Monday, October 18, 2010

Pro-life Political Video Censored by YouTube

Television stations in the nation's capital must, by law, allow the television commercials District of Columbia congressional candidate Missy Smith is running to air. But the Internet is another story and the popular video sharing web site YouTube has pulled them because they contain images of aborted babies.

To view a second video, go to the campaign website.

-- From "Graphic campaign ads are headed for local TVs -- but not YouTube" posted at The Washington Post 10/18/10

To the dismay of local Republicans, who are distancing themselves from their nominee, Smith has reportedly bought airtime on the local networks as she tries to unseat Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) in the overwhelmingly Democratic District.

Despite the ads' controversial and grotesque content, local television stations say they have no choice but to show them because of federal regulations.

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From "YouTube Pulls Graphic Abortion Ads Congressional Candidate Running on TV" by Steven Ertelt, Editor 10/18/10

YouTube is no stranger to removing pro-life videos, and has cut out others featuring graphic images and those pertaining to undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood.

YouTube posted a message on the page previously containing the Smith advertisement, saying the video "has been disabled for violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines."

The notice warns the user who posted the video that a strike against the account has been posted that will be removed in six months. Additional strikes could result in disabling the YouTube account altogether.

The ads present a unique opportunity to show the graphic images of babies killed by abortion on national media, she said. In opposition to the usual media "blackout" regarding the babies, the laws regulating campaign ads allow for the candidate to show the graphic images.

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