Saturday, December 04, 2010

Homosexualists Target Small Town America

While most Bible-believing clergy choose to avoid controversy in church, the Gay Agenda is advancing across America, one town at a time, as exhibited with the passage of an ordinance in Bowling Green, Ohio to create a protected class for sexual deviancy.

UPDATE 8/28/12: Gay Agenda Attacks America One Town at a Time

-- From "Anti-discrimination laws passed in Bowling Green" by Jennifer Feehan, Toledo Blade Staff Writer

The laws, which were adopted by Bowling Green City Council in August, 2009, were put before voters as referendums Nov. 2. On election night, one passed, the other failed - both by slim margins.

Monday, after provisional ballots were counted, an ordinance that adds 12 protected classes to the city's housing code was approved, 4,767 to 4,284. An ordinance that protects those same groups from discrimination in employment, education, businesses, and public services passed, 4,635 to 4,338. That law also sets up a process by which complaints of discrimination can be heard by the city.

When the laws take effect in 30 days, Bowling Green will become the 17th Ohio city and one of more than 125 nationwide to have local ordinances that protect gay and transgender persons from discrimination.

Mary Vollmar, a member of the group that got the referendums on the ballot, said she believes the ordinances lay the foundation for a campaign to legalize same-sex marriage.

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From "Ohio gay rights debate mirrors national mood" by David Crary, Associated Press 11/25/10

To local conservatives managing the No campaign, the ordinances were an unneeded gesture of political correctness in a community where, in their view, blatant discrimination hadn’t been a problem. They said the ultimate goal was to undermine Ohio’s 2004 ban on same-sex marriage — part of surge of similar bans in other states — as a step toward legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

The ultimate gay-rights goal is national recognition of same-sex marriage, which now is legal in five states and the subject of several pending lawsuits filed by gay-rights groups that could eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

“There is a sense of inevitability of moral standards diminishing that is frustrating for many,” said the Rev. Scott Estep, pastor of a popular Bowling Green church, Dayspring Assembly of God. . . . though the pastor himself made no formal endorsement of either side.

“There’s been quite a quandary for many of us — not wanting to alienate or condemn anyone, but not wanting to compromise our convictions,” [Estep] said in an interview in his office as the nearby lobby buzzed with youths preparing for a retreat.

The Rev. Michael Dandurand, who ministers to Roman Catholic students as pastor of St. Thomas More University Parish, said many students asked for guidance. . . .

Dandurand challenges his youthful parishioners to respect Catholic teaching, yet overall, he says, “the horse is out of the barn” in a popular culture that embraces gay rights and nonmarital sex.

“I don’t want to be a Pollyanna,” he said. “It will be harder to live one’s Christian values in our culture.”

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From "Is your town next for protecting perversion?" by Dave Welch © 2010 WorldNetDaily 11/27/10

As the American Family Association revealed in their documentary ("They're Coming To Your Town") several years ago, GLBTQIA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, Intersexed and Allies) activists have been quietly moving into small to midsize towns across the country and taking advantage of those who thought the sexual diversity battle is only in the "big cities."

. . . non-discrimination is now the hammer used to bludgeon communities into submission by the Purveyors of Perversion.

While we've argued that "sexual orientation" is a preference and not determined at birth, they blew right past us to add gender identity, gender expression and now … genetic information.

As these GLBTQIA operatives run for city councils, become mayors, sponsor referendums and carry out an effective takeover of your town, will they take you by surprise since it always happens "somewhere else"?

When – and if – we get our priorities in order, God just may again bring a spiritual, moral and political renewal that will turn our nation away from our own implosion.

Pastors, that must start with us.

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