Saturday, October 09, 2010

IL Gov. Candidate OK with 'Teaching Creationism'

While the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bill Brady, seems to profess an unbiblical belief in BOTH creation and evolution, the liberal media demonstrate their disconnect with prevailing public opinion by painting an appreciation of scientific theories challenging Darwinism as being out of the mainstream.

-- From "Brady OK with schools opting to teach creationism" by Dave McKinney, Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief, 10/5/10

“I believe knowledge is power, and I believe local school districts should establish the curriculum when it comes to those things,” Brady told the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board in a wide-ranging interview session with running mate Jason Plummer.

A chunk of the hour-long session delved into social issues, with Brady stating his opposition to laws authorizing civil unions for gays and lesbians and legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, his unwillingness to expand abortion rights and his desire to lift a moratorium on executions.

Brady was asked repeatedly about his personal views on intelligent design.

“My knowledge and my faith leads me to believe in both evolution and creationism,” he said. “I believe God created the earth, and it evolved.”

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