Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Intact Family' Nearly Extinct among Blacks

A new study shows fewer children of every race are being raised by their married, biological parents, including the stunningly low rate of only 17% of African-American children.

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-- From "Fewer Than Half of American Children Growing Up In Intact Families, Survey Finds" by Susan Jones, 12/15/10

Only 45 percent of American children have spent their childhood in an intact family, according to a survey produced by a conservative advocacy group.

The "Index of Belonging and Rejection," produced by Dr. Pat Fagan of the Family Research Council's Marriage and Religion Research Institute, defines an intact family as a biological mother and father who remain legally married to one another from the time of their child's birth.

"American society is dysfunctional, characterized by a faulty understanding of the male-female relationship," Fagan said in a news release. "Our culture needs a compass correction, learning again how to belong to each other when we have begotten children together."

"Children in broken homes are more likely to be poor or welfare-dependent. They enjoy less academic achievement and less social development, have more accidents and injuries, and have worse mental health and more behavioral problems. These children also have worse relationships with their parents and are more likely to reject their own spouses later.”

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