Thursday, June 07, 2007

CBS News Anchor Bryant Gumbel Says He Was Right to Call Pro-Family Advocate a F-ing Idiot

From "CBS News Anchor Bryant Gumbel Says He Was Right to Call Pro-Family Advocate a F****ing Idiot" posted 6/6/07 at

Yesterday, while filling-in for Regis Philbin on Live with Regis and Kelly, CBS News Early Show anchor Bryant Gumbel actually boasted about once calling conservative culture-critic Robert Knight "a f***ing idiot". Gumbel used the actual word at the end of a June 29, 2000 interview on CBS's The Early Show about whether active homosexuals should work as scoutmasters in the Boy Scouts. Mr. Knight, then with the Family Research Council, is now the director of the Media Research Center's Culture (MRC) and Media Institute.

After the first incident, the Media Research Center called on Mr. Gumbel to apologize. He remained silent. His employer, CBS, made the astounding claim that they did not know what Mr. Gumbel had said, although the incident was captured on videotape and live television.

In his comment today, Mr. Gumbel expanded on the insult, saying, "One time I was doing an interview with - I'm going to kindly describe him as a gentleman - and he was arguing about how gays should be kept out of the Boy Scouts, etcetera, and he was infuriating me. And I finished the interview and I thought we had gone to commercial and we hadn't, and I said 'what a blank-ing idiot.' I was correct, but it was wrong to do."

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Most people are unaware that the Scouts enacted a policy against homosexual leaders many years ago BECAUSE they had a problem with gay scout leaders molesting boys -- but Mr. Gumbel's point of view is what passes for 'wisdom' in our mainstream media...