - especially the non-discrimination ordinance.

"I believe that representative government is being treated as a farce," Byrne tells KSPR News. "I'm saying on paper, here's evidence that the city government will coordinate with PROMO - a [homosexualist] special interest group - to implement this action. So the exercise we're going through now was written into the plan two years ago."

Byrne calls herself a devout Christian, but tonight she says she'll speak with reason - not religion. She says the LGBT people can change their orientation from one day to the next.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Muskegon city commissioners unanimously back gay-lesbian rights policy" by Dave Alexander, The Muskegon Chronicle (Michigan) 8/15/12

Asked earlier this year to include sexual orientation and gender rights as part of a city non-discrimination policy, Muskegon city commissioners asked City Attorney John Schrier to write such a policy. Commissioners unanimously approved the policy Tuesday without a word of opposition from the community.

That was not the case in other West Michigan communities. The Holland City Council has been divided over adding such gay rights language to its city’s policies. The controversy led to a pro-gay rights minister to be arrested in October at Holland City Hall in protest over the council’s non action.

"People's sexuality should not be a civil rights issue," [Muskegon citizen Donnell] Harvey said of an issue that should remain private. "Down the road, I hope you address this again."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "New Albany anti-discrimination law draws raves from Kentucky" by Grace Schneider, The Courier-Journal 8/22/12

The New Albany [Indiana] City Council adopted a non-discrimination ordinance earlier this summer and created a human-rights commission to help enforce the measure.

But while the ordinance received unanimous approval from the city council, the move — initiated by newly elected Councilman Greg Phipps — largely flew under the radar.

The New Albany council’s action makes the city the seventh Indiana municipality with discrimination protections inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity . . .

[In Kentucky,] Only the cities of Louisville, Lexington and Covington have enacted non-discrimination fairness ordinances that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

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From "Idaho looks at lack of sexual orientation protections" by The Associated Press 8/6/12

Idaho's conservative Republican lawmakers have rejected attempts to expand the state's Human Rights Act to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from job and housing discrimination.

In northern Idaho, Sandpoint Mayor Marsha Ogilvie said she was surprised to learn her city recently became the first in the state to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

In southeastern Idaho, Pocatello is drafting a similar policy, while officials in Boise, the state capital, are also looking into an ordinance.

Nationwide, 21 states have enacted laws banning discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on sexual orientation. Of those states, 16 also ban discrimination based on gender identity, the newspaper said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

ENDA would equate sexual deviancy rights to civil rights, thus requiring, for example, Christian schools to hire cross-dressing men.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Court OKs Obama Killing Embryos with Tax Dollars

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the dismissal of a challenge to President Obama's adamant directive to his National Institutes of Health to use human embryos for research. The challengers claimed the president violated the 1996 Dickey-Wicker law prohibiting use of tax dollars to destroy human life.

President Obama supporters say IVF fertility clinics simply provide researchers with unwanted human embryos already designated for destruction.

For background, read Obama Wins Ruling: Embryos will be Destroyed and also read Stem Cell Science Advances Without Embryos as well as Actor Recants Embryonic Stem Cells for Parkinson's Cure

-- From "Federal Stem-Cell Funding Upheld by Court" by The Associated Press 8/24/12

"Dickey-Wicker permits federal funding of research projects that utilize already-derived ESCs—which are not themselves embryos—because no 'human embryo or embryos are destroyed' in such projects," Chief Judge David B. Sentelle said in the ruling, adding that the plaintiffs made the same argument the last the time the court reviewed the issue. "Therefore, unless they have established some 'extraordinary circumstance,' the law of the case is established and we will not revisit the issue."

The lawsuit was filed in 2009 by two scientists who argued that President Barack Obama's expansion jeopardized their ability to win government funding for research using adult stem cells—ones that have already matured to create specific types of tissues—because it will mean extra competition.

President George W. Bush also permitted stem-cell research, but limited the availability of taxpayer funds to embryonic stem-cell lines that were already in existence and "where the life and death decision has already been made."

Mr. Obama's order removed that limitation, allowing projects that involve stem cells from already destroyed embryos or embryos to be destroyed in the future. To qualify, parents who donate the original embryo must be told of other options, such as donating to another infertile woman.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Court Upholds Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell Research Funding" by Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post Contributor 8/25/12

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Steven H. Aden . . . said the law's clear intent had been utterly ignored. "Congress designed that law so that Americans don't pay any more precious taxpayer dollars for needless research made irrelevant by adult stem cell and other research. In the current economic climate, it makes even less sense for the Obama administration to use taxpayer money for this illegal and unethical purpose."

In August 2010, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that the executive order likely violated the Dickey-Wicker law. But in April 2011, a federal appeals court ruled Obama can use taxpayers' money to fund embryonic stem cell research.

Human embryonic stem cell research, with the present state of technology, involves the creation of a human embryonic stem cell line, which requires the destruction of a human embryo, and raises concerns over the rights and status of the embryo as an early-aged human life

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Court: Obama Can Force Taxpayer-Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research" by Steven Ertelt, 8/24/12

Dr. David Prentice, Family Research Council’s Senior Fellow for Life Sciences, made the following comments to LifeNews concerning today’s ruling:
“We are disappointed that the Appeals Court panel did not agree that the Obama administration is violating the 1996 Dickey-Wicker amendment by providing taxpayer funding for human embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research relies on the destruction of young human embryos, and that destruction is integral to the research.”

“There would be no embryonic stem cells available for federal funding without first harming and destroying a young human embryo, an act that is prohibited by the Dickey-Wicker language which is passed annually. A plain reading of Dickey-Wicker would eliminate all taxpayer funds for embryonic stem cell research. Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research is a tragic waste of lives as well as taxpayer money, since despite the promises made to gain the federal funding, there is not a single example of a successful treatment. Only adult stem cells have successfully treated any patient, now helping thousands of people for dozens of conditions.”
Sam Casey, General Counsel of Advocates International’s Law of Life Project, a public interest legal project involved in the case, pointed out that NIH officials have admitted they violated the public comment process by ignoring the majority of comments coming from pro-life advocates opposed to destroying unborn children for their stem cells.

“The majority of the almost 50,000 comments that the NIH received were opposed to funding this research, and by its own admission, NIH totally ignored these comments,” he said. “The so-called spare human embryos being stored in IVF clinics around the United States are not ‘in excess of need,’ as the NIH in its guidelines callously assert. They are human beings in need of biological or adoptive parents.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Obama Administration OKs Aborted Baby Brain Experiments

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Atheists' Ads: De-Christianize American Politics

More than one atheist organization has turned to highway billboards in an attempt to strike Christianity from public discussion in the presidential campaigns.

For background, read 'Religions are Scams:' New Atheist Advertising Campaign and yet God says I Still Love You Atheists

Also read how cities allow atheists to advertise, but not Christians

-- From "Atheist billboards mock Romney, Obama religion" by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY 8/14/12

[The American Atheists are] unveiling a new in-your-face-to-the-faithful billboard campaign, timed to the national presidential nominating conventions.

Today's press conference revealed signs that call God "sadistic" and Jesus "useless" as a savior (his image is show as toast, literally) and conclude that Atheism, by contrast, is "simply reasonable."

But evidently the American Atheists don't consider Mormons to be Christians, since they prepared a separate billboard attack on their faith. It derides their idea of God as a "space alien" and notes that Mormons offer a proxy baptism to dead relatives -- a practice the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints acknowledges has gotten out of hand with some believers inappropriately baptizing Holocaust victims and others not related to their own families.

But GOP delegates won't see the attack on their faith on their way to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Tampa. Spokeswoman Teresa MacBain says no one in Tampa would rent them billboard space. So watch for both texts in Charlotte, N.C., where the Democrats will gather in September.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Controversial atheist billboards up in Charlotte" by Sarah Rosario, WSOC-TV9 (Charlotte, NC) 8/13/12

American Atheist president David Silverman said he's well aware of the effect the billboards will have on the many people of faith in Charlotte but said he's just exercising his First Amendment rights. He said he put them up on purpose before the Democratic National Convention.

"We're using our First Amendment rights to ridicule the silliness of religion. If they see this as an attack that's fine, what we're doing here is raising the awareness of the silly parts of these religions. So that people can ask themselves 'do we want this type of person in the White House,'" said Silverman.

Silverman said their message is to separate religion from politics, and to make people to think twice about who they'll vote for in this upcoming November election.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "American Atheist Billboard Calls Jesus 'Useless Savior'" by Myles Collier, Christian Post Contributor 8/20/12

"Our political system is rife with religion and it depends too much on religion and not enough on substance," David Silverman, president of American Atheists, said in a statement.

"Religion is silly and religion has components that are inherently divisive. … There is no place for any of that in the political system," he added.

And so the atheist group is attacking Christianity for what they feel is the promotion of hate.

"The election of our leaders in the United States is one of the most important decisions that we as citizens make. Allowing our judgment to be clouded by sheer silliness is unacceptable. We want to show the people of our country the foolishness of mixing religion with politics," Silverman read in a statement.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Atheist Billboards come down in Charlotte, NC." by Don Lacey, Tucson Citizen 8/25/12

American Atheists announced today that the billboards the organization had placed in Charlotte, NC, ahead of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, criticizing Christianity and Mormonism would be coming down weeks early.

[The statement included the following:]

. . . American Atheists decided to pull the signs [in Charlotte] as a result of the negative impact they were having on the company that we contracted with. . . .

In Tampa, no one would take the job and put our signs up. That is their right. Private businesses that are not places of public accommodations are allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

. . . a different atheist organization:

From "Atheist Group to Post 'God Fixation Won't Fix This Nation' Billboards for Party Conventions" by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter 8/25/12

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Madison, posted a billboard on Thursday in Tampa, Fla. and will be placing two billboards in Charlotte, N.C.

In a statement, FFRF Co-President Dan Barker said . . . "Essentially, we secularists, who comprise nearly a fifth of the U.S. population, are telling government officials that it's time to get off your knees and get to work!"

Gary Schneeberger, vice president of communications for Focus on the Family, told The Christian Post that FFRF was professing a minority opinion.

"The great thing about America is the freedom to share even unpopular opinions in the public square – and with poll after poll finding that about 9 in 10 Americans believe in God, this is clearly not a very widespread opinion," said Schneeberger.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read that
Abortion & Marriage are Top Issues in the Election and read how the Iowa Christian Presidential Forum Riled the Secularists

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abortionists, Homosexualists Sue School over Sex Ed

The ACLU is representing a Planned Parenthood "educator" and the Gay-Straight Alliance in a lawsuit against California's Central Valley Clovis high schools for inadequate sex training of children, charging that the school should not teach children that abstinence prevents pregnancy and is the most effective way to stem the epidemic of sexually transmitted disease.

UPDATE 5/15/15: Judge Rules Abstinence Education Illegal in California

For background, read Abstinence Education Effective, Fed Study Shows and also read Abstinent Teens the Norm, Moral Sex-Ed Works: Study as well as Obama Funds Teaching Sex, not Abstinence

Also read how Planned Parenthood Sets up Shop in California School

-- From "Calif. school district sued over sex ed program" by John S. Marshall, Associated Press 8/22/12

"The sex ed in Clovis high schools violates state law and gives inaccurate, biased information to students," said Phyllida Burlingame, Reproductive Justice Policy Director at the ACLU of Northern California.

The lawsuit against the Clovis Unified School District was filed in Fresno County Superior Court by the California District of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Gay-Straight Alliance Network. The ACLU is representing the groups and the two parents.

In a statement, district spokeswoman Kelly Avants said the school district was reviewing the suit.

"It appears from an initial review that the concern raised in this lawsuit stems from a question of differing interpretations of the depth and breadth of a school district's obligation to cover detailed sexual content in its family life-sex education materials," the statement said.

"The District notes that some of the information contained in the suit does not accurately describe existing procedures and practices in Clovis Unified related to parent notification," the statement said.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Sex Talk: ACLU Sues School District For Not Doing Enough Of It" By Ashley Ritchie, KMPH-TV26 (Fresno, CA) 8/21/12

The lawsuit also makes claims of bias against homosexuals, saying the textbook the district uses "lists a number of types of families, but does not include same–sex households on its list."

[Aubree] Smith is one of two Clovis Unified parents named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

She's a registered nurse.

The other mom [Mica Ghimenti] works for Planned Parenthood.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Parents criticize Clovis Unified sex education" by Barbara Anderson, The Fresno Bee 5/13/11

. . . parents met at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno in Clovis to discuss their concerns and raise awareness. About 30 attended.

Mica Ghimenti, a Planned Parenthood health educator in Fresno, said Teen Choices [curriculum at Clovis] uses outdated information about the success and failure rates of condoms, among other misinformation. Ghimenti has a daughter at Buchanan High School and two sons at Century Elementary School in Clovis, none of whom have gone through the Teen Choices program.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Clovis Unified district sued over abstinence-only sex education" by Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times 8/22/12

The lawsuit against Clovis Unified, which serves 39,000 students in Fresno County, alleges that the abstinence-only curriculum is risking young people's health by denying them accurate information about how to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Kelly Avants, Clovis Unified spokeswoman, said the district fully complies with state education law that promotes abstinence as "the only 100% surefire way to prevent pregnancy" and STDs.

Jim Van Volkinburg, school board president, said he could not comment on the lawsuit because he hadn't seen it. But he added that he thought parents' concerns had been addressed.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "School Says Rest Can Deter STDs, Parents Say" by William Dotinga, Courthouse News Service 8/23/12

The real problem, the plaintiffs say, is that the Clovis school district uses "Lifetime Health" as its sex education textbook. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, the textbook "promotes the abstinence-only policy many states - but not California - pursued a decade ago, when federal funding was offered for abstinence-only programs," the complaint states.

For preventing HIV/AIDS, the Holt textbook "does not mention condoms, listing only '1. Practice abstinence,' '2. Avoid multiple partners,' advising that 'when a couple is ready for marriage, both partners should maintain a monogamous relationship,' '3. Don't share needles ... or any items that may put a person in contact with blood,' and '4. Avoid drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs,'" the groups say, citing the Holt textbook.

"The Holt textbook reflects bias against gay, lesbian and bisexual people. For example, the Holt textbook lists a number of types of families, but does not include same-sex households in its list. The Holt textbook also emphasizes abstinence from sexual activity until marriage, which it defines as 'a lifelong union between a husband and a wife.' None of the discussions of sexual behavior or relationships discuss same-sex couples," the complaint states.

The plaintiffs are represented by Alexis Coll-Very and Simona Strauss, with Simpson Thacher and Bartlett, of Palo Alto, with support from Elizabeth Gill of the ACLU in San Francisco.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Planned Parenthood's Oral Sex Push Bad According to Federal Government Report

Friday, August 24, 2012

Univ. Gay Agenda Wastes Money, Says Congressman

Louisiana Rep. Jeff Landry has urged the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to end it's new queer studies program saying it's a waste of tax dollars and it does nothing to enhance students' employment prospects. University President Joseph Savoie responded saying that the LGBT program suits the purpose of higher education.

For background, read 'Queer Studies' Degree: Normalizing Sexual Deviancy and also read California Schools Offer 'Gay Curriculum' as well as Harvard Comes Out of the Closet with 'Queer Studies'

-- From "GOP lawmaker wants university to end new program on transgender studies" by Pete Kasperowicz, The Hill 8/24/12

"Please do not assign scarce assets meant for 15,000 students on a minor that serves five people and offers nothing for direct employment prospects," Landry wrote to the university, according to a report from Louisiana's KATC. "I hope the university will put our people over politics."

Landry and university President Joseph Savoie have been in a back-and-forth discussion over the LGBT studies program since it was created earlier this year. Landry asked Savoie to terminate the program in July, in a letter that also asked for information about whether there were any federal rules that prevented the university from discontinuing the program. Landry said he would "do everything in my power to either repeal these requirements or secure a waiver for the University."

That prompted Savoie to defend the program in a letter to Landry that said "universities support student learning and produce new knowledge, educated leaders, informed citizens and expert professional skills and training."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Jeff Landry: UL LGBT minor wastes resources" by U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry, posted at Gannett 7/19/12

As our nation has faced 41 consecutive months of unemployment above 8 percent, higher education's primary mission should be ensuring students have the tools necessary to compete in today's tough economy. Our colleges and universities should be allocating their time, energy, and resources on programs that increase the hiring viability and earning capacity of our students.

While we have students at UL attempting to enter the workforce as quickly as possible, their university is telling them classes are unavailable due to budget cuts. These young people pursuing financial security are being shut down by an elite academia piling on massive student loan debt and offering curricula restrictive to job opportunities.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gay Agenda Training Kids: Drag Queen Barbie Doll

The makers of G.I. Joe have created a doll to introduce children to the world of cross dressing. Whereas the homosexual media labels it a "super-gay doll," the maker Mattel Inc. downplays the deviant sexual aspect of the new Blond Diamond Barbie doll, saying it's just flamboyant fashion designed by a well-known man: drag queen Phillipe Blond (see photo below).

For background, read Largest Corporations Stampede to Support 'Gay Agenda' and also read 4-year-old Boy Encouraged to Cross Dress in Preschool as well as Scary California 'Lunch Lady' is Man in Drag

-- From "Is new Barbie a he? Media labels doll a drag queen" by Muhammed El-Hasan, Los Angeles News Group 8/22/12

[The new Barbie's] glittery, flamboyant outfit was designed by a two-man fashion team, known as The Blonds, one of whom is drag queen enthusiast Phillipe Blond.

"The Blond Diamond Barbie Collector doll celebrates the dramatic and glamorous fashions created by the designing pair David and Phillipe Blond," said Stefani Yocky, a spokeswoman for Barbie maker Mattel Inc. . . .

One commenter, Ancilla Tilia, quipped: "Finally! Drag Queen Barbie. Because boys can be anatomically incorrect girls, too."

On the Mattel site, a description of the doll says: "Our favorite blonde celebrates The Blonds, dressed for an amazing adventure."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Drag Queen Barbie Is Finally Here? (No, It’s Not Ken in Heels)" by Judith Welikala, Time Magazine 8/20/12

. . . “Drag Queen Barbie” isn’t its actual title. And, in true Barbie tradition, it won’t reveal certain parts of the human anatomy — male or female.

Envisioned by fashion design duo The Blonds, the doll is officially styled, somewhat clunkily, as The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie Doll. But it bears a striking likeness to one half of the duo, Phillipe Blond, who is himself a glamorous cross-dresser.

“One of the great things about Barbie is that she continues to push the envelope,” Cathy Cline, vice president of marketing in the United States for Mattel’s girls’ brands told the New York Times. “Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.”

Phillipe’s partner, David Blond, is optimistic that the venture will enable the duo to break into the mainstream: “A whole different audience, that’s always good for anyone’s business,” he revealed to the New York Times. “And that’s the direction we would like to produce — things that are more accessible to more people. This is a step in the right direction.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "When Barbie Met the Blonds" by Corbin Chamberlin, News York Times 8/10/12

When Barbie, the blond and blue-eyed symbol of mainstream America, was created in 1959 by Mattel Inc., it might have been hard to imagine that someday the gender-bending design team the Blonds would be the inspiration for arguably the most coveted doll in America.

The Blonds for Barbie doll comes at a time when gender lines in fashion are being blurred more every day. Male models like Andrej Pejic are starring in print layouts and gracing the cover of New York magazine. Androgyny has persisted as one of the most popular fashion trends for the last few years. “Fashion is a form of self-expression and we believe that everyone should feel glamorous every day,” said Phillipe Blond, a designer of the Blonds.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Christians Favor MO Candidate Todd Akin over GOP

Since the inception of the Tea Party, Christians have made it clear that they put no faith in party loyalty. Now as the Republican establishment attempt to crucify outspoken Missouri pro-lifer Rep. Todd Akin, whom voters chose to defeat the current Missouri pro-abortion Senator Claire McCaskill, Christian grassroots and prominent evangelical spokesmen are defending the six-term congressman from the St. Louis suburbs, despite his "one word" gaffe.
“The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold. I ask for your forgiveness.”
-- Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO)
For background, read Proved: Tea Party Movement is Christian and also read Tea Party Fights: GOP War on Christianity as well as Teavangelicals Continue to Shock Mainstream Media

UPDATE 8/30/12: MO senate race dead heat says new poll as well as latest poll

UPDATE 8/27/12:
M.D. says Akin's statement on conception NOT unreasonable; read this 1999 article by doctor

UPDATE 8/22/12: Washington Post makes fun of Akin's Christianity and those who favor him

In video, evangelical Pastor Tony Evans backs Rep. Akin, not party politics:

-- From "Mo. congressman defies GOP leaders to stay in race" by Jim Salter, Associated Press 8/21/12

"I misspoke one word in one sentence on one day, and all of a sudden, overnight, everybody decides, 'Well, Akin can't possibly win,'" he said on a national radio show hosted by former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. "Well, I don't agree with that."

Akin predicted he would bounce back from the political crisis threatening his campaign, including a call from presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney to leave the race, and capture a seat that is pivotal to Republican hopes of regaining control of the Senate.

In a potential sign of his strategy, Akin appealed Tuesday to Christian evangelicals, anti-abortion activists and anti-establishment Republicans. He said he remains the best messenger to highlight respect for life and liberty that he contends are crumbling under the big-government policies of President Barack Obama.

Noreen McCann, who lives in the same suburban St. Louis area as Akin, said Tuesday that his rape comment hasn't weakened her support for him. McCann expressed frustration that Akin was being publicly flayed for his ill-chosen words while other Democrats — specifically President Bill Clinton — have survived scandals that included accusations of sexual impropriety and lies.

Akin "is a man of principle. I trust and respect his integrity and his commitment to defending American values," said McCann, who had passed out Akin fliers on primary election day. "I think he wants to defend all innocent human life. If he misspoke, or it was in the wrong context, that is not a major problem for me."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Akin says he’ll stay in Senate race, heightening tension within GOP" by Paul Kane, The Washington Post 8/21/12

The Republican political establishment drew closer to a confrontation with some in the party’s Christian conservative wing Tuesday as Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri chose defiance over surrender, refusing to step aside as the GOP nominee for Senate.

Missouri’s Republican Senate primary already served to pit several conservative constituencies against one another, as Christian evangelical leaders backed Akin and hard-line anti-spending conservatives supported his opponents.

But after two days of apologizing, Akin grew angry Tuesday, allowing a deadline to pass on an easier way to withdraw from the contest. The congressman made clear that he would not apologize for his belief that abortion should be illegal, even in cases of rape.

The staunchest opponents of abortion, led by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and the Eagle Forum’s Phyllis Schlafly, said they remained behind Akin’s candidacy Tuesday.

“Todd Akin . . . has a record of voting to protect human life,” Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, said in a statement. He “has been an excellent partner in the fight for the unborn.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Ignoring Deadline to Quit, G.O.P. Senate Candidate Defies His Party Leaders" by Jonathan Weisman, New York Times 8/21/12

“I believe the defense of the unborn and a deep respect for life, which underlie all of America, those are important parts of who we are. And they’re not things to run away from,” Mr. Akin said on the radio program hosted by Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor.

. . . “We can’t run from our shadows every time someone says ‘abortion,’ ” he told Dana Loesch, a conservative talk radio host, on Tuesday.

Ione Dines, 72, from Marshfield, Mo., a Republican activist for 45 years and a Missouri state committee member since about 2006, said she was “just devastated” by her party’s actions.

Mr. Akin found support among anti-abortion activists and Christian conservatives, in Missouri and around the country. “Missouri Right to Life supports Congressman Akin’s defense of the life of an innocent unborn child conceived by rape,” declared Pam Fichter, president of the group’s political action committee.

“No one is speaking up on his behalf — this is a travesty,” said Rick Mathes, executive director of the Mission Gate Prison Ministry in Chesterfield, Mo., and an acquaintance of Mr. Akin’s. “With all this negative publicity, it’ll have a reverse spin, just watch. More people will be getting out to vote for him.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Rep. Steve King [R-Iowa] defends Akin as a 'strong Christian man'" by Cameron Joseph, The Hill 8/21/12

[Congressman Steve] King, a close friend and ally of Akin's who campaigned for him during the primary, stood by Akin's side. He told a local television station that he didn't want to give his thoughts on Akin's specific remark because he hadn't heard it in context, but attacked those who were blasting Akin as focused on "petty personal attacks."

"I think this election should be about how did Todd Akin vote and what did he vote for and what did he stand for and in this case, I'm seeing the same thing, petty personal attacks substituting for strong policy," he said.

The Iowa congressman, who supports changing the law so Medicaid won't cover abortions for victims of statutory rape and incest, said he didn't personally know of anyone who'd been in that situation.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Akin Still Has Strong Support Among Some Conservatives" by Reuters 8/21/12

Tim Wildmon, president of the conservative American Family Association, said in a statement that the controversy had been overblown and should be forgotten, since Akin has apologized.

"Even if he is medically incorrect, still, that is irrelevant to the issues of life that may come before him for a vote should he be elected to the U.S. Senate," he said.

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council Action, said Akin's comments were inappropriate and indefensible, but his group still supports Akin because of his long-term anti-abortion positions.

John Putnam, Missouri state coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, rose to the defense of Akin on Tuesday blaming Republicans for not “circling the wagons around him and getting him through this.”

Putnam, who is also the Republican Party chairman of Jasper County, ranked Akin as the 21st most conservative member of Congress during his six terms in the lower chamber.

“No question that things are rapidly deteriorating in terms of his ability to stay in the race. I hold the party somewhat responsible, mostly responsible for not pulling behind him the way the Democrats support their guys when they make a gaffe,” explained Putnam.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read Tea Party Christianity Exhibited at Chick-fil-A

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christians to GOP: Stand for Freedom of Religion

This week, the Republican platform committee is being asked to oppose the liberals' War on Christianity, by using the First Amendment guarantee of the free exercise of religion. A new study from the Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute enumerates 10 years of hostility toward religion in America's courts, public schools and government.
"Let this be a call to stand for religious liberty in the U.S."
-- Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council
For background, read August 1, 2012: Obama Attack on U.S. Constitution and also read Homosexualists' Terrorist Attack on Christians as well as Phoenix Christian Jailed for Home Worship Gatherings

For links to many attacks on prayer in America, CLICK HERE.

Tea Party Americans ask: Is Christian Liberty at Risk with a President Romney?

-- From "Growing hostility to religion in U.S." by The Associated Press 8/20/12

A report by Liberty Institute and the Family Research Council lists hundreds of instances in recent years, including lawsuits filed by atheist groups and administrative actions by government officials.

[Liberty Institute President Kelly] Shackelford says growing hostility toward religious expression can lead to violence like last week's shooting at the Washington headquarters of the Family Research Council that left an unarmed guard wounded.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Study details instances of hostility toward religion" by Matthew Brown, Deseret News 8/20/12

The two conservative Christian groups are to present the study this week to the Republican National Convention's platform committee, hoping that will raise awareness of the issue, according to OneNewsNow.

The survey, which comes a week after a gunman shot a security guard at the FRC headquarters, details more than 600 instances over the past 10 years of "attacks and hostilities" against religion. They range from the passage of the federal Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare], which requires religious affiliated institutions to provide contraception coverage in their health care plans, to an eight-year-old girl who couldn't sing “Kum Ba Yah” at a Boys & Girls Club talent show because the lyrics contained the words, "Oh, my Lord."

Most of the instances cited in the survey are court cases or decisions by government. And the majority involves Christian faiths.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Hostility Toward Religious Expression Growing" posted at 8/20/12

"America today would be unrecognizable to our Founders. Our first liberty is facing a relentless onslaught from well-funded and aggressive groups and individuals who are using the courts, Congress, and the vast federal bureaucracy to suppress and limit religious freedom," Shackelford said.

"This radicalized minority is driven by an anti-religious ideology that is turning the First Amendment upside down," he said.

"The Obama administration no longer even speaks of freedom of religion; now it is only 'freedom of worship,'" he continued. "This radical departure is one that threatens to make true religious liberty vulnerable, conditional, and limited. This is no accident and it has huge ramifications."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Survey reveals increasing hostility in US towards religion" by Michelle Bauman, CNA/EWTN News 8/20/12

Five years ago, [the report] said, it would have been “unthinkable” for the federal government to claim that it could “tell churches and synagogues which pastors and rabbis it can hire and fire.”

The survey also documented an “explosion” within the last decade of “cases involving local governments discriminating against churches, particularly in the local governments’ use of zoning laws and granting of permits.”

Furthermore, the report documented increasing attacks on religious freedom in the public sphere, pushing “the boundaries of religious hostility” to new limits.

It also noted several cases challenging prayer to open legislative assemblies, despite the fact that Congress has opened with prayer since the nation’s beginning.

The report also noted the “alarming frequency” of attacks on religious liberty within schools.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Also read 'Gay Rights' Winning, Loss of Religious Liberty Documented - Washington Post writer demonstrates it's a "zero sum" game: Winning homosexual 'rights' means Christians must lose freedom of religion.

. . . and thus the concern that
Republicans are Accepting the Gay Agenda More and More

Monday, August 20, 2012

Feds Waive Psych Tests for Mentally Ill Pilots

When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required a male pilot who thinks he's a woman to undergo psychological testing for licensing, the man complained of discrimination against the transgendered, so requirements were changed for those suffering the diagnosis of gender confusion.

For background, read
Obama, Senate Continue to Push Transgender Privilege and also read 2-year-old Says She's a Boy, 'Parents' Say OK as well as Transgenderism is 'Delusion' Says Victim

-- From "Transgender Pilots Cleared for Takeoff as FAA Changes Rule" by Susan Donaldson James, ABC News 8/18/12

[Tamsyn] Waterhouse is transgender, and the FAA required that she go through a battery of psychological tests -- five in all -- that would "take a couple of days of my time and cost in the several-thousand dollar range."

The FAA has now instituted a new policy that does not categorically impose these tests on transgender pilots.

The change reflects a growing trend in [President Obama's] government and the courts to eliminate discrimination against those who are lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender.

The previous policy was based on "outdated stereotypes that someone who changed their gender had something mentally wrong with them," said Matt Wood, the Transgender Law Center lawyer the who took Waterhouse's case.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Mandatory psychological testing for transgender Americans who want to be pilots is DROPPED after victory for one woman" by Daily Mail Reporter 8/18/12

Waterhouse would have been forced to resit the burdensome and costly test every five years in order to renew her license, again at the FAA's discretion.

Waterhouse contacted Reps. Mike Honda, D-Calif. and Blarney Frank, D-Mass., as well as the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force who campaigned alongside her.

Now neurocognitive testing is only required if is clinically indicated.

Waterhouse told how she is thrilled to be able to fly again and said she will be applying for a commercial pilot's license as soon as she has her medical certification back.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Atheists Threaten to Sue Every School in Mississippi

As school football season begins, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has sent letters to public schools across America threatening to sue individual citizens, such as teachers, principals and school board members, of every school where anyone, including a student, takes a platform to pray at a sports event. In response, Christian citizens say they plan to ignore the atheists and publicly pray anyway.
"You can take away the microphone, but you can't take away our mouth. We still have the freedom of speech."
-- J.D Simpson, Executive Director of First Priority
For background, read Prayer in America: Hidden Faith, or Public? and also read Missouri Votes to Bring Prayer Back to School, Countering Atheists

UPDATE 10/15/13: Atheists Threaten to Sue Every School in Tennessee

-- From "Organization threatens MS schools with lawsuit over football prayers" by WDAM-TV7 (Hattiesburg, MS) 8/18/12

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has issued a warning to the Mississippi's 151 school superintendents not to allow prayer to take place over the intercom during football games or those schools will will be sued.

Pine Belt-area pastors are calling for members of their churches to organize and pray at the games.

Several school districts have announced that instead of official, school-sponsored prayer there will be a moment of silence before Friday's games. Jim Burnett, Senior Pastor at Willow Pointe Church in Oak Grove, along with several other pastors have told their congregations to recite the Lord's Prayer during that time.

Jeff Floyd, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church . . . said, "I think it is wrong for any group to come in and threaten to sue an individual when all they are doing is exercising their First Amendment Rights."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Freedom From Religion Foundation warns state's superintendents regarding pre-game prayers" by Mississippi Press Staff 8/17/12

The Mississippi House passed the Schoolchildren's Religious Liberties Act . . .

House Bill 638, which passed on a 92-25 vote, says each school district shall treat a student's voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint in the same manner it treats their expression of a secular viewpoint.

Students must be allowed to organize prayer groups, religious clubs and other religious gatherings, and districts must adopt policies that establish limited public forums for student speakers at school events.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Freedom From Religion Foundation asks UTC to discontinue public prayer before football games" by The Associated Press 8/17/12

An atheist group has asked the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga to discontinue Christian prayers before football games.

UTC Associate Vice Chancellor Chuck Cantrell told the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the university is reviewing a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation,.

The atheist organization sent a letter dated May 15 to Chancellor Roger Brown, asking the university to halt what group Co-President Laurie Gaylor described as "unlawful university sponsorship of Christian prayer."

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "UTC group calls for response to prayer letter" by Ansley Haman, Chattanooga Times Free Press 8/18/12

The Secular Student Alliance at UTC on Friday advanced the debate about public prayer on the school's campus and in Hamilton County.

The [FFRF] letter specifically mentions prayers held by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at football games beginning in 2010.

UTC Associate Vice Chancellor Chuck Cantrell confirmed Friday that university officials have not taken any additional steps after receiving the letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Texas Lawmaker Says She'll Have Sex with ANY Gender

Claiming to be a lesbian during her election campaign, Mary Gonzalez now says she's "pansexual," meaning that she has had, and will continue to have relationships with men, women, transsexuals, "gender queer" -- apparently meaning anyone who could be considered a human being.
"As I started to recognize the gender spectrum and dated along the gender spectrum, I was searching for words that connected to that reality, for words that embraced the spectrum."
-- Rep. Mary Gonzalez (Democrat-Austin)
For background, read Gay Agenda: Gender Neutrality & Gender Spectrum and also read Homosexual 'Marriage' Not Enough; Next Goal as well as 'Gay Marriage' Enables Polygamy Court Challenge

-- From "Mary Gonzalez, Texas State Representative, Identifies As Pansexual In New Interview" reported by Huffington Post 8/10/12

Mary Gonzalez broke barriers when she became her state's only openly lesbian lawmaker when she was elected to the Texas House of Representatives.

Though many might describe Gonzalez's orientation as bisexual, pansexuals don’t believe in a "gender binary," and hence can be attracted to all gender identities.

Although she came out as bisexual at age 21, Gonzalez said she has also dated transgender and "gender-queer" people, in addition to women.

Gonzalez's election in May drew praise from a number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates.

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Mary Gonzalez comes out as pansexual" by Anna Waugh, Staff Writer, Dallas Voice 8/10/12

Although her election focused on helping El Paso’s District 75 citizens gain access to clean drinking water and better educational opportunities, her sexuality was front and center, and something she had to repeatedly address. Mainstream media called her the Latina lesbian lawmaker. The coverage led to negative comments about her dating men in the past and accusations that she was not a “true lesbian,” Gonzalez said.

Denis Dison, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which endorsed Gonzalez, said there are several openly bisexual politicians nationwide but none have used the term pansexual.

“People should inform the media and others about the term they prefer, and that sort of education is a good thing,” Dison said. “It’s also a little more tricky in politics to be cutting edge and inform people about something they may not be familiar with.”

Robyn Ochs, a co-founder of the umbrella organization BiNet USA and nationally recognized educator in gender and sexuality, agreed.

“To not use that word because people don’t know what it means is never going to move us forward,” Ochs said. “By using language, we change understanding. We create understating.”

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

From "Texas Rep says she's a pansexual. What the heck is that?" by Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM) 8/15/12

While the vast majority of people are attracted to the opposite sex, and homosexuals claim same-sex attraction, pansexuals claim they are attracted to both genders and all "gender identities". For some using this label, they claim that they not only have a right to be so attracted but that it should be treated as a new civil right.

According to researchers, pansexuals don't recognize "gender binaries."

While members of the LGBT community are praising this latest development, most of the rest of the nation is simply trying to come to terms with a new form of sexual identification of which many were previously unaware. Many are also asking, what's next for a culture spiraling out of control?

To read the entire article above, CLICK HERE.

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