Friday, December 17, 2010

Democrats: 'Christian Talk' Not Welcome in New Hampshire

GOP State Rep. David Bates told a Christian audience in September that we must conform to 2 Chronicles 7:14, otherwise God will certainly NOT bless America. New Hampshire Democrats blasted Bates in an official statement saying that Christians want to force "their Bible Belt social agenda upon the people of New Hampshire."

UPDATE 12/18/10: Bates receives support from freedom lovers across America

UPDATE 12/17/10: House Democrat leader won't apologize, saying New Hampshire's tradition is humanistic

-- From "NH Democrats asked to apologize to lawmaker" by John Toole, Eagle Tribune (North Andover, MA) 12/16/10

The Democrats went after Rep. David Bates, R-Windham, Tuesday for remarks he made in Plymouth, Mass., in September at the New England Solemn Assembly.

Bates spoke during a nondenominational day of prayer, quoting Abraham Lincoln and telling the audience the country needs prayer.

The Democratic Party Tuesday referred to Bates' remarks as a "religious tirade."

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From "NH Democratic Party accused of ‘religious intolerance’" by Patrick Hynes, New Hampshire Journal 12/16/10

Democratic spokeswoman Harrell Kirstien accused Republican State Rep. David Bates of attempting to impose a “Bible belt social agenda” after video surfaced of Bates saying “the only hope for America” is to “turn from our wicked ways and ask god to heal our land” and “the problem we have here in this country and in all of our states is that we no longer fear god” at New England Solemn Assembly in Plymouth Massachusetts.

Now Kevin Smith, head of Cornerstone Policy Research, is calling on the Democratic Party to apologize for the attack.

“The NHDP’s mischaracterization of Representative Bates’ faith are not only rooted in religious bigotry, but represents the height of hypocrisy for a party that supposedly prides itself in being tolerant of other’s beliefs,” Smith said. “ The NHDP owes Rep. Bates and the hundreds of thousands of Christians in this state an apology for his truly offensive and ignorant remarks.”

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From "NH Dems under fire for criticizing GOP House member's religious speech" by John Distaso, Senior Political Reporter, The Union Leader (Manchester, NH) 12/16/10

In the nearly seven-minute speech, Bates said . . . "We really have no reason to expect blessing from God if we continue to call evil what God says is good while embracing as good what God condemns as sin."

NHDP spokesman Harrell Kirstein asked, "Why does the House Republican leadership appear so intent on forcing their Bible Belt social agenda upon the people of New Hampshire? Radical social conservatives have filed countless legislative requests for bills that infringe on equality and individual rights."

. . . Democratic former state Sen. Peter Burling said Bates and the Republicans are sponsoring "faith-based" legislation and accusing New Hampshire of being in "a state of non-grace."

Burling said, "What's so discomforting about all of this is that New Hampshire is not a state that needs to worry about its status relative to sin. The people of this state are good, kind-hearted humane people."

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