Monday, October 04, 2010

Rev. Graham Loves Muslim People, Hates Islam

Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of Rev. Billy Graham, called Islam “wicked” and “evil” . . .

“They want to build as many mosques and cultural centers as they possibly can so they can convert as many Americans as they can to Islam.”

-- From "Rev. Franklin Graham: Islam 'evil'" by Carol E. Lee, Politico 10/3/10

Graham also said the Islamic center near ground zero should not be built, although he said Muslims “absolutely have the right to build a mosque or cultural center in this country.”

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In this main segment of the ABC News debate (video below), secularists insist that Christianity is pluralistic (encompassing varying belief systems), and likewise Islam is not defined by any one sect:

From "Heated Debate Over Place of Islam in the United States" by Joshua Miller and Jack Date, ABC News 10/3/10

. . . the Revered said. "And I understand what they're doing. ... But let me just say something about Islam. I love the Muslim people. But I have great difficulty with the religion, especially with Sharia law and what it does for women -- toward women, toward non-believers, the violence that is given in -- under Sharia law," Graham told the town hall audience.

"I think to take your daughter, because you think that -- and the religion gives you the authority -- Sharia gives you the authority for honor killing. And we saw the young girl in Ohio just a few --" Graham began to say, but was interrupted by Imam Ossama Bahloul, the leader of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

"It does not," Bahloul said. "Listen, we have some people, Christians, Muslims, Jewish and other, who misuse the holy books. It's understandable. I do not deny this," he said. "But it's something the extreme majority of the Muslims, they have a proper understanding about this religion."

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