Monday, October 18, 2010

Ruling Class, Media Morally Ignorant

While the liberal media try to sink conservative candidates by painting them as "anti-gay" and "anti-abortion," and the GOP establishment is scared to touch social/conservative issues, polls show that Americans flood support toward pro-family/pro-life candidates.

-- From "US parties try to play down social issues, but gay marriage debate flares in some contests" by David Crary, Associated Press 10/17/10

In Minnesota, New Hampshire, California and New York, gubernatorial campaigns have become battlegrounds for rival sides in the debate, with the Democratic candidates supporting same-sex marriage and the Republicans opposed.

In Iowa, voters will decide whether to oust three state Supreme Court justices
who joined last year's unanimous decision making the state one of five where gay marriage is legal.

And in Rhode Island and California, Democratic candidates are seeking to become the fourth and fifth openly gay members of Congress. The Californian, Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet, has a husband and 4-year-old twins, and would be Congress' first openly gay parent.

Republicans have not emphasized social issues as much as in recent elections, calculating that dismay over the economy and frustration with the Democratic agenda will be enough to post big gains. The Republicans' recent "Pledge to America" did not call for a federal ban on gay marriage or broach the issue of gays in the military.

. . . Click here to read the entire article, detailing the candidate positions on these issues in several states.