Friday, October 22, 2010

Prayer Ban Increases Prayer at School Football Game

After the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation threatened a Tennessee high school, and the school acquiesced by banning public prayer at football games, tonight the athletes, students, and fans chose to flood the playing field for corporate prayer.

UPDATE 10/29/10:
Atheists threaten Rhea County schools as well (video)

-- From "Tenn. school to cease game prayers" by The Associated Press 10/20/10

The [prayer ban] decision comes after a Madison, Wis.-based group that promotes separation of church and state complained about the practice at Soddy-Daisy High School.

Principal John Maynard told the Chattanooga Times Free Press on Wednesday that he was ordered by Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Jim Scales to end the practice and he will follow Scales' orders.

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From "Group Demands Tennessee School End Prayers Before Football Games" posted at 10/20/10

Staff attorney Rebecca Markert said the letter to Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Jim Scales was sent last week and objected to Christian prayers uttered over the school's public address system.

The director and co-president of the organization, Annie Laurie Gaylor, told The Tennessean that the Supreme Court found in several cases that prayer before football games is unconstitutional.

"Students are a captive audience, they're required to go to school. When there is a violation like a prayer at a school, they're really vulnerable. It's a violation of their civil rights," she told the paper.

Hamilton County Board of Education member Rhonda Thurman responded to the letter, telling the paper if some people didn't want to hear the prayers, they can "put their fingers in their ears."

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From "Prayer Breaks Out At Soddy Daisy Football Game" posted at 10/22/10

A fan gave this account:

"The stadium announcer made a respectful remark that everyone should be aware of what had taken place in the Hamilton County School system this week and to honor Dr. Jim Scales' wishes they were asking anyone who wished to participate that they could meet on the field with the players of both teams for prayer.

"Both sides of the stadium emptied and joined the teams, bands and cheerleaders for a heart-felt prayer led by a female student from Rhea County High School."

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From "Rhea County welcomes Hamilton County student prayer" posted at WRCB TV-3 10/22/10

Most of the Soddy-Daisy students we've been talking to the past couple of days spent Friday in prayerful silence.

They say they are seeking guidance. They have designed pro-prayer t-shirts they'll sell when classes resume Monday.

"People of faith have laid down their lives in the past for their faith. And if it comes to costing possessions or lives, then we need to go by our convictions, not by pressures from the outside," says Jeff Swafford, Rhea County resident.

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