Saturday, October 16, 2010

Africans in D.C. Praying for American Revival

African Christians recognize that The Church in America is failing Christ, and so their missionary effort is focusing on the United States, to once again, be that "City upon a hill."

-- From "African network praying for America's spiritual awakening" by Michael Carl © 2010 WorldNetDaily 10/16/10

Pastors and church members are taking to the West Washington Mall [today] to pray that God will send a spiritual awakening to America in an event organized by the African Strategic Leadership Prayer Network, and up to 50,000 people are expected.

Pastor Michael Obi is one of the organizers and he says it's important to pray right now.

"The purpose of the timing has a lot to do with the spiritual climate of the nation. We also realize that for decades, God has used America to bring light and the Gospel to Africa. America has been used greatly." Obi explained.

Event partner Awakening America Alliance Chairman Billy Wilson says the event is targeted at those who call themselves Christian in the American church.

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From "African Christians to Pray for U.S. Revival" by Adrienne S. Gaines, Charisma News 10/11/10

. . . Bishop Darlingston Johnson, a native of Liberia who now leads Bethany World Outreach Church in Washington, D.C., and heads the ASLPN . . . worries that the U.S. is reaching a dangerous point where "evil" such as homosexuality and abortion is being called good. "Unless by the grace of God we can turn the tide and God can give America a Christ awakening, unfortunately this country is going to face judgment."

In addition to bringing a spiritual awakening, Johnson also hopes the event sends a message. Although the U.S. is often criticized abroad, he said, "There are people, immigrants, who love this country and who desire America to continue to be strong, continue to be prosperous, continue to be Christian."

Pastor Michael Obi [said,] "We believe God will grant us that mercy, and we'll see a drastic change in the policy of the nation from the head or from some kind of direction, a shift," he said. Without that shift, he believes God will allow circumstances to occur that could push the nation toward repentance.

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