Monday, June 11, 2007

Washington Parents Weren't Told Before Students Given Homosexuality Lesson

Trust the professionals: Installment #22

From "Washington Parents Weren't Told Before Students Had Homosexuality Lesson" posted 6/11/07 at

Some Olympia, Wash., parents were outraged that they weren't informed before their middle school kids attended an assembly about what it's like to be gay, The Olympian reported.

At an assembly last week, six panelists told students about how their same-sex attraction has led to discrimination.

Patti Connolly, whose eighth-grade daughter attends Washington Middle School, said the school should have alerted parents.

"I was livid," she said. "It's not appropriate. That stuff is taught at home, not at school."

Bev Wood's daughter sent her a text message during the assembly to tell her what was going on. Wood drove to the school to pick her up.

"A lot of them weren't happy being in there or were uncomfortable being in there," she said.

Bill Lahmann, superintendent of Olympia School District, said while the school could have done more to notify parents, Olympia schools would not stop holding such assemblies.

The arrogance of some of our educators is staggering...

"It doesn't matter what a student's beliefs are or anything else," he said. "Harassment is not tolerated.

Then teach morality about harassment. It is not necessary to have a panel of homosexual people 'sharing their undeniably real pain' to reinforce kindness and civility to all. This kind of panel is designed to generate a sympathetic and positive reaction to homosexual behavior - one for which no critical thought is necessary...

This is just an excuse to propagandize the next generation about homosexual behavior.

This is not education. It is corruption. Schools have no right...