Friday, December 03, 2010

Gay Activists Fed Up with President Obama

The tool of incrementalism has been effectively used to advance the Gay Agenda for decades, but today's homosexualists demand that the politicians they've paid to place in office change American society immediately. So, while the activists complain, the mainstream media attempt to calm down the fury against the president.

-- From "Gay activist: Obama's 'useless'" by Jennifer Epstein, Politico 12/2/10

Gay rights activist and author Larry Kramer [said,] "He has been really useless in terms of both HIV and gay issues."

"He is simply not a leader," Kramer added. "He may be president, but he is not a leader."

Gay activists have repeatedly expressed dismay about Obama's unfulfilled promise to quickly repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that bans gays from serving openly in the military. . . .

The president has also been criticized by gay groups for not advocating for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

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From "On World AIDS Day, Larry Kramer, who first warned of epidemic, rips 'Do-nothing' Obama" by Heidi Evans, Daily News Staff Writer 12/1/10

On World AIDS Day, the man who first sounded the alarm about the AIDS epidemic and shamed the government into action for a decade, had some choice words for President Obama.

In an interview with the New York Daily News about growing older with HIV, Kramer, now 75 and writing a novel about America and AIDS, offered up his views on the current president.

“Mr. Do-Nothing Obama will say today ‘Lets think of all the poor dead people’- or ‘let’s honor all the dead’ instead of fighting for the living.”

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From "‘Our Government Has a Role to Play’ in Reducing the Stigma of HIV/AIDS, Obama Says" by Susan Jones, 12/2/10

In a message marking World AIDS Day on Wednesday, President Barack Obama mourned those who have died from the preventable disease and made promises to those who are living with it.

More than one million Americans currently live with HIV/AIDS in the United States, and more than 56,000 become infected each year. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half (48%) of people living with HIV are men who have sex with other men. Nineteen percent of those living with HIV are injection drug users.

In his proclamation, the president recommitted the U.S. to fighting the disease, preventing its spread, finding a cure – and to “combating the stigma and discrimination” associated with HIV/AIDS.

President Obama noted that around the globe, tens of millions of people have benefited from HIV prevention, treatment and healthcare programs funded by American taxpayers.

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From "Colleges Are Producing New Style of AIDS Activist" by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, New York Times 11/30/10

Cameron Nutt, a medical anthropology student at Dartmouth, says he backs President Obama “100 percent.” But, incensed over the president’s “failure to remain true” to a campaign promise to spend $50 billion over five years fighting the AIDS epidemic overseas, Mr. Nutt disrupted Mr. Obama this fall at a Boston rally. His co-protesters included Luke Messac, a University of Pennsylvania medical student and a field organizer for Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, and Krishna Prabhu, a Harvard University senior who caucused for Mr. Obama in Iowa in 2008 — and rescheduled his final exam in global health to attend the president’s inauguration.

Their protests — which have drawn a sharp rebuke from the president (not to mention some disapproving parents) — come as many in the AIDS advocacy community are wondering aloud whether Mr. Obama is as devoted to their cause as his immediate predecessor, George W. Bush. In 2003, Mr. Bush began vastly increasing spending on lifesaving antiretroviral medicines for AIDS patients in impoverished nations; the number receiving the drugs has shot up from 50,000 to more than five million today. Yet the World Health Organization says as many as 10 million lack needed therapy.

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From "Gays to Obama: The pressure's on" by MJ Lee, Politico 12/02/10

Gay rights activists say the Pentagon’s review of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is the final piece of the puzzle President Obama needs to secure its repeal — and that now, the pressure is on more than ever.

Rosendall warned that if the repeal doesn’t happen before the end of the lame-duck session, “demands for action are going to be a lot louder,” saying that “many of us who have defended the president so far will have an increasingly difficult time doing so.”

Laurie Young, the director of public policy at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said there was never any question in the gay community on the intentions of Obama.

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From "Slow but sure progress on gay rights in the U.S." by Jonathan Mann, CNN 12/3/10

The people who used to be called "queer" are looking more conventional in the United States these days, and some of the most tradition-bound institutions in the country are cautiously coming to accept them.

America was founded by the Puritans . . . Much of the United States is still heir to that opinion.

What may be easy to overlook is that the politics are changing. Mainstream Republicans no longer campaign on a traditionalist "family values" agenda. The Tea Party movement has chosen to stay clear of the subject entirely. [Click here to read how untrue this is about the Tea Party movement.]

Business culture is changing too. Many large companies, including the one that owns CNN, offer heterosexual and same-sex couples the same employee benefits. News culture has changed as well. When a prominent politician or personality "comes out" about their sexuality, it's no longer a scandal and usually, it's hardly even a "story."

. . . Things are moving slowly for gays and lesbians in the United States, but remarkably, they seem to be broadly moving in only one direction.

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