Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gay Agenda Take-over of Houston City Council?

First Houston homosexual mayor appoints first Texas transgender judge

Mayor Annise Parker responded to reporters tersely concerning a rumor that a city-wide redistricting would be designed for election of homosexuals.

-- From "Mayor Parker Leaves Press Conference Amidst Rumors" by Isiah Carey, Reporter KRIV TV-26 Houston 12/7/10

She answered several questions about redistricting and quickly walked out of the room.

"That's all I have to say about this issue," said Parker. "That's it. This is not what this press conference is about."

Rumors have run wild after Conservative Councilman Mike Sullivan was removed from a position that would oversee redistricting in the city.

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From "Houston mayor appoints transgender attorney as judge" from The Houston Chronicle 11/18/10

Phyliss Frye, a transgendered Houston attorney and longtime activist for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender causes . . .

Frye volunteered at City Hall and worked to repeal the "cross-dressing ordinance" that allowed police to arrest men in women's clothes and lesbians wearing fly-front jeans.

A graduate of Texas A&M, Frye was an Eagle Scout and an Aggie cadet known as Phillip Frye.

Frye currently is representing Nikki Araguz, the transgender widow fighting a legal battle to receive part of her firefighter husband's death benefits.

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