Friday, December 10, 2010

Jesus Slammed in NH School Required Reading

The parents of a Bedford teen are calling for the ouster of school officials who assigned their son a book that refers to Jesus Christ as a "wine-guzzling vagrant and precocious socialist."

-- From "Required Reading in NH High School - Jesus is a Wine Guzzling Socialist?" by Gene Byrd, The National Ledger 12/8/10

Barbara Ehrenreich is required reading in one high school in New Hampshire and the pessimistic and angry feminist writes in one of her books on her many complaints about America and Christians that Jesus Christ was a "wine guzzling socialist."

That has one set of parents of a tenth grader angry enough that they have pulled their teen out of the school and are now home-schooling 16-year-old Jordan Henderson.

A school board in New Hampshire requires 10th graders to read the book, "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America," described as "a first person account at a look at America through the eyes of a bitter minimum wage worker."

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From "Parents outraged over finance class reading" by Greg Kwasnik, Union Leader Correspondent 12/7/10

"We had almost PhD people letting this fumble through their fingers, and they all said it was grand," said Dennis Taylor, a conservative Christian. "I think there should be a review of these individuals and perhaps some firing done."

Taylor and his wife Aimee . . . complained about the book to the school district, citing its occasional use of obscene dialogue and anti-capitalist message.

"The author is a known social Marxist, hates everything American, everything that America stands for or was built on," Aimee Taylor said. "I mean when you read the book you see that strongly in this woman's agenda. It's horrible."

In response to the Taylors' complaint, school district officials convened a materials review committee of teachers, administrators and community members to assess the book. Upon review, the committee ruled that the book's educational merit outweighed its shortcomings.

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From "Required reading questioned at NH school" posted at WHDH TV-7 Boston 12/6/10

“We need to see what our children are being fed because we can’t trust the school,” said Amy Taylor.

The Taylors will speak before the school board next week.

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