Monday, December 06, 2010

Most Muslims NOT Moderate: Poll

A new poll from the Pew Research Center of Muslims around the world shows significant support for terrorists and overwhelming belief that Islamic clerics and Sharia law must be integrated in government.

-- From "Majority of Muslims want Islam in politics, poll says" by Meris Lutz, Los Angeles Times 12/6/10

According to the survey, majorities in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria would favor changing current laws to allow stoning as a punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion. About 85% of Pakistani Muslims said they would support a law segregating men and women in the workplace.

Muslims in Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria and Jordan were among the most enthusiastic, with more than three-quarters of poll respondents in those countries reporting positive views of Islam's influence in politics: either that Islam had a large role in politics, and that was a good thing, or that it played a small role, and that was bad.

Despite an overall positive view of Islam's growing role in politics, militant religious organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah spurred mixed reactions. Both groups enjoyed fairly strong support in Jordan, home to many Palestinians, and Lebanon, where Hezbollah is based. Muslim countries that do not share strong cultural, historical and political ties to the Palestinian cause, such as Pakistan and Turkey, tended to view Hezbollah and Hamas negatively.

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From "Poll: ~75% of Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan favor stoning people for adultery" by Robert Herriman, Examiner 12/6/10

As far as Islam’s role in politics, almost all nations believe the role of Islam in politics is a good thing with Egypt and Indonesia polling at 95% saying Islam should play a large role in politics.

75% of Muslims polled in Egypt and Pakistan favor the following laws in their countries: 1. stoning people who commit adultery, 2. whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery and 3. the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion.

Majorities in Jordan and Nigeria also favor such laws.

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