Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Archbishop: NY Times is Anti-Christian

New York City Archbishop Anthony Dolan slammed The New York Times for favorable reviews of an offensive art exhibit of a late Cardinal with/as a condom, and an insensitive comedy about nuns.

-- From "NY archbishop: NY Times reviews are insensitive" by The Associated Press 10/22/10

The exhibit is by the AIDS activist group ACT UP. The play is "The Divine Sister."

Archbishop Timothy Dolan tells WCBS-TV that the Times is allowing insensitive references to Catholics that it wouldn't allow for others.

The paper says it covers cultural events, "even if some may disagree with the content."

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From "Archbishop Dolan Slams New York Times for Bias" by Dan Weil, Newsmax 10/23/10

"One of the posters in this 'must see' exhibit is of Cardinal O'Connor, in the form of a condom, referred to as a 'scumbag,'" Dolan points out.

That depiction is particularly loathsome given that O'Connor "spent many evenings caring quietly for AIDS patients" and opened two AIDS units at New York City hospitals, "when everyone else ran from them," Dolan explains in the blog cited by the Post.

As for the play about nuns, the Times was promoting "cheap laughs at the expense of a bigoted view of the most noble women around," Dolan writes. "These are nuns, mocked and held up for snickering."

"If [the NY Times is] going to say, 'Oh, no, we do that all the time,' I'm going to say, 'Show me when you do it to the Islamic community, to the Jewish community, to the African-American community, to the gay community,'" he told CBS News.

"They don't do it because they know that's out of bounds."

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