Saturday, June 02, 2007

Liberal Educator's Message to Kids: Any Sex is Good Sex

From "Liberal Sex Educator Gives Outrageous Advice in Boulder" by Steve Jordahl, posted 5/21/07 at

At a mandatory assembly at Boulder High School in Colorado, students were encouraged to have sex and do drugs.

You do not want your kids to meet clinical psychologist, Joel Becker. Some consider him a parent’s worst nightmare. This is what he had to say 14 to 18 year olds.

“I’m going to encourage you to have sex, and I’m going to encourage you to use drugs appropriately.”

Becker was participating in a panel discussion sponsored by the University of Colorado at Boulder. He was one of four panelists at Boulder High.

“I don’t care if it’s with men and men, women and women, men and women, whatever combination you would like to put together.”

Briggs Gamblin, spokesperson for Boulder Valley School District, admits a wrong.

“The one thing we did we absolutely err on and violated our own policy was that we made this a required attendance for kids.”

This problem is these people really believe that statement...

Linda Klepacki of Focus on the Family Action has seen this coming for years.

“This is exactly where Planned Parenthood has been pushing us since the early 1990’s. People haven’t believed it. I’ve heard it in conferences. Here it is. To think that our children, this is the type of education, these are the messages that they’re going to be given and they are being given.”

This isn't an education. It's corruption. It is perhaps unfortunate that educators cannot be sued for malpractice...