Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rep. Barney Frank: Showering with Homosexuals

Congressman Barney Frank (D.-Mass.) says that homosexuals and heterosexuals are showering together all across America, every day, and . . . "says he agrees with the recommendation of a Department of Defense (DOD) working group that straight and gay military personnel of the same gender should be required to shower together when the repeal of the 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' law goes into effect."

UPDATE 12/22/10: Barney Frank Claims 'Radical Homosexual Agenda'

-- From "Barney Frank: Straight and Gay Soldiers Must Shower Together, But Not Men and Women" by Nicholas Ballasy, CNSNews.com 12/21/10

Frank, however, said Armed Forces personnel of opposite sexes should not shower together.

“What do you think happens in gyms all over America? What do you think happens in the House of Representatives? Of course people shower with homosexuals. What a silly issue. What do you think goes wrong with showering with homosexuals? Do you think the spray makes it catching? I mean people shower with homosexuals in college dormitories, in gyms where people play sports; in gyms elsewhere. It is a complete non-issue.” Frank told CNSNews.com.

Frank was also asked if he thinks male and female military personnel should be able to shower together.

“No that would disrupt people,” he said.

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From "Beyond 'don't ask, don't tell': How is military planning to make it work?" by Anna Mulrine, Staff writer, Christian Science Monitor 12/20/10

In the months ahead, the military will be grappling with questions like whether there should be separate bathroom facilities for homosexual soldiers, for example, and whether same-sex partners will have the right to the same benefits that heterosexual spouses do.

The matter of same-sex bathrooms is far more straightforward, according to the recommendations of the military leaders who headed up the Pentagon’s recent study on attitudes towards gay troops serving openly in the military. “In the course of our review, we heard from a very large number of service members about their discomfort with sharing bathroom facilities or living quarters with those they know to be gay or lesbian,” the report’s authors conceded. “Some went so far to suggest that a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell may even require separate bathroom and shower facilities for gay men and lesbians.”

The task force study’s leaders, Gen. Carter Ham and Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s top lawyer, agreed on their response to this particular request – that separate bathroom facilities “would do more harm than good” and would be impractical to enforce. “The creation of a third and possibly fourth category of bathroom facilities and living quarters, whether at bases or forward deployed areas, would be a logistical nightmare, expensive, and impossible to administer,” they wrote.

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