Sunday, December 05, 2010

Homosexual Indoctrination Mandated for Schools

Just as in Massachusetts, schools in states with same-sex 'marriage' and other pro-homosexual laws are required to force homosexual indoctrination on students and are restricted from informing parents in advance, and parents are not permitted to pull their children from the indoctrination.

UPDATE 2/14/12: Minnesota School Succumbs to Gay Agenda Bullying (includes links to related incidents)

-- From "Parents' rights are Vallejo mom's concern" By Lanz Christian BaƱes, Vallejo Times-Herald 12/03/10

When Helenmarie Gordon addressed the Vallejo school board last month, she had no intention of pitting two groups against each other.

"I just wanted to bring this concern up," said Gordon, mother of two Franklin Middle School students. She had asked the board why she had not been notified of an anti-bullying curriculum and why she was not allowed to opt her children out of it.

The Education Code does not require schools to notify parents when discussing gender or sexual orientation.

Gordon said she did find the material disturbing after viewing the short documentary "That's a Family," which is shown to elementary school students and shows different types of families, including gay and lesbian ones. She readily admits she comes from a strong Christian background and said she resents being portrayed as homophobic.

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From "No opting out of pro-gay school propaganda" by Brian Fitzpatrick © 2010 WorldNetDaily 12/3/10

If your child attends school in Vallejo, California, he will watch pro-gay propaganda videos whether you like it or not.

Forced by the ACLU to provide "mandatory diversity training" to students and faculty, the Vallejo Unified School District is now showing all students "anti-bullying" films produced by a homosexuality affirming San Francisco group called GroundSpark. Among other topics, the films discuss same-sex relationships.

"We do not feel that this is an area that students can opt out," school superintendent Floyd Gonella told KNTV after the meeting. He continued, "We feel this is an area we don't have to give prior notification."

"There are six protected classes in California that cannot be discriminated against, harassed or bullied," said Pacific Justice Institute Chief Counsel Kevin Snider. "Religion, race/ethnicity national origin, gender, disability, and sexual orientation. The school district is showing three films, but the films don't protect all six classes equally, as the law requires." Snider contended that two of the GroundSpark films being shown, 'That's a Family' and 'Straightlaced,' are primarily pro-gay.

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