Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Biblical Preaching Hate Speech Says MN State Prof.

The Professor of Communication Studies shouted down a Christian pastor on campus, then traveled two hours to his church with homosexualist students to disrupt his worship service, charging the pastor with responsibility for "gay suicides."

-- From "Prof, protesters punish pastor for speaking on campus" © 2010 WorldNetDaily 10/26/10

James Dimock, who is on the faculty of Minnesota State University at Mankato . . . promised to continue shouting down Pastor John Chisham as long he keeps coming to campus to preach.

On Oct. 17, a dozen students marched into Chisham's service and stood silently in front of the congregation. They held up signs that blocked the congregation's view of Chisham as he preached.

Dimock . . . [blames] evangelical Christians for the deaths of homosexuals.

Officials with the university told WND that the professor would not be subject to any discipline.

But as a consequence of the Oct. 17 protest, to which police responded, the tiny Christian and Missionary Alliance congregation now also has been booted out of its rented space at the Marshall Area YMCA, according to members of the church.

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From "'Shawn the Baptist' not going to change, but don’t let him off that easy" by James P. Dimock, Assoc. Professor posted at MSU Reporter 9/30/10

. . . [Christian preachers] come here to stir up trouble, to ignite opposition, and to get exactly the reaction they got. . . .

If their strategy was one of conversion, why would they be so BAD at it? Well the truth is they aren't here to spread the word of God, even if they did know it (and talk to them…it is surprising how little they know about the bibles they thump). Their efforts are self-glorification and self-gratification. . . .

So should we ignore them and deny them the attention they crave as some suggested?

No. And here is why. Last week, on Thursday September 23 in Cypress, Texas, a 13-year-old boy named Asher Brown came home from school and shot himself in the head. He had been bullied for years by his classmates. His parents' efforts to get the school to protect their son were ignored. Asher was bullied because he was gay.

Now Shawn and his friends stand up in front of everyone and say they don't hate people. But they do say that kids like Asher are less in the sight of God. Their anti-gay message echoes in the minds of the children who thought that it was OK to bully a child because he was gay. Their anti-gay message echoed in the minds of teachers and principals who refused to stand up for a gay kid. Yeah…they are bullying him, but after all, he is gay so it's OK, right? And their anti-gay message echoed in Asher's mind. In addition to being gay, he was also religious. Ultimately, the fear that things were never going to be OK convinced him that he would be better off dead.

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From "Assaulted at Church" by Pastor John Chisham, River of Life Alliance Church 10/19/10

This past weekend at our weekly church service our congregation was assaulted, God was blasphemed, God was glorified, the Gospel was preached, and the police got involved…

This year, for the third year, I have done a campus tour with Shawn The Baptist in Minnesota and South Dakota. One of our favorite sites is Minnesota State University Mankato, because there is a great central location to preach open air, and the administration is supportive of free speech and the discourse it produces.

When we were at Mankato State this year, a professor, James Dimock, took it upon himself to verbally shout us down and to encourage the students to do the same… During this tour one of the students, who was a homosexual (proudly admitting multiple affairs with men producing children and now in a same sex relationship) asked if she came to our church, would she be welcome? I stated that she would, absolutely…

I was amazed at how she took this invitation as license to do what James Dimock and his students did this past Sunday…

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