Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Louisiana Rejects Science Debate in Textbooks

Rejecting a citizen outcry for accurate science education, the Louisiana Board of Education has approved purchase of new high school biology textbooks (to replace the current outdated books) with new books that continue to present the unsubstantiated 'fact of human evolution.'

-- From "Education board considers new biology textbooks" by The Associated Press 12/7/10

Opponents of the books say they fail to explain the many scientific challenges to evolution, teach the subject dogmatically without criticism and contain inaccuracies.

Supporters of the new books say they shouldn't include disclaimers about the theory of evolution, and they argue that critics are trying to force religious issues into science classrooms.

A panel of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 6-1 Tuesday to approve the new books. The full board will take up the matter Thursday, but Tuesday's vote had a majority of the board backing the textbooks.

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From "Panel approves textbooks" by Mike Hasten, Monroe News Star 12/8/10

Louisiana last purchased high school science and biology books eight years ago. Teachers told the panel that numerous scientific discoveries have been made in the past eight years and students are being denied access to the latest information.

A crowd of people at the meeting wanted books that at least mention creationism or intelligent design or say that evolution is not a fact. An almost equal group promoted teaching pure science [sic].

"These books are extremely weak on actually examining evidence of the claims being made in the books," said Lennie Ditoro, an associate of the Family Forum. She said the problem with the books is that evolution is "taught dogmatically, and the evidence that challenges it is completely ignored."

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From "Educators and church officials debate new science books" by Tyana Williams, WAFB TV-9 (Baton Rouge, LA) 12/7/10

They said it wasn't a debate about creationism versus evolution, but at times that's what it turned into. Tuesday morning, the State Board of Education heard hours of testimony on why they should or should not approve new science textbooks.

Committee chairman Dale Bayard questioned one of the speakers, asking "Is there any data that man originated from primates?"

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