Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Only One Canadian Same-Sex Marriage in Toronto This Year

From "Foreigners take lead in Toronto same-sex weddings" by Natalie Armstrong, posted 6/22/07 at

It is no secret to those who are paying attention, that feminists and homosexual activists believe that The one man/one woman married and faithful for life model of sexuality must be abandoned. It is repressive and obsolete.

However, the fact unreported by the media is that homosexual activists consider marriage not something to be attained by homosexuals for its own sake, but rather an institution to be acquired, for the legitimacy it lends to homosexual relationships, then
discarded. Experience is proving that most homosexuals do not want to get married. The fight to legalize same-sex marriage is in essence a bait and switch tactic. Statistics show that very few homosexuals actually get married once they are legally permitted to do so - as this article demonstrates.

Why fight so hard for something they don’t really want? Listen to the following quote from Molly McKay, media director of Marriage Equality USA: “By allowing us to be married it will allow us to enter into a conversation as EQUALS about who is next.”

What does Ms. McKay mean by that? Well, last summer GLBT activists issued a manifesto that called for legal recognition of not only same-sex ‘marriage’, but also of group ‘marriage’ and polygamy. This is not a manifestation of the fringe element. The people who have signed on to this are the MAINSTREAM activists of the gay rights movement. They are scholars, writers, artists, journalists, community organizers, and even law professors from top schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Chicago, Georgetown, and more.

In the words of Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean, believing that a family consists of a mother, father, and children is ”outdated and bigoted.”

They understand (better than most Americans) that if marriage can mean anything, it will mean nothing.

Yes. The legalization of same-sex marriage is not the ultimate goal. You give us marriage, we'll give you polygamy, polyamory, and ultimately the end of marriage itself...

Here's more proof for the pudding...

That compares with 319 that have been issued to same-sex couples from the United States and other countries, and it's well below the hundreds of Canadian homosexual couples who tied the knot in previous years.

"It's become somewhat more mainstream, so there are other clergy who are actually willing to do the weddings," Rev. Jo Bell of Toronto's Metropolitan Community Church said on Friday.

The church became "the" place for couples to wed when same-sex marriages were first legalized in Canada in 2005, but such ceremonies are becoming increasingly commonplace in other Canadian towns and cities.

"We're not like the only show in town as much any more," she said.

Bell said fewer people are getting married at her church this year compared with last year. June has been busy but it's mainly couples from other countries getting hitched.

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