Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Christian Denounces Univ. Homosexual Leader

An assistant attorney general [Andrew Shirvell] is using his personal blog to target the openly gay leader of the University of Michigan's student assembly, calling him a racist with a "radical homosexual agenda." The lawyer claims that when he's not at work, he has the right to say whatever he wants.

-- From "About 50 people rally at University of Michigan" posted at The Flint Journal 10/5/10

Students and faculty rallied Tuesday at the University of Michigan-Flint in support of the first openly gay student body president at UM-Ann Arbor [Chris Armstrong].

UM-Flint Communication Professor Dr. Marcus Paroske spoke about the importance of getting rational ideas out in an unfiltered, communications age.

"We used Facebook and our natural lines of communication to disseminate information about the rally," Joseph Patterson, student body president said before the Willson Park event.

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From "Free Speech? Michigan Assistant Attorney General's Blog Targets Homosexual Student Leader" by Kathy Barks Hoffman, Associated Press 10/1/10

Attorney General Mike Cox . . . called Shirvell immature and his blog posts "distasteful," but said he has the right to free speech.

Shirvell has repeatedly called on Armstrong to resign. He has criticized Armstrong's friends and put their Facebook postings on his blog.

The university on Thursday banned Shirvell from campus, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 2002, saying he was targeting the elected student body president "in a reprehensible manner."

"This is just another tactic bringing awareness to what Chris really stands for," Shirvell said. "The substance of the matter is, Chris Armstrong is a radical homosexual activist who got elected partly funded by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund to promote a very deeply radical agenda at the University of Michigan. ... I'm a Christian citizen exercising my First Amendment rights."

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