Saturday, October 02, 2010

San Fran. Sado-masochistic Event Draws Politicians

California's annual Folsom Street Fair of sexual deviancy is routinely ignored by the mainstream media, and treated as commonplace by the local media.

"Other places try, but there's nothing on this scale. And you'd never see the public nudity."

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-- From "Folsom Street Fair: Hot weather for leather" by John King, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer 9/27/10

. . . Sunday's 27th annual Folsom Street Fair, where bare buttocks and leather harnesses were common sights as hundreds of thousands of people came in close contact on a hot afternoon.

The 5-block-long fair was the centerpiece of San Francisco Leather Week, billed by nonprofit Folsom Street Events as "one of the most beloved fetish events in the world."

There was a raised stage where flogging was performed and a spanking booth where proceeds went to charity. Vendors included Quality Whips, Eternity Collars and Simply Latex.

The fair celebrates aggressive sexuality.

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