Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Same-sex 'Marriage' Via Purchasing of Politicians

How does a minority view representing about 3% of the population gain control in Congress? Follow the money . . . of Tim Gill.

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UPDATE 7/11/12: Lesbian Political Action Committee to raise $millions$ to influence elections

UPDATE 7/19/11: Gay Lobby Purchases Same-sex 'Marriage' in New York

UPDATE 4/22/11: Tim Gill's national Gill Action Fund buying Republican votes in New York Senate to pass same-sex 'marriage'

-- From "Gay rights take center stage in N.Y." by Ben Smith & Byron Tau, Politico 12/14/10

[The] low-profile Colorado millionaire, Tim Gill, and other gay donors financed a quiet . . . campaign that helped unseat three incumbent [New York] state legislators and opened a new phase in the politics of the gay rights movement that could have an even larger impact on the 2012 cycle. Under the New York model, well-funded gay rights groups will seek to make support for same-sex marriage as mandatory in blue America as allegiance to the Second Amendment is in red America — and to make opposition just as politically suicidal.

. . . Bill Smith, the deputy executive director of the Gill Action Fund, the donor’s political arm . . . [said] “This is the first time we’re going to name names and say, ‘We’re coming to get you because you’re against marriage equality.’ “The point is, when you vote against marriage equality, there are consequences.”

The New York campaign marks a sea change in the politics of same-sex marriage, one driven by a political context that — in Democratic-leaning states, at least — has changed dramatically in the past decade. In New York, for instance, the past half-decade has seen nearly every statewide Democrat shift his or her position into supporting full marriage equality, as public support in the most recent state polls hovers near 50 percent. Gill, a publicity-shy Coloradan who made his money in software, drew national attention in 2007, when The Atlantic revealed that he’d led a successful, stealth effort to unseat dozens of anti-gay state legislators across the country.

That has now changed.

Gay donors “came out of the closet with this,” said David Mixner, a veteran gay activist who called the New York campaign “transformational.”

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From "The Growing Power of the Gay Rights Movement" by Joshua Green, senior editor of The Atlantic and Boston Globe columnist 12/14/10

What was interesting about Gill in 2007 was that he was the rare major donor content to remain anonymous; indeed, his political strategy of quietly jumping into races at the last moment with boatloads of money to defeat anti-gay politicians depended upon it. Gill's great success in the last few years was influencing the makeup of Iowa's state legislature, knocking off opponents and supporting gay rights' advocates (not all of them vocal), in anticipation of the Iowa Supreme Court ruling upholding gay marriage. By the time that happened, the legislature had become amenable enough to gay marriage--largely as a result of Gill's years-long effort--that no law overturning the decision could pass. The court's ruling stood.

[Gill's] group is openly targeting anti-gay pols, and in a very devious, clever, and effective sort of way--mostly on issues other than gay marriage, which is often more damaging to the target. More than anything, I think, the story is a marker of just how rapidly gay rights have gained acceptance in the last three years.

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From "N.Y. Marriage: Hey, You Never Know" by Julie Bolcer, [pro-homosexual] 12/17/10

Groups like the Tim Gill–financed PAC Fight Back New York, the Empire State Pride Agenda, and the Human Rights Campaign demonstrated their ability to harness money and human power toward the defeat of incumbents who voted against marriage equality [a.k.a. same-sex marriage]. Targeted efforts in November ended the careers of two long-term incumbents, a Republican from Queens and a Democrat from Buffalo. The Queens victory in particular, coupled with pro-equality candidates’ sweep of statewide offices, sends a signal to lawmakers in nearby neighborhoods that it is time to support the bill, or else.

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