Saturday, December 11, 2010

Judge: Preacher Wrongly Arrested for 'Hate Speech'

[British] Police have been ordered to pay compensation to a Christian street preacher who was hauled off in handcuffs for saying that gays will go to hell.

-- From "Payout for anti-gay preacher over arrest: Landmark ruling in Christian's battle for free speech" by Steve Doughty, UK Daily Mail 12/10/10

A judge condemned the arrest of Anthony Rollins, who quoted the King James Bible on the subject of the ‘effeminate’ as he preached in Birmingham.

Mr Rollins was handcuffed and then held in a cell for nearly four hours after a passer-by dialled 999 and complained that his language was ‘hugely offensive’.

The ruling – which ended with West Midlands police ordered to pay more than £4,000 in damages to the 45-year-old preacher – appears to set a new landmark in the battle between the gay lobby and Christians who want to say in public that homosexual sex is wrong.

It comes as Christian leaders, notably former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, have been complaining against the use of equality law to force Christians to act against their consciences.

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From "Birmingham street preacher wins wrongful arrest case" posted at The Christian Institute 12/10/10

In a case backed by The Christian Institute, Birmingham County Court ruled on Wednesday that [Police Constable] Adrian Bill committed assault and battery against Mr Anthony Rollins when he handcuffed him unnecessarily.

On 24 June 2008 Mr Rollins was preaching from the King James Bible in Birmingham city centre. He expressed his Christian belief that homosexual conduct is morally wrong.

A member of the public, Mr John Edwards, objected to Mr Rollins’ message and shouted “homophobic bigot” before calling 999 and asking for the police. Two officers arrived on the scene and PC Adrian Bill arrested Mr Rollins without further inquiry. Handcuffs were placed on Mr Rollins even though he was calm and compliant.

The judge . . . [said] that the police conduct was incompatible with Mr Rollins’ human rights to free speech and religious liberty.

The Christian Institute’s Mike Judge said . . . “Whether you agree with Mr Rollins’ beliefs or not, surely we all value free speech. Christians are tired of being put on trial for their beliefs. There is clearly a problem with the Public Order Act and it needs fixing.”

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