Thursday, June 21, 2007

Planned Parenthood Covering up for Statutory Rapists

In order to understand Planned Parenthood would do this you must realize that Planned Parenthood ideology includes the right of CHILDREN to have sex unimpeded by "externally imposed fear, shame, guilt, or beliefs based on myths and impairing their sexual relationships..."

From "Behind Closed Doors: Planned Parenthood’s Cover-ups and Lies" by LaToya Cain, posted 6/15/07 at Concerned Women for America

Going beyond the favorable image evoked by its deceptive name and into the confines of Planned Parenthood facilities reveals the many cover-ups and lies that characterize the operation to kill babies by whatever means necessary in American abortion clinics. Recently, Planned Parenthood chose to protect and put first the rights of statutory rapists, instead of upholding and looking out for the interests of their victims.

In a recent undercover investigative story, UCLA student Lila Rose posed as a fifteen-year-old pregnant girl to prepare a story for a pro-life student newspaper at UCLA. At the Santa Monica Planned Parenthood office, Lila told the abortion facility staff that a 23-year-old man impregnated her. During her visit, nurse practitioner and UCLA Health Center counselor Ann Brooks advised Rose to lie and claim that she was 16 years of age so that Planned Parenthood would not have to report the rape to authorities. Withholding such information is a crime under California law. In addition, H.R. 2673, signed into law by President Bush, states:

SEC. 212. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no provider of services under title X of the Public Health Service Act shall be exempt from any State law requiring notification or the reporting of child abuse, child molestation, sexual abuse, rape or incest.

Planned Parenthood staff also told Lila that UCLA does not have the resources to support students who want to keep their babies. Lila was instead encouraged by Nurse Brooks to use Medi-Cal, which is funded by California taxpayers, to fund her abortion. Lila made a video recording of the visit, which was available for viewing on YouTube until threats of a lawsuit by Planned Parenthood surfaced.

Another disturbing incident of Planned Parenthood covering up a rape is the case of the five-year sexual abuse of an Ohio girl that began when she was 13 and continued until she was 18. Routinely raped by her father, the young girl in this case became pregnant and was forced to have an abortion at the age of 16. At the Planned Parenthood facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, the girl reported the abuse to the staff, but the staff did not report her case to law enforcement officials. It was not until the girl told a school counselor of the abuse that authorities became aware and then intervened.

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