Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kentucky Mother Pens Guide to Christian Citizenship

From "Kentucky mother pens guide to Christian citizenship" posted 6/21/07 at OneNewsNow.com

A Kentucky mother who is also a nurse and educator has written a guide designed to help concerned Christians get involved in the culture war.

Dawn McCamish has no affiliation with any group other than her church, the Ekklesia Christian Life Fellowship in Lexington, Kentucky. The registered nurse, teacher, and mother says she has a conviction to work for the advancement of Christian values in today's society -- especially concerning the saving of innocent pre-born children.

McCamish explains that she decided to write "A Guide to Christian Citizenship," which she says promotes justice and godliness in society. Christians have a calling to protect the innocent who cannot speak for themselves, she says, and to be "salt and light" to the world.

...McCamish says one of the reasons people do not get involved is that they do not know how -- and that is what the guide is all about, she points out. The guide can be downloaded through her church's website.

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