Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pro-family/Pro-life Candidates Likely Winners

While Culture War issues are downplayed this election year, abortionists and homosexualists are facing a sea change political landscape across America. Example: The pro-abortion/pro-homosexual Iowa Gov. Culver is trailing by double digits in all polls.

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Refer to On-line Abortions by Planned Parenthood Going Nationwide

-- From "From abortion to stem cells, Chet Culver and Terry Branstad differ sharply" by Jason Clayworth, The Des Moines Register 10/10/10

Republican Terry Branstad wants to require any woman seeking an abortion in Iowa to first undergo an ultrasound and view its depiction of the fetus.

In addition to abortion, some of the biggest differences between Culver and Branstad include:

• Marriage rights for same-sex couples. Culver favors; Branstad opposes.

• Stem-cell research. Culver favors embryonic stem-cell research; Branstad wants to reinstate a ban on that type of research.

A Catholic, Branstad was particularly active in his previous four terms in working to limit abortion. His administration fought a years-long battle to block the opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic in the Quad Cities. (A federal court ruled against him.) He also signed laws requiring notification of parents before a minor child could have an abortion and banning certain late-term abortions.

Culver, a member of a Presbyterian church, signed a bill repealing the 2002 ban on creating embryonic stem cells through a method known as therapeutic cloning. He believes such research can lead to lifesaving medical breakthroughs and expand the bioscience industry in Iowa.

Disagreement over the best tactic to fight same-sex marriage was a defining difference in the Republican primary for governor. This fall, focus on this issue has shifted from the governor's race to a high-profile campaign to oust three justices who participated in the unanimous April 2009 ruling that allowed same-sex marriage in Iowa.

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From "Polls From Last Week Show Pro-Life Candidates Winning or in Close Races" by Steven Ertelt, Editor 10/10/10

. . . some political observers are saying the odds of pro-life advocates recapturing the House and Senate from abortion proponents is now 50-50.

In the Washington Senate race, pro-life Republican challenger Dino Rossi has edged slightly ahead of pro-abortion incumbent Democrat Patty Murray.

Next, Republican Nathan Deal now holds a nine-point lead over Democrat Roy Barnes in the race to be Georgia’s next governor.

In Texas, pro-life Republican Governor Rick Perry has now moved past 50% support against pro-abortion Democratic challenger Bill White in his bid for reelection in Texas.

Looking at the Florida Senate race, coming off a contentious televised debate, pro-life Republican Marco Rubio has now jumped to a two-to-one lead over pro-abortion independent candidate Charlie Crist. Democratic Congressman Kendrick Meek still runs third.

In the Nevada gubernatorial race, Republican Brian Sandoval still holds a 13-point lead over Democrat Rory Reid . . .

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From "Emily's List leader spurs women to halt GOP" by The Associated Press 10/10/10

A Democratic women's [pro-abortion] group is warning voters that a Republican takeover of Congress would mean "a dangerous world."

Emily's List, which aims to elect women who support abortion rights, also launched a website,, with its view of the Republican agenda.

The group also plans an online advertising campaign around Mr. Boehner, similar to their drive against Sarah Palin, the GOP's 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

Two conservative groups opposed to abortion and gay marriage are teaming up in an effort to get more Latinos to vote for Republican [U.S. Senate Calif. candidate] Carly Fiorina.

The ad says that [Calif.] Sen. Barbara Boxer supports "abortion and homosexual marriage" and "doesn't share our values."

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